Best Deadbolts to Secure Your Home

What is Deadbolts?

Securing our property is a must, so our possessions. Therefore, choosing the best deadbolt over a regular lock is always a welcoming idea when it comes to the safety of your assets. And if you’re like us and love to depend on deadbolts for protecting your belonging from unwanted intruder attacks, you’ll find this article highly effective.

Strong, Stable, Reliable.

Here, we’ve reviewed the 10 best keyless deadbolt home depots. It also includes extra-long deadbolts and fingerprint-supported models. Give a glimpse of it and you’ll learn new things about what to look on while purchasing a deadbolt. We‘ve also covered a FAQ segment to ease your curious mind during the purchase.

10 Best Deadbolt Products Comparison Table

Image Name Features View
ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Fingerprint ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Fingerprint Brand: ULTRALOQ
Weight: 3.08 pounds
Color: Black with Satin Nickel
Special : Anti-peep Keypad
Schlage-Encode-Smart-WiFi-Deadbolt Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt Brand: Ready Seal
Weight: 1 pound
Color: Dark Walnut
Material: Oil Based
Special: Waterproof
Ultraloq U-Bolt Bluetooth Enabled Keypad Smart Deadbolt Ultraloq U-Bolt Bluetooth Enabled Keypad Smart Deadbolt Brand: L R
Weight: 44 pounds
Color: Original Black
Material: Polymer
Special: Waterproof
Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Brand: KILZ
Weight: 11.37 pounds
Color: Silver/Gray
Material: Acrylic Based
Special: N/A
Fingerprint Door Lock Fingerprint Door Lock Brand: L R
Weight: 48 pounds
Color: Hunter Green
Material: Polymer
Special: Waterproof
Schlage BE469NX Camelot Electronic Schlage BE469NX Camelot Electronic Brand: Encore Coatings
Area: 200 sqf
Color: White
Material: Acrylic Paint
Special : Waterproof
Schlage B660P 626 B600 Single Cyl Deadbolt 626 Schlage B660P 626 B600 Single Cyl Deadbolt 626 Brand: Valspar
Weight: 57 pounds
Color: White
Material: Latex Paint
Special : Waterproof
Schlage L9040 06A 626 Series Schlage L9040 06A 626 Series Brand: Xypex
Weight: 60 pounds
Color: Grey
Material: Cement Based
Special : Waterproof
August Home ASL-03, AC-R1 Smart Lock Pro August Home ASL-03, AC-R1 Smart Lock Pro Brand: TotalBoat
Area: 250-300 sqft
Color: White
Material: Non-Skid paint
Special : Waterproof
Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt Brand : TotalBoat
Coverage: 350-400 sq. ft
Color : Whaler Blue
Special : Waterproof

Best Deadbolt Product Reviews

1. ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth FingerprintULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Fingerprint

When you’re in a hurry, mistyping is normal during your unlocking the deadbolt. And consequently, you get late in doing whatever you’re intending to do on time.

However, when you have got the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt installed on your door, such incidents become a thing of the past, and you can enter the house simply by putting in 1 correct password even if it’s typed with miscellaneous digits, kudos to its anti peep keypad!

Making the family members’ access is easier with the eKey feature. You all share a code for permanent access. Additionally, the system is tough to beat by any stranger who doesn’t have your permission due to the dual data encryption. Last but not the least, the auto lock-unlock as you leave and arrive is pure trust.


What we liked
  • Features 6 different locking mechanism
  • Automatic lock and unlock as you exit and enter
  • Presents a record of every entry through the smartphone
  • Anti peep Keypad supports 1 correct password
  • High security makes none enter the place without your permission
What we didn’t like
  • A few users failed to add finger print
  • Installation is a bit complex


2. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Schlage-Encode-Smart-WiFi-DeadboltWanna control your deadbolt from anywhere you go? Choose the Schlage Deadbolt! Because it’s featured with Built-in Wi-Fi that requires no extra hardware to conduct the system even when you’re outside home.

You can share the access codes with your family members and trusted buddies as a recovery process. The deadbolt supports up to 100 codes to connect with Schlage Key or the Home app. Thankfully, it doesn’t require any other tools to see the function work.

Besides, being connected with Alexa, it helps to make your interaction with the deadlock faster and flawlessly responsive. You can check if the lock is active or not, whether the battery needs to recharge and so on


What we liked
  • Supports Alexa
  • Fits standard doors
  • Limited lifetime mechanical or finish
  • The easy single-touch locking feature
  • Built in alarm technology in terms of security breaches
What we didn’t like
  • Battery consumption is fast and needs to set the codes afterward

3. Ultraloq U-Bolt Bluetooth Enabled Keypad Smart Deadbolt

Ultraloq U-Bolt Bluetooth Enabled Keypad Smart DeadboltPowered with GeoFencing technology, the Ultraloq U-Bolt lets you unlock the door only by carrying the connected smartphone in your pocket. Also, you can access the system with your voice via Google Assistant and Alexa.

This 5-in-1 Keyless smart lock supports IFTTT. Like the previous model we reviewed, it contains an anti-peep keypad, however, the backlight that accompanies it only makes it a better option.

And have we mentioned, it fulfills the responsibility of protecting your belongings by but re-locking whenever you forget to complete the process? So, no doubt why so many users are depending on this Smart Deadbolt in order to secure their place.


What we liked
  • Unquestionably reliable auto re-lock
  • GeoFencing technology makes auto-unlock possible
  • Anti-peep Keypad for hasslefree access
  • Keyless entry via Bluetooth smart connectivity
  • 4 AA batteries can run 1+ year
  • Straightforward installation
What we didn’t like
  • The design could have been better

4. Yale Assure Lock TouchscreenYale Assure Lock Touchscreen

Touchscreen keypad has no alternative in this modern age. Yale Security understands this fact and comes up with their Yale Assure Lock not only provides you with the touchscreen but features bunches of other technologies.

The most astonishing one is the August app. Without needing any extra hub connection, you can opt for the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge so that you can access the best Schlage deadbolt from anywhere, anytime!

And since it acts absolutely key less, you can enjoy your outing without constantly remembering and ensuring the presence of keys. The matching passage lever is another source of attraction.


What we liked
  • Voice support helps to control the system with Google Assistant, Alexa & Siri
  • Accompanies a matching passage lever
  • Completely keyless functionality
  • Carrying the connected smartphone makes it auto-unlock
  • Smart touchscreen keypad
What we didn’t like
  • Re keying feature is not available

5. Fingerprint Door LockFingerprint Door Lock

Convenient to use, this Fingerprint Door Lock can be an elite choice in this modern age. While the name suggests it to be one of the fingerprint friendly high-security deadbolt locks, you can also get swifter access by entering your set password.

Upgraded in quality, this semiconductor finger sensor works better than the optical fingerprint sensor. And if you can couple it with a US TI chip, you can turn on your self-claimed detective mode by storing 200 fingerprints.

The anti-peep password is another charm. It lets you enter any random password, and you can keep on accessing the deadlock if the password remains amidst the digits.  Besides, the security system is enforced with the anti-technical unlocking feature. Finally, the option of setting a temporary password is really cool for visitors’ access


What we liked
  • Water and rustproof
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Installation is a breeze
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Free lifetime technical support
What we didn’t like
  • Instruction is brief

6. Schlage BE469NX Camelot ElectronicSchlage BE469NX Camelot Electronic

The Schlage BE469NX comes with ANSI Grade 1 highest residential security. This product mainly works with Honeywell L5100 and L5200 alarms with Z-Wave. You can easily control your door by using this lock.

However, Camelot Electronic doesn’t have its app to install the product. So, you need not use a smart home or an app. You will able to connect by using Smart Things. It will also help you to control the lock by taking the help of Alexa and Google Assistant.

Keep it in mind that, via Alexa, you are only allowed to lock the Schlage (by default), not unlock. If you want to change this, don’t worry. Go the setting and change the system.


What we liked
  • Easy to lock
  • Very solid construction
  • The lock operation is smooth
  • Alexa support is seamless
  • Certified “Works With Ring”
  • Smart design
What we didn’t like
  • Hard to install
  • Hardware is not well balanced
  • Very bulky
  • Inconsistent logging
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Schlage button may not work properly

7. Schlage B660P 626 B600 Single Cyl Deadbolt 626 Schlage B660P 626 B600 Single Cyl Deadbolt 626

The Schlage B660P-626 series locks are considered Schlage’s top-class deadbolt lock. In high-traffic commercial applications, this product can be very effective to ensure grade 1 security.

There are lots of unique functions that made it more secure than other products. So, this Schlage lock is highly recommended for residential use by the experts. The product comes with a 6-pin S123 keyway standard. It doesn’t have primus deadbolt by default.

It has the standard Schlage “C” cylinder. The dimension of the product is 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.3 inches. Long screw in the dust box makes it more secured.


What we liked
  • Extremely solid
  • Tough and reliable
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price
  • It has three years manufacturer’s warranty
What we didn’t like
  • No core available
  • No extra rail or pain

8. Schlage L9040 06A 626 SeriesSchlage L9040 06A 626 Series

The Schlage L9040 06A 626 Series lock is a heavy-duty mortise lock that is easily useable in any school, colleagues, university hospitals, business organizations, and factories. However, interchangeable core and rich security cylinders make it unique.

You can use three types of keying. They are master keying, grand master keying, and construction keying. The quality steel of this product will protect against door edge attacks. An inside lock case can protect electronic components.

Independent lever rotation of this Schlage product makes it more user-friendly. When you will lock or unlock the door, you can visually see the locking thumb turn on the inside.


What we liked
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with wrapped heavy-gauge steel
  • Great quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Having an inside lock case which is effective to protect electronic components
  • Having two-piece anti-friction tongue helps to reduce tear and wear
What we didn’t like
  • Sometimes it may not be comfortable for the users

9. August Home ASL-03, AC-R1 Smart Lock ProAugust Home ASL-03, AC-R1 Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro will help you to monitor and control your door from any place. The design of the product is very delightful and comfortable for the users. For voice control the ASL-03, AC-R1 Smart Lock Pro works with Alexa.

August will help to inform you about your door security (Whether your door is perfectly closed or not). No need to use the keys. You will easily able to control your door with your smartphones.

Besides, it will automatically lock the door when homeowners leave home and unlock it when they will arrive. Users can easily install it by a screwdriver within ten minutes.


What we liked
  • Customizable Auto-locking system
  • Effective home kit integration
  • Easy installation system
  • Extremely durable
What we didn’t like
  • Sometimes Wi-Fi Bridge may not work properly
  • The unpredictable auto-lock system

10. Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt.Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schrage is known as one of the most trusted lock company in the world. They produce dependable locks in the market place. The Schrage Touch screen Deadbolt is one of their quality products. If you want to set up this product in the home, you need to use a Z-wave home automated system.

This product is available in matte black, bright chrome, satin chrome, aged bronze, and satin nickel. Three Alert modes (they are: tamper, forced entry, and activity) will help you to provide information about someone’s entry or leave. Ansi Grade 1 will help to ensure the security and durability of the product.


What we liked
  • Very easy to install
  • Ensures keyless security
  • High-quality
  • Durable
  • Having auto-Handing Feature
  • Very easy to use
  • Dependable lock
  • Having two unique programmed code
What we didn’t like
  • Sometimes the app may not work properly
  • If the bottom portion of the lock brakes, the latch will not able to open the door
  • Bigger than other smart locks

Best Deadbolts Buyers Guide

No matter how many paths we take to protect our home or office. Then it turns out that the determined thief always looks for a way out, our ratings can help you find the right deadbolt to give your home fighting protection.

Here are some tricks and tips we point out that will help you to choose the right deadbolt for your desired place security.

Price vs Advantages

The price alone may be enough to ridicule you when buying a deadbolt, but consider the advantages it offers before you dismiss it. Smart Lock can be very helpful if you often forget to lock your door or let contractors or cleaners leave you when you’re not home. Deadbolt solves this problem with the smartphone & specified application and remote locking and unlocks features.

  1. Cylinders: Conventional and smart both deadbolts are operated using a single-cylinder, a key from the outside, or a thumb turn from the inside. Cylinders, unique pin configurations, and other defenses are tightened to high-security locks.
  2. Price Tag: High-security locks may seem expensive to you. But keep in mind, smart locks are not cheap either. But if you have a break-in for some reason, the discount on your homeowner’s insurance may be higher than the lock price. The good news is, insurance policies usually offer special discounts for deadbolted homes.
  3. Rankings: The industry rankings, from 1 to 3 grades, seem to follow the ratings, making it difficult to disable grade 1 locks. However, the packages do not always display the right information, so you will need to check the organization’s websites to determine how the lock is rated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There Any Standard Size Hole Available for a Deadbolt?
Answer: Yes, there is a standard size of the hole for a deadlock is available. Generally, it should be according to the instruction given on the lockset. However, the standard size is 2 ⅛ inches and 1 inch for lock bodies and sliding bolt assembly respectively.
What Is the Recommended Mounting Height of a Deadbolt on a Door?
Answer: To be exact, you can mount the deadbolt anywhere from 48” – 70” from the ground. Target the spot just above the door handle to make it easier to access.
Has the Deadbolt Any Special Mechanism?
Answer: In the easiest term, it’s the cylinder lock that makes deadlock work smoothly. Unlike other types, deadlock doesn’t have a spring mechanism. The key of the deadbolt, therefore, requires a key to start the functioning. It begins with a turn in the cylinder or plug, and the force is transferred to the attached cam. And finally, with the turning of the plug on one way, the door opens as early as the cam draws in on the bolt.
Are Deadbolts Safe? Why?
Answer: Deadbolts are by far the safest locking device one can have. Since it’s fastened shutting the door is shut, this unique pattern makes it impossible to enter forcefully. And no unwanted entry means complete security on the owner’s part.
Can I Open a Deadbolt Without a Key?
Answer: The idea may sound weird but the most practiced way of unlocking a deadbolt when you have either misplaced the key is to use 2 bobby pins. The process is easier than you think. Simply insert 1 bobby pin into the lock from the bottom. Choose the closed “looped” side, though! Then take the second one and breaking in half, insert from the top of the lock. Finally, stir it back and forth to unlock the bolt.
Should I Choose Double Cylinder Deadbolts for Added Safety?
Answer: Definitely. Double cylinder deadbolts are even better than single ones. Because the mechanism included in it let the bolt have twice locking from both sides. However, this system is a bit time-consuming and causes a delay while you’re running out of time.
Another Product Reviews & Buying Guide

Bringing All Together…

There is no better solution than a deadbolt to give your home strong security. First, decide whether you really want it or not. Then go to different websites to find out your target features of the lock. And finally, select the best deadbolt you can afford. Only then you can have your reliable home security kit with no excessive mess.

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