How to Clean a Shower Floor – Complete All-In-One Guide

How to Clean a Shower Floor

If you’ve ever attempted this annoying clean before, you’ve probably wished you know how to clean a shower floor the right way. It can be mucky, time-consuming, and dirty. I hated it all – the smell, the smiley texture, the dirt that’s hell-bent on not coming loose.

I know how annoying it can be. Without knowing the right cleaning liquids and techniques, it can be frustrating. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide. We want you to know how to clean a shower floor as quickly, cleanly, and stress-free as possible.

We’ll also take a look at cleaning some of the different types of shower floors and wall surfaces.

Best Way for Cleaning Shower Floor

Before getting into the specific techniques for cleaning different types of shower floors and walls, let’s cover the basic steps to follow.

After that, we’ll break down some of the changes you’ll need to make for other surfaces.

Cleaning Shower FloorThe Materials You Need:

  • Good quality handheld brush with sturdy bristles
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Rubber gloves if you want to protect your hands
  • Sponge squeegee for cleaning glass
  • Grout cleaner

Let’S Get into the Steps:

Step 1: Take a Shower

Surprised? The reason I say this is so that the hot water and steam can loosen up the dirt. You don’t need to be in the shower. Just let it run for a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Start from the Top

Always clean starting from the top of the shower area. This is so that you don’t get more residue and dirt in the area you’ve already cleaned.

Move on to cleaning as soon as the shower is nice and steamy. Use the sturdy brush and a spray bottle with dishwasher liquid.

Spray the area, brush all the dirt firmly, and finish up by washing it all away with the showerhead. Keep moving around the shower in rings until you reach the floor.

Step 3: Clean the Floor

Clean the FloorYou’re going to need to get down on your hands and knees for this step.

Use the brush and a decent amount of dishwashing liquid.

Rub hard at the dirt and do what you can to clean the grout.

You can always use grout cleaner if it’s stuck in there.

Make sure to get any soap residue – especially if you use bars of soap to clean yourself with.

Step 4: Cleaning the Glass Doors

Cleaning the Glass DoorsYou don’t want to do too much scrubbing here. The glass is more fragile, and you don’t want to scratch it. Take your squeegee sponge and soak it in the liquid soap.

Use the sponge side to lather the cleaning liquid all over the glass. Start from the top and wipe the soapy mixture away with the rubber side of the squeegee.

Use the showerhead to wash away any remaining soap. Let the panels dry naturally.

Step 5: Keeping the Shower Clean

Adhering to this tip will make your future cleaning sessions quicker and easier. Every time you wash your hair with dye, make sure to clean the shower floor afterward.

Not cleaning it will result in the floor tiles being stained, and the grout gradually changing color. This is very difficult to reverse. It’s better to prevent it in the first place.

Keep the scrubbing brush and cleaning liquid near the shower. This way, you’ll be able to clean the floor while you’re still in the shower.

That’s it for the general process. The following sections are going to look at how to clean the different types of shower surfaces. These general steps will work if you want to know how to clean shower floor tiles.

How to Clean a Fiberglass Shower Floor

Fiberglass Shower FloorUse these steps if you want to know how to clean fiberglass shower stall floors. Make sure that you don’t use any abrasive cleaning fluids like Ammonia. These can scratch the surface and cause the fiberglass to make you itch.

Trust me – you don’t want that! Ordinary dish soap will do the trick. If you don’t have that, you can use laundry detergent or all-purpose cleaner.

You also don’t want to use an abrasive cleaning tool. Those steel wool dish sponges may be great for getting stuck food off your plate, but they’ll ruin your fiberglass shower.

Avoid using scrapers as they’ll damage the fiberglass surface. It’s better to use a more powerful cleaning agent than it is to scrub harder. Bear this in mind if the dirt is challenging to remove.  

Finish up by rinsing the cleaning area with shower water. Let it dry naturally. If you’re learning how to clean textured fiberglass shower floors, these steps will be perfect for you too!

How to Clean a Plastic Shower Floor

For this, you’ll need some baking soda and white vinegar.

Follow These Steps:

  • Rinse the plastic floor with water
  • Spread baking soda evenly over the floor area
  • Cover the area with old towels (the whole area)
  • Pour boiling water over the towels – make sure they’re completely soaked
  • Leave the towels until they’ve cooled down
  • Use the wet towels to start scrubbing the floor

This Should Remove Most of the Dirt. if There Are Any Other Dirt Patches, Use a Sponge or Brush to Get Rid of Them.

  • Mix two cups of white vinegar with two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid
  • Heat it for two minutes in the microwave (it will be very hot!)
  • Put the mixture in a spray bottle
  • Spray the shower floor until the whole bottle is empty
  • Let it steep for around 30 minutes
  • Use a brush or sponge to scrub with
  • Rinse the floor with water

The result should be a lovely, clean shower floor that’s close to its natural color again. These steps will also work if you’re learning how to clean textured shower floors.

How to Clean Pebble Stone Shower Floors

Mix one part of white vinegar with 16 parts of water. It’s better to use warm water if you can. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture all over the floor area you’re trying to clean. Make sure it’s thoroughly drenched. You may as well continue until the whole spray bottle is empty.

Let it soak for 15-20 minutes.

Take a strong handheld brush and scrub the pebble floor in a firm, circular motion. Once you’ve done the scrubbing (you can also use some dish soap while scrubbing if you want to), rinse the area with water. Let it dry naturally. Repeat this process as many times as you need to – though it’s likely to be done after the first try.

How to Clean Marble Shower Floors

Marble Shower FloorsThe cleaning process for marble will be the same as many of the above steps. Just use a sponge or brush, and a light mixture of mild dish soap and warm water.

Spray the warm water and wipe/scrub away the dirt. Start from the top of the shower and work your way down towards the drain.

In the future, just let your shower walls and floor completely dry before using it again. This will almost eliminate the need to clean it.

How to Clean a Stone Shower Floor

Start by wiping away easy-to-remove dirt with a microfiber cloth and warm water. You can add a little dish soap if needed. This will remove the less stubborn dirt and show you the area that needs more focus. Scrub the lines of grout with a toothbrush and some mild detergent.

A quick tip: Don’t use general grout cleaners with natural stone tiles. They can be damaged by harsh chemical properties.

Use stone soap and a reliable sponge to clean the surface of the stones. If you don’t have stone soap, any mild detergent will do (so long as it has a 7 pH rating).

Don’t make the mix too soapy, or you’ll leave behind streaks and a film of soap might build upon the stone’s surface. To remove soap scum, use a light mixture of ammonia and water. Scrub until the soap scum is gone. Rinse it all away with water and you’re done!

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Final Thoughts

We’re done! Now you know how to clean dirty shower floors and walls, in their various materials and make-ups.

All that’s left is for you to take your newfound knowledge on how to clean shower floors the right way and put it into practice – you’ll have perfectly clean showers in no time!

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