How to Install a Wood Burning Stove | With Guide Video

How to Install a Wood Burning Stove

Install a Wood Burning Stove, Most wood stoves come with clear instructions on how to assemble it. Also, start a fire with some manufacturers even offering online instructions on their websites.

Secondly, make sure that you choose the right fuel for your stove model. Remember that the most suitable wood is considered to be sustainable wood. It had at least 6 months to season. This time will allow for all moisture to evaporate. Thereby leaving only dry wood that will burn evenly and for a longer period of time. When compared to wood that had less time to season.

Moreover, keep in mind that freshly cut wood tends to produce double the smoke thus you will have to double more soot as well. Furthermore, you can choose from two types of wood; softwood or hardwood.

Hardwood is wood that comes from deciduous species of trees; such wood tends to produce more warmth and burns longer overall.

Hardwood will be ideal for long and cold winters whereas softwood is a name given to wood that tends to burn much quicker and has been reported to produce less warmth when compared to hardwood.

Once you have figured out how to assemble the wood stove and selected the type of wood, proceed to open the oxygen valve because otherwise, the fire will not burn for too long.

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Depending on the model of the wood stove, you might see one or more oxygen valves that will control the airflow into the firebox itself.

After you have opened the air valves, place small pieces of wood into the firebox followed by bigger ones on top.

To start the fire, you will need to tear up an old newspaper or some other paper into small shreds. Just make sure that the paper is completely dry because its purpose is to help you start a fire quickly.

Once everything is set, take a matchstick or a lighter then carefully ignite the wood and the pieces of newspaper.

Once the fire starts burning, leave the front hatch door open for about 5-10 minutes so as to allow sufficient air inside.

However, don’t forget to keep adding wood periodically so as to keep the fire burning. Most individuals recommend checking and adding wood logs every 30 minutes or so if you wish to maintain the medium fire for optimal room temperature. Don’t forget to keep the door open as mentioned above after adding the wood.

Why Wood Burning Stoves Have Become so Popular

why wood burning stoves have become so popular

Wood stoves are being massively installed nowadays. Because they are very easy to purchase and install provided that clear instructions are given by the manufacturer.

Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of woodstoves that vary in size shape, material, and even price. Thus it will be important for you to pick up the best food store for your home. It depends on the size of the room as well as the amount of furniture that you have. Because you would need to maintain a specific distance between furniture, curtains and the woodstove itself.

Plus, depending on whether you are going to purchase an electric wood stove. Or you’re going to purchase a real burning wood stove. You will need to think about how you are going to protect your pets and small children. If you have them in your household because they could come too close and potentially get burned.

To prevent these incidents, manufacturers of woodstoves offer either plastic or stainless steel guards that you can install right before the woodstove.

Lastly, you would need to clearly figure out how wide and deep you want your woodstove to be because some models will require you to dig into the wall in order to make the needed space.

How to Install Wood Burning Stove at Home

Before you go out and purchase a wood stove you will need to decide where exactly in the house you’re going to place it and whether you’re going to buy an electrical or a real life woodstove.

This step is important for you to determine whether you can just go on and install the wood stove or whether you’re going to have to think about moving some furniture or other things that could potentially get damaged from the heat that will be omitted from the wood stove.

Nowadays, lots of manufacturers also make wood stoves with heat resistant glass that if touched from the outside will not feel as hot as from the inside.

Furthermore, wood stoves are now manufactured in a much prettier design with better features than it was back in the day when an American engineer has just invented it after seeing how scraps of wood started burning and producing heat.

Also, if back in the day wood stoves were generally very large and produced a lot of smoke, soot and would accumulate a lot of grime on the glass then modern models come with much better filtering system as well as thinly coated glass windows that are more resistance to grime build up.

Lastly, in order to evaluate the efficiency of the wood stove you will need to think about how many wood pallets you’re going to need to heat up your home for the evening. Plus, little give you a clear idea on how much money you can you going to have to spend in cold winter season.

What You Should to Do

However, if you have opted for an electrical wood stove then you would simply need to look at your electrical bill to see how it has changed since you have installed and started using your wood stove.

Generally, it is highly recommended for you to opt for more environmentally-friendly models of wood stoves that will release less harmful gases into the atmosphere.

But, despite what particular model of wood stove you’re going to purchase make sure that the manufacturer is trustable and that he offers good customer support and warranty that you could use in case you well get any problems.

To prevent a lot of cleaning once the season comes around you might want to either buy a model wood stove that comes with a dust cover or you might want to buy it separately for an additional price.

How to Maintain the Wood Burning Stove Clean and Looking Nice

Nowadays, wood stoves are used not only for heating but for creating a cosy atmosphere in the living room. That you can enjoy with your family and friends. Especially around the holiday season therefore it is very important for you. To maintain it and keep it clean especially the glass window that you will see the burning wood from.

There are many different ways that you can clean it. For example, you could purchase a specially made cleaning product that has been specifically designed for wood stove glass cleaning. However, keep in mind that such cleaning agents usually contain a lot of chemicals. It will get into our atmosphere so you would want to avoid them.

There are also more natural cleaning products that you can even find in your kitchen. Such as baking soda or white vinegar.


In conclusion, remember to stay calm throughout the process and always double-check whenever you are not sure of something. Moreover, keep in mind that you could always contact the customer support for any questions that you might have.

Plus, some manufacturers of wood-burning stoves even offer lifetime technical support. You could rely on in any hard situation.

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