What Types of Rugs Are Best for Baby Nursery?

Decorating your unborn baby’s nursery is a very exciting feeling. Everyone tries to get the best stuff for their baby. So, when you are picking a rug for your baby’s nursery, you should pick the best one out there. But if you don’t know how to determine that, no worries, we got you covered.

Now, the question is, what types of rugs are best for a baby nursery? The best materials for a nursery rug are cotton, wool, sisal, olefin, shag. But to choose a safe one for your baby, you can choose between cotton, wool, nylon, jute, polyester, sheepskin, acrylic, etc. 

It’s not all you have to know, there are more. Let’s walk through this well-crafted article to know the necessary information concerning the topic.

What Types of Rugs Are Best for Baby Nursery?

Not all materials are suitable for babies. You should pick all-natural material for your cute little snuggle bunny. Let’s discuss some rug materials that are best for your baby’s nursery.


Most of the parents choose cotton for any baby materials because it is made of natural fibers. Cotton will be a great choice for your nursery rug. Cotton rugs are easy to clean, lightweight, versatile, and don’t have any toxic materials.

Babies spit out and spill their bottles and that can stain your cotton rugs easily for its high absorbency quality. But you can easily wash it in your machine or by hand. But don’t put the rug in the dryer. Always air dry your cotton rugs. This is a very budget-friendly option for you and a very convenient choice for a baby item.


Sisal is another great option as it is eco-friendly and made out of natural fiber. Sisal rugs are durable, easy to clean, and affordable. It doesn’t take much to maintain the rug and it comes in a variety of designs. Sisal rugs have high durability and that’s why it is child and pet friendly.

However, sisal rugs aren’t soft and fuzzy like cotton. So, it might not be an ideal choice for you if comfort is the first thing you want.

But if you want your baby to learn to crawl in a more comfortable space, then you can go for sisal and wool mix which will be perfect for your preference. This blend will offer you comfort and durability hand in hand.


Wool rugs are widely popular for their warm, comforting, and inviting nature. It will make a great comfortable space for your baby to crawl around. Wools are made of natural fibers and are widely used for their durability.

Wool rugs are stain and fire-resistant. So it is safe and best for homes with babies and pets. Wools are a bit pricier than cotton and sisal. But it provides a long-lasting effect and definitely will grow with your baby if you take care of it properly.



Decorating your baby’s nursery can be very costly with other baby stuff. In that case, you can go for olefin rugs for the nursery because they are affordable, good-looking, and water-resistant so you don’t even need to worry about stains if your baby spills anything.

Olefin comes in different colors and designs so if you want to contrast the rug with the nursery’s background then olefin is a good choice.

Even though olefin is made of synthetic fibers, its warm, cushy feeling provides a comfortable and inviting environment for the nursery.


Shag rugs are made of a variety of fibers and they can be a very cozy pick for your baby’s nursery. They also come in different colors and designs.

But it won’t be the best option if you already have a lot of things in your nursery. The cozy, plushy feeling is very comfortable for your baby to crawl around and for you when you are staying late with your baby.


What Types of Rugs Are Safe for Babies?

Baby Rugs

Undoubtedly, the last thing you want is to buy a rug that’s not safe for your baby. Babies are pretty delicate. So choosing a safe rug for your baby nursery is your priority.

Let’s see which rugs are safe for babies.

Wool Rugs

Other than being durable and long-lasting, wool rugs are flame-resistant too. So, if in any way, your baby comes close to any flammable objects, the rug will give protection against fire.

Wool rugs are made of natural fibers and are also hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting an allergic reaction even if he picks anything and puts it in his mouth.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are all-natural and breathable fabric. So you don’t have to worry about your baby’s lungs being infected from cotton. And, cotton rugs don’t contain any toxic materials and it is a huge plus point for a nursery.

Cotton rugs are soft, natural, breathable, free of toxic chemicals. Thus, it checks all of your boxes for a safe rug for your baby’s nursery.

Nylon Rugs

Even though nylon is made of synthetic materials, it is resistant to dirt, mildew, insects, and Alkali which is a toxic chemical and not good for your baby. Nylon rugs are one of the unbeatable options for your baby’s nursery because of their safe characteristics.

Acrylic Rugs

Acrylic rugs are resistant to moths. And they come in beautiful colors and designs and are also very comfortable to crawl around. Therefore, acrylic rugs are a safe choice too.

Jute Rugs

Jute rugs do not contain any harmful toxins that can be bad for the baby and they are natural and eco-friendly rugs. Jute rugs also provide an anti-static effect. So you don’t have to worry about your baby getting an electric shock from crawling on the rug.

Polyester Rugs

Polyester rugs are stain-resistant and durable. They are free of chemical toxins so your baby won’t get any skin irritation. They are also very soft and comfortable.

Baby Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs are soft, cushy, breathable, and easy to wash. They can keep their softness even after a machine wash. They are resistant to allergens and bacteria. The lanolin in the rugs naturally resists spills and they are very durable. It makes a great choice for a baby nursery.

SmartStrand Rugs

SmartStrand rugs are made of a component named Triexta which is a blend of polyester and nylon fibers. It contains both polyester and nylon’s best features. Even the rugs are more stain-resistant than nylon ones.

SmartStrand rugs are durable, soft, stylish, free of toxins. You can choose these rugs without any hesitation for your baby’s safety and comfort.


Are Polypropylene Rugs Safe for Babies?

Baby Rugs

In straight words, a big NO. Polypropylene rugs are machine-made and they use harmful chemicals to make the rugs flame and stain-resistant. It releases toxic components into the air.

Polypropylene rugs are not resilient to the sun and high traffic rooms.

People might want to convince you to take polypropylene rugs because of their resistance to flames and spills. But don’t be fooled by their sweet talk. Always choose chemical-free and natural stuff for your baby’s nursery.


Does a Nursery Need a Rug?

Yes, putting a rug in the nursery offers a lot more advantages than you think. A rug can add colors to the space. You can choose a nice color to add a pop to the nursery. If you have decorated the nursery with any specific pattern then you can choose a rug with the same pattern or go for a neutral color to go with the room.

A rug provides comfort and warmth in your baby’s room. It makes a nice, comfy place for your baby to crawl as well as play around. It is also good for you when you are staying late at the nursery to feed your baby.

Rugs help to reduce noise in the nursery. When you want to check your baby while he is sleeping and you don’t want to wake him up, a rug helps you walk noise-free in the room.


Where Do You Put a Rug in Nursery?

Usually, a rug goes on the free space of a room. When you are choosing a rug for the nursery, you should keep in mind that either it should be small enough to sit independently or it should be big enough to affix the furniture of the nursery.


What is the Best Size for a Nursery Rug?

For a small rug size, you can choose 4×6 or 5×8 area rugs. But small rugs can make your nursery look smaller. So, it is better to go for a bigger size so that it covers most of the floor of your baby’s nursery. In that way, the furniture will stay on the rug and won’t make noise if you try to move one.


Do You Need to Put a Rug If You Already Have Carpets?

Even though carpets have become much healthier nowadays, you should always be concerned for your baby’s safety. And, if your carpet is hypoallergenic but you still want to put a rug over it, then it’s okay too.

Rugs can add extra colors to the room. Just make sure if you are using a thick carpet, you have to put a rug that is heavy so that it doesn’t wrinkle. And, if your carpet is thin then you can put any rug that you want.

Baby Rugs

How to Choose a Rug for Baby Nursery?

While buying a rug for your baby’s room, there are a few things you should think about. The tips below will help you pick the perfect rug for the nursery.

Size and Price

Pick a rug that will be proportional to the nursery. Choose a small rug if you want to sit it independently, choose a larger one if you want it to carry the weight of the furniture too.

If you already have spent a lot on other decorations of the nursery, you can go for an affordable rug that goes with your budget. But don’t buy a cheap one because you can’t put a price on a baby’s safety.

Color and Pattern

Try to choose your rug’s color according to your nursery’s background. You can contrast the color which will add a nice pop to the room. If you have decorated your nursery on a theme, then you should choose the color of the theme.

If the decorations of your nursery have a lot of designs or patterns then you can go for a neutral color to ease out the environment or you can choose a matching rug with the pattern.

Right Rug Material

Always try to choose a natural and eco-friendly rug for the nursery. Otherwise, your baby might get an allergic reaction to the rug components.


Pick a durable material rug for the nursery. Babies tend to wreck stuff lying around them and buying rugs, again and again, can be very expensive for you. So, try not to buy wear and tear products.


Features of a Good Rug for Baby Nursery

Now let’s take a look at some features that should be in a good rug for a baby nursery.


Safety should be the first concern of anything you buy for your baby. Babies are very sensitive to any kind of dirt or chemicals. So, keep an eye on the material you are buying for your nursery rug.

On another note, make sure no strings or fibers are hanging out of the rug because babies might put it in their mouth and get sick.


Your baby will learn to crawl and take his first step in his nursery. So pick a rug that is comfortable to crawl around, play on and walk. You might even need to spend a lot of time in the nursery so it works to your advantage too.


Try to choose a thick, soft, and non-abrasive rug so that it lasts longer, provides comfort, and doesn’t do any harm to the baby.


Pick an easy-to-wash fabric rug for the nursery. You have to clean the rug from time to time so that your baby doesn’t get sick from the dirt.


Choosing a water-resistant rug will help keep the rug stain-free. Babies spill a lot so a water-resistant rug is an actual need.

Rug Pad

Place a rug pad under the nursery rug if you have tiles or a hardwood floor. Otherwise, the rug will slip on the smooth surface and that might put your baby in a horrible accident.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Shag Rug Good for a Nursery?
Yes. Shag rugs are very comfortable but try not to choose the kind of shags that shed. It can be harmful to the baby.
Are Wool Rugs Affordable?
Wool rugs have a higher price tag than other natural fiber rugs because of their high durability.
What Is the Best Washable Rug for the Nursery?
Cotton rugs are the easiest to wash.
Do Large Nursery Rugs Need a Rug Pad?
You should put a rug pad under the rug even if the furniture is weighing down the carpet. Put your child’s safety first.


Final Words

Hope this article helped you know about what types of rugs are best for a baby nursery.

Now, that you know almost everything about nursery rugs, it will be easier for you to choose one for your baby. You might forget about the rug while planning to decorate the nursery.

Even if the rug was the last thing to buy on your list, try to take the one that is good for your baby’s health and also provides all of your comforts.

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