How Long Do Oil Filters Last – Clean, Replacement Time and More

How Long Do Oil Filters Last

Oil filled heaters are filled with oil inside and work by emitting heat using electricity plus the oil in the radiator is simply used as a thermal reservoir.

Oil filled heaters have been around for decades and are much easier to use when compared to fire bowls and fire pits plus with oil filled heaters you would not have to bother with the ashtrays and with dumbing the used firewood from the fireplace.

Moreover, with oil filled heaters, you would have to do is just turn the button and start feeling the warmth being emitted. With fireplaces, you would have to wait for the fireplace to start burning.

Plus, oil filled heaters are the ones that offer the user more control over determining what temperature and regime the user needs.

Obviously, if you have a large home and family then you might want to look for a large oil-filled heater that will be capable of heating your room.

Also, always examine the interior and exterior finish to see if it will withstand prolonged use and be resistant to scratches and scuffs.

How Do Oil Filled Heaters Look

how do oil filled heater look
Nowadays, most oil filled heaters come with a wide range of features but still tend to resemble the old looking radiator that individuals used back in the day.

However, new generation oil filled heaters are much smaller in size when compared to the old fashioned ones.

Most oil filled heaters resemble a column that has fins on the sides plus some models might have space between these fins. Regardless of the general design of the oil filled heater, they are always made as one flat panel.

How Do Oil Filled Heaters Work

Traditional radiators are stationary whereas oil filled radiators are portable and can be carried around the house as needed. Moreover, they are easy to connect and turn on as you would only need to plug the heater into the electricity socket and press the on button.

Plus, most Oil Filled heaters come with plastic handles on the sides so as to help you carry the heater from room to room. Also, large and heavy oil filled heaters even come with wheels however if you have stairs in your house then you would still need to pick the heater up.

What Is Oil Is Used to Fill the Inside of the Heater

The inside of the heater is filled with special-grade oil called diathermic and you would not have to refill the oil at all during the heaters exploitation because the oil is used as a heat conductor and not as fuel.

Hence, the oil is never used up but only serves as a heat reservoir when the heater is turned on and working. The work of the oil filled heater can be summarized in several points.

Several Points
  • The Oil Filled heater is plugged into the electricity and the diathermic oil starts to heat up thus heating the stainless steel body of the heater
  • After 5-10 minutes the diathermic oil absorbs enough heat to maximum warm the columns and fins of the heater. At this point, it is still circulating through the heater and will continue to do so as long the oil filled heater is plugged into the electricity.
  • The circulation of the diathermic oil ensures even heat spread up throughout the body of the heater
  • The emitted heat from the oil filled heater is circulated through the room by convection of the air

What Is Diathermic Oil

Diathermic oil is used in radiant heaters because it has a high heat capacity which means that it can hold lots of heat before actually heating up.

Moreover, diathermic oil has a very high boiling point which makes it just perfect to be used in heaters because the boiling point is nearly 3 times that of water. Basically, these are the two main points why diathermic oil is used in oil filled heaters.

In other words, diathermic can be heated to high temperatures without boiling or turning into vapor.

While the high heat capacity will ensure that the oil will be radiating heat for some time after the oil filled heater has been turned off thus saving you money if you were to keep the heater on for longer periods of time.

Why Are Oil Filled Heaters Great for All Households

Oil filled heaters are great for households with children and house pets running around because they come without any spinning fan that tends to get very noisy too.
why are oil filled heaters great for all households
Moreover, oil filled heaters are considered to be the quietest of all with the exception of the noise that the thermostat can make when you will be adjusting it. Thus, they are great for kids’ rooms too as they will not interfere with their sleep. Plus, oil filled heaters do not dry up the air as they come without any fans.

Furthermore, oil filled heaters are very energy efficient as the heat simply gets transferred from one state to the next with a minimal amount of thermal energy escaping.

Also, as mentioned above oil filled heaters keep radiating heat after they have turned off thanks to the unique properties of diathermic oil.

Oil filled heaters that come with a thermostat will stop heating the diathermic oil as soon as the set temperature is reached thus you would not have to worry about the heater continuing to use the electricity and overheating the room it is in.

Lastly, oil filled heaters are great because they are lightweight and portable with premium models even having wheels plus as mentioned above the diathermic oil will never need to be changed.

Why Are Oil Filled Heaters Considered to Be Safest

Oil filled heaters are considered to be some of the safest in the world because they will never burn you, your pets or the furniture as the metal panels get hot enough to warm the air around the heater but never hot enough to actually burn anything.

why are oil filled heaters considersMoreover, oil filled heaters come as one unit and do not have any elements exposed as the oil and the heating element is hidden inside.

Plus, there are no vents or grilles so you would not have to worry about dust and other debris landing in hard to reach places such as interior grilles. Also, you would not have to worry about your children sticking their fingers and getting hurt.

Then, of course, there is the best part- oil filled heaters radiate heat but do not emit any fumes or soot thus they are eco-friendly and much better on the environment.

Lastly, a lot of the latest models of oil filled heaters come with varying features such as a timer, thermostat, and automatic switch off. To know more about Oil Filter at Wikipedia.


Oil filled heaters are capable of working for decades provided they are not deliberately overheated.

Moreover, they require little to no maintenance with most problems that do occur with the oil filled heaters being related to electrical wiring or jumps in the electricity if the heaters are used in old homes.

However, keep in mind that as soon as you notice any problems with your oil filled heater immediately take it to the authorized repair shop and never try to fix it yourself because you could make things worse and render the warranty useless.

Thus, you can surely say that oil filled heaters last for a very long time but some units might develop a leak hence if you notice the oil dripping or leaking then immediately unplug the oil filled heater and do not touch the leaked liquid because that could potentially burn you.

Instead, allow the heater to thoroughly cool down and then take it to be diagnosed and repaired to a professional.
Most of the time, the manufacturer will simply change the old heater to a new one because most leaks cannot be replenished as the heater is designed to be a closed system and if a leak has appeared then the unit will simply be discarded.

You might also hear some faint noises coming from the heater when you will turn it on, do not worry because these crackling noises happen as the oil and metal body heats up.

Lastly, you might also hear these noises when the heater will be moved or turned upside down but don’t panic because these noises only come from the moving diathermic oil.

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