How to Wash Rug Nursery?

We bet you chose a nice, warm rug for your little baby’s nursery. But the rug needs regular maintenance to keep your baby safe from dirt and germs and it is also important to keep the rug in good health. But you may not know how to wash or take care of your nursery rug.

No need to panic, we are here to help you figure out all your confusion.

So, the fundamental question is, how to wash nursery rugs?

There are different types of washing methods for different material rugs. But the main process is to vacuum the rug regularly, dust it out often with a broom, wash with carpet shampoo or dish soap, and air dry the rug.

But to know more about the whole process, let’s dive into the article to learn.

How to Wash Rug Nursery?

You should wash the nursery rug on a regular basis in order to keep it clean because the apple of your eyes needs protection from dirt, debris, and germs. So, it is important to know proper ways of how to wash the nursery rug.

Different types of rugs would require different kinds of maintenance to keep them clean and in good health. Let’s see how to keep different types of rugs clean.

Cotton and Synthetic Fiber Rugs

Cotton rugs and cotton synthetic mixed rugs are quite popular choices for nursery rugs due to their lightweight and easy maintenance feature. It is a fine choice if you are looking for something that is naturally safe for babies.

Now let’s see how to wash cotton and synthetic fiber nursery rugs.


You need to vacuum the nursery rug on a daily basis to pull out the dirt and debris that sticks between the fibers. These unseeable hazards can trigger your baby’s dust allergy and make him terribly sick.

So, vacuum your nursery rug daily to pull out any kind of dust to keep your baby safe from an allergy attack. But make sure to vacuum up both sides of the rug.

Take it Outside

Put the nursery rug outside in the sun at least once a week and whack it up with a broom to dust out all the dirt and debris. Keep dusting the rug until you don’t see any cloud of dust while whacking it up.

But keep an eye on if your rug has a latex backing. In that case, do not dust the rug too hard. Otherwise, you might ruin the latex backing.

Shampoo the RugHow to Wash Rug

Before washing your nursery rug, read the instruction tag to find out if you actually can wash the rug. Otherwise, you will have to send the rug to a dry cleaner to get it cleaned.

For washing the rug, first lay the rug on a floor or deck with a nearby water supply. Then take a carpet shampoo and read the instructions for how much amount you need to wash a rug. If you don’t have a carpet shampoo then you use mild dish soap and some warm water to wash your nursery rug.

But if you see your rug is bleeding colors then stop washing right there and take it to a professional dry cleaner to clean your rug.

Dry It Out

Many people think putting the rug in the sun will help the rug dry faster. But you should not do this. Because when you put your rug in the sun, it will damage the color of the rug and it will look awful.

The best way to dry your rug is to towel dry the rug at first. Press a towel against the rug to soak up excess water as much as you can. Then put it out on a laundry rack to air dry it. If there is too much sun outside then you can put it in a well-ventilated room. This may take up to 24hrs for the rug to dry up.

Vacuum Again

After putting the rug back in your baby’s nursery, vacuum both sides of the rug to ensure there is no dust or build-up left in the nursery rug.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are very popular for nurseries because of their flame redundant and long-lasting quality. It also adds extra warmth to your baby’s nursery and creates a comfortable space for your baby to crawl and play around.

Let’s see how to clean wool rugs.

Vacuum Up

Vacuum up both of the sides of your wool rug on a regular basis to keep it clean. In this way, it will be easier when you will wash the rug once or twice a month.

Bring it Outside

You can dust out the rug by putting it outside just like the cotton ones. Keep whacking the rug with a broom until the clouds of dust keep flying around.


Washing woolen rugs can be very tricky because they are pretty heavy. You might even think it’s impossible. But it’s actually not that hard.

You will need carpet shampoo or a laundry detergent made specifically for wool, a bucket of cold water, and a bristle brush or a sponge. Spread out the rug on a deck or spacious area. Run the soap water on the rug and then take a sponge or brush to clean out the rug.

But just to be on the safe side, try this method on a small portion of the rug to see if the rug bleeds any color. If it does so, send it to a professional to have it cleaned.


After washing the rug, take a second bucket of water and run it through the rug to take out all the soap from the washing phase. Keep rinsing till there are no bubbles coming out of your wool rug.

Dry It

Take a dry towel and press it against the rug to soap up as much as you can. Then put it out in the laundry rack to air dry it. Try to put the rug in a well-ventilated place so that the wool can dry out easily. But still, it will take quite some time to dry out properly.

Jute, Sisal, Bamboo

Natural fibers like jute, sisal, and bamboo are quite famous among those who like to buy things that are environmentally friendly and safe for babies.

But these natural fibers are very delicate and easily weaken when they meet water, so it’s not wise to deep clean them. Just cleaning them with a vacuum regularly will be enough to keep them clean.

How to Remove Stain from Nursery Rug?

Staining is a very obvious matter when it comes to your baby’s nursery rug. Babies play around on the rug the whole day. They play, eat, soil and spill on the rug all day long. So, it’s important to know the tricks to remove stains from the nursery rugs because it’s not possible to clean them every single day.

If you are using any cotton or cotton mixed fabric for your nursery rug, then you can easily take it out and wash it from the part where it is stained. You don’t have to worry about drying or the material getting ruined for that.

But if you are using a wool rug, then you have to be a bit more careful about removing the stain. You have to be cautious in order to save your rug from being ruined due to spilling.

You have to blot the rug with a clean rag as soon as the spilling occurs. Then take a cup of cold water and a half tablespoon of mild dish soap and mix it and dampen your rag with it. Then blot the stain carefully so that the stain comes off.

Do not try to rub the stain vigorously to get rid of it. It will only make it worse and make it even harder to remove the stain.

For other rug materials, you can take a small amount of vinegar and a sprinkle of baking soda on the stain and just see the stain getting vanished like magic.

How to Remove Odor from Baby Rugs?

Staining is not the only problem you will have to deal with your nursery rug, odor is another thing to worry about. As your nursery rug will be dealing with lots of spilling and soiling, there will be odors coming from it.

To get rid of such unpleasant odors, sprinkle some baking soda all over the rug then clean it with a vacuum cleaner. In this way, you can remove odor from your nursery rug very easily.

Can You Machine Wash Baby Sheepskin Rug?

Yes, you sure can. You can machine wash sheepskin rug in order to maintain the fleece and hide of the rug. Even though sheepskin rugs are flame redundant, hypoallergenic, and stain-resistant, you will need to wash them once a month.

And if you don’t want to go through the hand washing process, you can put it in the washing machine without any hesitation. Use a wool wash specifically formulated for sheepskin and you will be golden.

How to Wash Baby Sheepskin Rug

  • First, shake out the rug to remove dirt and debris.
  • Set your washing machine’s temperature setting to cool to lukewarm.
  • Select the delicate or wool setting mode and add a wool wash.
  • After washing, take out the rug and air dry it.
  • Do not put the rug in a dryer or use any artificial heat on it.
  • Lastly, brush the sheepskin rug with a wire brush to restore the fluff.

How to Take Care of Nursery Rug?

If you want to keep your nursery rug in good health for a long time, then you will need to take care of it properly. Here are some tips that you can follow to maintain your nursery rug.

  • Vacuum the rug on a regular basis.
  • Deep clean your rug at least twice a year.
  • Give a good shake to your nursery rug every now and then.
  • Use a rug pad to protect your rug from the floor and add a little safety.
  • Rotate your nursery rug every month so that particular corners do not get deprived of enough air and light.
  • If possible, rearrange your nursery furniture twice a year.
  • If you want to store the rug, then use essential oils and mothballs to keep it away from moths and other insects. And make sure to store it in a cool, dry place.


Hope the article helped you know how to wash your nursery rug. Now that you are aware of all the washing protocols, you can easily clean your baby’s rug without ruining it.

You will find a lot of detergents and washes for cleaning your nursery rug but not all of them will be good for your little baby’s health. So, make sure you get the hypoallergenic ones just to be on the safe side.

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