5 Reasons You Need Comfort Zone Oil Filled Heaters at Home

Comfort Zone Oil Filled Heaters.

What can Comfort Zone oil-filled heaters do for you? Is there a way for you to save money on your heating bills? Are there safety concerns about the way you choose to heat your house? Our guide uncovers the truth and gives you 5 reasons why you should seriously consider getting Comfort Zone oil filled heater.

We break down their main features and how they benefit you the most. By the end of this article, you’ll know what these heaters can do for you, why you should use them, and how to get the best value for your money.

Let’s get into it!

Strong, Durable & Unbreakable

Just like everything else, oil-filled heaters are better in some areas than others. In this section, we’ll take a look at 5 of the areas where they’re hot (excuse the bad pun). These are the areas where oil-filled heaters outdo almost all other types of heaters.

Let’s take a look.

1. Never Needs Refilling

This is one of the key selling points of oil-filled heaters.

It’s important to point out that the oil isn’t used as fuel. The oil is used as a heating medium – the unit is powered electrically.

There’s an element that heats the oil. That heat is then radiated out into the room. A thermostat controls the heat of this oil.

The main benefit of these oil-filled heaters is that they never need to be refilled. Comfort Zone heaters’ oil chambers are permanently sealed.

The oil has an excellent lifespan and is fantastic as conducting heat without wasting much energy.

2. Excellent Residual Heating and Energy Efficiency

This is the other area where oil-filled heaters are at the top of their game. The oil that’s used inside them has a very high heat capacity. It can absorb a lot of heat energy without rising in temperature (the oil).

Comfort Zone Oil Filled Heaters at Home

There are 2 sides to consider here. It takes a lot longer to heat up, due to the ability of the oil to absorb heat. On the other hand, when you turn the heater off, it’ll stay hot for ages.

This means that even when you cut off the power, you’re still getting effective heating for long after. You save energy and money as a result.

3. Perfect for Larger Rooms

Oil-filled heaters are great for heating larger spaces due to their residual heating potential. It’ll take quite a while to get the room warm in the first place. Once it’s warm though, even if you turn the heater off, the room will be kept warm for a long time.

Provided that the room has decent circulation, you’ll be able to heat large spaces easily – and keep them warm without the high energy costs incurred by other heating methods. Comfort Zone oil-filled heaters have adjustable thermostats to keep the room at the perfect temperature.

The heating is also spread quite evenly around the room and you won’t feel like you’re in an active volcano when you’re next to the unit.

4. Preserves the Humidity in the Air

This is a big one for me. It’s one of the reasons that I hate using AC units in the hotter months. There are a lot of heaters that do an excellent job of heating but at the expense of the humidity in the room.

Comfort Zone oil-filled heaters are designed to ensure they don’t dry the air out. Dry air increases your chance of getting infections and can leave you with sore eyes and throats.

5. They’re Silent

Oil-filled heaters are some of the most silent and subtle heaters you’ll find. Comfort Zone oil-filled heaters don’t use fans. The heat is simply radiated out into the room.

It can run silently in the corner of the room – you’ll often forget it’s even there. It’s great for using in your bedroom or living room where peace and quiet is important.

These heaters don’t take up much space; they’re compact and easy to move around. They’re a solid choice for low-profile heating.

Comfort Zone Oil Filled Heater CZ7007

I’m just adding this model in as a side note as I’ve used it before. The Comfort Zone 1500W oil filled radiator electric heater is a well-balanced and versatile heater for your house.

It’s a high-quality, affordable heater. I found it to be very durable and energy-efficient too. It ticks all the boxes you’d expect it to and stays true to the 5 reasons to use an oil-filled heater.

You should check this model out if you’re interested in having a heater that exemplifies all the points in this article.

What About the Comfort Zone Oil Filled Heater Recall

I want to bring this up to quell your fears. You might have heard a while back about thousands of oil-filled heaters being recalled a while back.

This spanned across several brands and wasn’t limited to Comfort Zone. There was an issue with the oil leaking and potentially causing harm.

The good news is that the oil containment system was revised and redone. The 5-chamber system is now permanently sealed off and self-contained.

Leaking oil isn’t going to happen again on these models. Temperature is regulated and there is multi-layered overheating protection too.

You’ll be perfectly safe having this heater in your house.

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Final Thoughts

By now you should have a very good idea about how and why oil heaters are excellent choices for your home. You’re well-informed and ready to choose the heater that best matches your needs.

Take your time to make sure you get one that suits you well. Feel free to use our article as a metric to measure the worth of the heater you’re looking at. We also gave you a practical option to take a look at.

Take what you’ve learned here about Comfort Zone oil-filled heaters and make a purchase that’s going to last you for years – giving you excellent performance and value for money!

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