What Type of Teapot Makes The Best Tea?

Type of Teapot

What if you have the best teapot that leads you to have the best cup of tea? Sounds great, ha? Well, a teapot really can do a lot if you know what type of teapot makes the best tea.

To ease up your load, we are here with a detailed and well-crafted article that includes different types of teapots and other things that you should know about having the right teapot for you.

So, grab a cup of tea and look over the whole article!

Differences Between Tea Pots and Tea Kettles

Do you know teapots and tea kettles actually serve different purposes? I used to think they are the same thing while it’s about preparing a cup of tea and I used the term kettle and teapot interchangeably. However, I was totally wrong.

So, the fact is- a teapot is nothing but a vessel that only holds water to serve your tea, you cannot place it into your stovetop and brew the tea leaves.

Most of the teapots are made of glass, porcelain, and ceramic that are not good enough in withstanding high temperatures. However, you can also find a tea kettle made of these materials. There are ceramic teapots in the market having a stainless steel base that you can use directly on your stovetop.

Now, let’s talk about tea kettles- you can place a tea kettle onto your stovetop and brew your tea, they are designed to do the job perfectly. Also, there are electric kettles in the market that use either plugging or a battery and get the job done.

The most common materials of tea kettles are copper and stainless steel that withstand a high temperature.

So, the main difference is- a teapot cannot brew your tea, only hold it to serve whereas a kettle can heat the water and brew your tea.

The Most Common Types of Teapots

When we are talking about the types of teapots, there are a lot of options to talk about. And, each type of teapot comes with unique features as well as pros and cons over other types of teapots. Here, we have compiled the most common types, let’s explore.

Ceramic Teapots

While discussing the types of teapot, ceramic is the material that springs straight to the mind. It’s being used for more than 11,00 years because tea drinkers love to use it. You always will find a traditional design in a ceramic teapot that carries a simple elegance.

Ceramic Teapots

When you see a set of ceramic teapots that includes a matching cup set, those teapots may come with a more complicated design.


If you are looking for a teapot that is famous for literally high-heat retention, a ceramic teapot is the one name that comes first to the mind. The special construction for retaining high heat, the clay in ceramic teapots are dense enough that makes the pots both chip-resistant and heat-resistant.

Ceramic teapots are the best choices for you if you are obsessed with black tea brewing. These pots can keep your tea hot for a long time and they are easy to handle so you will find a little or no risk of burning yourself. Moreover, they come with a handle that you will feel cool to the touch.

Also, if you love to collect teapots that come with a wide range of designs and stylish visual appearance, ceramic teapots will not disappoint you. You will find them in many amazing styles that are also featured in lightweight. So, they are pretty easy to use as well.

Furthermore, ceramic teapots are easy to clean and maintain.


Sounds unpleasant but yes, ceramic teapots come with a comparatively lower damage resistance. They are highly breakable and tend to shatter or chip quite easily. Even, some of the ceramic teapots break easily than stainless steel or porcelain teapots.

Also, they are made of porous material, so the unglazed teapots may trap in flavors over time as well as corrupt the future brews. That’s the reason why there are only a few commercial ceramic pots available that are not glazed.

Stainless Steel Teapots

Although stainless steel teapots are not that conventional, they have gained a lot of popularity in only a few years. Tea drinkers who want their teapots to have a modern flair love the wide range of designs as well as the shining look of stainless steel teapots.

Stainless Steel Teapots


The most compelling reason why tea lovers love stainless steel teapots is their aesthetic appeal. However, they have numerous advantages along with the looks.

If you ask which material of teapot is the most durable, the answer would be stainless steel. Also, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. As the previous one, stainless steel offers amazing heat conduction and retention. For this, these teapots are conducive to holding the tea as well as heating it on the stove.

Even some stainless steel teapots come with vacuum technology that makes sure that your tea stays hot for a long time.


Not everyone likes the visual appearance of stainless steel, especially people who want to have a more traditional touch to their teapots.

Another point should be mentioned here, although stainless steel is less likely to have rust, there’s still a bit of risk if you leave it unchecked. And, these teapots tend to become too hot outside, so, make sure you hold them carefully.

Glass Teapots

When it’s about brewing loose tea leaves, glass teapots are one of the most popular choices. Many of the teapots contain built-in infusers inside them that may work like a French coffee press.

Glass Teapots

The key material of a glass teapot is borosilicate glass that is widely known for its heat resistance and clarity.


Viewing pleasure is one of the most common reasons why people love to have glass teapots around them. You can enjoy the brewing process as well as measure the infusion amazingly while dealing with a glass teapot. So, the feature ‘being see-through is the unique feature you are not going to get from other teapots.

This could be really a relaxing experience that you can observe the leaves uncurl as well as steep. What’s more than just enjoying the scenario? Well, you can decide more precisely how strong tea you are going to have.

So, enough fanboying with the visual appearance of glass teapots, there’s a whole lot more to get actually. For instance, glass teapots are notably strong, the key material ‘borosilicate’ works great with high temperatures.

You can use your glass teapot for multiple types of tea since there is nothing to worry about retaining flavors. This is because glass is a non-porous and enough smooth material that lets you use the pot comfortably.

You can even blend into whatever type of decor you want, glass teapots are okay with it. And, you will love the transparency of this material that you can use in any kind of setting.

So, yes, it’s not only the appearance but also the effectiveness that attracts tea lovers to have a glass teapot.


Glass teapots cannot promise you of perfectly retaining heat that other teapots like stainless steel and ceramic teapots can. Moreover, glass teapots may break easily compared to others.

Cast Iron Teapots

Another popular choice is cast iron teapots that were first made in Japan. These teapots come with a mentionable wide brewing compartment. Most of the cast iron teapots come with an enamel coating which lets the pots brew several types of tea.

Cast Iron Teapots


If you want a teapot that ensures even heating while the brewing process, cast iron teapots are what you look for. And, even heating means your tea will be rich in greater flavors.

The makeup of a cast iron teapot provides a huge amount of heat retention and insulation that makes sure your tea will stay hot for longer. And, cast iron teapots are a must to pick if you are willing to brew darker teas.

As we said about ceramic teapots, you will get a touch of tradition in the cast iron teapots as well. Also, there is no chance of trapping in flavors when you use a cast iron teapot.

Another worth highlighting feature of cast iron teapots is that they are incredibly durable and you will find them almost impossible to break.


The first thing you may find a bit problematic about cast iron teapots is that they are not so good with the heat from stovetops. You can use these teapots only for brewing.

Cast iron teapots will not work great for every type of tea out there since the high amount of heat may be overloaded for more delicate and lighter tea blends. When you see the teapots getting heated up along with the water inside, you will find it difficult to control the temperature. Moreover, cast iron teapots are a costly option.

Copper Teapots

Have you got in touch with the most decorative and intricate teapots? Oh, we were talking about copper teapots actually. You will get a high heating quality as well as a combined vintage appeal in copper teapots.

Copper Teapots


When it’s about the best metal for heating that allows you to have an optimal conductivity. Not only these, copper is totally against letting any mold or building up in your teapot.

If you just simply rinse your copper teapot after each use, well, it will work enough for cleaning the pot. And, if you deal with different teas, no problem is going to happen cause copper stops trapping in flavors.

Copper teapots are elegant enough, so you can use them for decoration as well.


Copper teapots often seem hard to be matched with other decors. Also, they are very expensive types of teapot. Not all, but yes, chances are some teapot users may not like the appearance of these teapots.

What Type of Teapot Makes The Best Tea?

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question actually. Because every type of teapot makes good tea but you need to see if the features fit your needs or not.

To make it clearer, suppose you want something more traditional and vintage look, having a high durability and high performance, then you should go for copper teapots.

Or perhaps, you want the best teapot for brewing darker tea leaves, cast iron teapots are what you need.

And, if you prefer having a modern look in your teapot that also has maximum functionality, you should pick glass teapots without thinking twice.

Maybe, you are wanting something that is perfect to use for multiple tea flavors, also has a high durability and heat retention, go for stainless steel teapots, they are your match!

So, yes, that’s how it works. You need to determine which features you must want in your teapots and then go for one that fits you the most.


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How to Choose The Right Teapot

Once you have read about all the common types of teapots, it should become easy for you to choose one of them. However, there are a few things you should consider before buying one.

  • Material
  • Type of tea
  • Size
  • Visual appearance
  • Brewing method

Yes, which type of tea you are going to brew matters. For instance, when you make Japanese green tea (e.g Gyokuro and Sencha), you will need to use special cast-iron pots named tetsubin.

Just like this, the size, visual appearance, and brewing method are important factors when you are going to choose a teapot.


Have you determined which type of teapot you are going to buy? Hopefully, you have a clear idea about it and are determined about what type of teapot makes the best tea. We tried to come up with all the necessary information that you needed regarding this topic.

Since there are a lot of options to choose from and you know the details about all of them, you should be sure which type of teapot will fit your needs. And, we hope that you end up having the right teapot for you.

Good luck!

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