What Size Rug Should Go in Nursery?

We get that you already have many things for your baby in the nursery. Now you don’t know what size rug should go in nursery so that it proportionate with the nursery perfectly. It’s totally fine because we’ve got you covered. We will help you know what size, shape rug you get for the nursery acknowledging the room size and furniture.

Now, the main question is, What size rug should go in the nursery? The most common nursery rug size is 5’x8’. It is enough to cover the front of the crib where your baby is going to play and crawl around. You can also get a bigger size rug to go under the furniture.

There is more to know about nursery rug sizes. Let’s scroll down and get to know more about it.

What Size Rug Should Go in Nursery?

Deciding which size rug you should get for the nursery can be very tricky. A rug can change the whole outlook of the nursery so when you are buying a rug, make sure you get the right size.

Usually, 5×8 is an ideal rug size for a nursery. But it may be small for nurseries with a larger area. And small rugs can make the baby room look smaller and congested. So, when you are getting a rug for the baby nursery, take the size of the room into account.

If you want the rug to sit independently, you can choose a smaller size of your choice. But in that case, make sure to put a rug pad under it so that your baby doesn’t slip on the rug. And you can choose a larger rug for the nursery so that the rug can go under the furniture.

It will be helpful because if you want to move any of the furniture, it won’t make noise because of the rug and you won’t wake up your sleeping baby. If your baby’s nursery is already carpeted, you can get a small rug of a fun shape to put a little design and extra warmth in the room.


Where Should You Put a Rug in Nursery?

Generally, a rug goes in the free space of the room. Mainly, a nursery rug is put in front of the crib. If you have got a shorter rug to sit independently, then it’s okay to put it alongside the crib. And if you have got a larger one, put the rug under the front two legs of the crib. It will help the rug not to move and you can also put the nursing chair on the rug.

Rug size

Things That Rug Sizes Depend On

The rug size will matter depending on how you have planned to put it in the nursery. Not every size will look good in any manner you put it. So let’s get to know how to determine the size of the rug for a nursery.

If you have planned to put the rug independently, then you can go for 3×5. It will sit perfectly between the crib and the nursing chair. If you want the nursing chair to sit on the rug, you can go for 5×8 and it’s the most common nursery rug size.

If you are planning to get a round rug for the nursery, then a 5’ diameter rug will be perfect for the decorations. And if you want to get a rug that is big enough to carry all the furniture, then go for 7×10 or 8×10 depending on the nursery size and your furniture arrangements.


Rug Size Based on the Nursery Size

Consider your nursery size and furniture placing, while looking for a perfect rug size. Try not to put the rug at the center of the nursery. Instead, try to pick a size that covers the room as much as it can, while it leaves an 18-20 inch border space around the room.

As a nursery area rug, it will be enough if you choose a rug size of 5’x8’ just to bear the crib and the nursing chair. But if you want it to carry all the traffic of the nursery, then you can go for 8’x10’.


How to Pull Off a Round Rug in the Nursery?

If you are thinking of getting a round rug for the nursery but can’t decide if it will be a good idea or not then we are here to help you figure out your confusion. Here are some tips that you’ll find useful.

Round Rugs Can Make the Nursery Look Larger

If your baby’s nursery is small, you can go for a round rug without any doubt.

Choosing a round rag for comparatively small rooms is a great decision as it’ll make the room look larger. The round rug takes your eyes off the walls and makes you concentrate on the free spaces on the floor and helps the room look bigger.

Round Rugs Make Nursery Feel Less Cluttered

A nursery requires a lot of baby stuff and surely those take up a lot of space. Introducing a round rug to the nursery will help highlight some free space in the room and make the nursery look less cluttered.

Highlight a Circular Fashion Statement to the Nursery

If you have already chosen some round decoration pieces for the nursery, then a round rug will surely match with them and will put a nice pattern in the room. A round rug will look good with a round mirror, round chandelier, and round cushions.

Add Visual Interest to the Nursery

A round rug with a different color scheme will put a nice pop in the nursery. Pick a color contrasting with the nursery background and see the magic of how it enlightens the mood.

Soften the Look of the Nursery

If the nursery already has many furniture with sharp edges like the crib, dresser, etc. then putting a round rug in the nursery will soften the look and make you feel warm and welcomed.

Add Texture

You can add a small round rug over a rectangular rug to add a little texture to the room. And layering the rugs will obviously make the room more cozy and comfy.


Does a Nursery Need a Rug?

Rug size

Yes. Your precious little baby is going to be in the nursery throughout the day. He is going to play, crawl, and take his first steps in the nursery. So, putting a rug in the nursery will ensure safety and comfort for your kid. If you have tiles or hardwood floors in your home, then you should definitely put a rug in your baby’s room.

Otherwise, he might slip on the floor easily and get really hurt. But also, don’t forget to put a rug pad under the rug for the sake of the safety of your baby. Putting a rug in the nursery will not only make your baby feel comfy.

You will need to spend a lot of time with your baby in the nursery and a nice, cozy rug under your feet will help you relax while you are feeding your baby late at night.


How to Take Care of Nursery Rugs?

You need to take good care of your nursery rug as your baby’s health is very important. Let’s see some tips on how to take care of nursery rugs.

Use Rug Pads

Putting a rug pad doesn’t only ensure the safety of your baby, but also lengthens the rug’s life. Rug pads keep the rug straight and prevent the rug from creasing. The rug pad prevents the rug from friction with the floor and helps protect the canvas background to stop the color transformation.


  • Clean your nursery rug regularly with a vacuum cleaner without the brush on a low setting. Clean the rug from different directions to suck out all the dirt.
  • Don’t machine wash your rug if the tag forbids you to do it.
  • Do not dry clean and use harsh chemicals to wash the nursery rug. It will be harmful to the baby.
  • If your baby spills anything on the rug, try to clean it immediately.
  • Do not rub the spill. Try blotting the spot with a clean rag.
  • Always use a mild detergent or carpet shampoo to wash your nursery rug.
  • Take the nursery rug to a professional if you want a deep cleaning.


Rotate your nursery rug after every few weeks to ensure its long life. The rug areas that are kept under the furniture won’t get enough light and air and it can attract insects. And those can ruin the rug. So, rotate the nursery rug every 2-3 weeks.


If you want to store your nursery rug, then try to keep it in a clean, dry place. Keeping the rug in a damp area or near a water-damaged wall can ruin your rug. Try to spread it in free space to get some air once in a while. It will help the rug to keep in good health.

Use mothballs and essential oils to keep your rug safe from attracting moths.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 3x5 Rug Too Small for a Nursery?
A 3×5 rug is enough to cover the front of the baby’s crib. But you can go for a larger size if you want to cover more areas.
What to Do if My Rug Is Too Big for My Baby’S Nursery?
As you have already bought the rug, you can cut it up small according to your nursery’s size. But try to get it done by a professional.
What Size Rug Should I Get for My 10x12 Nursery?
8×10 rug will be perfect to decorate your nursery.
Does the Rug Need to Go under the Crib?
Not necessarily. But it looks good if it goes under the crib.



Hope we helped you learn about what size rug should go in the nursery. This article should cover all your size questions regarding nursery rugs.

Planning the nursery decorations can be very exciting and also can make you eat your own arms. It’s stressful when you can’t decide on which one or which size or which type of rug to get for the nursery. Now that you learned about the size parameter, you can easily decide the size of the rug you need for your baby’s room.

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