Top 10 Bathroom Curtain Ideas You Should Know – DIY Project

Top Bathroom Curtain Ideas You Should Know.

Bathroom CurtainBathroom Curtain does a lot for your bathroom window treatment- offer light control, and privacy, and spruces up your boring washroom.

Also, there is a wide range of beautiful fabrics you can choose from and make some easy DIY bathroom curtains with them.

But it seems a bit difficult to decorate things perfectly if you don’t have any idea about what’s what.

However, in this article, you will get to know about 10 amazing bathroom curtain ideas.

So, let’s just jump into the relevant point, shall we?

10 Amazing Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Let’s enter into the heart of our discussion, you will love the ideas for sure.

1. Easiest No-Sew Bathroom Curtains

No Sew Bathroom CurtainsOkay, we are starting with an easy bathroom curtain idea that will not require a lot of hours or money. And, if you are not willing to sew curtains, then this idea is just right for you.

To make it happen, first of all, measure the size of your bathroom window. Once done, use the size measurement to cut a piece of fabric. Now, use fusible bonding tape and secure the edges of the fabric.

You’re almost done, hang your curtain on a rod using clip curtain rings. Yes, that’s that!

It will look like nicely sewn curtains, no problem. And, about the colors of the fabric, you can use white or any other bold prints. Even a vibrant color may bring life to your bathroom.

2. DIY Farmhouse Shower Curtains

Farmhouse Shower CurtainsTo make farmhouse shower curtains, collect a fabric that comes with gray-colored stripes in it.

Then, sew 2 layers of ruffles at the end of your curtain. Use a strip of striped cloth to cover the first ruffle edge.

Take wooden buttons and put them on top of the band.

And, you can make farmhouse curtains using burlap as well. All you need to do is to make ruffles and put the buttons.

3. DIY Pleated Shower Curtains

If you prefer keeping things simple and minimalist, yet you’re looking for something unique in your DIY shower curtain, then you can go for this easy-to-make shower curtain effect and idea.

However, you need a bit of costly fabric for this job and a liner for saving it from water damage.

Sew the curtains with pleats and take the shower curtain liners that will be hung at the back of your main curtains.

4. Easy DIY Embroidered Curtains

Embroidered CurtainsFor this project, you need to collect a cotton curtain, a printout of the pattern, and medium gauge thread or embroidery floss.

And, it’s better to choose an easy pattern to make your job easier.

Moreover, there are a lot of online options where you can get an easy tutorial on how to make bathroom curtains-DIY.

Use the printout just as a guide and use a pencil to draw the pattern on your curtain. Once done, do embroider over that design.

If you are a novice in the artwork world, start with a minimalist geometric line art embroidery.

5. Bathroom Curtains with Leather Curtain Rings

Here’s another exceptional idea you can try with your shower curtains. Worth noting, it will look good especially with white curtains.

You only need to make loops of leather cord and use these instead of your shower curtain rings.

Black or brown leather cords will look more than great with white curtains (you are welcome!).

6. DIY Bathroom Curtain from a Vintage Bedspread

There are people who love to make things from recycled or reclaimed materials whenever they can, if you are one of them, this idea is a cup of tea for you.

You can easily convert an old bedspread into a shower curtain. Collect some grommets and put them on one side of the bedspread and leave the outer edges on the other side.

If the bedspread is beautiful enough, there’s no need to decorate your bathroom too much, the curtain will be a focal point there. And, if you know how to wash bathroom curtains properly, they will last long.

7. Custom Ribbon Shower Curtains

Silk ribbons on plain white curtains will bring an eye-soothing vibe to your bathroom. You need to collect some ribbon trims and try to choose colorful ones. Also, you may use printed bands of ribbon trim or solid silk.

This is an amazing idea if you’re doing an old shower curtain makeover.

8. DIY Patchwork Bathroom Curtains

Patchwork Bathroom CurtainsWe’ve talked about no-sew shower curtains but if you are one who loves to sew things and want to apply this skill here, then you’ll find it so much fun.

In this project, you also can use all the fabric scraps that you found too beautiful prints to be thrown away.

To make it happen, collect those fabric scraps and sew them all together into a curtain.

Also, you can create new designs or characters with the leftover fabrics putting onto the curtain.

9. Macrame Shower Curtains

Another easy-to-make project is here for you. Take a white curtain and the fabric can be woven or plain, both are just good for this job. Now, take some macrame laces and measure and cut them carefully.

The measurement will be according to the width of your curtain. To furnish your curtain with macrame, simply use fabric glue or a sewing machine.

10. Curtains with a Wooden Cornice

Though we are continuously talking about the fabric of shower curtains, curtain rod also has a significant role here. Because small additions also make a huge difference to your bathroom.

If you simply cover your curtain rod with some wood, it will bring a rustic charm to the curtains. Another recommendation is, use black or gray-striped white curtains because these look more than perfect with a wooden cornice.

Different Types of Bathroom Curtains

Here we have summed up different types so that you get a clear idea about the materials of shower curtains.

Vinyl Shower Curtains

If you are searching for a bathroom curtain that requires low maintenance, then a vinyl shower curtain is your type.

The material ‘synthetic vinyl’ can repel moisture naturally. Moreover, these curtains are easy to clean and maintain. Also, they come in multiple colors, design options, and patterns. So, it’s super easy to coordinate these curtains with your bath mats, bath towels, and other decor items of your bathroom.

Cotton Shower Curtains

Cotton Shower CurtainsThis type is loved by a lot of homeowners when things are about bathroom decor.

This fabric is also easy to maintain as well as adds a dressy, soft accent to your bathroom.

This material works great to absorb moisture.

However, if you pair the cotton shower curtain with a polyester or vinyl lining and machine-wash it regularly.

your curtain will stay free from mold and mildew.

Hookless Shower Curtains

These curtains are ideal for modern-style bathrooms having ceiling-track curtain rods. Since hookless shower curtains are designed with built-in grommets, they slip over the curtain rods and remove the need for additional curtain rings.

Decorative Shower Curtains

Do you want something for sprucing up your guest bathroom? Or, perhaps, you will be using the bathtub more frequently than your shower. If things are like that, a decorative shower curtain is what you need.

These curtains come with high-quality fabrics (e.g. rayon, faux) and feature lace borders, intricate patterns, and other hand-stitched embellishments.

Microfiber Shower Curtains

These curtains are alternative to plastic curtains but have a soft-to-touch vibe. And, microfiber shower curtains work great to absorb moisture as you shower. If you use these curtains, there’s no chance to stand mold and mildew since the residual witness evaporates fast.

It’s also easy to use and maintain the microfiber shower curtains.


Voila! You now know a lot of min-blowing bathroom curtain ideas that are easy to make and enough to spruce up your bathroom.

Hopefully, you’ve loved the ideas we talked about. Choose one that seems the right fit for you. And, don’t forget to clean your curtains regularly.

Good luck!

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