What to Wear While Camping?

Camping offers you great experiences no matter what the season or how the weather is. You only need to be over-prepared for any kind of circumstances. Speaking of being over-prepared, you must know what to wear while camping, right?

Well, that’s not a big deal. You might not believe me but in this article, we have come up with a very well-crafted outline that will help you gather proper knowledge about camping outfits.

Once you manage to be at the very bottom of the article, you’ll have a clear understanding of the topic. So, let’s not waste one more second.

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What to Wear While Camping

What to Wear While Camping?- Different Answers for Different Seasons! This question requires a pretty big answer. We tried to come up with as compact an answer as possible. Let’s see.

Summer Camping

If it’s adventurous summer camping, you will want to wear something that keeps you as cool and comfortable as possible. In general, people simply pack some comfy cotton tee-shirts which are great for relaxing.

But these t-shirts trap heat and sweat when you roam around the campsite. For this, you should pack some shirts made of synthetic materials. It’s because they will keep you cool and absorb sweat which will eventually give you more comfort.

Wearing light long-sleeved shirts having SPF protection will be a great help for sunny days. With this, you don’t even need to worry about putting on sunscreen the whole day.

If we talk about the basic categories of the clothing items, here are a few priorities for the layers.

  • Headwear: Visor or any lightweight hat.
  • Inner layers: Breathable undies and socks.
  • Outer layers: Sweat and heat-wicking T-shirts, shorts, or pants.

You can also go with hiking or athletic shorts because they are lightweight, durable, and made to keep you cool. Also, if you are planning or hiking (we’ll talk about hiking outfits later) on a summer camping trip, you must have a pair of long pants.

I know that they are not so cool but you must want to protect your legs from cuts and scrapes, which is a common scenario on the trail, right?

Now, let’s talk about footwear. Well, maybe you are one of the people who loves walking around the campsites without footwear at all. But we would like to recommend you wearing boots or shoes for the ultimate protection.

Another common concern is what you should wear while sleeping in the summer camping. Well, it largely depends on your camp’s location and on the shelter you sleep in.

For example, if you spend your night in a climate-controlled shelter like RVs, then you are free to choose your outfit, wear anything that makes you comfortable. Or in case, the temperature of your camping location drops adequately at night, you’ll need some thermals.

For areas where the night temperatures are quite mild, wearing simply a shirt and shorts will work well. However, try to be over-prepared. Take a cold-weather sleeping bag or a heavy-duty blanket with you as a backup option.

Fall Camping

In this season, the weather starts to get back and the slight air in the air makes camping comfier. It’s great that you can have some breathability when it’s the middle of the afternoon. However, still, you’ll need insulation from chilling nights.

  • Bring a coat or jacket according to the intensity of the cold. Or, you can simply take both with you instead of facing too hot or too cold weather.
  • Still, we recommend you bring thermal underwear. Let’s not give any chance to mother nature to ruin your camping trip. However, in case, your camping area is somewhere hot such as southern Florida, it might be needless to bring it.
  • Take some shirts that have long sleeves. They will let you stay warm even when you don’t have to carry a jacket. Things will be greater if you layer one underneath because it deals with the temperature and lets your body feel comfortable.
  • Switch on close-toed shoes from flats and sandals. Because the shoes work great when it comes to holding your body heat to a considerable degree. If you want to step a bit ahead, go for boots or sneakers as they are useful for almost all kinds of physical activities you need to do while camping. Because their soles come with more traction compared to the open-toed shoes.
  • Legging and long pants are great picks for the fall temperature. But note that denim jeans may not keep the cold out. If you keep a corduroy and a denim head to head and want to choose one, go for corduroy because it’s more suitable for autumn.
  • And, when it’s about wearing socks, go for something warmer and thicker than cotton. You will want to bring cotton socks in the warmer season. No matter which material you go for, be very sure that you can easily fit into your shoes.

At the end of a great day, you need to wear a suitable outfit to sound.  Packing for sleep purposes in the fall and winter are quite the same.

  • To sleep with maximum comfort, we recommend you have quality thermal underwear. Even though they are suitable for multiple seasons, the investment is worth it.
  • Pick long pajamas as they can cover all of your limbs. It’s better to avoid choosing materials like linen or cotton in this case.
  • Socks made of wool will help the most. Or if you have anything that like polyester absorbs moisture, go for it.

Winter Camping

We already talked about several layers before. But layers are much more important for winter camping. People consider a big winter jacket, boots, mittens, and hats must-have things for passing winter camping days.

However, usually, people forget about baselayer. Although it may seem minor, the baselayer makes a noteworthy difference between feeling freezing or being enjoying the warmth.

Baselayer is generally made of wool, it’s a thin layer that works like a champ when it’s about wicking away sweat.

However, you must roam around the campfire during a winter camping trip especially when it’s night, right? Well, at this time, you can wear less than you generally would.

  • Try to avoid wearing clothes made of plain cotton material. Because they are incredibly light and do not trap body heat. Wool is great instead, wear wool hats and socks to stay warm.
  • Thermal shirts work amazingly when it’s about holding body heat. They are so tight that they keep air from getting in and out. If you don’t like to wear a thick jacket, any thermal shirts made of nylon or polyester will be great for you.
  • Still, you should consider wearing a coat or jacket until it feels really hot while around the campfire. If you are saying no to thick shirts, then simply wear anything but too light or thin clothes. You can think about coats that are lined with insulating materials such as faux fur or sherpa.
  • Don’t forget to bring a good pair of boots because they are sturdy enough. And, they will keep out snow on the ground. Also, wear wool socks to ensure maximum comfort.

Well, enough talking about the day. What should you wear while sleeping in the winter camping?

As you know that it depends on the shelter you sleep in, let’s think about a tent. When you sleep in a sleeping bag, there is more heat than outside of the tent. So, you can throw off some layers for more comfort while sleeping.

Let’s see what you can do to sleep comfortably even if it is snowing outside.

  • Thermal underwears wick moisture as well as hold your body heat in. They are simply made of nylon or polyester. These materials help you not to get annoyingly sweat but you will not get cold at the same time.
  • Wear socks that are made of wool or cotton.
  • You will also feel great if you wear warm and fuzzy pajamas because they are amazing comfort providers.
  • If you still feel too cold even when you are heading out to sleep inside the tent, trap your head in through a hat or cap. It’s because your head is the key source of the major amount of heat in your body. So, you have to protect it in the right way.

Spring Camping

Spring invites a lot of confusion to the campers because it brings unpredictable weather most of the time. You may feel chilling air for a few days and then feel that the temperature is rising. So, keep these things below in your mind during packing for spring camping.

  • For the milder and winder days, you will want to wear a light jacket especially when you go to bed. The heat from your campfire may not be enough to keep you warm.
  • The weather is not so hot yet that you can switch to flats or sandals, so it’s good if you stick to the close-toed shoes. But if you want an ideal option, we’ll say that still boots and sneakers are the best.
  • If you were hoping to wear cotton socks, it’s the time. In spring, wool socks will be quite needless if you don’t want to camp somewhere literally cold. Cotton will not only be comfortably warm, but it also won’t let you sweat since cotton is breathable.
  • Shirts that come with mid-sleeve length are great for these days. You can feel that your shoulders do not start getting cold as well as you won’t feel annoyingly hot. Bringing jackets with short sleeves is also okay but if you want to go without one, don’t forget to have something with long sleeves as well.
  • Pants that are moderately warm and comfortable enough can be your pick when you go around your campsite. Denim will not be a great cold protector but this is a good material for warmer temperatures. Do you want to bring leggings or sweatpants as well? You can bring them for sure!

So, what to wear while sleeping on a summer camping trip? Let’s get to know each other.

  • If you want to wear something light but can provide you comfort, thermal underwear is what we recommend as usual.
  • Choose thick cotton to wool type materials for socks.
  • Pajamas that are made of any comfortable fabric should be your choice.

What Should You Not Wear While Camping?

Once you know what to wear while camping, you may have a superficial idea about what you should not wear. But if you want some more specific answers, here you go.

  • Do not wear socks with sandals. It’s always recommended to use a pair of boots or sneakers if you want to wear socks in order to keep your feet warm.
  • If it’s not necessary, try to avoid wearing 100% cotton clothing. Because this takes a long time to dry. We’ll say the same thing about tube socks that are great in the city but can cause blisters if you use them for hiking.
  • Try not to wear something having a scent/fragrance in such as perfume, cologne, or makeup. These can attract bugs, so staying unscented is highly recommended.
  • Do not pack everything on the earth. We recommend you pack only light clothes like tank tops, shorts, and other necessary ones.

What to Wear While Camping In the Rain?

We never were going to miss this crucial part. You must know that you’ll need a waterproof jacket, weather-resistant boots, and you have to make sure that the jacket is breathable. You can also go for a rain shell instead of a rain jacket.

Since cotton soaks through quite quickly and comes with little to no insulation capability when it gets wet, you should skip the cotton fabric. Merino wool or other synthetics will work better.


Now, you already know what to wear while camping. Try to get suitable options for individual seasons and avoid packing unnecessary stuff. Other additional tips we shared with you are important.

Make sure to have a good understanding of camping outfits before you head out camping. We hope you have a very happy camping trip!

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