Choose The Right Size of Light For Your Grow Tent

Grow tents would be super compact and the best choice for indoor gardening. The most crucial thing of a grow tent would be the Lights. You will find different kinds and sizes of grow lights in the market. However, the most common measurements of the grow tent would be 2×4. Have you ever thought, what is the right size of light for your grow tent should you choose?

Here in the article, we’ll discuss the right size of Light for your 2×4. Grow a tent as well as some relatable facts you would need to know.

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What Size Light for a 2×4 Grow Tent Should I Choose?

The standard size of Grow tent dimension would be 2×4. According to the grow tent companies’ suggestions and research, the perfect Light for a 2×4 size grows tent would be 200 watts.

The right size of light and watts of light will also depend on the plantation type. For vegetables, the least wattage on a 2×4 grow tent would be 25 watts per square foot. Rather than that, cannabis requires at least 40 watts of Light to grow in the tent. But whatever the plant type is, it won’t be more than 50 watts per square foot in the grow tent.

They generally suggest placing the Light in a 24″ higher distance above the plants. The light size and right kind of Light is more than a necessity to

Choosing the right size of Light is a more crucial thing when it comes to putting in a grow tent. You’ll find different types of lights of this size. Make sure the Light you’re choosing comes with all the additional facilities to use. As: humidity monitor, adjustable ropes, user-friendly switch. So, get an excellent blanched size of Light for your 2×4 to grow tent.

How Many Plants Can Fit in a 2×4 Grow Tent?

a 2×4 grow tent is neither a big one nor a tiny one to use. Here you can grow 1 to 5 plants approximately. This will more specifically depend on the size and type of plant you are aiming to develop. Flowers might allow you to plant more in numbers.

These plants are quicker to grow and harvest. But it’s suggested not to do too many plants in a limited space. This will make a healthy plantation a wild thing. You can plant two more significant and three smaller plants in a 2×4 grow tent at once. Too many plants in a grow tent quill mess up the whole photosynthesis system for plants. It’ll create difficulties for the healthy growth of your plants.

Why Choosing the Right Light Size Crucial for a Grow 2×4 Tent?

Light size has always been a crucial thing for a grow tent. First of all, healthy plants require the perfect light intensity. Besides, the ideal light coverage will make the photosynthesis process active and regular.

You can’t put the most powerful Light in a  2×4 grow tent. This size often is not the biggest one. Here per plant would not require some excessive level of lights. Much Light for a long time can hamper the plants’ growth. That’s the reason choosing the right size of Light is so crucial for growing tents.

If you pick the wrong size of Grow Light, it will hamper the growth. In some cases, it would kill the plants. While choosing a light for your  2×4 Grow tent, make sure the light intensity is perfect and enough. Also, don’t forget to keep the lights on for a specific time in your grow tent.

Best Grow Lights for a 2×4 Grow Tent

Well, You’ll find bunches of options for a 2×4 grow tent. But you need to pick only the best one that holds good performance with an affordable price range. Here I’ve done good and deep research to find one best grow lights among all. You might prefer other ones, but I’ve got good performance and reviews over this product among all. Let’s give a check here:

Green Sunshine ES300: This is the wisest choice for pep[le who are searching for one reliable and focused Light to fit in a grow tent. A high-end company of ELECTRIC SKY manufactures this Light. ES300 is perfect for performing in a 2×4 foot grow tent.

It might seem a little more expensive than the competitive products. But you can rely on the custom design, premium construction, and aluminum heat skin body of the Light. This Light can produce 300 watts approximately. You will have a reasonable heat sink frame along with an enormous covering.

This grow Light can place the light closer to the plants without burning it. You can put the Light above in a distance of 12′” to 15″ inches. Though generally other lights require to put above 24″ higher in the grow tents, here you can keep it 15″.

You have got no issue with the burning or overheating. Also, this Light has dimming power. This capability of the Light will ensure silent cooling in the grow tent. The lights are pretty focused and make perfect distribution all over the tent so that your 2×4 foot Grow tent will be making a healthy atmosphere for all your plants.

If you’re holding a reasonable budget and searching for the perfect Light for your 2×4 foot grow tent, Green Sunshine ES300 would be a wise choice.

Why Do You Need Light on a to Grow Tent?

Grow lights are more than a necessity when you’re doing indoor gardening. The indoor plants would need some artificial lighting. The lights should be on at perfect voltage for 16-18 hours per day.

Well, you would not need to keep the balance of Light on an indoor grow tent. However, you can’t put the light on 24/7. Every day 6 hours of Light is necessary for an efficient plantation. Without the correct type of Light, no plants can grow in a grow tent.

More quickly, you would need lights in your tent to produce healthy plants. Light is required to make every type of plant. Even marijuana, flowers, and fruiting ones, you would need to use the tiny spectrum bulbs. The Light size and style will depend on the plant you’re planning to grow.

So, whenever you’re planning to maintain a grow tent, consider lights as one of the most crucial things while shopping.

Different Types of Light for Your 2×4 Grow Tent

Well, as I’ve mentioned, grow lights would be one of the first things to choose while building your  2×4 grow tent. Here are different types of grow lights available for other plans. Here I’ll mention the most used and main types of grow lights available in the market.

Let’s give a check on three different types of grow lights:

1. Fluorescent Grow Lights

This type of grow lights is essential for making an unpretentious atmosphere for plants. This is the most decent option for houseplants.

From the sledding stage to the fully grown, fluorescent lights will keep the grow tent atmosphere healthy for your plants. Another thing you need to do about these grows lights because you have no worries about heat production.

The fluorescent lights make calm and effective input for plants. Moreover, these types of lights help to grow almost every kind of plant quickly in your grow tent.

2. LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are considered the top choice for many. These are effective as well as energy saving. But they can produce little heat on the tent. If you take care of the time to put the light on and off, you’ve got no worries.

Aside from that, these LED grow lights are more excellent and more durable. One LED Light can run years after years without any defect. Some wonder if regular LED lights can work efficiently or not. The reality is, LED lights are perfect. They can produce PAR for indoor plants.

The most effective light colors for plantation would be red and blue. So, whenever you’re buying LEd lights for your grow tent, pick ones that are red, blue. A slight tint of yellow or green LED lights is also effective for planting.

3. HID Grow Lights

HID – High-pressure sodium lights are also a popular choice for gro wants. These types of lights work best with vegetable and flower plantations. You’ve already known that LED lights are pretty durable. But HID lights can go longer than that.

But these lights cost little extra money than the regular ones. However, people with a reasonable budget find more reliability with the HID lights. HID grow lights can make efficient use of electricity in your grow tent.

You’ll find two variations in HID grow lights, and These are low spectrum and metal halide. Low-spectrum HID lights are suitable for flower plants. On the other hand, metal halide HID lights can grow healthy vegetable plants.

These are three popular types of grow lights to use in a grow tent. You might find other types available too. But these are the grow light types that make the most efficient plantation. All of these hold different price ranges with different kinds of facilities.

What Is the Right Size of Light For Your Grow Tent? 

People often ask what is the right size light for your grow tent. Well, the answer would definitely depend on your growing tent size. Here we’ll put the most suggested size by the exports. No matter how big/ tiny your tent is, make sure you’re following the sum.

Experts suggest putting lights of 25- 50 watts per square of the tent. Now the exact light voltage will depend only on the type of plant you’re aiming to grow. Generally, the vegetable plants require 25 watts per square. But the Light watts or size won’t really determine the efficiency of the quality. You should be conscious while choosing the light type and size of Light in order to get healthy plants.

FAQs of Right Size of Light For Your Grow Tent

Do Led Lights Make Your Electric Bill Higher in Your Grow Tent?
No, LED lights don’t make higher electricity bills in your grow tent. In reality, using LED lights in your grow tent will make the bill come lower. As LED lights usually world on energy-saving mode, they use less energy than regular lights. As a result, your bill will come lower with LED lights.
Can I Use LEDs with HPS in a Grow Tent?
Yes, you can use LED and HPS (High-pressure sodium lights together in a grow tent. But it would be only acceptable if you’re growing flowers in the tent. Using them together will make the heat as well as power consumption reduced.
Why Is HPS Better than LED?
Well, LED lights are better than the HPS ones. LED lights are capable of faster-converting electricity. Also, as LED lights run in an energy-saving mode, they can make your electricity bill deducted.
How Much Electricity Does a 1000w Led Grow Light Use?
If you’re using lED lights in your grow tent, electricity might come less. As the grow tent requires active lights for 18 hours every day, we can expect the electricity bill to come to $84.186 for a 1000w LED grow Light every year.
How Much Does Leaving a Light on a Grow Tent All Night Cost?
If you leave the lights on in your grow tents for an entire night, the electricity bill will stand around 0.75 cents. But if you’re using LED lights, the bill will be less and stand ⅙ of the entire bill.


Grow lights have always been a matter of great concern. People often struggle with choosing the right size and type of grow lights. This article has explained some crucial facts. Hopefully, now you know What size light for 2×4 grows tents you need to choose. Besides, understanding the types of grow lights was also important. So, choose the best grow light for your tent and make a very healthy indoor garden.


Right Size of Light For Your Grow Tent


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