What Kind of Cups Do You Use for Cappuccino?

You might think it doesn’t matter which you use to serve your cappuccino but it is a big deal among coffee enthusiasts. Besides, cups do matter in your coffee drinking experience. Feeling a little lost? No worries, we can help you find out the answer you are looking for and more about cappuccino cups.

So, the actual question is, what kinds of cups do you use for cappuccino? You should use a cup of 6 to 8 oz with a wider diameter with thinner walls and narrow, elliptical bottom with thicker walls. And the cappuccino cup material is china porcelain. The material gives a sturdy sturdy structure to the cup and helps in heat retention.

How Was Cappuccino Invented?

Cappuccino is derived from the word “Kapuziner” which means coffee with cream and sugar. And this type of coffee was first available in the 1700s at Viennese coffee houses. But the Europeans started diluting their coffee with cream and sugar way before that.

The first time they tried their coffee this way was during the Battle of Vienna. The Italian soldiers found a hoard of coffee at a monk’s house named Marco d’Aviano after their victory for whom they were fighting. But they couldn’t have the coffee because it was too strong for their European tongue.

So they mixed cream and honey in their coffee to make it lighter. Since then, the tradition of mixing cream and sugar in the coffee started. And ever since cappuccino has been famous in Italy and became famous all over the world over time.


What Kind of Cups Do You Use for Cappuccino?

To enjoy the perfect experience of a cup of joe, you need the perfect cup for your drink. A perfect cup for your coffee will always enhance the joyfulness of your coffee drinking experience.

Different types of cups put an impact on your coffee drinks. Such small, narrow cups represent that the coffee is strong, aromatic, and bitter tasting. While wide diameter cups represent that the coffee is not too strong and sweeter in taste.

As cappuccino is a light coffee and it has sugar in it, it is served in a wide diameter cup with an elliptical bottom. The cup is usually made of china porcelain that gives the cup a sturdy structure and helps in heat retention. Because of the thick walls, you won’t burn your fingers while you hold the cup and that’s also part to notice while choosing a cup for your cappuccino.

Cappuccino contains an equal ratio of its main ingredients which are espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. You can add sugar according to your need or you can skip it if you don’t like sweet coffee.

Usually, because of the milk froth and the wide diameter of the cappuccino cup, it forms a nice dome shape which is very aesthetically pleasing. When you order a cappuccino from a barista, they make some nice art with the milk froth over the coffee and that also enhances the beauty of the representation. That why choosing the right cup for your coffee can really affect your mood while you are taking a sip from your cup of joe.

Originally the cappuccino cup was supposed to be served in a white cup. But you can use any color of your choice to put a little whimsy in your coffee drinking experience.


What Is the Best Size For a Cappuccino Cup?

Different kinds of coffee come in different amounts and different sizes and shapes of cups.

Cappuccino coffee is usually served in a cup of 6 to 8 oz according to the imperial system which is nearly 150 to 160 ml. The standard cappuccino volume is 5 to 5.5 oz. but the drink is actually 125ml which is less than 4.5 oz.

The reason cappuccino needs a bigger cup is that the milk froth that is added over the coffee sticks out a little out of the cup and forms a nice dome shape along with the wide diameter of the cup. Thus the presentation looks nice and really amps up your coffee drinking experience.

So, make sure you choose the right size of the cup for serving your cappuccino. Because the presentation is as important as its taste.


Do You Need a Saucer For a Cappuccino Cup?

Yes. Usually, people use the saucer to serve cookies and biscuits with the coffee. It also works for the purpose of putting the spoon aside.

But the main reason for using a saucer for a cappuccino cup is to avoid spilling. As cappuccino is served with milk froth over it and the dome shape it creates with the cup, it is very easy to spill your coffee while you hold it.

In that case, adding a saucer underneath the cup will help in avoiding spilling while you are enjoying your cappuccino.

Cappuccino Cup

What is the Difference between Cappuccino Cups and Espresso Cups?

As cappuccino and espresso are completely different from each other and are served in different amounts, it is very obvious that their cup is totally different from each other.

An espresso is a coffee drink that is considered pure coffee. It comes in a dark to light brown color and for having a strong aromatic smell and being too strong, it is served in very little amount.

Usually, one shot of espresso is served in a 2 to 4 oz of an espresso cup. Double espresso, on the other hand, has a slightly bigger cup. And to express the bitter taste of the coffee, espresso is served in a small, narrow cup.

Cappuccino is made of espresso or brewed coffee, steamed milk, and milk froth and all of the ingredients have a ratio of 1:1:1. So in a general sense, a cappuccino needs a blogger cup more than espresso. It is served with a 6 to 8 oz of coffee cup with a wider diameter.

The wide cup represents that the coffee is light and sweet tasting.

Best Cappuccino Cups


Are Latte and Cappuccino Cups Same?

Of course not. Many people might have the idea that cappuccino and latte cups are the same because they have the same ingredients. But even though both coffees have the same ingredients, their ratio is completely different. We have already mentioned that cappuccino coffee has equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. And the coffee is served in a cup of 6 to 8 oz with a wide diameter and elliptical bottom.

But latte has a much larger ratio of milk in its recipe and because of this, the coffee needs a larger cup than the cappuccino. The espresso and milk ratio of the latte is 1:2 and 1-2 cm of milk froth is added on the top and that’s why it has a creamier taste.

So, a latte requires a cup that can capacitate nearly 11 to 13 oz of volume. And in that case, a 16 oz of mixing glass will be appropriate for serving a latte.

So, we can confidently say that cappuccino and latte cups are not the same.


Why Does the Shape and Size of the Coffee Cup Matter?

Caffeine lovers are already aware of the fact that each type of coffee has its own specific type of cup. But not everyone knows about this. The size and shape of your coffee cup express the taste, strength, and aroma of the coffee.

Usually aromatic, bitter-tasting coffee is served in a small amount in a small, narrow cup. And sweeter coffee is served in a wider cup. So, if you mix up the cups while you serve your coffee, it sends the wrong message to your guests about your coffee.

They might think the coffee is bitter because you served it in a narrow cup. Or if you think of the worst, they might be thinking you are crazy for serving an aromatic coffee in a bigger cup.

So, it is important to know your coffee and the coffee cups. Otherwise, you might become a meme to your guest for not knowing how to serve a coffee.


Final Words

Hope the article helped you figure out what kind of cups you should use for a cappuccino. Now you can entertain your guests properly given that we helped you figure out your confusion.

It is important to know how to properly serve a coffee to your guest especially if that person is a coffee expert. Because even the presentation and cups matter to define your coffee’s taste and strength.

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