How To Removing Gum From The Carpet

The most commonly encountered problem for those having carpets at their places is the gum. With kids, you probably have to go through these types of situations often. Every holiday cleaning that is done with more concern and attention, you’ll find how to removing gum from the carpet or several other areas at your place.

It’ll be a bit easy if you remove gum just after it sticks to your wool, nylon & polyester, otherwise the harder it gets the more it will be difficult for you to remove. This is because when the gum dries up there it will harden itself and you need to go for some Pro methods to get rid of this.

When the gum is left over the carpet for a considerably longer time then it may sink into the carpet fibers and make it more difficult to remove. In order to make it easy for you to removing gum from the carpet, we have put together a list of methods that will surely help you in this regard.

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Effective Methods For Removing Gum From The Carpet

Removing gum can be audacious if you don’t actually know about the methods to remove the gum completely from the carpet. Check out our exclusive methods to get the gum out of your carpet quickly and easily. Let’s dive in to explore!

Effective Methods For Methods For Removing Gum From The Carpet
Methods For Removing Gum From The Carpet

The Ice Method To Get The Gum Out Of Your Carpet

This is one of the easiest methods that you can go for. For this, you need to fill a bag with ice & put it over the gum. Consider leaving it for 30 minutes to completely freeze the gum. When the gum is completely frozen you can hardly touch it then try removing it with your fingertip.

It would be great if you consider removing it with a pointed knife or any type of spatula, but be very careful while doing it, you may not hurt your carpet. Your carpet fibers can get damaged or they may try to come out with the gum. You can carefully hold the carpet fibers down and then consider stretching out the gum from the carpet.  This would be a great way that you can go with. removing the gum into pieces.

Consider working on a single piece at a time. Once you are done with removing the gum you can consider getting off with the sticky residue that is left behind. That residue can be removed by gently blotting the carpet piece with a wet cloth. Dip the piece of cloth in liquid soap and clean it. Let the carpet dry. Once the carpet is dried then you’ll have a fresh carpet with no sticky gum.

Vinegar Can Be The Best Way

Vinegar is being used as the best agent to remove several sturdy stains. One of the easy methods then you can use to get off the sticky gum is to use white vinegar. This best-implemented method to get the gum out of your carpet. The vinegar method contains some easy steps that need to be taken for gum removal. Here you go with the easy steps to follow.

  • Start with heating up the half cup of white vinegar in the microwave.
  • You’ll be needing a clean white cloth or a towel to dip into the warm vinegar. It’ll be hot, so you must consider wearing gloves.
  • After dipping the towel or cloth into vinegar, consider dabbing it on the gum.  This will soften the gum in a while.
  • Now you can use a knife or a  spatula to scrape the gum. Try to scrape the gum as much as you can.
  • After the gum is removed, you can use a toothbrush to get away the remains of the gum from the carpet.

You Can Use Hair Dryer For Scraping Off The Gum From The Carpet

First, you need to meet or make the gum soft. After you are done with that, consider covering the gum with a paper bag or a piece of paper. This can prevent your carpet from the hairdryer heat. So, now you must go with softening the gum, as soon it loosens, you can scrape it off. But be very careful not to damage the fibers of your carpet.

Start taking up the cloth or paper bag after the gum is soft, which should carry part of the gum with it. Keep blotting the gum until you get it off the carpet.  Remove any leftover gum with a gentle pick, removing as much as possible without hurting the carpet fibers. After that, you need to deal with that sticky residue and do something to get rid of it. For that, consider using a diluted soap. Dip the towel and scrub it over that. It’ll be removed soon.

A mix of freezing and heating is frequently the most effective. Begin by freezing and breaking off as much gum as you can. After that, proceed with the above-mentioned heating procedure. Keep repeating the carpet until you get rid of all the gum.

Solvents Are Best For Removing Gum From The Carpet

So, when you are done with every home remedy to get rid of the sticky gum from your carpet and it is still bothering you. Then the next option you can go with is to use a solvent. You can find the best solvent from any reputable store to removing gum from the carpet.

The basic purpose to choose the solvent is that it blends in the gum and makes it easy to remove from the carpet. All you need to do is to make sure that the solvent that you are using is safe to be used on the carpet. For this, you can try applying it on the side corner of your carpet.

If it suits your carpet then you can apply that solvent over the area where the gum is stuck to the carpet. Then blot the gum with a cloth or a towel until the gum is completely scraped. After that, you can consider wiping out the area with clean water and letting the carpet dry.

In The End!

So, when it comes to finding out how to removing gum from the carpets, there are a number of methods that are being used by different people. You can also take help from professionals who are offering carpet installation & fixing and can also assist you to remove or clean your carpet.  We have listed a maximum of them in order to make you use the one that is easy for you and can clean your carpet perfectly.

Just be very careful while applying any of the methods for removing gum from the carpet so that you may not damage your carpet.

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