Are Wool Rugs Good for Baby Nursery?

You might have gotten a lot of recommendations to go for wool rugs for your baby’s nursery. But it’s hard to be 100% sure if it’s good for your unborn child or not, right? No need to worry, we are here to the rescue.

So, the core question is, are wool rugs good for a baby nursery?

The answer is yes. Pure wool rugs can be one of the finest choices because they are all-natural and have hypoallergenic characteristics. They are highly durable and totally harmless. Wool rugs are flame resistant and act as a natural humidifier.

This isn’t all. Scroll down to know more about wool as a nursery rug material.

Are Wool Rugs Good for Baby Nursery?

Undoubtedly, yes. Wool is one of the best choices out there for a nursery rug. Wool rugs are made of natural fibers and are hypoallergenic. The fibers are naturally flame retardant so there is no need to worry if your baby somehow knocks over any flammable objects.

Wool Rugs for Baby Nursery

And, there are no chemicals or harmful compounds used in making wool rugs and that’s why your baby will be totally safe playing and crawling over the rug.

Wool rugs are made from yarns that are twisted into long unbroken pieces. For this reason, they don’t need to use any glues or adhesives that are bad for the baby’s health. Wools come in different kinds of colors, so no toxic dyes are used to make wool rugs. This is another plus point of using wool rugs.

Wool rugs are soft and comfortable. Their soft, plushy feeling creates an inviting environment in the nursery. Wool rugs provide warmth in winter and stay cool in summer. So, it never can be a wrong decision to choose wool rugs for a nursery.


Are Wool Rugs a Good Investment?

Yes. Wool rugs are not a ‘wear and tear’ kind of product. Wool rugs can last decades to centuries if it is well taken care of.

Wool rugs are made of sturdy wool yarns and it provides a very long-lasting effect. But the rugs that are a blend of wool and other synthetic fibers are not as strong as pure wool. Handcrafted wool rugs are very much in demand for creative designs and sturdiness.

Buying a wool rug might put a hole in your pocket but the long-lasting effect, soft texture, baby safe, and the natural humidifying feature will be worth every penny you spend on the rug. With proper care and maintenance, a wool rug can warm your home for years after years.

So, definitely wool rugs can be a very good investment if you want to buy one for the nursery.


Are Wool Rugs Durable?

Indeed, it is. Natural wool rugs are more durable than ones with a synthetic blend.

Hand-Knotted and handcrafted wool rugs are very much sturdy and have long-lasting effects. They are made to last longer and can survive for decades if you take care of them with love.

Synthetic blend wool rugs, on the other hand, last for 2-5years. These rugs tend to shed and aren’t good for kids. As you are spending your hard-earned money for your baby’s safety and comfort, you should get natural wool rugs that will be more durable.


Pros and Cons of Wool Rugs

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages and wool rugs are no exception to that. Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of wool rugs below:

  • Wool rugs are sustainable and low maintenance.
  • They are durable and long-lasting.
  • Wool fibers are naturally family-friendly. They are hypoallergenic.
  • Wool rugs stay vibrant and colorful for a long time if taken care of well.
  • Wool rugs can be pretty expensive.
  • They stain easily but if you try blotting instantly on the stain it will be easier to remove.
  • Wool rugs are sensitive to chemical products so can be washed only with gentle detergent.
  • Wool rugs tend to attract moths.


Difference between Wool and other Material Rugs

We have covered many things about wool rugs for baby nurseries. Now let’s see the difference between wool and other material rugs for nursery.

Wool vs Cotton

As wool and cotton both are made of natural fibers and are safe for babies, new parents often suffer from indecision about which one to choose.

Let’s compare their characteristics and see which one is more preferable.

Characteristics Wool rug Cotton rug
Composition Fiber derived from sheep Fiber derived from plant
Maintenance Moderately easy Easy
Price point Expensive Affordable
Texture Soft and fuzzy Soft and smooth
Versatility High Low

Wool Rugs VS Cotton Rugs

Wool and cotton rugs are both made from natural fibers and free from any kind of harmful toxins.


When it comes to pricing, cotton rugs are way more affordable than wool rugs. Even though wool rugs are often expensive, they have higher durability and can last for decades if you take care of them well.

Both cotton and wool rugs are soft. But cotton rugs are very light and breathable. Whereas, wool rugs are pretty heavy and provide insulation. But wool rugs are natural humidifiers. They provide warmth in winter and stay cool during summer.


Wool vs Nylon

Because of the safe nature of nylon, sometimes it is compared with wool for a nursery rug choice. Let’s discuss some of their characteristics to know further about them.

Characteristics Wool rug Nylon rug
Eco friendly Yes No
Price High Moderately high
Comfort Very comfortable Moderately comfortable
Resistance to staining High Low
Durability High Low

Wool rugs are made of natural fibers and so they are totally eco-friendly. But nylon ones are made of chemical compounds based on carbon. And those are definitely not friends of nature.

Wool rugs are very expensive and highly in demand. Nylon rugs are not as expensive as wool ones but they are the most expensive among other synthetic rugs.

Wool rugs are very comfortable but nylon rugs aren’t that much. For the high absorbency quality, wool rugs stain very easily. Whereas nylon rugs are resistant to stain, dirt, mildew, and Alkali.

Wool rugs are highly durable and made to last longer. On the flip side, nylon rugs are not that durable. You may have to change it after a few years of use.


Wool vs Olefin

Wool and olefin both are very good rug materials for a nursery. But there is one which is better between the two of them. Come, let’s find out.

Characteristics Wool rug Olefin rug
Fiber Type Natural fiber Synthetic fiber
Resiliency High Low
Price Expensive Affordable
Resistance to stain High Low
Resistance to bacteria High Low

Wool rugs are natural but olefin is a blend of petroleum-based components. And that can’t certainly be good for nature.

Wool rugs are highly resilient and can bear the load of a high-traffic room. As olefin rugs are not very resilient, their fibers often get strained and the rug becomes unusable very fast. They are not good for high traffic areas.

Wool rugs tend to get stained easily but olefin ones are resistant to stains and also to bacteria. Wool rugs are hypoallergenic but the chemicals used in making olefin rugs can be harmful to babies.

Olefin rugs are pretty affordable. But wool rugs are very expensive but they do provide a long-life service.


Wool vs Sheepskin

Sheepskin rugs are just as good as wool rugs. They both have a very luxurious touch in them. Let’s discuss some other qualities of them.

Characteristics Wool rug Sheepskin rug
Component Sheep or lamb wool Sheepskin
Manufacturing process Weaving Tanning
Feel Soft Soft
Durability High Moderately high

Wool rugs are made from sheep or lamb wool. Whereas sheepskin rugs are made from sheepskin. They both give a very soft-to-touch feeling and are very comfortable and cozy.

Wool rugs are made by weaving wool fibers and sheepskin rugs are made by tanning the skin when the wool fibers remain on the skin.

Both wool and sheepskin rugs can be used for a long time but wool rugs are more durable in this case. With proper care, wool rugs can live and ornate your house for decades.

Wool rugs are prone to get stained but sheepskin rugs are free from that trouble. The stains can be easily cleaned from a sheepskin rug.


How to Take Care of Wool Rugs

You need to take care of the nursery rug from time to time to keep your baby safe and healthy. Now let’s see how to take care of a wool rug for the nursery.

1. How to Clean Wool Rugs

It might seem hard to clean a wool rug because they are pretty heavy. You can’t just put it in the machine so there are some other ways that you can follow.

ShakeOut the Rug

Take the wool rug outside and spread it over a spacious area. Wind will blow through the rug and take out the dirt with it. Or you can do the dusting with your own hand by beating the rug with a broom. But wear a mask if you have a dust allergy.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Wool Rugs Cleaning

After dusting the wool rug, turn on your vacuum cleaner and put it on the lowest mode. Then run the vacuum over the rug to pull out any remaining dust. Do not over vacuum the rug, or it might ruin the texture of the rug.

Wash the Rug

  • First, spread out the rug on the floor.
  • Now get a soft brush, a bucket of water, and a gentle soap or carpet shampoo. Don’t use laundry detergent or hot water because they will ruin the wool rug.
  • Now soak the rug in water and lather up with soap water so that every fiber of the rug loses the dirt. Brush the rug gently to clean it perfectly.
  • For deep cleaning, get a professional to clean it.


2. How to Remove Stains From Wool Rugs

As wool fibers have a high absorbency feature, wool rugs are prone to stain. And with a little baby in the nursery, it will be a stain town. But no worries. We will help figure out how to get out of stains from wool rugs.

Remove Stains From Wool Rugs

Stains From Food and Drink

  • At first, try to blot the stain off as much as you can. Then put some baking soda on the stain and leave it for half an hour. After that, vacuum up the remaining baking soda.
  • Sometimes, just a little detergent will be enough to get out of the stain. But for a stubborn stain, add some white vinegar to the detergent mixture(usually 1 part vinegar with 8 parts of water). Then scrub the stain with clean water and try blotting to soak up the water.

Stains From Artificial Products

If your baby spills paint on the rug, you don’t need to freak out. Just take a rag or cotton ball and soak it in the rubbing alcohol and put it on the stain. You may need to leave the rag or cotton ball there for several hours.


3. How to Protect Wool Rugs From Moths

Wool rugs tend to attract moths and those things can eat away the wool fibers, ruin the rug and lay eggs in them. So, you have to keep an eye on that too. Let’s see how you can keep your nursery wool rug moth free.

Maintain Cleanliness

Keep the rug clean as much as you can. If your baby spills anything on the rug, clean it instantly and perfectly. Any remaining food can attract bugs and moths more.

Rotate Regularly

If the wool rug is bearing heavy loads of furniture then try to rotate it from time to time so that every inch of the rug gets enough air and light and doesn’t build up any kind of mold.

Ensure Clean Storage

If you plan to store your wool rug then make sure you store it in a perfectly clean, dry place. Do not keep it near any water damage walls. When you store them in a closet, use mothballs to keep the moths away from the rug.

Trying these ways will help you keep your rug moth free and your baby will be crawling and playing happily on it.



Hope the article helped you determine if wool rugs are good for a baby nursery. The comparison mentioned in the article will help you knock out the competitions and choose the best rug for your baby.

Enjoy decorating your little baby’s room and treasure every moment of it. But also remember to put your baby’s safety as your first priority and choose the best for him.

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