Where to Put Rug in Nursery?

With all the baby stuff stacked up in your baby’s room, it’s normal to be confused about where you should put a rug in the nursery. You may have been also wondering what the best size is for a nursery rug or if you even need a rug in the nursery or if there is any downside of having a rug. We are here to answer all your rug-related queries.

So, the main question is, where to put a rug in the nursery? You can put the rug in the free space of the nursery just beside the crib. You can settle it there independently or you can put it under the front two legs of the crib with a nursing chair on it.

There is a lot more to know about placing a nursery rug. Let’s dive into the article and know about them.

Where to put rugs in the Nursery?

Usually, a rug sits in the free space of a room. And in a nursery, a rug goes alongside the crib with a nursing chair on it. The furniture arrangement in a nursery is generally conducted by pushing all the furniture towards the wall and it makes a nice space in the middle of the room for the baby to play and tumble around.

You can put the rug there along with the crib. You can put the rug in the free space independently. Or you can put them under the front two legs of the crib, it looks better this way. But make sure to put a rug pad under if you want the rug to sit independently.

Or if you have different plans regarding accessorizing the nursery, you can put the rug anywhere you want. Just keep in mind that your baby needs space to play around and you must put a rug where your baby is going to be roaming around.


How to Layer a Rug on Top of Carpet in Nursery?

You might have already carpeted the nursery and thought if you should put a rug on it or is it better this way. The thing is, you can put a rug on the carpet if you want to, it’s completely fine.

Although today’s carpets are much safer than they used to be, you should still think of your baby’s safety first. You can put a rug on the carpet so that your baby doesn’t come near the harmful carpet fibers.

But if you have already bought a hypoallergenic carpet and still want to put a rug on it, that’s fine too. A little layering will increase the warm, cozy vibe in the nursery.

When you layer your carpet with a rug, take the thickness of the carpet into account. In case you have a thick carpet, you should get a thick rug to layer on it so that the rug doesn’t crease. And if you are using a thin carpet, then you can use any rug you want.

Where to Put Rug in Nursery?

What is the Best Size for a Nursery Rug?

The most popular and demanding size of a nursery rug is 5’x8’. This size is enough to cover a space beside the crib where the baby can play and crawl around. But you can get a rug of larger size if you want to.

It is recommended to put a rug in the nursery which covers most of the area leaving an 18 to 20-inch perimeter around the room. So an 8’x10’ rug is enough to cover a nursery and the rug can bear the traffic of the room on it easily.

And if there is a small space in your nursery then you can go for a 5’ diameter round rug. It will make your nursery look bigger and less congested. But whichever size you choose, make sure the rug is all-natural and safe for the baby.


Why Does a Nursery Need a Rug?

Where to Put Rug in Nursery?

A rug adds a cozy, comfy, inviting environment to the nursery and this is very important to keep the nursery to be welcoming.

Your little star is going to spend a lot of time in the nursery growing up. He is going to learn how to crawl, play around and take his first steps at the nursery. So, you should make the room warm and comfortable for the sake of the baby.

If you have tiles or hardwood floors in your home, then you should obviously put a rug in the nursery. Otherwise, your baby might slip on the smooth floor easily and get hurt real bad.

Putting a rug in the nursery works to the advantage of the parents too. A nice, warm, cozy rug under your feet will feel great while feeding your baby at 2 AM in the morning.


Pros and Cons of Putting a Rug in the Nursery

You must know the advantages and disadvantages of a product before you buy it. And when it comes to your baby, it is a must to look at this matter specifically.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of putting a rug in the nursery.

Things we like
  • Babies tumble upon when start to learn crawling and walking. A rug can create a soft surface on the hard floor so that your baby doesn’t get hurt.
  • Babies like to throw stuff they find around them and hardwood floors can be scratched very easily. A rug will protect your hardwood floor from scratching and nicking.
  • A rug adds a warm and comforting feeling to the nursery which makes everyone feel welcomed.
  • A rug will make your nursery look very attractive.
Things we didn't like
  • A rug is hard to clean. But if you clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner, it will be easier to keep them clean and safe for your baby.
  • The rug can easily slip on the floor as it doesn’t have any grip. Do not forget to put a rug pad under to prevent your baby from slipping.
  • Synthetic rug materials contain harmful chemical substances which can be harmful to babies. Always choose an all-natural material rug for your precious little baby.


How to Take Care of a Nursery Rug?


Taking care of a rug can be a handful but you have to keep it clean and safe for your baby’s health.

Let’s discuss tips on how you can take care of a nursery rug.

Use Rug Pads to Protect the Rug

Rugs pads help the rug not to caress on the floor which can lead to a color transformation of the rug. Rugs pads help the rug not slip on the floor and it doesn’t let the rug crease and ruin its shape. It is both safe for the baby and protection for the rug itself.

How to Clean a Nursery Rug

Cleaning the nursery rug should be an everyday duty as it can affect the health of your baby. Let’s see how you can keep the nursery rug clean.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum the nursery rug on a regular basis to keep it dust-free. Put your vacuum cleaner on the lowest mode and clean the rug without the beater brush.


Washing a rug is very tough as it can be very load-bearing. But still, you will need to wash it once in a while to make it last longer and for your baby. Here are some tips you must follow while you wash your nursery rug.

  • Never try to machine wash your rug, you can if it’s pure cotton the rug tag allows you to do it.
  • Use mild detergent or carpet shampoo to wash and never use hot water to wash the rug. It will shrink the rug and ruin the texture.
  • Use a coat brush to rub out the dirt from the rug fibers.
  • Don’t put your rug in direct sunlight. The rug might get discolored. Try to air dry it.
  • Never put your nursery rug in the dryer.
  • For deep cleaning, consult a professional.

Rotate the Rug Every Few Weeks

If your nursery rug is bearing the traffic of the room then try to rotate the rug every few weeks so that it gets enough air. The area that lies under the furniture doesn’t get enough air and is prone to attract mold and insects. And it can not be good for the baby. So, try to rotate the nursery rug every 2-3 weeks.

Store Perfectly

You may desire to store the nursery rug for a while and in that case, try to keep it in a clean, dry place. Humid places and water-damaged walls can ruin the rug very badly.

Use mothballs and essential oils to protect the nursery rug from attracting moths and insects. And try to put it in the air once in a while.



Hope you got to know where you should put a rug in a nursery from this article. Now you can get back to decorating your little cutie pie’s nursery with all your heart and all the best stuff out there.

Positioning baby stuff can really work up your stress as there are so many things a baby needs. It’s very easy to forget about putting a rug in the nursery with all the things going on and you may not make up your mind about where to put it.

Hope we helped you decide on how and where to put a rug in the nursery.

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