How to Install Electric Fireplace in Seven Easy Steps

How to Install Electric Fireplace

Install Electric Fireplace, An electric fireplace has been gaining popularity with each passing year. However, some individuals still do not know what exactly it is and how to use it or even install it.

Generally speaking, electric fireplaces are designed to strongly resemble real-life coal fireplaces but electric fireplaces. It does not use any natural resources such as coal or gas instead. So, you will have to simply plug it into the electric socket and enjoy the warmth.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Fireplace

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric FireplaceThe main advantages of electric fireplaces are that they do not produce any soot, smoke, or ash that could seriously contaminate the quality of indoor air.

Moreover, electric fireplaces do not require the amount of maintenance that a traditional fireplace would need.

Plus, electric fireplaces are very portable hence you can easily move it around the house as needed.

Lastly, you would not need to remodel a particular wall for the fireplace. So, it fits as you could simply place it anywhere in the room without mounting it onto the wall.

However, there are some disadvantages such as electrical fireplaces not looking exactly the part. Especially if the room you have placed it in his traditional and art deco styling.
Also, most professionals do not believe that electrical fireplaces are as efficient as their traditional counterparts.

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Are Electric Fire Places Safe

Real like fire places have a special aura about them as they help create an intimate atmosphere. It just lures you to take a cup of hot cocoa with a blanket. Also sit in a comfortable chair thinking about your dreams and life goals.

Moreover, there is something about the flickering flames with the cracking sound and the warm glow. However, electric fire place can help you create the same atmosphere regardless of what many individuals believe in.

Furthermore, electric fire places can be installed in a number of places such as yachts, recreational vehicles and even motor home, especially that many apartments do not have the right conditions for a real fire place.

How to Decide What Electric Fire Place You Need

To determine what size of electric fireplace you will need to evaluate how large your room is and whether you want it to be a simple centerpiece or to actually heat the room. Most electric fireplaces are about 1500 Watts or 120 Volts.

The rule of thumb for calculating the heating capacity is to take the watts and divide it by 10. For example, a 1500 watts electric fireplace will be able to heat up about 150m2 without a problem.  Of course, you could find electric fireplaces with lower or higher capacity.

How to Install an Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace is very easy to install compared to the traditional fireplaces that use natural resources such as coal and natural gas.

Once you have purchased an electric fireplace, you will need to decide where you want it to be placed and then proceed to actually put it there.

When the electric fireplace will be in place, you will need to insert the electrical plus into the electric socket.

Therefore, you can place the electric fireplace anywhere you would like provided there is an electric socket.

Furthermore, consider the electrical fireplace as an investment that you could take with you anywhere even if you move apartments or houses.

On the other hand, the traditional fireplace would need a permanent location and connection to the gas pipeline or a constant supply of wood logs that have a tendency to finish very quickly.

With an electric fireplace, you would not have to worry about checking the gas pipes for leaks and making sure you have enough wood logs. You will just need to turn the electric fireplace on and that is all.

The temperature is easier to control as well since you would only need to turn the thermostat nob instead of adding or mowing the wood logs.

Plus, a lot of electrical fireplaces come with remote controls that enable you to regulate the heat without getting up from bed or the couch.

What Safety Measures Must Be Taken with Electrical Fireplaces

If you have small children or pets at home then you might want to consider buying a guardrail so as to prevent them from coming too close to the electrical fireplace because otherwise, they could burn themselves.
What Safety Measures Must Be Taken with Electrical Fireplaces
However, some premium models of electric fireplaces offer cool-to-touch glass screens but be prepared to pay more for such models.

Furthermore, with electrical fireplaces, you will have to worry about any soot or carbon dioxide because they just don’t produce these wastes. Plus, you would not have to worry about any gas leaks and carbon dioxide poisoning.

In other words, you are getting an electrical fireplace that produces real-life like flames and atmosphere without any harmful pollutants mentioned above.

In addition to this, many manufacturers now produce electric fireplaces with lots of variations such as turning on only the flames without any heat. A great option for the summer. Also, you can find electrical fireplaces that have backlighting in addition to the flames.

How to Correctly Measure All the Distances When Installing the Electric Fire Place by Yourself

Electric fireplaces can go right in the place of the old gas fireplace provided you take the necessary step to prepare the spot.

For instance, you will need to ensure that there is the minimum required clearance from all sides.

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  • 2-3 inches from the top of the mantel to the frame of the electric fireplace
  • 1 inch from the firebox to all combustible materials around such as curtains, wood, and carpeting
  • 5 inches from the wall to the back and the sides of the firebox
  • 5 inches from the floor
If these instructions seem confusing to you, then you might want to find illustrated diagrams online. Also, before you proceed to install the fireplace check the instruction booklet that is included with every electric fireplace.

Moreover, before you actually begin installing the electrical fire place check to see whether it is fully functional. Make sure to check;

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  • The lights
  • The thermostat
  • Back panel vents
  • Electric plus

Steps to Take While Installing an Electrical Fire Place

In order to prevent the water from coming in from the chimney. So, make sure to use the cover plate that you can buy in hardware and construction shops. Some premium models of electrical fireplaces might come with what is known. As for the rain cap but it is still strongly recommended to install the additional cover plate.

Secondly, you would need to ensure that the damper is closed and completely sealed. Otherwise, you will risk losing a big percentage of the heat to drafts from the damper.

Thirdly, check to see whether you have a power socket nearby. If not, you might want to call up your local electrician to ask him to install one. However, be prepared for some changes to your wall work because of the electrician. You would need to connect the electrical lines leading to the socket.

Once you have these steps completed, put the firebox in place and center it correctly so as to align it properly.

Do not forget to adjust the levers as well plus depending on the model of the electrical fireplace you might need to adjust the brackets as well.

Lastly, proceed to adjust the frame of the electric fireplace as well as the trim around it so as to cover any gaps in the interior wall. Some manufacturers might make inserts with metal, stainless steel, or even glass.


In conclusion, we hope that this article has shown you that installing an electrical fireplace on your own. It does not have to be difficult or confusing as you would only need to follow. The direct instruction and ensure that you pick the right-sized electrical fireplace for your home.

Moreover, keep in mind that it would be best to spend a little over your budget. But getting a durable electrical fireplace from a trusted manufacturer or dealer that offers good customer support. The warranty is just in case you might need it during the exploitation period.

Plus, always thoroughly check the electrical fireplace for visible damage whenever you take it out of the box.

Lastly, as mentioned above check whether everything is working prior to the installation. So, as to save you the trouble of taking it out if something will turn out not working after all.

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