Do Towel Warmers Really Work? Are They Worth Your Money?

Do towel warmers really work like they’re advertised? Will you really get that taste of luxury right in your own home? Our guide takes a deeper look at these questions. We’ll break down what different types of towel warmers are available, the type of user that they suit, and if they’re worth your hard-earned cash.

By the end of the article, you’ll know if they suit your needs and how a good quality towel warmer can add value to your life. Let’s get into the guide!

Do Towel Warmers Really Work? Here’s the Truth

I’d love to simply give you a yes or no answer, but it’s not that simple. Like all other things that you buy in life, you get what pay for. To decide if a towel warmer really works, we need to consider your needs and the features of the towel warmer.

If you’re wondering whether towel warmers live up to the hype, I can say for sure that – yes, they do! I have a towel warmer at home that I’ve used for a couple of months now. The initial investment was a little more than I would have liked, but the quality and performance have been excellent.

Bear in mind that there are different types of towel warmers and they all suit the different situations.

The Different Types of Towel Warmers

The type that I have at home is the oven-style towel warmer. It has a clear silicone lid that lets you take a look at the towels as they’re heating. It’s a container that you can place a bunch of towels into for warming, sort of like an oven.

You also have the rail-type towel warmers. They resemble standard towel rails, with the only difference being that the metal rails are internally heated.

Towel Warmers

Some larger types of towel heaters are designed for commercial use in spas. These can take 20-30 towels at a time.

What is the Use of Towel Warmers?

The answer to this often comes down to your needs and creativity. I’ve used my oven-style towel warmer to heat my gloves and sleeping robes at the same time as my towel.

The basic functions of towel warmers are to dry and warm your towels without having them feel crusty or damp. They should feel warm, soft, and fluffy when you hold them after heating.

What is the Best Towel Warmer for You?

This depends on your needs. Here is what you need to consider:

  • The number of towels that you want to heat
  • Other items such as robes and face towels that need heating
  • How quickly you need the towels heated
  • How much money you’re willing to spend
  • The versatility of the heater

With these in mind, let’s discuss which towel warmer is better for you.

Are Oven-Style Towel Warmers Right for You?

These towel warmers are right for you if you can resonate with the following:

  • You want to heat more than 2-3 towels at a time
  • You’d like the whole towel to be heated evenly
  • Damp towels that need to be dried out while still staying soft
  • Quick heating times
  • Flexible budget (these are a little more expensive)
  • You want to warm other items like beanies, gloves, and robes

If these points click with you, and you have the budget for it, I’d seriously suggest going for the oven-style towel warmers.

Are Rack and Rail Style Towel Warmers Right for You?

Go for these types of warmers if these points catch your attention:

  • You’re on a tight budget
  • Aren’t too bothered if the heating is uneven
  • Just want to heat 1-2 towels at a time
  • You don’t mind longer heating times

You should go with the rail heated towel warmers if these points are more important to you.

Can You Put Wet Towels in a Towel Warmer?

Oven-style towel warmers aren’t really designed to dry towels that are soaked. The inside of the warmer often has a tray that catches the condensation and moisture. This keeps the towel dry, but not crusty.

It’s okay to put damp towels into the warmer. They’re excellent at making them feel new, fluffy, and dry. Let any wet towels dry out a while before putting them into the towel warmer.

Do Towel Warmers Need to Be Cleaned?

Do Towel Warmers Need to Be Cleaned

Yes, absolutely! It’s a dark and warm space and can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. The good news is that cleaning the warmer’s internal space is super-easy.

All you need is a microfiber cloth and a light mix of water and dish soap. Wipe down the internal surfaces, rinse the cloth then do one last wipe down. Let it dry and you’re good to go!

Know More

Do Towel Warmers Use a Lot of Electricity

This will depend on the model and quality of the warmer you have, but the amount of electricity used is often a lot less than you’d imagine.

A good quality towel warmer will use around the same as 1-2 electric light bulbs. If the outside temperature is lower, this cost will rise. Larger commercial warmers that you find in spas use quite a bit more than home-use warmers.

The Verdict – Do Towel Warmers Really Work?

Yes, a resounding yes! Not only do the good quality models perform as promised, but they also give your home an air of luxury. Once you’ve set up your towel warmer, most evenings will begin to feel like you’re on holiday. You’ll be able to warm your sleeping robe, towels, gloves, and much more.

Their operating cost is low and they last for ages. You’ll get big value for money – making it well worth the initial investment. So long as you take the time to do the research and get a model that suits your needs and uses, you’ll love it!

Now you can be confident knowing that towel warmers really work well, last ages, and give you excellent value for your money!

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