Camping Meal Plan for 7 Days

Who doesn’t love to go camping with friends and families? If anyone says that he/she doesn’t love it at all, there are reasons. Maybe he/she’s afraid of making a meal plan, cooking at the campsite, and other hassles that are quite boring to handle.

In case you’re someone like the above, we can change your mind! In this article, you’ll get a 7 days camping meal plan that is pretty easy to execute. This means you’re free from worrying about what to eat on what day.

And, there are some make-ahead meals as well so you’ll be happy to get no-cooking items for your camping trip. Let’s just see what’s more there for you, ready to go? Even if you go camping in groups, you have to plan meal planning for group camping

7 Day Camping Meal Plan

Here’s a 7-day camping meal plan you must find helpful.

7 Days  Camping Meal Plan for Breakfast

To start your day with a healthy and filling breakfast means to stay energetic till mid-day. Speaking of camp breakfast, there are two types- quick and easy or slow and healthy. There are options, you can plan for having both types or one of them.

The meal plan for breakfast will include days 2 to 7 because campers often arrive at their camp around lunch or even later on the very first day.

Day 2: Campfire Skillet Breakfast

It’s about eggs and bacon- in one line, you can call it ‘eggs and bacon over the fire’. Bacon is always a first-class choice to start your day. It’s also pretty easy to cook.

You’ll need sliced bacon, beaten eggs, peeled+cubed potatoes, chopped onions, and shredded cheese for the recipe. To cook this filling and delicious dish, you need to cook bacon in a cast-iron skillet until you get the desired doneness.

Once done, remove bacon from your skillet. Next, stir onion and the potatoes into the hot bacon fat. Cover your skillet using a lid and wait for 10-12 minutes. After that, fall down the bacon into the potatoes and stir in the eggs. Cover again and cook for 2 minutes.

Lastly, sprinkle with the cheese, wait a while to let it melt, and serve!

Day 3: Scrambled Eggs

You will love this quick and filling breakfast at your campsite. All you need are eggs, full cream milk, and butter to make this easy breakfast staple.

Firstly, whisk eggs, full cream milk, and a dash of salt together. Then, heat your frying pan for around a minute and add butter to melt. After that, pour the butter into the egg mixture. Let the butter sit for 20 seconds.

Next, stir with a spoon for a while and you’re done!

Day 4: Perfect French Toast

Have you ever had French toast as your camping breakfast meal? If you’re saying no, you’ve been missing something great. French toast is easy to make and you need only a few ingredients.

Eggs, milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon sugar, and sliced bread are needed for making this delicious breakfast. First of all, beat eggs and then add vanilla, milk, cinnamon sugar, and continue beating.

Then, soak every slice of bread into the egg mixture. Cook both sides of the bread on a pre-heated frying pan and wait for it to be golden. And, that’s all. Now, you can serve the toast with maple syrup!

Day 5: Oatmeal

A large pot of oatmeal can do a lot for a camping breakfast. It’s nutritious, customizable, and feeling enough. You can even make them in large quantities for group camping trips.

You can pack dry oatmeal, it’s pretty lightweight so you will find it easy to carry. Also, you can make a pot of plain oatmeal and add other ingredients such as berries, peanut butter, brown sugar, or honey.

Day 6: Breakfast Sausages

Here’s a savory and delicious item that you’ll find just ideal for your camping breakfast. You will want to use sausage links or perhaps, you’ll just want to make your own patties. Do whatever you want but make sure you reuse any leftover sausage for another item such as a breakfast casserole.

Day 7: Cereal

Do you want a perfect no-cook camping breakfast? Cereal can be your escape! Just pack the cereal in your camping food bin as well as some milk in your cooler. When you are at camp, you just need a bowl for eating out of, that’s it!   

7 Days Camping Meal Plan for Lunch

Your lunchtime can be the hardest or the easiest, the choice is yours. There are meal plans you can make ahead of time at home, it will save both of your time and effort or you can make it with all of your campers at your campsite.

Just stay calm and bring every necessary thing, staying out of pressure will keep things easy for you.

Day 1: Green Salad

A green salad would be a great option for health-conscious campers. Bring spinach, lettuce, or a mixture of several greens in addition to other toppings and crispy veggies to the campsite and there’s nothing more to do.

However, you can try something different like a cabbage salad with almonds, a tangy honey mustard dressing, ramen noodles, and sunflower seeds. All of them are my favorite, you should try them as well.

Day 2: Grilled Cheese With Gouda

Cheese items are unbeatable for camping trips. For this item, you’ll need sliced mushrooms, sliced onions, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, butter, one cup Gouda, and sliced Sourdough bread.

Take a skillet on your camping stove at first. Apply olive oil onto it and toss in sliced onions and mushrooms in the oil. Add salt and pepper and saute for 20 minutes. Then, place a skillet on the stovetop, set it at medium heat, and melt butter.

Now, take the slices of bread and layer roasted onions, mushrooms, gouda, salt, and pepper. Cover with another slice of bread. Get back to the melted butter on the skillet and cook the sandwiches for 4 minutes. Then, enjoy your meal!

Day 3: Skillet Stir-Fry

Skillet stir-fry is another healthy option for your camping lunch. You can load a lot of fresh vegetables along with your favorite sauce. If you think it’s not worthy of being a full lunch, add noodles or rice to deliver a filling starch base.

Day 4: Pasta Salad

In case, you were waiting for something light and filling at the same time, make a creamy pasta salad. You can make it ahead of time at your home or at your campsite. To ease up your load, it’s better to make your pasta at home and enjoy it with extra veggies and cheese at your campsite.

Day 5: Quesadillas

Want an easy camping lunch? Go for quesadillas. Chop your favorite veggies and saute if any vegetable needs it. Do it at your home to make things easier.

Pre-cook meat or you can simply bring a can of chicken directly to camp. At your campsite, heat the ingredients, melt the cheese, and enjoy your lunch!

Day 6: Cracker Stackers

It’s exactly how the name sounds- a lot of tasty stuff stacked on crackers. Hummus and veggies, peanut butter and jelly, turkey and cheese, cheese and salami slices, and so on. It’s completely customizable, you’ll feel like a buffet on even your camping trip.

Day 7: Flavored Chicken or Tuna Packets

Simply throw it on a sandwich with cheese or simply lay it on top of crackers- you can bring a huge variety of flavors here. This item is even the easiest one to pack up and go for a hike as well.

7 Days Camping Meal Plan for Dinner

End your day with a bowl of perfectly cooked meals. Generally, at this time, you’ll find a lot of members jumping in to help. There are a lot of ways to cook dinner at the campsite, you can even bring make-ahead meals from home.

Day 1: Sausages and Potatoes

Dinner has to be light and very easy to make, right? Try this- take pre-cooked and smoked sausages and then cut them into chunks. Next, take some baby carrots, baby potatoes, and sliced red onion.

Throw all the ingredients together in a pan for heating. Trust me, this is all. However, use shredded cheese as toppings if desired.

Day 2: Chilli

In case, you want something warm, savory, and comforting, think about a pot of chili. You can either make it ahead of time at your home or make it on-site using canned ingredients.

Another great way is, if you have any leftover hamburger, you can toss it into the chili. You’ll get a truly extra hearty meal as a result.

Day 3: Skewers

Are you thinking about spending the nights around the campfire? If yes, a skewer dinner can be a great choice to end the day.

Use your skewers to cook a variety of ingredients like vegetables, chicken, and even fruit. You can even combine chicken, peppers, garlic, and barbecue sauce and make delicious and spicy chicken skewers.

If your group has children, dust potatoes with garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and other seasonings and make kids’ favorite parmesan potato skewers.

Day 4: Burgers

Burger lovers will be the happiest on day 4. To reduce your workload, season and cook the meat in advance. Then all you need at your campsite is to simply reheat the meat, slice your favorite toppings, and eat!

Day 5: Sloppy Joes

In case, you were wondering if you could do something with beef, here’s your day. Take a ground beef in the first place and brown it with chopped onion (or something else you want to add).

If you want to make your own sauce, combine the ingredients at home in advance. Or, simply for a can of sloppy joe on the market.

Day 6: Hobo Packs

Hobo packs are also customizable one of the great customizable items. Take a large enough aluminum sheet firstly. Then, take a variety of ingredients such as peppers, potatoes, squash, spices, carrots, and meat.

Then fill the aluminum foil with these items and wrap the foil tightly. After that, add a second layer and place the hobo pack into the campfire’s coals. It will take some hours for all the packs to completely cook, start with them in the afternoon, they’ll be ready for dinner.

Day 7: Spaghetti

Spaghetti is common but delicious and filling dinner. For a very basic spaghetti recipe, noodles, cheese, water, and sauce, these all you will need. Then, simply boil the water and cook your noodles. Finally, pour a fair amount of sauce over the top.

 Also, there’s an option to pack additional ingredients in case you have extra space, it will be great if you add more flavors to your spaghetti. You can add onion, oregano, garlic, and ground beef to the recipe.          

Snacks for Camping

How can we skip snacks when snacks are vital for boosting energy throughout the camp days! Remember to pack some portable and filling snacks before you leave for the trip.

You can think of homemade trail mix since it’s delicious and portable. Take dried fruits, cheerios, small bits of graham crackers, candied pecans yogurt-covered raisins, and combine all of them with toasted almonds, dark chocolate, and dried cherries.

Granola beards or energy balls are another fantastic snack option for camping trips. While taking them as camp snacks, use pureed dates or nut butter as a base. Then, add some extra ingredients such as shredded coconut, quinoa flakes, vanilla, quick oats, and crushed nuts.

Finally, roll the final dough-like combination into small balls. Pack the balls in a baggie for a healthy and small on-the-go snack.


And, this was your 7-day camping meal plan. We hope that you found it helpful.

Since camping are man-made plans to escape from our daily chores, the last thing you’ll want to do is to give a lot of time to cooking. If you step forward with everything pre-planned, trust me, you’ll find it pretty easy to have a successful camping trip. Wish you good luck!

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