5 Pro Tips That How To Make Camping More Comfortable

No matter if it is summer or winter, you’re solo or accompanied, camping trips are always a great way to feel you alive. Still, some people hate camping for some specific reasons. If they know how to make camping more comfortable, they also will want to be lost in mother nature.

In this article, we have come up with 5 tips that are enough to make anyone’s camping experience better than ever!

So, let’s find out the most effective ways to turn a boring, messy camping trip into a more comfortable one. Ready?

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Tips to Make Camping More Comfortable

Below we have laid out 5 pro tips that will help you make camping more comfortable.

Tips -1: Get Ready With A Complete Sleep Set Up

Having the right gear will let you have comfortable camping, no doubt. People who say that camping sucks, basically, they hate when sleeping on the grounds hurt, mosquitoes show no mercy, fighting with rains, and things like these.

However, if there are ways to get rid of the issues above, camping is all about adventure and refreshment. Below are the thighs you should take for a sleep setup that brings you comfort while camping.

Sleeping Bag

To sleep comfortably while camping, bringing a sleeping bag with the right temperature rate should be your first concern.

If you are camping on a summer day, your sleeping bag should adjust to the hot temperature. And, if it’s a chill day of winter, get a sleeping bag that works like a champ to withstand cold temperatures.

It’s not the temperature, your sleeping bag comes with some other options as well. A shape is a noteworthy option, you’ll get different offers from each shape. Such as…

  • Mummy: Sleeping bags that come in mummy shape are the best options for backpacking. To make the bag lightweight, producers use fewer materials in the hip and shoulder area and build the bag more narrowly. Also, you’ll stay warmer at low temperatures for the cut of mummy-style sleeping bags.
  • Double: In case, you want a sleeping bag that lets you snuggle, here you go. A double-wide sleeping bag will allow you to sleep a couple comfortably.
  • Rectangular: This typical shape offers you the most comfort. A sleeping bag having a rectangular shape comes with more room compared to other bags, it will not let you feel constrained while sleeping in it. Another noteworthy feature that makes this sleeping bag more lovable is, two rectangular sleeping bags can be hooked together. You can make a comfortable, big bed by getting one bag having a right-hand zipper and one having a left-hand zipper.

Sleeping Pad

You don’t necessarily need a sleeping pad but we are talking about making your camping most possible. In this case, sleeping pads make a vast difference in your whole camping experience.

We know it hurts to sleep on the ground, right? You can easily place a barrier between your body and the har ground with a sleeping pad. Moreover, it offers you a softer surface for laying on your sleeping bag.

Sleeping pads also come in different types. Let’s explore:

  • Closed-cell: If you are planning to carry a sleeping pad outside of your backpack, then, closed-cell style should be your choice. These pads are sturdy yet incredibly lightweight, and inexpensive as well. No, this type doesn’t offer you to get the most comfort, they provide some serious insulation that you need while camping.
  • Air Pad: Air pads are pretty easy to inflate and work great to keep you warm. They contain built-in insulation that is more than enough for ensuring your comfort. There are options- you can either blow the pads up yourself or use a hand-pump to do the job. But air pads are the most costly option as well as they create noise while you move around.
  • Self-inflating: Self-inflating pads are kind of a mix of the two types above. They allow you to have both air and open-cell foam insulation. These sleeping pads are the least expensive ones yet offer you the most warmth. Also, their fabrics are stronger than other pads.


Pillow is a must-pick when you think about a comfortable sleep while camping. Keep either an inflatable pillow or a packable foam with you and feel their perfection to keep things compact and simple.

Eye Mask

If you are planning to spend most of the nighttime looking at the stars and chatting with your partner, an eye mask should be your pick. It will keep out the very early morning sun and let you sleep a couple of more hours.

However, if you are a morning person, bringing an eye mask may not be a must.

Ear Plugs

If you don’t want to join the noise going on outdoors or snore of your partner, take earplugs with you. It may not be pleasing to hear every bird chirping or every branch cracking, so you better bring earplugs.

Tips -2: Bring Good Food for A Good Camping Journey

Cooking outside should never be necessarily a bitter experience for you. Here you go with a good number of camping meal ideas:

No-cook meals for camping

 For having a delicious no-cook breakfast, bring overnight oats mixing with nut butter, fruits, and spices.

  • Before leaving home, prepare a cold salad.
  • Bring charcuterie and cheese to have a lavish dish. Combining it all with wine you love would be a great idea.

Camping meals over a charcoal grill or a fire pit

 Grab a whole fish and grill it. Once done, serve the fish over some tortillas (e.g a fish taco) or with quick and easy couscous.

  • You can grill various meats and vegetables such as chicken, mushrooms, eggplants, and peppers.
  • Make a project meal such as paella, it will be the highlight of your trip.

You will love both the no-cook items and open-fire cooking items. Do not forget to bring a good cooler for your summer camping, you can use it to keep foods cold for days.

Some people hate camping because cooking is a chore. But hey, you can handle it pretty well if you apply the ‘preparation is key’ method. Try to end up having simple but delicious meals such as chicken quesadillas or anything from above.

And, about food storage, try to keep your food outside of the tent. In case, you are not so far from bears, keep your food and garbage away from the tent, somewhere beyond the bear’s reach.

Tips -3: Choose A Comfortable, Safe Campsite

Before you go camping, research your destination well. For example, what the weather is like, what dangers you may encounter there (e.g poisonous plants, animals) if there is any restriction in place or not, and more.

Making sure that you’ve chosen the right campsite will turn your camping experience from disappointing to the fun. It has a great effect on your camping because you need to know on which type of ground you are going to pitch your tent.

Because if you are planning to use tent stakes, the process of doing this job is slightly different depending on the soil type. So, be sure whether you are going to pitch your tent on hard/rocky ground, soft/medium soil, snow, or sand.

Also, be sure if the campsite has a lot of space or it’s noisy and crowded. Then go for the one you prefer (in case, noise and crowd do not bother you).

Another point worth mentioning here, prepare yourself for facing bugs, dirt, and weather. Well, these are unavoidable parts of nature. You cannot eliminate them but you can prepare your arsenal to fight them and make your camping more comfortable.

To get rid of the bugs, take enough bug spray with you. You can think about a mosquito repeller instead, it also works great. For unbearably hot weather, pack a shade structure in case your campsite is that much exposed. Don’t forget about sunscreen as well.

And, about dirt and debris- regardless of where you are going to camp, you are going to get dirty. So, be prepared to clean the spot where you’ll pitch your tent.

Tips -4: Stay Warm During the Night

Are you going to camp in cold weather? If yes, you need to know the ways of keeping yourself warm throughout the night. It will bring comfort and enjoyment to your camping trip. Look at the tips below that will help you in this case.

  • Before going to bed, have a light snack. How can it help you to stay warm? Well, the digestion process will warm you up initially which keeps generating the necessary heat to sleep comfortably.
  • Have a drink that’s both warm and non-alcoholic beverage. The problem with an alcoholic beverage is, it may dilate your blood vessels as well as stimulate heat loss.
  • Do a little (too much working out may lead you to become sweaty) workout before you finally nod off. You can simply sit up in your sleeping bag, yes, it will heat you along with your bag.
  • Don’t forget to wear your clean and dry socks and a warm knit hat as well. Also, think about wearing a cozy neck gaiter in case, your neck’s getting cold.
  • For ensuring extra insulation, go for a closed-cell foam pad and keep it under your regular sleeping pad.
  • Use your cozy, comfy blankets and pillows to spend your night.
  • Keep a bottle of warm water close to your body’s core. Placing the bottle next to the femoral arteries (between your legs) of your body will even work more quickly to warm you up.
  • Grab all of your dry clothes and put them inside your sleeping bag. It will fill your bag’s empty spaces and reduce the area your body should heat.
  • Set up the hood of your sleeping bag around your head.

Tips -5: Plan for Some Fun Camping Ideas

Camping may seem terrible to you because it’s pretty boring to be out in the woods. However, if you plan for some fun activity, from the beginning, you’ll find it pretty enjoyable.

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Water volleyball/basketball
  • Skipping stones
  • Water skiing
  • Geocaching
  • Fossil hunting
  • Catching fireflies
  • Board games
  • Play hide and seek in the dark
  • Sing campfire songs
  • Play truth or dare

These are some of the huge collections of fun activities you can go through while camping. I, personally, love to catch fireflies and play board games with my friends and family on a camping trip.

One thing that we should never miss to mention, pack a hammock. It’s a can’t-miss recreation for a camping trip. Snuggle up with the most favorite book of yours or sway beneath the trees or do whatever you want. It will be a great fun source for you even if you go for a solo camping trip!

Frequently Asked Questions to Make Camping More Comfortable

How can I make my camping tent a more comfortable place to sleep?
Bring a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillows, eye mask, and earplugs with you. Hopefully, you’ll have the soundest sleep ever in the arms of mother nature.
Should I put a tarp under my tent?
Yes, putting a groundsheet like a tarp will cover the ground beneath your tent’s floor as well as prevent rainwater from soaking every camper in the tent.
How thick a tarp should be that I use under my tent?
Though it depends, choosing a 10×10 tarp would be an ideal decision for spreading under a tent.
How cold is too cold for camping in a tent?
In general, 30℉-40℉ is too cold for nighttime temperatures. The most comfortable nighttime temperature for camping is 50℉-70℉.   


And, we are done here. Have you enjoyed this resource-packed article on how to make camping more comfortable? Hopefully, you are saying yes because we covered up every necessary information regarding the topic.

You can have a perfect camping trip simply by planning great and executing the plans precisely. Be very careful about the famous and infamous conveniences of camping journeys.

You’ll have fun!

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