What is the Best Shower Radio to Get Your Hands

Best Shower Radio.

Best Shower RadioWhat is the best shower radio and what can it do for you? I love long, hot showers. They relax me and help me think straight. It’s a perfect way to release the stress of the day.

A good quality shower radio should only add to this – not become a distraction.

You should be able to take a shower while listening to your favorite songs, or podcast while cleaning off the mess of the day.

Having one of the best shower radios can completely change your evening routines for the better. Our guide teaches you what to look for in the best models and answers some other burning questions.

Let’s get into the guide!

What is the Best Shower Radio?

We’re going to look at some of the more important features that you need to consider when buying a good-quality shower radio.

You’ll also find answers to questions about the best speakers, how to use them, how much they cost, and how to install them.

Let’s go!

Key Features of the Best Shower Radios

Here we’ll look at the features that are most important in deciding the overall quality and experience of the shower radio you choose.

You’ll need to rank and rate these features according to what’s most important to you.


This is usually the most important deciding factor. You generally get what you pay for with shower radios.

It’s not worth saving a couple of bucks, only to lose the entire radio because of a minor waterproofing malfunction.

This is only true up until a certain point. Price eventually reaches a point where the return on investment diminishes.

There’s no need to get the most expensive unit when a mid-range one meets all your requirements and needs. This is why it’s important to write down and rank the most important features from this list.

Use that as a guideline to help you choose the best shower radio for your needs and get excellent value for your money.

Sound Quality and Volume

This one is important if your shower is relatively loud. You don’t want to struggle to hear your favorite podcast.

Clarity and volume of the sound are the most important here. If you can test the radio before buying it, that would be better.

If you can’t, make sure you read as many reviews about the sound quality and volume as you can.

Easy to Use and Install

If you’re going to DIY install the unit, you don’t want something intricate and complicated to install right.

The radio needs to be easy to use and navigate while in the shower. The controls and buttons need to be intelligently laid out and the LCD screen needs to be easily visible.

Volume and other audio controls need to be easily accessible and intuitive.

Number of Station Presets

I’ve bought a shower radio before that had access to only half of the channel presets that I’m used to using. This cut of my access to over 10 of the channels that I often listened to.

Make sure the radio has enough station presets and that it includes your favorite channels.

This information is generally quite easy to find. If it’s hidden or very vague, it often means that there are issues. This isn’t always the case, but it’s a good indicator.


Waterproofing is a non-negotiable in shower radios. You need to make sure that it’s completely splash-proof and resistant to moisture damage.

The buttons should also be able to work with soapy fingers or with voice control.

There are different grades of waterproofing. You need to decide which of them best suit your planned uses.

Built-In Clock and Timer

I find these to be pretty useful, though not the most important. It can give you important information about how long your shower is taking and what the time is.

It’ll be super-helpful if you like to take morning showers and often find yourself losing track of time or getting lost in thought.

Check to make sure the LED display is good enough for you to easily see the time in a steamy shower.

FM, AM, and Weather Alert Antennas

This helps ensure you get a good signal and access to your favorite channels. You might think that these antennas should be a given in every radio, but you’d be surprised.

Make sure the model you choose has them. This gives you access to the entire FM, AM, and weather channel system.

If you live in a place with cases of extreme weather, this system could alert you in advance of coming storms, etc.


This covers both the looks and functionality of the shower radio. When you’re asking “What is the best shower radio?” this should be one of your first concerns.

You want something that looks good and performs well. Check the buttons and controls to make sure they’re tactile.

The perfect design depends on your taste. You need to note what’s most important to you, get something that fits that requirement best.

Weight and Mount Type

I don’t think this is the most important feature, but it can make a difference in the experience you have with the radio.

You probably want to steer clear from radios that are too heavy and those that don’t have solid mounting options.

Some mounts allow you to remove the radio easily for charging and for mobility.

Battery Life and Charging

Shower radios generally have excellent battery life. It’ll last you for at least a month.

Nevertheless, you should check to make sure the battery life is good enough for your needs.

You need to ensure the charging cable is long enough to reach the radio as many bathrooms don’t have plugs inside (you can always run an extension into the bathroom when needed).

Avoid using the radio or the shower while charging!

How Do You Play Music in the Shower?

What is the Best Shower RadioThe most logical approach here would be to use waterproof Bluetooth speakers and your phone. This will allow the speaker to be within splash range where it’s loud enough and accessible.

In the case that you Don’t Have Waterproof Speakers, Here Is What You Can Do:

  • Put a Bluetooth speaker in a zip-lock plastic bag
  • Connect to it from your phone
  • Hang the zip-lock bag where you can push buttons without dousing it in water
  • Enjoy your music!

The zip-lock bag will protect your speaker from moisture and splashes. Make sure the bag is properly sealed and that no water is getting inside.

What is the Best Shower Speaker?

The best shower speaker needs to have waterproofing and be resistant to moisture damage. You should be able to use it with slightly soapy hands. The buttons need to be easy to find without having to focus too much on the speaker.

Suction cup mounts are excellent and work well so long as the speaker isn’t too heavy. Some speakers don’t come with mounts and can hang from shower hooks and towel rails. You’ll need to take a look at your shower area and decide which option is best.

The sound quality should be loud but not polluting. The bass needs to be clear, but shouldn’t drown out the other sound.

This is a common issue in showers as they are very acoustic and resonant.

How to Install a Radio in the Shower

Here Are the Steps You Need to Follow:

  • Find out which mount type the radio uses (bracket, screws, suction, stand or hang)
  • Set up the mount by drilling the relevant holes (make sure to use a masonry drill bit so you don’t crack the tiles
  • Mount the bracket or attach the radio to the wall with the screws or suction holders

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Out:

  • Place the radio so that only occasional splashes of water touch it
  • Clean the wall and remove all grime before mounting the suction cups
  • Make sure the charging port is easily accessible and that no buttons are blocked

How Much Are Bluetooth Radios?

If you want to know where to buy shower radios, you need to plan your budget.

Bear in mind that these cost estimates will vary hugely depending on where you live and the shipping costs to your location. Low-end entry-level Bluetooth speakers without waterproofing or moisture resistance can cost as low as $10.

I don’t recommend using these in the shower. They won’t last long with all that moisture. Higher-end Bluetooth speakers with waterproofing and moisture resistance will cost anywhere between $40 to $100+ depending on the size and brand.

Final Thoughts

That’s the end of the guide! Well done for taking the time to gather the information you need to make the best buying decision that meets your needs.

By now, you should know what goes into making one of the best shower radios and what the most important features are for you.

Take what you’ve learned from our “What is the best shower radio?” guide, go out there, do your research, and get the best model for your money!


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