Improve Your Small Spaces with Striped Wallpaper

You live in a small apartment. Improve your small spaces with striped wallpaper. You dream of a big house. But you don’t have the savings yet to make that transition. So, you start looking for options to make your small spaces look more prominent. However, you will find so many choices of what not to do. For example, you must clear the clutter or avoid dark colors.

But what about the things you can do to make it look bigger? Of course, you can hang mirrors. However, what if you have toddlers or kids running around? Hey! You don’t have to worry about it. You can switch to a simpler, more comfortable, and effortless option.

We are talking about getting wallpaper for your home. Having said that, not all options can be helpful to make your home look more prominent. You can choose this wallpaper to give the appearance of bigger rooms.

How? Let’s find out!

Striped Wallpaper to Improve Your Small Spaces

You might be aware of the fashion mantra. Thin stripes give an appearance of stretching. Vertical stripes make you look taller and horizontal stripes make it look wider. So, using peel-and-stick wallpaper with a stripe can help you create an illusion to create a simple feature wall while giving your tight hallways, room, or even
bathroom a bigger look.

Many professionals suggest that stripes can impact virtually any space or surface. You can create a slimming, wider, or taller look by simply playing with the pattern. It creates symmetry and gives your smaller spaces a bigger look.

In other words, you can transform a cramped space with a low ceiling and create an illusion that appears to be bigger. You can also draw the eye from top to bottom with a single application.

Here’s what you can do to make small spaces look bigger and brighter.

  • Use vertical stripes: Using this option will make ceilings
    appear higher than they it is.
  • Use horizontal stripes: This will make walls appear longer or
    wider. Either way, stripes will help create an illusion of a bigger

But there’s more to striped wallpaper than just horizontal or vertical stripes. Here are the different types of stripes that you can use to transform your smaller space.

  • Classic Stripes: They are available in different band lengths. Some are narrow, while others have a thick appearance, creating a versatile space. Thus, making it suitable for every wall or room. This is the perfect option whether you have a traditional build or modern architecture or build.
  • Pinstripes: This has very thin lines. Usually, they are close to one another. It seems like any men’s pinstripe suit. Its subtlety makes it an excellent choice for rooms like study.
  • Multi Stripes: It is about incorporating bands of colors in different thicknesses. It gives some quirky touch to every room and can withstand the test of time.
  • Ticking Stripes: It is a term associated with cotton or linen fabric. Here you will find different-sized patterns in varying shades of blue, red, and black. The same option is available in wallpaper to upgrade or lift the smallest rooms.
  • Alternative Stripes: Stripes don’t have to be neat bands or lines. You can make subtle changes by using chevrons or horizontal brushstrokes to make a statement.
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Here’s How You Can Style Using a Striped Wallpaper

  • You can use them as a backdrop, irrespective of your home setting. If you use striped wallpaper in neutral tones, it will add some class to your walls. If your room has many plain furnishings, you can use them without overpowering other patterns in your room. You can try it in the guest room or
    nursery to soothe the mind. You can create monochromatic magic-using striped wallpaper. Using gray and black striped wallpaper is the common option. You can also opt for a black-and-white combination. It will give
    your room a contemporary feel.
  • You can also create coastal-themed designs using stripes with nautical shades like blue. It will help you transport yourself to your favorite seaside spots. You can also combine wallpaper with textures like wood.
  • Stripes also add sophistication to the place, making your smaller rooms stylish. They are neat and provide uniformity which gives some look to serious spaces. For example, you can create a sense of occasion and focus in rooms like dining rooms.
  • You can also combine classic with a contemporary design using stripes with floral trails. This will give your interiors an eye-catching design.

What else?

  • You can try narrow stripes peel on wallpaper in your traditional bathroom. It will accentuate the height of the room.
  • You can also layer stripes and use a headboard with vertical lines to give a clever look to your room.
  • You can try horizontal stripes for your bedroom to give it a calmer look. Whether you use it all over the wall or use it for a feature wall, it will elongate the space.

This happens because it gives a directional element to your room. Since the eye naturally follows the stripes, it will appear bigger in length or height. There are a few other ways to use this incredible option for your home.

  1. You can choose a monochromatic stripe effect and create a transition of light to medium to dark.
  2. You can pair it with a striped rug to lengthen the look of your room.
  3. You can also use striped wallpaper on your furniture to create a theme.

You can also consider other areas like the inside wardrobes and apply them to ceilings. You can also use it to beautify your wardrobes and cabinets to give a different look to every space.

You can try a little experimentation and apply it horizontally, which gives a visually striking finish.

It creates a dramatic effect, but it also gives your otherwise small space depth. So, you must mix patterns so that the entire look feels lux and classy. This is why you must buy it from a place where you can find a lot of choices. So, are you all set?

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