Is It Worth Buying Above Ground Pool?

Backyard pools are always the best option when temperatures soar, vacations are canceled, and swimming pools are closed. But while talking about installing a pool, a slight or big disagreement may come up between in-ground and above-ground pools.

Some people set their mind to go for an above-ground pool but then the question ‘is it worth buying an above-ground pool?’ pops up into their minds.

Don’t worry if you’re one of the people because, in this article, we will be walking you through the ins and outs of the topic. You’ll leave this page knowing everything regarding an above-ground pool.

Sounds promising? Let’s see what’s there for you!

Is It Worth Buying Above Ground Pool?

Yes, of course. It is so much worth buying an above-ground pool if you want a temporary, economical, easy to upgrade, yet durable pool in your backyard.

To be honest, there are some drawbacks of above-ground pools as well but the advantages weigh the cons.

Also, if you live with a lot of trees in your yard, installing an in-ground pool may damage the roots of the tree. In such cases, an above-ground pool would be the only option.

The good news is, with proper care, you can have a long journey like 25+ years with your above-ground pool. And, if budget is also your concern but you literally need a pool as soon as possible, this is the least expensive option.

So yes, there’s nothing to worry about the worth of an above-ground pool.

Why Should You Buy An Above-Ground Pool?

Here are the advantages you can get from an above-ground pool.

Is It Worth Buying Above Ground Pool?

Temporary Arrangement

Since above-ground pools are movable and portable, it’s okay if you want to install and dismantle them anywhere you want to.

You’ll find the process as simple as dealing with a tent. You just have to predetermine an area where you’ll put the pool and fill it with water, that’s it.

Easy to Install And Remove

Installing and removing an in-ground pool must be dealt with by a professional. But above-ground pools don’t require such professionalism.

It doesn’t require digging the ground or leveling or insulating it, so you can handle it as a simple DIY project. What is more interesting is, you can even resell the pool if you feel like doing so.

Attractive and Low Maintenance

Just set up the pool in your garden ensuring beautiful landscaping around it, you’ll love the realistic look of the overall scenario.

And, if you’re lazy or you don’t have much time to dedicate to the pool, here’s another good news for you.

Unlike in-ground pools, above-ground ones don’t require high maintenance. You don’t have to clean, bleach, or filter it regularly.

Moreover, it’s not a must to treat the water daily to prevent infections and allergies. The water never remains stagnant in an above-ground pool.

Also, it’s elevated so less dirt and insects will get into the water. For being smaller than permanent pools, it’s easier to dispose of the usual leaves or debris on the water.

Adjustable Size

Above-ground pools offer different available depths, shapes, and sizes. You’re also free to increase the size and depth of the pool according to your preference. When your kids enjoy a toddler pool, you can enjoy your time in a full-sized pool.

Is It Worth Buying Above Ground Pool?

Guaranteed Safety and Privacy

Since an above-ground pool is shallower compared to an in-ground pool, it’s a safer option. Usually, the range of an above-ground pool varies from 48-52 inches.

Also, you’ll feel easier to get in and out of an above-ground pool where the all-around handles of the pool will prevent slippage as well.

About privacy, well you can customize the pool just like you want.


Although the budget is not everyone’s concern, you’re on the safe side if it is your concern. Because in-ground pools are drastically more expensive than above-ground ones.

In fact, it’s not only the cost for labor and materials, the second option is often not taxable since it doesn’t have permanent fixtures.

What Are The Drawbacks of An Above-Ground Pool?

Now, it’s time to cast your eyes on the minor drawbacks of an above-ground pool.

They Are Prone to Damage

If we talk about the average shelf life of an above-ground pool, it’s 15 years and it can be as long as 25 years through high maintenance. However, it’s still the duration of an in-ground version.

So, what may damage an above-ground pool?

Severe weather such as snow and storms may do so. The walls and lining of the pools are too vulnerable in such situations.

Fencing Is Required

To ensure privacy, you may have to fence the area around your above-ground pool. Also, to make sure about the safety of your kids and pets, you might not love to barricade the pool.

And, fencing the area doesn’t only mean an expensive affair, it may affect the beautification as well.

They May Lower Your Home’s Resale Value

Yes, there are families who don’t prefer having a pool in their backyard. Even if they do, some people prefer in-ground pools over above-ground versions.

So, not necessarily, but there’s a chance that this pool won’t increase your home value.

They Don’t Offer Versatility

You can upgrade your above-ground pool with custom lights or a heating system, whenever you want but still, the options are a bit limited.

As we already said that the standard depth is around 52 inches, you can still swim in it but you may feel staying a bit closer to splashing.

Also, you may not access cool features such as diving boards.

They Don’t Look Expensive

Although above-ground pools can be attractive enough if you can customize them right. But the fact is, they don’t look as stylish as in-ground ones. However, you can always improve the looks.  

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Things to Consider to Plan for An Above Ground Pool

Landing Spot

The first thing that’s worth being your concern is, where the pool will go. So, first off, find a landing spot that can be your backyard or wherever you want to place the pool. But make sure you consider how the position will impact your neighbors.


It’s one of the most important and trickiest factors at the same time as to how large your pool should be. You have to be sure about how many people are going to use the pool on a daily basis.

Here’s a brief suggestion about the pool size and swimmer numbers that might help you.

Round-Shaped Pool Swimmers
33’ 9 and more
30’ 6 to 8
27’ 5 to 6
24’ 4 to 5
21’ 3 to 4
18’ 2 to 3
15’ 1 to 2


Oval-Shaped Pool Swimmers
21’x41’ 9 and more
18’x36’ 6 to 8
18’x33’ 5 to 6
16’x32’ 4 to 5
15’x30’ 3 to 4
15’x25’ 2 to 3
12’x24’ 1 to 2


It’s also crucial to make sure what material you are going to use for the base pad. The most common case is to use mason sand that you have to transport to your backyard with a small dump truck or a heavy-duty pickup truck.

Also, using stones around the pool base will ensure stability. Select anything from tiny pea gravel to heavy rocks for landscaping purposes.


So, this section is going to guide you about how you should budget for the installation and maintenance of your above-ground pool. The total installation cost will be comprised of these components:

  • The installation process
  • The installation kit

Usually, the installation kit costs around $1.5k-$8k which varies from the size and the quality of the pool.

And, the installation cost will be anywhere between $1k and $3k. It’s also up to the type and size of your pool. So, overall, you can say the cost will be somewhere between $2.5k and $11k.

To make things crystal clear, the prices depend on the factors below:

  • Size: Here, you’ll think about the shape, height, and perimeter of the pool. Smaller pools will naturally cost less than the bigger ones.
  • Water: $80-$1200.
  • Maintenance: $50-$100/month.
  • Deck: A deck may add at least $2,500 to the final cost.
  • Winter cover: $20-$450.
  • Pump & Filter: $750-$1100.
  • Electrical: $350-$500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Make an above-Ground Pool Have a Deep End?
Yes, it is. You can do it with many oval-shaped pools.
How Often Should I Run the Filter Each Day?
At least 8 hours a day is recommended. Try to avoid running it twice a day because it can cost you more on the energy bills.
Round or Oval Pools, Which Is Stronger?
Both of them, honestly. You just have to make sure about the right liners and framing during the construction period.
How Should I Fill the Pool up with Water?
Hiring a water hauler is the easiest option. Otherwise, you can fill it up using a garden hose but this process may take longer.


Now, you know whether it’s worth buying an above-ground pool or not. Hope you found all the shared information useful from here.

Proper care and maintenance can let you take the most advantage of an above-ground pool. It’s always the best option for people who want a portable pool with a small amount of expenditure. And, from the articles, you’ve known a lot of pros that above-ground pools offer.

So, stop overthinking right here, and go install a quality above-ground pool for your family!

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