How to Wash Bamboo Pillows in Easy Steps With Video

How to Wash Bamboo Pillows

Wash Bamboo Pillows, Buy and Wash Bamboo Pillows for yourself. Picking the right pillow for yourself can be very tricky because we all have different needs plus some individuals prefer hard Wash Bamboo Pillows for us other people prefer soft pillows. Moreover, the right pillow will depend on

A number of factors such as;
  • The condition of your spine and neck section
  • Any previous accidents that have affected your spine or neck
  • Your blood pressure
  • General back and neck muscle condition
  • You’re on personal comfort
The condition of your spine and neck section is important because if you have suffered previously from any accidents or torn ligaments in your neck you will need a hard pillow that will support your spine and will not allow it to bend backwards because that could lead to painful feeling in the morning and general stiffness throughout the day.

Moreover, depending on whether you suffer from high blood pressure you might need a pillow that will help keep your head slightly higher than the rest of your body so as to prevent the blood flowing into your brain and increasing the brain pressure.

Furthermore, lots of individuals have trouble selecting the right pillow for themselves under their budget because general opinion varies with some people thinking that it will be worth paying more for a good pillow and using it for a longer period of time.

Whereas other individuals believe that pillows should be regularly changed so as to prevent bacteria and mould build-up thus they’re not very willing to spend a lot of money on a pillow because they will need to toss it out in a couple of months.

Why Bamboo Pillows Have Become so Popular
Why Bamboo Pillows Have Become so Popular

Bamboo pillows have been invented not that long however they have already proven to be quite popular around the world since a lot of individuals find just the right qualities in it.

Moreover, bamboo pillows are usually made with bamboo fibre which is known to stay cool in the summer and be quite resistant to bacteria build-up and mold growth.

Plus, lots of bamboo pillows are also made with elements of memory foam that takes the position of your head and neck thus you would not have to adjust your pillow every night.

What Sleeping Position Do You Have

Knowing your sleeping position is very important because that will help you pick the right pillow for yourself. According two latest studies most of individuals are back sleepers. However most individuals are also more prone to spine strain. Because when you sleep on your back your neck and spine tends to fall backwards.

If you have a good mattress with dried hardness. Than that will not be a problem for you because the rest of your body. It will balance the board that falls backwards on your pillow. However if you have an old mattress or if your mattress is too soft. My risk feeling additional strain on your back and neck.

Also, keep in mind that you should pick a pillow. It will leave enough space between your shoulders and your neck. So that the soft tissues around your neck area will be able to relax during your night sleep.

On the other hand, if you are a stomach sleeper then you will be leading your spine to misalign. Since, you will have to turn your head to the side in order for you. It to breathe and not face the pillow right on. If you cannot sleep any other way it is highly suggested for you to purchase another small pillow. That you could place under your stomach so as to slightly raise your middle body.


So, there are so many individuals that sleep on their side which is generally considered to be a much more healthier position than stomach sleeping since your spine will be able to relax and take out more natural position.

However, remember that if you are a side sleeper you will need to pick a more harder pillow that will be able to support your head and keep it at the same level with your neck otherwise your head will tilt downwards and that will not only prevent your neck area relaxing but will strain it even further.

How Bamboo Pillows Are Made

how bamboo pilloows are madeBamboo pillows are usually made from plush outer casing that is filled with either bamboo fibre which is made from pulp bamboo or memory foam.

Bamboo fiber is made through a lengthy process that involves taking bamboo pulp. Then processing it into a very thick and vicious like substance. It will then need to be cooled down and woven into the material you’ll find inside bamboo pillows.

However, keep in mind that 100% bamboo pillows are expensive and hard to find. Since most modern bamboo pillows are made from a 50/50 combination of bamboo pulp. Other natural or synthetic materials.

Is Bamboo Antibacterial

Most studies that have been conducted have found that bamboo pillows. It tend to be antibacterial which is why there are highly recommended for individuals. This have breathing problems such as asthma because dust particles, bacteria and mould can irritate your inner lining. That bringing on the symptoms of asthma.

Moreover, bamboo pillows are great for kids room since children. It’s tend to get runny nose quite often and having an antibacterial pillow. It is much easier to maintain rather than having to constantly wash the pillow cases and clean the pillows itself.

Furthermore, bamboo pillows are known to be very absorbent. Therefore you can be sure that during summer months your pillow will stay dry and cool.

How to Clean Bamboo Pillows

how to clean bamboo pillowBamboo pillows are usually made with removable filling that you can remove and clean plus this also gives you a chance to adjust the pillows thickness as you can remove the extra filling and place it somewhere else or if you feel like your pillow is too soft you could add bamboo filling to make the pillow more harder.

If you wish to clean your bamboo pillow in a quick and efficient manner. You could remove all the filling and place it in a clean bucket with one water. Then, add some delicate detergent or you could even use liquid baby soap.

Let the filling sit in the bucket for a while. Then thoroughly rinse it and allow it to dry on a flat surface for example table.

Bamboo Pillow Video Review

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In conclusion, remember to always decide what kind of sleeper you. Before you go out and purchase a bamboo pillow. Because they vary greatly in thickness and hardness. Pay close attention to how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Once you decide that a bamboo pillow that you have both and used needs cleaning carefully. Remove the inner filling and sock it up in a bucket with a delicate detergent. Remember to always thoroughly rinse the filling and allow it to dry naturally over a clean flat surface.

Lastly, you might want to purchase a slip cover for your pillow . That you could remove and toss in the washing machine. Instead of actually removing the bamboo filling every time to be cleaned.

Also, give preference to manufacturers that offer warranty and good customer support. That you could go to in case you have any questions.


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