How To Inject A Turkey For Deep Frying

Do you know what are the most compelling reasons to deep fry a turkey? Well, Lightning-fast cooking, crispy skin, and juicy meat are the three of many reasons actually. But to get the best result, you need to know how to inject a turkey for deep frying.

It’s not a big deal to get the job done in the best possible ways, at least once you read the whole article, you will feel like this. In it, we shared some easy but useful tips you can follow to inject your turkey as well as deep fry it.

Sounds promising? Let’s get to know all about it.

Why to Inject A Turkey

People often get confused about whether brining or injecting a turkey is a better option. Well, injecting is a faster process compared to brining. When you inject fats such as peanut oil, olive oil, melted butter, or anything else, these will increase the succulence of the meat and make it juicier.

Since the liquid will go deep under the skin of the meat, you will see the skin crispier and darker that you will find the deep-fried turkey mouth-watering.

Necessary Tools That You Need to Inject a Turkey

A meat injector is a special tool that is used for letting the marinade reach the deep parts of your turkey. This tool is nothing but a hypodermic needle that also has a large gauge needle.

Necessary Tools That You Need to Inject a Turkey

Everything about injecting a turkey is you will have to place the marinades using a syringe into the thickest parts of the turkey. No matter if you are going to fry, smoke, grill, or roast the turkey, it’s the most popular way to make the meat moist as well as more flavors.

What to Inject to A Turkey for Deep-Frying

Yes, there are several options when we are talking about injecting sauces into a turkey. When you are planning to deep fry your turkey, you will need to follow a specific recipe, a specific injection sauce. And, to save your time and effort, we have come here with a special injection marinade recipe you will find easy to make.

Since you are going to deep-fry the turkey, you may think a lot about washing it off using hot oil, but since you are going to inject the flavors inside, don’t think about it anymore.

All you need to use are:

  • Onion powder
  • Lemon
  • Carb oil
  • Garlic oil
  • Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Tabasco
  • Cajun seasoning
  • Cayenne

These all will create an amazing spicy injection sauce for your turkey. Once you are done managing all the above-mentioned spices, you have to know how to inject the meat properly and distribute the liquid on all parts of the turkey.

You should inject so carefully that you don’t have any large pockets of the mixture. Moreover, make sure you get rid of any excess moisture before you deep fry the turkey.

Best Meat Injector For Juicy Cooking in Video Review

Summary of The Injection Strategy

There is a specific injection pattern for a turkey that you should follow. For example, it’s better to take little amounts of the liquid and inject them in as many places as you can. More specifically, you should make 40 injections instead of making 4.

Moreover, make a target to place the needle in the middle of your turkey’s meat instead of pushing that needle so far that it comes out the other side. Because, in case, you overshoot, you will find the sauce slipping through the other side of your meat.

Also, you must push the needle far enough, chances are it seeps out the hole you have created.

How To Inject a Turkey For Deep Frying- Easiest Steps

And, it’s time to get to know every detail about injecting a turkey for deep frying. Here, we will wade you through the easiest possible steps that will save your time and effort. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Prepare Your Turkey

So, the very first step you should take is to select the turkey. You should go for 10-20 pounds of turkey, it’s considered the best weight to deep fry a turkey. After that, it’s important to thaw the frozen turkey before you fry it. If you pick a turkey of 20 pounds, then, it will take around 4 days for it to thaw in your refrigerator.

Next, you should eliminate the giblets and neck from your turkey cavity. You can either discard or use it for giblet gravy.

Step 2: Place Your Turkey in The Fryer Pot

Now, take the deep-fryer pot and put your turkey in it. Then, fill this pot with fresh water and continue pouring water until it reaches around a 1-inch below the top of your turkey.

Simply get back your turkey and then, take a note about where the water level actually reaches. It’s important because it would be the line of oil level. Finally, dry both the pot and the turkey.

Step 3: Prepare An Injector and A Marinade Sauce

Once you have dried the turkey, it should contain an empty cavity since you eliminated the giblets and necks. So, you are now preparing the turkey for cooking it. You can either buy a marinade sauce or prepare it at your home. However, you are welcome to follow the marinade sauce recipe we shared above.

Prepare An Injector and A Marinade Sauce

You can marinate the turkey in your refrigerator for 2 or more hours or you can even place it overnight in the refrigerator. It will make sure your turkey gets the best flavor. Also, make sure you don’t leave your turkey on your counter once you’re done marinating. Reusing any leftover marinade is also a bad idea, remember it.

Step 4: Inject Your Turkey

Before you inject the turkey, take a bowl and put the liquid in it first. Then, lower the plunger for drawing that liquid into your syringe. Mark the breast of your turkey and inject that syringe into there. You should release some of the liquid carefully.

Now, pull out the needle gently but make sure you don’t pull it out utterly from the hole. Keep injecting the liquid at several angles from that same hole. And, then, you should do the same on the other side of your turkey’s breast.

Step 5: Prepare Your Fryer

And, now, it’s time you should prepare the fryer. There you will find a turkey stand that comes with a deep fryer. You have to insert that stand into the cavity of your turkey.

Mark the loop of that stand and place it carefully through your turkey’s neck as well as exit through the legs where you made the body cavity. Use a string to carefully tie the legs together.

Remember that water full line and then, pour oil into your pot. You should pick a cooking oil that comes with a high smoking point such as 450℉. There are several options to pick one oil like peanut oil or canola oil.

Now, use a clip for attaching the thermometer that includes the fryer to the pot’s top part. After that, light your outdoor cooker starting with a low flame. Then, you should slowly rise up the flame your oil is reaching a temperature somewhere between 325℉ and 350℉.

Step 6: Deep Fry Your Turkey

Has your oil reached the correct temperature? If it has, hold your turkey and gently lower it into the boiling oil, make sure you do it very carefully. Firstly, lower partially and then, lift it out, do the same 2 or 3 times.

Deep Fry Your Turkey

Once you have submerged your turkey in the boiling oil, cook it for 3 1/2  minutes per pound. If you are deep-frying a turkey that weighs 20 pounds, it’s going to require around 1 hour.

You should continue cooking until you find the internal temperature somewhere between 180℉ and 190℉. And, you should avoid using the lid of your fryer during the frying process.

And, you are done with the whole injecting a turkey process and the deep-frying process as well. Now, you should end up having moist meat and crispy skin on the turkey. If you follow every point as we said above, your turkey will not taste greasy.

Things to Do Once You’re Done Deep-Frying Turkey

Once you are done injecting the turkey as well as deep-frying it, there are a few things that should be done. Such as:

  • If you are sure that your turkey is fully cooked, you should wear gloves and grab the lifter’s hook. Then, carefully lift the turkey out. It’s better to hold your turkey in a way so that the excess oil drips into the fryer pot.
  • Get a platter and line it using a paper towel. Then, put the cooked turkey on it.
  • Wait for 10-20 minutes and let your turkey rest before carving.
  • Leave the cooker for around 3 hours and let the oil in it cool down completely. If needed, put the lid over your pot when you cool it.
  • When you find the oil is utterly cool, use a cheesecloth for straining the oil. You can use that oil up to 3 times. It’s because the oil will start breaking down after you use it 3 times.
  • Try not to reuse any leftover marinade.

Safety Precautions

You should never overlook the safety precautions because ensuring your and others’ safety should be your concern while cooking.

  • Keep your pets and children away from the deep-frying setup.
  • Before you inject your turkey and deep-fry it, make sure you read the instructions properly that come with your deep fryer.
  • Keep your fryer away from the roof overhangs.
  • If it’s an indoor fryer, it should be an indoor setup indeed. Because an outdoor setup is not going to serve inside and simply vice versa.
  • Make sure there is a fire extinguisher at your elbow.
  • Do not use your deep fryer on a patio, in a garage, or on a deck.
  • Make sure you wear enough protective clothes.
  • Avoid leaving your deep fryer pot unattended.

What Type of Frying Oil Is Best to Use?

Since you are deep frying your turkey, using peanut oil is the best option. No matter which oil you are going to pick for deep frying your turkey, make sure that there is low saturated fat in the oil. You can also use vegetable oil instead of peanut oil, however, peanut oil is one that we highly recommend here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Inject a Turkey for Deep Frying It?
Take one-fourth cup of the injection sauce and inject it into each thigh and leg. Make sure you widely distribute the liquid in the meat of your turkey.
How Long before Deep Frying My Turkey Should I Inject It?
It’s almost a questionable matter how long before cooking one should inject the meat. Well, you can do it anywhere between 5 minutes and 24 hours before frying your turkey, it’s completely okay. But you will get the best result by injecting 2 hours before deep-frying a turkey.
Is It Better to Inject a Turkey than Brining It?
Yes, injecting works better than brining a turkey.
What about Injecting Butter in a Turkey?
Well, it’s a good idea to use a butter-based injection for your turkey. You should use 2 tablespoons of butter (unsalted), half a cup of chicken broth, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
What Should I Inject into My Turkey before I Fry It?
Well, there are several options. You can simply mix onion powder, salt, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and Tabasco. After that, put the mixture into your injector and follow the steps we shared before.


So, we are done discussing how to inject a turkey for deep frying. Hopefully, you got a clear idea about the topic after reading the whole article.

To get the best output, be very careful while injecting and deep-frying your turkey. If you follow the instructions properly, you will end up having crispy, tasty, and the best possible deep-fried turkey.

So, good luck, happy fooding!

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