How Tall Is an Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Everyone likes to chill in a swimming pool on hot summer days. And there is no harm in getting an above-ground pool for your house where you can relax in the water at your own place.

But you don’t know how tall they are or how much water they can contain or how to pick one for your home? That’s why we came to rescue you from all the confusion.

So, the main question is, how tall is an above-ground swimming pool?

An above-ground swimming pool can be 48, 52, or 54 inches tall depending on how much water depth you prefer for your swimming. But this is just the wall length of the pool, the water depth in the pool is a bit lower.

To discover more about all these, let’s dive into the article and get digging.

How Tall Is an Above Ground Swimming Pool?

When you intend to buy an above-ground pool for your house, one of the first thoughts that will cross your mind is how tall it should be so that it will be convenient for everyone to use.

And it is a very important thing to decide before you buy an above-ground pool because you do have a limited space fixed for your pool and you need to keep that in mind.

Above-ground pools are typically available in three sizes and two forms. They have a circular or oval form and stand 48, 52, or 54 inches tall. Most people prefer a 52 or 54inches tall pool because the more the water, the better the swimming.

Above Ground Swimming Pool

But a family with young children will prefer a 48 inches tall pool because it’s safe for the kids. There is less chance to drown in that low depth.

But the thing is, a 48 inches tall swimming pool doesn’t mean you will have 48 inches high water to splash in. To begin the pool installing procedure, you will need to create a 2-inch base at the pool’s bottom.

Then you will also need to spare at least 6 inches at the top of the pool and fill the rest of it. Here you can see, you already leave 8 inches of height of the pool. So, the height of the water actually measures 40 inches or 44 inches.

What Is The Standard Size Above Ground Swimming Pool?

If you have to choose a standard size for an above-ground pool, then it has to be 52 inches tall. Because it is the most popular and demanding size among above-ground pool owners.

The reason for the 52 inches tall pool being the popular one, is the higher the pool wall is, the more water a pool can hold. And when it comes to swimming pool water, the more the merrier.

So, we can say, a 52 inches tall swimming pool is a standard size for an above-ground swimming pool as it is the most popular among the swimming pool owners.

How Deep Is The Water In a 52 Inch Above-Ground Pool?

While building an above-ground swimming pool, there are some rules you need to maintain at first.

You need to build a base of 2 inches at the bottom of the pool. Then you will also need to spare at least 6 inches of space above water after filling in the water into the pool.

In this way, you are already sparing 8 inches of space in an above-ground swimming pool. So, if you leave this 8 inches in a 52-inch pool, then the water depth of the pool will be 44 inches.

Above Ground Swimming Pool

How Deep Is The Water In a 54 Inch Pool?

We have already discussed that, with leaving a 2 inches base at the bottom of the pool and leaving 6 inches of space on the top of the pool, you lose 8 inches of space in an above-ground pool.

So, after leaving this mandatory 8 inches space in your 54-inch pool, the water depth of your pool will be 46 inches.

This depth is good enough for a great swimming experience. But you might want to reconsider buying this if you have young children at home. They have a greater risk of drowning in this depth of water.

How to Pick an Above Ground Pool?

There is a lot of stuff to do before you decide to pick an above-ground pool. But it’s okay if you have no idea about these.

Let’s see how to pick an above-ground pool.

Determine the Place

First, you need to determine where you are going to install your above-ground pool. Usually, everyone chooses a spot in their backyard for an above-ground swimming pool.

But make sure your pool placing doesn’t invoke the privacy of your neighbors. It’s important to respect others’ space of privacy.

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Choose Your Pool Size

After choosing your place, now it’s time to choose the perfect size of your pool. The size of the pool actually depends on how many people are intending to use it.

You might want a small pool just to chill with your close ones or you might want a big one because you like to pool parties in summer.

To understand how big of an above-ground pool you need here is a small idea we can provide you through this chart.

Round Pool Oval Pool
Pool Size Swimmers Pool Size Swimmers
15’ 1-2 12’X24’ 1-2
21’ 3-4 15’X30’ 3-4
27’ 5-6 18’X33’ 5-6
30’ 6-8 18’X36’ 6-8
33’ 9 and above 21’X41’ 9 and above

Pick a Material

At this point, you will need to pick a material for your above ground swimming pool. There are many types of materials out in the market for making an above-ground pool. Resin frame, steel frame, hybrid, radiant, Intex, etc. are quite famous for above-ground pool materials.

How to Install an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Now let’s take a look at the process of installing above-ground swimming in your home backyard.

  • Clear the designated area where you intend to install the pool by removing sod from the pool beneath.
  • Now level the uneven surface that was created because of removing sod.
  • Take account of drainage of the pool in case you doubt there could be an issue. Hiring a professional will be a wise decision to deal with this matter.
  • Install a pool base support beneath the liner to protect your pool from rock, stone, animal, and insect debris.
  • Then install the liner with caution so that you can avoid wrinkles as much as you can.
  • Now follow the manufacturer’s instructions while assembling the pool frame.
  • At this point, you will need to clean out all the dirt and other unnecessary materials lying around the pool.
  • Make sure you abide by all the building codes and don’t forget to get a permit for your pool.

Final Words

Hope the article helped you figure out how tall an above-ground swimming pool is. We suppose it has become very easy to decide whether you should get one for your home and which one you should get.

But always remember to maintain safety around water even if you have a small pool. Keep your kids safe from the area and never let them get into the pool alone.

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