How to Clean A Hydro Flask


A hydro flask can be your best companion for packing ice-cold water in the summer or hot drinks in the winter. But the problem arises when the flask gets dirty and starts smelling really bad. In this case, you need to know how to clean a hydro flask.

Well, that’s not a big deal. Here, in this piece, we will cover the most effective ways of cleaning a hydro flask. Also, there are some maintenance steps you will find helpful. So, you will leave with no confusion about the topic for sure.

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5 Easy Steps to Clean Hydro Flask

Here we have talked about 5 pretty easy steps of cleaning a hydro flask. Let’s go through them.

Step 1: Take Your Hydro Flask Apart

Firstly, take the flask apart. To do so, unscrew the lid of your flask and take it apart from the bottle. Most of the flask comes with a straw. If yours one has a straw, separate it from the lid.

Step 2: Wash Every Piece of The Flask

Start by cleaning the outside of your flask. In this case, take a sponge or a dishcloth to clean the bottle properly. Since a sponge will not reach as deep as the bottom of your flask, use a bottle brush to clean the inside of your flask.

You can clean the inside of your bottle’s straw with a pipe cleaner easily. Firstly, insert the cleaner gently into the straw’s one end and then move it up and down. Clean the insides for removing any buildup and you’re done with the washing stuff.

Step 3: Rinse Well

Now, it’s time to rinse every piece of your hydro flask thoroughly. You need to make sure that you clean every trace of soap because the soap residue can affect the taste of drinking water.

Speaking of rinsing the flask, something we shouldn’t miss to mention is- never soak your flask in water. It’s because you do not want the outside paint of your flask to become discolored.

Also, if you soak the lid of your flask in the water, chances are a long-term soaking may trap water inside the lid.

Simply running tap water over the lid and running it through the underneath side of your flask will work perfectly. To make sure you completely rinse off the lid, rotate it under the water for a while.

And, about the straw of your flask, hold one end of the straw under water and rinse well. Spare a moment like 10 seconds to flow the water through the straw.

Step 4: Clean the Flip Cap and Straw Lid Separately

Basically, using a dishwasher to clean your flask is not recommended. But you can clean the straw lid or a flip cap using your dishwasher. So, if you want to use a dishwasher, these two pieces are the only things you can place in your dishwasher.

Otherwise, you can clean them also by following the method above. It’s even better to clean them regularly by hand and occasionally with a dishwasher (for deep cleaning).

Step 5: Air-dry The Pieces

We are about to finish the cleaning job. After you clean the flask properly and before you reuse it, make sure you air-dry every piece of the flask completely. It will prevent any build-up of bacteria and germs from your bottle.

It’s better to wash your hydro flask at night. This way it will dry overnight and you will get it ready for using the next morning.

How to Remove Bacteria From a Hydro Flask

The last thing you’ll want to build up in your hydro flask is bacteria, right? These steps work great to remove them from your flask.

Step 1: Pour White Vinegar into Your Flask

The first thing you’ll want to do is to take ½ cup of white vinegar (distilled). Now, pour this vinegar into the flask and carefully move a bottle brush in a twisting pattern to cover the inside of the bottle. Wait for a while like 5 minutes.

Why nothing but distilled vinegar works so well here is that- chlorine, bleach, or other chemicals may damage the outside of your flask as well as lead the stainless steel to rust.

You can go through an alternative path- simply fill your flask half of the way using vinegar and use water to fill the rest. And, let it sit overnight.

Step 2: Rinse the Flask

Use warm water in this case. Hold the flask under warm tap water. Then, you’ll want to swirl the warm water around several times and pour out the water. Repeat this for a while and make sure it’s completely rinsed.

Step 3: Air-Dry the Flask

A dish drying rack will help you with this. Or perhaps, you can simply hold the flask up at an angle against your sink. Ensuring good air circulation is important in order to seal the chances of growing bacteria.

How to Remove Stubborn Stains from A Hydro Flask

What if there are tough and stubborn stains in your hydro flask? Not a big deal to escape from them though. Here’s how you can deal with them.

Step 1: Make a paste of Baking Soda

Baking soda always works like a champ when it comes to removing stubborn stains from a hydro flask. Put 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl and then, stir in a fair amount of warm water.

You should end up having a thick paste. If you think the paste seems too thick, add a bit more water to fix it. In contrast, if the paste seems too thin, add a dash of baking soda and thicken it.

Step 2: Scrub the Flask Using the Paste

Here you go with the bottle brush again, dip it into the paste of baking soda. Then, make sure you coat the bristles evenly and heavily with the paste. Scrub the inside of the bottle using the brush.

Areas that are extremely stained, use small and circular motions to clean the areas. It will require repeating this step a few times to totally eliminate the stain. Therefore, don’t give up if you see the stain doesn’t remove on the first go.

Step 3: Rinse the Flask

Here, you will use warm water to rinse your hydro flask. Hold the bottle under warm tap water. Move the bottle brush inside your flask and make sure it loosens up the baking soda paste.

Now, fill the flask with water and put the lid on. Shake your flask up and down. Make sure there’s no residue in your bottle.

When you feel that there’s no residue inside the bottle, keep running the water into your flask and swirl it around. Keep doing this until you see the water runs clear.

Step 3: Dry the Hydro Flask

Keep your clean bottle in a dish drying rack now. Make sure of proper air circulation which will result in preventing bacteria build-up. It’s best to wash the flask in the evening and let it dry overnight. You’ll get it perfectly ready to use the next day.

What if Your Hydro Flask Smells Bad?

This is so unwanted that your hydro flask smells bad. But there are some things you can do to get rid of the issue. What are they? Here you go.

Step 1: Wash the Flask Well

The most obvious thing is, you should wash your flask well in the very first place. To make it happen, fill the flask with warm water, warm soapy water will work better. Then, use a bottle brush to thoroughly clean the flask.

Once you’re done cleaning the bottle, rinse and air-dry it properly. It is the primary step to remove minor smells from your flask.

Step 2: Pour Vinegar into the Flask

Pour a fair amount of white vinegar into the bottle. Attach the lid and shake the bottle to make sure the vinegar coats the inside of your bottle.

After that, leave the flask for around 30 minutes before washing it out. In this timing, vinegar will do its job in your bottle.

Finally, rinse the flask thoroughly and let it dry.

This will work great for getting rid of bad smells from a hydro flask.

Here are two more ways to remove minor smells from a hydro flask.

Way 1: Sacrificial Water

It’s nothing hard. All you are asked to do is to fill up your hydro flask with boiling water and leave it for some hours to soak up the smells.

Once the time is over you have to tip out that water into a sink, a better idea is to tip it out onto your garden. Then, do the same a few times more.

You will find the water will absorb the odors over time and your flask will stop smelling bad.

Way 2: Dry Rice and Detergent

This method will work the most if the source of that bad smell is the inner walls of your flask where some built-up residue is located.

What you need to do is to put dry rice in your hand and keep it in your flask along with a little amount of detergent and water. You can even use vinegar here instead of detergent.

Next, attach the lid of your bottle and shake the bottle. Shake it for around 5 minutes.

The dry rice will remove any residue inside your flask and the detergent will remove the stench.

How to Remove Mold from Your Hydro Flask

If you are searching for a specific result of how to remove mold from your hydro flask, here you go.

Step 1: Rinse the Flask

Hence, in the first place, rinse your flask well with water. You can fill the flask with water, put the lid on, and then vigorously shake the bottle. This is a way of perfectly rinsing your hydro flask.

Step 2: Add Vinegar and Shake the Flask

Add a little amount of vinegar into the flask and attach the lid to it. Next, make sure that the vinegar reaches everywhere inside the bottle by shaking it.

Now, leave the vinegar in your flask alone for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Use Baking Soda Paste

For getting rid of the mold in your flask, a paste of baking soda will work well. Take a bowl and put baking soda in it. Then, add water and mix well to end up having a perfect paste.

Then, use a bottle brush to apply the paste to your flask. You will want to scrub well and get the entire inside perfectly clean with the paste.

Leave things just like this for around 15 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse Your Flask

Now, use boiling water to rinse your flask well. The boiling water greatly helps to clean the mold in your flask.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Wash My Hydro Flask?
If you use it regularly, it’s best to wash your hydro flask 2 to 3 times a week. Otherwise, once a week is okay. But you need to take instant action if the flask gets smelly.
Can I Put My Hydro Flask in the Washer?
No, you should not put it in the washer. It’s because frequent dishwashing may shorten the lifespan of your flask.
Why Does a Hydro Flask Smell like Metal?
Bacteria is the reason here. Bacteria buildup leads your flask to taste or smell like metal. You can get out of this problem by following the methods we shared above.

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Now, you are no longer greek to this topic- how to clean a hydro flask. Since we tried to cover every type of issue with effective solutions, you must find the information helpful!

By cleaning and maintaining your hydro flask regularly, you will have a long journey with the flask indeed. Do not leave today’s cleaning job for the next weekend, clean it now because small steps will do a lot.

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