Can a Fiberglass Pool Be Installed above Ground?

Above-ground pools are the right option if you want a temporary swimming pool that comes at a cheaper price. And, chances are you want the above-ground pool to be constructed with fiberglass.

Now, your question is, can a fiberglass pool be installed above ground?

Okay, the answer is yes. You can and its fiberglass above-ground pool has a lot of features to offer you. This is a budget-friendly, durable, low-maintenance option that it’s hard not to say NO to this type of pool.

Well, we’re not going to say everything in the introductory part for sure. Let’s scroll to get more information.

What Are The Ways to Install A Fiberglass Pool?

You can install a fiberglass pool in three ways. Here are the details.

Inground Pool

This is the most common and popular way to install a fiberglass pool. This type is most suitable for flat sites that have adequate room in their budget to take it in.

Partially Above Ground Pool

A partially above-ground pool is the best choice if your site isn’t completely flat. This semi above-ground type of pool offers you the best of both worlds. You’ll find the pool deeper compared to a regular above-ground pool but it won’t cost as much as a typical in-ground pool.

Completely Above Ground Pool

If you’re ready to spend on extensive groundwork, give it a second thought because an above-ground pool offers you more alluring offers so you may not need to go for a completely in-ground pool.

Fiberglass above-ground pools are a great option if you have an elevated house. And, if you’re picky about the beauty of your pool, then I’ll say that you can have a fantastic-looking above-ground pool if it’s made correctly.

Install A Fiberglass Pool

Why Do People Want to Install A Fiberglass Above Ground Pool?

So, what are the reasons people like you want to install a fiberglass above-ground pool? There are so many logical reasons but here you go with the most relevant four.

People Think That It’s Less Expensive

No matter what way you’re going to choose to structure your fiberglass pool, regardless of whether it’s above-ground or in-ground, money will be saved. It’s because you’re going to use fewer backfill materials and no concrete for the patio.

But these savings are canceled by the additional expense you’re going to deal with for the framed decking. Yes, it costs double a concrete deck.

So, if you were thinking that just because the pool is going to be partially constructed you might save money, that’s not right. Since the time saved on excavating is not going to help you financially, installing a fiberglass pool above-ground isn’t a wise decision if you were only choosing it to save money.

Homeowners Concern About Potential Flooding in The Pool Area

The fact is, if you live in a low-lying area and elevate a fiberglass pool, it’s going to help when a flood inundates your pool. In case, you feel that when a fiberglass pool is covered by floodwater, it might pop out of the ground, no, the reality says different.

It’s not going to happen if there’s a cantilevered concrete patio in your pool that works as an anchor for the structure.

A fiberglass pool hardly floats in such circumstances. In fact, the pool water may become a mess and you have to wait for days to return the situation to normal condition.

They Want The Pool Deck to Come Off A Higher Deck on The House

To be honest, this is one of the trickiest ways to install a fiberglass pool.

Can a Fiberglass Pool Be Installed above Ground?

In case, you need the pool to elevate upper than 18 inches and you want it to do without backfill, the structure should be custom-built. And, you need to build an additional retaining wall so that it provides the required support.

About the custom-built pool from the manufacturer, this is even more realistic for a straight-wall pool. The fact is, whenever it’s a curved liquid-carrying vessel, it’s stronger.

And, there’s a similarity to a water tower. You may never have seen a square tower. Instead, they all are round. Similarly, most above-ground pools are round versus square.

About the additional retaining wall around the shell, it’s going to allow the pool to have less than 18 inches above grade. If we elaborate it- suppose your pool should elevate 3 feet. Then, you have to build a retaining wall 18 inches tall and keep the remaining 18 inches shell above grade.

After that, A framed deck needs to be created to cover the wall and exposed backfill material.

Homeowner Wants The Pool To Built

If no part of your pool is going to be more than 18 inches above grade, this seems to be a great idea. And, some erosion controlling methods are used on the downhill sides so that no washout happens out of the hillside.

Advantages of An Above Ground Fiberglass Pool

Don’t be surprised because there are a lot of benefits to an above-ground fiberglass pool. Here are some of them.

Less Expensive

The cost has a significant effect on your decision about choosing a pool installation method. If you compare in-ground and above-ground pool expenditure, you’ll see a huge amount of money to vary.

It’s because a huge groundwork is needed for an in-ground pool. On the other hand, the cost will be significantly lower because minimal groundwork is required for it. However, fiberglass pools tend to have a higher upfront cost compared to vinyl liner pools.

But considering the low maintenance and other benefits, a fiberglass pool offers you a lower lifetime cost.

Easy and Fast Installation

Installing an above-ground pool is always far easier than opting for an in-ground pool installation. Because above-ground pools don’t need a large excavation before putting the pool in. Overall, the job gets done with a reduced amount of money and labor.

About the duration of installing a fiberglass pool above-ground, well, it takes as little as seven days. The reason is that manufacturers install these pools as one piece. Also, the installation is more independent of the weather than other options.

Can a Fiberglass Pool Be Installed above Ground?

Durable and Long-Lasting

Fiberglass technology is always superior because it’s stronger and more durable. Compared to other options like vinyl pools, fiberglass pools are way less likely to get punctured.

So, overall, there’s nothing to worry about damage risk and maintenance costs. Manufacturers design fiberglass above-ground pools so skillfully that the pools accommodate earth movements without the risk of splitting or cracking.

These pools last as long as fiberglass in-ground pools if the construction is done right. You’ll find numerous reputable companies offering generous warranties with fiberglass pools.

Lower Maintenance

No matter what the material of your above-ground pool is, it always requires low maintenance. And, guess what? Fiberglass is a material that’s popular for being maintenance-free. That’s because of the durability above-ground fiberglass pools offer.

Fiberglass comes with a less porous, smoother surface that prevents the growth of algae. But pools with more crevices don’t offer such a great feature.

Final Words

This is what we wanted to tell you about installing a fiberglass pool above ground. So, now you know that a fiberglass pool can be installed above ground and it’s even beneficial from different points.

Just be sure that you can install it properly to avoid any unwanted situations in the future. And, since this type of pool is low-maintenance, there’s nothing to overthink about.

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