How to Install Wireless Doorbell Easy Steps With Video

How to Install Wireless Doorbell

Install Wireless Doorbell, If you’re about to move into an apartment or a house. That previous owners have already lived in then you might find a doorbell there. However, if you’re moving into a new place you might even. They were surprised to see that there is no doorbell at all.

Usually, new owners do not pay attention to things like a doorbell. Because they’re more worried about other important aspects such as thermal insulation. Also a condition of the basement and attic.

However, finding that your new place does not have a doorbell is not a problem. Because you can find a great many varieties of doorbells that range in price, size, color, and other features.

Moreover, modern doorbells can be easily installed by yourself. Also little to no tools provided that the manufacturer has included. And clear instructions in the packaging.

What Factors to Consider When Shopping for A Doorbell

Most importantly when you’ll be a purchasing a doorbell pay attention to whether it is waterproof or not because if you are intending on installing it from the outside of your home rainy and humid weather can potentially destroy it.

Secondly, you will need to check to see what the range of the doorbell is if you’re opting for a wireless doorbell.

Thirdly, decide on whether you want a simple doorbell or whether you want a premium model that can come with camera and audio functions for added safety.

How to Install A Doorbell

Wireless doorbells are much easier to install plus they come with a big catalogue of different tunes that you can use.

However, before you begin the actual installation think about where you’re going to place your wireless doorbell because it needs to be seen by your guests.

How to Install A DoorbellUsually, individuals place their wireless doorbell switch on the side of the entrance door but you could also place it right on the door as some people do. Also, keep in mind that it is a good idea to blaze the doorbell switch on eye level right on the door frame.

Lastly, always give preference to waterproof doorbell switches.
In order for you to attach the doorbell switch you can either use screws and a screwdriver or you could use a durable adhesive.

Normally, doorbell switches come with pre-drilled holes at the back to make installation even easier for you.

Thus, you will only need to place the switch and mark the holes with a marker so that you know where you will need to drill.

Alternatively, you could use glue instead of the screws but regardless of what method you choose make sure to wipe the area clean and dry before you begin.

Where to Install the Chime Box
Where to Install the Chime Box

The chime box will need to be installed somewhere where you will have clear hearing thus it is usually recommended to be installed in the living room or the center of your corridor if you have one so that other members of your household could easily here the doorbell whenever it will be rung.

Another good spot for chime box installation could you be a place that has an equal distance to the door and the most populated room in your house where most members of the household spend their time in.

Don’t forget that you will also need batteries that will power the chime box but don’t worry about needing to look for specific ones as most chime boxes will work perfectly fine with D batteries.

Like the doorbells, most chime boxes have pre-drilled holes that you can either use screws to attach or you could use a good at adhesive.

Safety Precautions When Installing Wireless Doorbells

Before you begin the installation process make sure that you cut off the electricity fom the fuse box so as to avoid being hit by the electrical current.

Moreover, to ensure that you have correctly cut of the power try on the switches in your home that are powered by the same fuse box so as to see whether they will work or not.

Installation Process in Video

To begin the installation process you will need to remove the top cover from the switch and chime box then run all the necessary wires through them and make sure that you connect the wires to their corresponding terminals. Don’t forget to screw on the holding screws because otherwise the switch and the chime box will come apart.

How to Choose the Chime Box

You can choose from a wide variety of different chime boxes that will arrange in their shape, size, color, and brand.

Moreover, many chime boxes come with clear instructions and drawing diagrams to help you quickly and efficiently install them.

Once you are done installing proceed to reconnect the electricity and check your new wireless doorbell to see whether it works properly or not.

If you find that the wireless doorbell does not work, you will need to repeat the process and be more careful so as to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

What Doorbells Are the Bestwhat is the best door bell

The best wireless doorbell will be one that will fit within your budget and one that will be to your liking in terms of shape and color.

Remember that you will need to ensure the wireless doorbell switch is positioned in a place that your visitors and guests will be immediately able to notice and be able to use so opt to place the switch at eye level.

If you’re not sure whether you would like this wireless doorbell and you might be thinking about changing it later then instead of drilling the holes you could simply use a good adhesive.

Always look for a good chime box even if it might cost a little above your budget because basically, it is the most important piece of equipment as it will alert you to your guests.

A lot of individuals make a mistake by buying an expensive wireless doorbell switch yet purchasing a cheap chime box that then malfunctions and does not work hence it will not alert you even if your guests repeatedly press the switch at your door.


In conclusion, keep in mind that you will need to have a good adhesive or a screwdriver. So, as to attach the switch and the chime box to the wall plus look for. The manufacturers that offer a warranty and good customer support. You can contact if you have any questions.

Moreover, give preference to chime box models that come with a wide catalog. The different tunes and chimes that you can set for your wireless doorbell.

Lastly, never forget safety precautions when working with any electrical equipment. So, therefore before you even begin the process of installation. Make sure that you cut off the power from the fuse box.

Once you will cut off the power check to see whether other switches are working so as to ensure that the power is really off.

If after installation you notice that the wireless doorbell is not working the way it should, unfortunately, you will have to take everything down and repeat the process paying close attention to the instructions and any diagrams that the manufacturer might have included in the packaging box.

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