How Far Should Chairs Be From a Fire Pit?

Setting chairs around your fire pit can be very tricky because there is so much stuff to be considered and maintaining safety is a must around the fire. But you may not know how much distance you should maintain from the fire pit. No worries, we can help you know about the safety distance.

Here, the main question is, how far should chairs be from the fire pit? Your chairs should be at least 18 to 24 inches away from the fire pit if you are using a fire pit table. But if you are using a wood fire pit then it is a must to maintain a distance of 30 inches from the fire while you set your chairs.

There is more stuff to know before you set chairs in front of the fire pit. Let’s scroll down to the following article to know more about fire pit chair settings.

How Far Should an Outdoor Fire Pit Be From the House?

You sure like to spend some quality time with your family in front of the fire pit in the nippy night air. But when it comes to lighting fires, safety should be your first concern. So, it is a must to maintain a safe distance from the house when you are trying to set a fire pit in your backyard.

When you are setting a fire pit in your backyard, make sure to maintain a distance of 10 feet from your house and any structural surface that is combustible. You should avoid placing your fire pit on grass or on your deck. And make sure you have a running water facility or a garden hose near the fire pit.

Do not make a bonfire near your house because the larger the fire, the bigger the threat.  Keep the fire as small as possible. Also, do not make a fire with gasoline near your house. This is a very dangerous move and it will be much harder to put down the fire.


How Big Should a Fire Pit Seating Area Be?

Adirondack Chairs around Firepit

Before you set chairs around the fire pit, you should measure the fire pit area and leave enough space for sitting arrangements and free movements.

You should leave at least a 7 feet area around the fire pit to make enough space for free movement and sitting arrangements.

If you have a 7 feet area for sitting, you will have enough distance from the fire so it doesn’t get too hot when you arrange your chairs around it.


How Far Should Chairs Be From a Fire Pit?

Maintaining a safe distance is a must while you are setting chairs around your fire pit. Because if you place the chairs too close to the fire pit, it can be very dangerous and very uncomfortable to sit there.

You should maintain at least 18 to 24 inches distance from the fire pit if you are using a fire pit table. But make sure to maintain 30 inches distance when you are using a wood fire pit. Because it gets hotter than a fire pit table. You wouldn’t want to sit too close to the fire when you are trying to have a good time with your family members.

It won’t be a comfortable setting if you get too hot sitting close to the fire pit. It also leaves a chance of fire hazard if you are not careful enough while setting the chairs.


Why Do You Need Chairs Around the Fire Pit?

Putting a couple of chairs around the fire pit will give you a comfy place to sit and chill around with your friends and family. While sipping beers and having some snacks in front of the fire, the chairs will help you relax more.

Try to get a comfortable set of chairs to set in front of your fire pit. You will have a much better time with your family and friends while sitting in a nice chair with your favorite beverage in your hand.


What Chairs to Put Around a Fire Pit?

Adirondack Chairs around Firepit

There are various kinds of patio chairs in the market to put in front of your fire pit. It actually depends on you how you want to decorate your fire pit seating area.

Here we can help you know about several chair settings so that you can get ideas about which type you can put in front of the fire pit.

Let’s see what types of chairs you can use in front of your fire pit.

Circular Bench

You can set a circular bench around your fire pit and add a little rustic touch to your sitting arrangements. It will be very comfortable for you and your party and you can have a taste of wild fire pit experience in your own house.

You can throw some pillows on the benches and it will add comfort and some cozy vibe to your sitting arrangements.

Lounge Chair

Setting some lounge chairs in front of your fire pit will introduce luxury into your fire pit party. But it’s better not to put such chairs outside because they might get ruined.

But if you have time to follow such maintenance then it will be a great choice for your fire pit sitting area.

Outdoor Wicker

Setting outdoor wicker will add a nice modern yet boho style to your fire pit area. It will be a comfortable setting and the vibe will be mesmerizing when you lit up the fire pit at night.

You can also crawl up with a book, a blanket, and some wine in your hand into the wicker and have some alone quality time in front of the fire. The cozy setting will be everything at that moment.

Wood Furniture

Woof furniture is the simplest choice out there for any kind of sitting arrangement. So, undoubtedly it will be comfortable and nice enough for your fire pit sitting arrangements.

Concrete Stools

If you want permanent sitting arrangements around your fire pit then you can go for concrete stools. They won’t need maintenance every now and then and will reduce so much of your hassles.

Adirondack Chair

Adirondack chairs are a very popular patio chair for fire pit sitting arrangements. They are deep-seated and comfy and provide your utmost relaxation.

Rounded Sofa

Setting a rounded sofa in front of you will provide you with the most comfort. It will look very nice for the arrangements and fit more people than any other chairs.


Can a Fire Pit Go Under a Covered Patio?

Adirondack Chairs around Firepit

It’s wise not to set your fire pit under a covered patio because if the fire rises too high there can be a huge unwanted accident and it will be harder than ever to put out that fire.

Try to choose a place that has at least 21 feet of length available over the fire pit to avoid any kind of fire hazard. Do not set your fire pit near any tree, especially with dry branches. They will catch on fire and spread out faster than anything.


Final Words

Hope our article helped you learn about how far your chairs should be from the fire pit to maintain comfort and your safety. Hope we could help you design your dream fire pit arrangements.

But be careful while you are decorating your fire pit or hanging out there. It is a must to be aware of fire hazards and maintain all the protocols for your own safety. Always keep a fire extinguisher and a running water supply near your fire pit to avoid any unwanted accidents.

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