How Long Do Deeply Fry To Frozen Chicken Wings?

Fry Frozen Chicken

People of all ages like deep-fried chicken wings. I, personally, can’t resist biting the crispy outer layer of deep-fried chicken wings whenever I get a chance. But things are perfect if only the chicken wings are deep-fried in the right way. For this, knowing how long to deep fry frozen chicken wings is one of the most important things.

If you are also seeking the right information on the time duration of deep-frying frozen chicken wings, this article will help you. We have tried to come up with every relevant piece of information regarding this topic.

Let’s see what’s there for you.

How Long Do Deeply Fry To Frozen Chicken Wings?

It’s an efficient and effective cooking method to deep fry frozen chicken wings. Because it makes sure that the wings’ inner portions get in touch with the right temperature when you brown their outsides and make them crispier.

Deeply Fry To Frozen Chicken Wings

In case, you’re not much experienced in cooking, that’s fine because deep-frying doesn’t require much cooking experience from you. But yes, you must wear an apron as well as cover the fryer using a splatter guard during cooking your food.

It’s safe to deep fry the frozen chicken wings for around 10-12 minutes, but you have to follow some general guidelines cautiously. It’s okay if you don’t thaw out frozen wings (will talk in detail it later), deep frying ensures the frozen chicken wings will become fully-cooked, delicious, and safe to eat.

Another vital point to look after is, you should freeze the chicken wings in the right way. You don’t want to see the pieces so rock-hard, in a cluster, or frozen together. Moreover, place the wings on your fryer in a way that you can spread out the individual wing on the fryer.

In case you use a deep fryer, the required time to heat the oil is dependent on your fryer appliance. Do not forget to read the instructions to get to know the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most of the deep fryers come with a recommendation to cook different foods like frozen chicken wings.

On the other hand, if you are going to use a pan or a skillet with oil, you can test the temperature of the oil using a thermometer. When you find it comes to 350℉, you can carefully add your chicken wings to the oil one-by-one because the oil is hot enough now.

Then, fry the wings for 10-12 minutes. It is the recommended time duration to deep fry frozen chicken wings actually. Then you can transfer the fried wings onto a paper towel that will let the access grease transfer to the paper towel.


What Changes Freezing Can Bring to Wings?

Well, there’s no problem with frozen chicken wings, they are totally okay in themselves. But the freezing method you follow is what matters here. Because the method of your freezing has an effect on the taste and quality of the chicken wings.

There’s something a bit problematic, the thin bones of chicken wings prone to break if you freeze them. Basically, the bones of chicken wings may crack for the blood. Moreover, freezing can cause the color changes of the wings- converting them into a gray color that you may not want to see in your meat.

What Changes Freezing Can Bring to Wings?

What can be worse? Well, if you have ever seen black bones in your frozen wings, it happened because the wings got exposed to water. But when it’s fresh wings, they don’t expose themselves so their bones are perfect in color.

Before you deep fry a frozen wing, thawing it in the fridge is a good idea. But a lot of people having busy schedules follow a quicker thawing trick- they dump the wings in the sink with warm water.

Following this trick will not only speed up the thawing process but also pre-cook the chicken. And, the meat will stretch out as well before throwing it in the fryer. For this, there will be creating a crispy outer texture that makes your chicken chewy and over-cooked.

The fact is, there’s no health issue with freezing your chicken wings if you just can do it in the right way. The most important thing is to protect your meat from air exposure while you packaging them for the freezer.

So you need to use plastic wrap or parchment paper to wrap the chicken wings tightly. After that, press the wrapping on your chicken’s surface and use aluminum foil to wrap it around. Or, you can place the wings inside a zip-lock freezer box instead.

Benefits of Deep-Frying

Frozen chicken’s deep frying has a lot of advantages you will want to know. Let’s get to know them.

Fast Cooking Method

It may be needless to explain that deep-frying is one of the speediest cooking methods. Regardless of how many or how dense chicken you’re going to fry, it will take less than 15 minutes.

On the other hand, if you steam chicken, it will take a minimum of 30 minutes if you cook it properly.

So, if you’re one of the busy people out there, deep-frying the chicken wings is the best option to recommend you.

Improves Flavor and Texture

You’ll find the outer space of your chicken very crispy and crunchy after you deep fry them. Honestly saying, there are a few cooking processes that can make the texture of your chicken as crispy as the deep-frying process can.

Therefore, if you are a crispy food lover, deep-fried chicken is the ideal dish for you. Also, frying will add an extra smell and flavor to your chicken wings that you’ll find just unforgettable!

Provides Awesome Taste

Maybe the first and foremost reason to love deep-fried chicken wings is the taste as they come with an awesome and unique taste. There are a huge number of mouthwatering recipes for deep-fried chicken wings that people love to try.

How Can You Deep Fry Frozen Chicken Wings?

In this part, you’ll get to know how to properly deep fry frozen chicken wings and keep them juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside.

Step 1: Heat Oil in Your Skillet or A Deep Fryer

The very first thing you need to do is, pour a fair amount of vegetable oil into your large skillet or deep fryer. In general, you will need around two quarts (a typical amount). However, it depends on the size of your skillet or fryer as well as the number of frozen wings you’re going to fry.

Now, you need to heat the oil until your deep fryer appliance or a thermometer (if you use a skillet) reaches 350℉.

Step 2: Put the Frozen Wings into The Hot Oil

So, the next step is to put the frozen wings into the hot oil. In this case, you need to be very careful, put the wings into the oil slowly, as hot oil may splash around. For safe

Then, wait for 10-12 minutes and after that, you’ll find the wings get the golden-brown color and crispy as well.

Step 3: Put the Fried Wings Onto Paper Towel

When deep-frying the frozen chicken wings is done, it’s time to get them back from your skillet or deep fryer. In order to absorb any excess oil, you’ll want a bowl or plate with paper towels as well as lay the wings on top.

Now, it’s ready to eat! Before you enjoy the delicious deep-fried frozen chicken wings, make sure you’ve turned the heat off. Then you should wait to cool off the oil and get rid of it properly.


Safety Precautions

Cooking is easy and fun until you encounter an accident while cooking. So, it’s important to know some safety precautions before you start frying.

  • Look over the ’s manual where you’ll find some warnings and directions operating your deep fryer before you use it.
  • If you want to use a skillet or a pan to fry the wings, be sure that your pan is wide enough and deep enough in size.
  • Compile all the needed ingredients beforehand.
  • Keep an extinguisher near your elbow. This is for becoming more prepared for an emergency.
  • Before you fill your deep fryer with oil, make sure that it’s dry enough and at enough distance from the water source/sources.
  • You need to stay in the distance while you’re around boiling oil because it can splash on your skin as well as cause a serious burn.


Additional Deep-Frying Tips

As a bonus point, here you go with some useful deep-frying tips.

  • If you use a skillet, you can feel the skillet with oil 3 inches deep. And, if it’s a deep fryer, first of all, look over the manufacturer’s manual, there will be recommendations for how much oil is needed.
  • Deep-fryers come with settings for temperature, so you’ll find it easy. However, for a skillet, you should use a thermometer to be sure that when the oil is reaching the right temperature.
  • Shake the frozen chicken wings before you fry them. It will help you to remove any excess ice from the frozen wings. However, you can lay out the frozen wings on a paper towel instead, it will soak up the unwanted ice.
  • You should deep fry in a moderate amount at a time. Because the moisture of the frozen wings can lower the temperature of the oil and it can lead to an improper cook.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Defrost Chicken Wings Quickly?
To defrost the chicken wings fast, you can simply put them aside at room temperature and wait for a while. Or, you can simply put the packet into warm water, it will let the ice remove from the wings. Another way is, you can put the wings’ packet in the microwave and set the heat for 1-2 minutes.
Can I Deep Fry Frozen Chicken Wings without Thawing?
Well, you can skip this part but in this case, you need to make sure that you froze the chicken wings in the right way.
Is Frying Frozen Foods a Good Idea? Or, it’s just an act like a no brainer?
It’s definitely a good idea because frozen foods make an ideal deep frying vessel.


And, we’re done with our discussion how long to deep fry frozen chicken wings! After reading the whole article, you should be sure that there’s no serious issue regarding frozen chicken wings.

Rather, frozen chicken wings increase the taste if you can deep fry them by following the right ways. And, the one thing, the most important one thing is, you need to make sure that the oil is not too high or too low a temperature. Keep the temperature at 350℉ to get the best result.

Happy Deep-Frying!

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