Hydroponic Systems Advantage and Disadvantage

The hydroponic system is a method of growing plants without soil. The word hydroponic comes from “hydro” means water and “ponos” means labor, from this word you already knew that by hard working you can find grand success in the hydroponic system.

It is a water-based agriculture system by using mineral nutrient solutions. The root system of the hydroponics plants is supported using an inserted medium such as particle, gravel, etc.

Hydroponic allows your plant roots to direct contact with the nutrient solution where having access to oxygen, that is necessary for proper growth.

Is Hydroponics Good for Me?

Is Hydroponics Good for Me

The right question to ask. In this section, we will discuss the advantage and disadvantages of the hydroponic system, so we highly recommended to read the full section before you start your garden.

The Advantage of the Hydroponic System

Grow Faster

Hydroponics plants is growing very faster than a natural plant. Sometimes it grows two or three time’s fast, as a result, your production rate is higher at the same time of natural plants.

Total Control over the System

It is easy to manage PH and nutrients to make sure the exact need for your plants. Temperature and lighting is another important factor to improve your production. Indoors growing ability make easy to control Temperature and lighting schedule over your hydroponics system.

Gardening in Urban Area

Gardening in the urban area is one of the profitable advantages for your business. The ability to grow in small space hydroponic makes sure your gardens in the urban area.

No Weeds, Pests & Diseases

You knew that the weeds are mainly related to the soil. In hydroponics, the soil is not used for that reason weeds are not born. Same as the weeds, pest, and disease are very rare. Pests and diseases cannot attack your garden because it is one kind of indoor gardening.

Time Savers

One of the most important factors of your gardening is time saves. Hydroponics save your labor cost that decreases your producing cost and you can profit more.

The Disadvantage of the Hydroponic System

Now you can realize, How much profit is Hydroponics gardening. But you will get in mind that everything has some disadvantages. Same as hydroponics has rare dis-advantage, these are given below.

Initial Investment

To start Hydroponic gardening you will invest a large amount of money. You should have proper planning to invest in the hydroponic system.

Technical Knowledge

Technical knowledge is another important factor to find success. Success in hydroponics is mainly depended on technical knowledge, so you should gain proper technical knowledge in the hydroponic system.

Electricity Risk

Water and electricity have mostly used the thing in the hydroponic system. Electricity can create big trouble to touch up with water, so You should always careful in your hydroponic gardening.

From above you found a clear knowledge about the hydroponic system. To share your expression with us, please comment, We will try to solve your problems.

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