How To Inject Meat Without An Injector

Inject Meat

When it comes to infusing your food with several intense flavors, injecting meat is the first method that springs straight to the mind. But sometimes you may not want to use an injector to inject the meat. And, if you need a proper guideline on how to inject meat without an injector, this article will help.

In this article, we tried our best to come up with the most useful way to get the job done. Once you are at the end of the article, you will be no longer confused regarding this topic. One more thing, you also know how to use a Meat Injector.

So, let’s start!

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Why Inject Meat When Smoking or Cooking?

If you are willing to know the reasons why you should inject meat while smoking or cooking, here you go.

To Deliver Moisture

Do you ever want a piece of dry beef, chicken, or pork? You surely do not. You definitely need to keep monitoring it while they’re cooking, also, you will find some other ways for making sure that the meat comes out as juicy and moist as possible.

And, guess what? Injecting your meat before you cook is one of the most effective ways to do so. Also, using best meat injector will make sure you’re doing the right thing for making your meat moist as there’s no risk of undercooking it.

Although it will take a while to make sure about the amount of juice you want to inject as it depends on your preferences, you can do experiments with it.

To Increase Flavor

Here’s another obvious reason why to inject meat before you cook it. This process will bring a lot of new flavors to your food since you can choose several flavorings and juices.

It’s a traditional process that has been followed to brine or marinate the cut. You will find several reasons why injecting is preferable especially when it’s about marinating.

Once you inject the juices into the meat, it will make sure that you spread the flavor throughout the meat. As opposed to, if you want to marinate the meat and don’t go for the injecting stuff, it will only spread the juices for an inch or something like that.

So, if you inject the meat, once you are done cooking, you will end up finding a better taste.

Increase Flavor

It Saves Your Time

When it comes to adding more flavors, moisture, and taste to a piece of meat, the first traditional way that comes up in our minds is bringing and marinating the meat. But these processes require a certain amount of time that people who don’t like something time-consuming cannot go for the process.

For example, when you are up to marinating the meat, for each pound of meat, you need to soak it in the fridge for at least an hour. Sometimes, you have to keep it in the fridge overnight. So, yes, it’s going to take a huge space in the fridge at the time of marinating.

But when you inject the meat, there’s no worry about this stuff. All you need to do here is simply inject the meat and start cooking. Therefore, you can cook your dish within only a few hours rather than spending all day. And, in this case, you will need a high-quality thermometer so that you can make sure of an even cook.

How to Inject Meat Without an Injector?

So, yes, there’s a different way you can follow to inject meat without an injector. Let’s start knowing it.

Step 1: Trim off Excessive Fat

Basically, you should start this method the night before you want to cook. It will let the meat have extra time so the flavor can spread within the meat once it’s been seasoned.

First of all, trim off any extra fat and save it in a sealed container to make something like pork or chicken stock later. Also, you can trim off a bit of meat as well to give the chicken or pork a more uniform shape.

Once done, make sure you rinse the meat well using cold water as well as pat it dry using paper towels. Then, get ready with the spice you want to use, stir everything and mix it well.

Step 2: Begin on Your Injection Solution

Now, it’s time to start on the injection solution. Take a small saucepan and warm it all together, do it until you see the butter melting. Then, let it cool before you inject the meat.

Step 3: Use a Fork to Poke Holes

Do you know it’s even easier to inject meat without an injector? All you need to do now is to use a fork as well as poke holes into the meat’s skin. Next, take a large foodservice bag as well as place the meat in it. Finally, take the marinade and pour it over the bag.

And yes, that’s all you need to do for injecting meat without an injector.

Where to Inject the Meat

You will want to inject the marinade in several places on the meat you are going to cook. Especially, you have to inject through the thighs, breasts, legs, and the thick part of the wings.

However, you need to get the job done by lifting up the skin gently. Now, you may ask when to inject the meat, well, the answer is, you can do it any time before 5 minutes and 24 hours before you fry or cook the meat. Some recipes may require hours whereas others may need a total of 24 hours, it depends actually. For example, you will find the best result when you inject a turkey two hours before you fry it.

Where to Inject the Meat

Now, if you have another question in your mind that whereas you can inject the meat before you bake it or not. Okay, you must inject the marinades a few hours prior to start cooking. And, the fact is, the earlier you inject the meat before you bake it, the better you will find the flavor.

Just in case, you are planning to brine the meat and then inject it, try to avoid adding salt to the injection mixture lest you should end up adding too much.

So, overall, you will understand that injecting is quicker than bringing. You can also inject the meat right before you cook it.

Which Type of Meat You Should Inject

Well, you may find it a bit questionable because some of us inject pork butt whereas others may not even think of it. But the thing is, you can inject almost all kinds of meats although you should always prefer the dryer meats to inject.

Well, the answer to why you should stick to the meats that dryer for injecting is, these meats will get benefited the most. Cuts that have enough moisture may not need the extra flavors you are going to add. So, there’s no need to waste the juices, right?

So, here’s a short checklist for you about which meats are the best to inject:

  • Pork shoulder
  • Beef brisket
  • Whole turkey
  • Whole chicken
  • Wild boar
  • Lamb leg
  • Boston butt
  • Hams
  • Pork tenderloin

So yes, you will find a variety of options that will come along with your personal preferences. Also, you will need a bit of experiment about which tastes good after injecting.

However, we can say that the large meats that are naturally dry are best for injecting marinade. So, fattier meats such as pork and beef don’t exactly need injecting on them, nevertheless, still, it can add flavor to them.

The best thing will happen when you can successfully pack in some flavor and moisture into naturally dry meat. Like, if you talk about pork tenderloin, it’s maybe the driest whereas other portions of pork are naturally fatty, and lamb leg is also a great option for injecting.

What to Inject Into Your Meat

Most of us have our own go-to recipes, and guess what? Most of us are really a bit secretive about the ingredients we use. And, the good news is, you will find the best marinades to inject the simplest ones.

Yes, you will see a lot of marinade recipes to inject into a chicken or turkey contain water, salt, garlic, a combination of herbs, and Worcestershire sauce. Well, obviously, individual recipes vary, yet, these are the base ingredients, and nothing too much will need to be added.

The most important thing you should keep in your mind is, no matter which ingredients you are using, you must jot down the measurements and ratios of the ingredients. Because if you end up adding an extra amount of ingredients, predominantly salt or herbs, there’s a risk of being your meat overpowered.

Basically, you must keep in mind that the meat is the star of your show, so, never over-shower it using the extra amount of ingredients.

And, while you are going to add any herbs, you always should grind up them before you mix them into the marinade. If you can add the perfect amount and do the whole job carefully, you will surely get the desired paste-like consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mainly Which Cuts of Meat Get Benefited from Injecting?
Most commonly, cuts that you will find bland, large, and lean are the best when it comes to injecting. Also, sometimes, people inject pork loin that is large and bland, large pork butts, and whole poultry that is lean and bland.
Can I both Brine and Inject Meat?
Injecting is widely liked because it works better to add even more flavor to your meat than brining, however, it’s not that good when it’s about keeping your meat moist. So, better you inject a brine firstly, and then, let it sit for a night. But it’s not that effective like soaking the meat.


This was everything about how to inject meat without an injector. When you rub, brine, marinate and mop, well, they will put a lot of flavors to the meat’s surface. But when it comes to getting flavor or salt deep into the meat, injecting is the best way you can follow.

So, try to follow our instructions carefully so you don’t make a mess. Good luck!

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