10 Best Smokers For Beginners To Spice Up The Smoking Game

If you have just stepped into the smoking and BBQing world, it’s quite challenging to figure out an ideal smoker. Based on the fuel type- there are pellet smokers, charcoal smokers, electric smokers, and so on.

But which fuel type is the most appropriate for absolute beginners? Moreover, it must be well equipped and easy to maintain.

On that note, we handpicked the 10 best smokers for beginners below based on their performances, ease of use, value-for-money, etc. Most importantly, the list includes products that make sure to bless your barbecued food with a flavorful aroma at any cost.

So, here we go with the top-quality smokers available for starters!

10 Best Smokers For Beginners To Spice Up The Smoking Game

Image Name Specifications View
Masterbuilt 30″ Digital Electric Smoker for Beginners Easiest to Use- Masterbuilt 30″ Digital Electric Smoker for Beginners Power Source: Corded electric
Fuel Type: Electric
Weight: 45.9 pounds
Dimensions:19.88×20.47×33.26 inches
Smoking Racks: Four
Weber 14-inch Charcoal Smoker Best Overall-Weber 14-inch Charcoal Smoker Power Source: Charcoal
Fuel Type: Charcoal
Weight: 23 pounds
Dimensions: 31.4×14.75×14.75 inches
Smoking Racks: Two
Masterbuilt 30 Inch Analog Electric Smoker Best Value for Money- Masterbuilt 30 Inch Analog Electric Smoker Power Source: Corded electric
Fuel Type: Electric
Weight: 49.86 pounds
Dimensions: 20×21.69×40.15 inches
Smoking Racks: Three
Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker for Beginners Most Versatile- Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker for Beginners Power Source: Corded electric
Fuel Type: Electric
Weight: 58.7 pounds
Dimensions: 32.5×18.1×16.5 inches
Smoking Racks: Four
Pit Boss 2 Series Gas Vertical Smoker Most Stylish- Pit Boss 2 Series Gas Vertical Smoker Power Source: LP gas
Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Weight: 48.5 pounds
Dimensions: 21×22×40 inches
Smoking Racks: Three
Traeger Grills Ranger Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker Best Travel-Friendly- Traeger Grills Ranger Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker Power Source: Wood pellet
Fuel Type: Wood pellet
Weight: 60 pounds
Dimensions: 20×21×13 inches
Smoking Racks: One
Pit Boss 3 Series Digital Vertical Electric Wood Smoker Most Innovative- Pit Boss 3 Series Digital Vertical Electric Wood Smoker Power Source: Corded electric
Fuel Type: Electric
Weight: 66.5 pounds
Dimensions: 20.5×22×47 inches
Smoking Racks: Five
Cuisinart 16″ Charcoal Vertical Smoker Most Inexpensive- Cuisinart 16″ Charcoal Vertical Smoker Power Source: Charcoal
Fuel Type: Charcoal
Weight: 23 pounds
Dimensions: 21×21×32 inches
Smoking Racks:Two
Z Grills Portable Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker for Beginners Best Multifunctional- Z Grills Portable Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker for Beginners Power Source: Charcoal
Fuel Type: Wood, Charcoal
Weight: 40 pounds
Dimensions: 25×20×13 inches
Smoking Racks: One
Masterbuilt 30″ Black Propane Smoker Best All-Around- Masterbuilt 30″ Black Propane Smoker Power Source: Propane
Fuel Type: LP gas
Weight: 65.90 pounds
Dimensions: 20.47×20.86×43.5 inches
Smoking Racks: Four

Best Smoker for Beginners in a Video Review

Review of Best Smoker for Beginners

1. Easiest to Use- Masterbuilt 30″ Digital Electric Smoker for Beginners

If you prefer an electric smoker as a starter, no way you miss out on this digital electric one from Masterbuilt. Let’s check out its prime specifications below!


  • Consistent cooking due to the thermostat temperature control
  • Entirely insulated body for heat retention
  • Side wood chip loading facility
  • Four racks of ribs enhance the smoking capacity
  • Easy on/off with the digital control panel

What if you use an electric smoker but you don’t need to open the door for loading wood chips? Wouldn’t it be great?

That’s what this irresistible digital electric smoker offers. There’s a patented wood chip loader by which you can thrash the chips inside.

Aside from that, we would like to praise the leg kit the smoker comes with. The kit includes wheels as well which makes the smoker mobile. And if you want to increase its height, that’s also possible.

Whether you want to smoke fish, meat, veggies, or something else- you will get a smoking mat with the package. Moreover, the heat-resistant hand gloves are truly praiseworthy for your safety.

Talking about the cooking capacity, you can smoke two turkeys, four pork butts, four racks of ribs, and six chickens at a time. That’s pretty convenient for a digital smoker with 45.9 pounds weight.

As an electric smoking kit, it’s quite easy to start by pressing the button. And the price is pretty reasonable as well!

However, it would be better if the makers included some handles to carry it comfortably. Apart from that, we highly recommend it for beginners, thanks to its super-efficient digital control panel.

Things we like
  • Very well-made and durable
  • Easy to on/off as there’s no fire to start or manage
  • Even and consistent smoking ability
  • Includes 30″ cover to protect the smoker
  • A versatile smoker to perfectly smoke at a low and slow temperature
Things we didn't like
  • You need to refill chips frequently to keep the smoke alive
  • The digital display is hard to read, especially in the daylight

2. Best Overall-Weber 14-inch Charcoal Smoker

While looking for smokers, affordability is an issue, be it for beginners or pros. On that note, Weber presents a cost-effective charcoal smoker to save your bucks. The core specifications are-


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Quite lightweight to be carried
  • Includes user guide with detailed instructions
  • A black charcoal smoker that comes with a mountain cooker and a cover
  • 286 Sq. Inches grilling surface in total

If you want to smoke several items at a time, this charcoal smoker should be your first destination. It literally outplays any other contemporary cooker from different fuel ranges with its low and slow cooking performance.

Well, the first thing to notice about this Smokey Mountain Cooker is the consistent temperature. Furthermore, it is architectured with a porcelain-enameled finish which fights back rust, crack, and corrosion.

On the same note, it offers amazing heat control by adjusting the dampers. And the 14-inch cooker is a perfect size for most family BBQ events.

Most of all, there is no room for complaint of the food flavor as the smoker produces sufficient smoke.

Having the dimensions of 14.7″×14.7″×31.4″, the smoker is lightweight and easily portable. To add more, it comes with two cooking grates which is a great convenience.

Thanks to the removable door, you can adjust the heat whenever you need it. Weber outperforms other manufacturers by making this smoking grill in three different sizes- 14″, 18″, and 22″. So, pick the one you think is suitable for you.

Another great advantage of this smoking kit is that it can reach up to 190°F in terms of internal temperature. That means on one side, it’s perfect for low and slow cooking. On the other hand, your food will be well cooked with a savory smack with high heat retention.

The only disappointing fact is the water pan. If it were a bit smaller or placed a bit higher, the charcoal chamber could be more accessible.

Honestly, though that does not make this super serviceable smoker a deal-breaker!

Things we like
  • Rust-free aluminum fuel door
  • Comes with a premium cover
  • Ideal size for beginners
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl for consistent cooking
  • Built-in lid thermometer to avoid overcooking or undercooking
Things we didn't like
  • Limited access to the charcoal chamber
  • Need a bit of assembly before use

3. Best Value for Money- Masterbuilt 30 Inch Analog Electric Smoker

Already met a digital smoker from Masterbuilt? Now, we have an analog one. Let’s check out what core amenities it has to offer.


  • Three chrome-coated smoking racks for rust resistance
  • Easy temperature control
  • Built-in temperature gauge for heat measurement
  • The polyurethane-coated cover is super durable
  • Plenty of cooking surface

Who doesn’t want a hassle-free smoking experience while preparing their favorite BBQ items? That’s when this analog electric smoker from Masterbuilt comes in handy.

With all the advantageous features, you can consider it one of the best electric smokers for beginners, thanks to the easily explorable analog control panel.

In fact, temperature control is easier than ever with the analog dial. And the built-in temperature gauge makes sure you cook the food exactly how much cooking it needs.

Being powered by a corded electric source, you don’t need to struggle with charcoal or propane to start the fire. Just plug in it with the power source and it does the rest.

As there are three smoking racks, you can smoke multiple racks of ribs at once without any difficulty. That’s surely a big deal for a smoker under $200.

However, the temperature gauge doesn’t always show the exact result. Apart from this minor flaw, it’s a great value for money.

Things we like
  • Easy ash removal with the wood chip tray
  • The analog dial sets the temperature effortlessly
  • The grease tray catches the extra food drippings
  • Three separate rib racks offer sufficient smoking room
  • Includes insulated hand gloves to protect your hand
Things we didn't like
  • Sometimes, the temperature fluctuates
  • The paint comes off while smoking

4. Most Versatile- Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker for Beginners

Fourth on the list, let’s meet another digital smoker from one of the leading smoker makers, Char-Broil. The key features are as follows-


  • Comes with a removable food thermometer
  • The control panel is quite easy to read
  • Suitable for cooking both on a small and large scale
  • 725 square inches internal cooking space
  • Very well-made with double-wall construction

Anyone looking for an extraordinary smoker for outdoor grilling? Consider yourself lucky as you get to know this super convenient, beginner-friendly appliance.

The most notable benefit of this smoker is the wide internal surface that allows smoking a versatile range of meat together. On top of that, you can set the required temp quite easily with the removable thermometer.

Another big amenity is the glass door. Isn’t it great to look at what’s happening inside while waiting for your desired grilled items?

And above all, you cannot but ignore the out if the ordinary smokey smack it delivers to the food. All credit goes to the smoke-tight seal due to the locking latch.

Similar to the z, it too has a grease tray to remove excess food grease.

Speaking of the negatives, it takes a long time to be preheated. Other than that, it can be a decent deal though!

Things we like
  • Effortless grease removal with the high capacity grease tray
  • Blue LED display sets the temperature easily
  • Keeps the food warm inside
  • Four adjustable cooking racks allow smoking a variety of items
  • Large capacity smoke box keeps the smoke alive longer
Things we didn't like
  • Some customers complained about its longevity
  • It doesn’t include the remote control

5. Most Stylish- Pit Boss 2 Series Gas Vertical Smoker

Next on the lineup, we have an exclusive has smoker from Pit Boss, the uncrowned king of cooking and outdoor appliances. The key amenities are-


  • Super stylish finish with a red semi-gloss outlook
  • Adjustable 100°-350° temperature range
  • Four porcelain coated cooking grids
  • Hassle-free food transferring with the elevated frame
  • 540 sq. inches cooking space inside

Upon exploring the prime specs it is designed with, everybody will agree that this smoker from the Pit Boss Red Rock series is the real boss as a smoking appliance.

On the bright side, it uses liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. And thanks to the dual burner system, it can cooperate with a versatile temperature range.

Do you know the most beneficial fact about this gas-powered smoker? It gives you external access to the wood chip drawer. So, refilling it with chips becomes a breeze.

Best of all, the wood chip tray is high in capacity. And between the dual valve burners, one is a wood chip burner of 3500 BTU and the other is for cabinet temperature of 10000 BTU.

To add more, we cannot but praise the push-button piezo ignition. It is responsible for fast and facile lighting.

That being said, both the valves are well-maintained with a single knob system. Besides, the high-temperature glass viewing window is a great inclusion on this high-performance smoker.

On a different note, one annoying issue is the heat control knob. We hope it was less touchy.

Keeping this minor flaw aside, we cannot but include it on the top ten list of best smokers for beginners.

Things we like
  • A large viewing window at an affordable price
  • Steady and consistent cooking temperature
  • Heats up pretty quickly
  • Very easy to clean
  • Offers plenty of cooking room
Things we didn't like
  • A little smaller than expected
  • Assembly was a bit complicated

6. Best Travel-Friendly- Traeger Grills Ranger Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Sixth on the list, let’s meet one of the best pellet smokers for beginners. It’s a wood pellet smoker from Traeger in the color, black. The prime features are as follow-


  • A convenient cook timer to monitor the procedure
  • Cast iron griddles are durable and rust protective
  • Porcelain-coated grill grates are easy to clean
  • The digital Atlrc controller allows precise temperature control
  • Very well-built to travel outside

Suppose, you are an avid traveler and always on the road. Besides, you love smoking and grilling more than anything. If that’s the situation, what could be your friend on the go other than this great Ranger from Traeger?

Using wood pellets as a heat source, the smoker makes sure to cook your food deliciously. Furthermore, it’s particularly made for the road as a portable package.

Although you can find the heavyweight ergonomics as an issue, actually it’s not. Rather, the sturdy architecture makes it safer to travel.

You can reach up to 450° temperature based on your necessity. And as the grill is blessed with 8 lbs pellet hopper capacity, rest assured your meal will bestrew the best smoky aroma ever!

Despite the positives, the expensive price tag might disappoint you. But don’t worry as it does justice to every penny you spend on it.

Things we like
  • An all-around smoker with a versatile cooking range
  • Very travel-friendly
  • Quiet easy to clean
  • Even and effective cooking temperature
  • Cooks the best wood-flavored food with 100% natural hardwood fuel
Things we didn't like
  • Needs constant monitoring while cooking
  • A bit expensive

7. Most Innovative- Pit Boss 3 Series Digital Vertical Electric Wood Smoker

Do you want to take your backyard barbecue to the next level? Then try this Pit Boss Vertical Electric Smoker from their 3 Series Digital collection.

The key ergonomics it’s engineered with are-


  • Five cooking racks with porcelain coating
  • Large viewing window for monitoring the cooking process
  • Easy to operate digital control panel
  • Oversized front-load wood chip tray
  • Elevated stand to load and unload things easily

Honestly speaking, you can smoke anything to your stomach’s desire with this multipurpose smoking appliance. Being engineered with advanced technology, it offers enough cooking room to smoke, grill, and barbecue with ultimate perfection.

Aside from that, the large wood chip tray is easy to refill as you have external access to it. Moreover, you can smoke for up to two hours with a single load. Isn’t that great?

Well, the most exciting inclusion is the five porcelain-coated racks that are pretty sturdy as well. Also, you can monitor the internal temperature with the programmable meat probe.

What is even more exciting is the digital control panel with push-button access. Besides, the operating temperature ranges from 100 to 400 that cooks fish, meat, vegetable, and anything you are craving.

As it includes a stand with rolling wheels, we highly recommend it if you are looking for a portable smoker.

Nevertheless, the only disappointment is that it doesn’t hold the temperature steady. In that regard, the Weber 14-inch Charcoal Smoker is a better buy.

Things we like
  • Easy to operate
  • Push button temperature control
  • Infuses amazing smokey flavor into the food
  • The double-walled blanket insulation offers a wide temperature range for smoking
  • Multiple position racking system allows effortless cleaning
Things we didn't like
  • Takes pretty long to be assembled
  • No clarity on the user manual

8. Most Inexpensive- Cuisinart 16″ Charcoal Vertical Smoker

Looking for a decent smoker for your next family gathering? You can consider this small charcoal smoker from Cuisinart, the name that needs no introduction in the cooking appliance industry.

The core amenities are-


  • Vertically hinged door for easy loading and unloading
  • Two 16″ stainless steel racks for rust-free use
  • Porcelain-coated steel water bowl
  • Two air vents to control heat and smoke better
  • 402 square inches adequate cooking space

Although the smoker is featured for professional chefs, beginners can easily operate it for user-friendly ergonomic design.

Living up to the reputation, this charcoal smoker can smoke meat, veggies, cheese, and any other food with an enchanting fragrance. Most importantly, you have complete control over the amount of heat and smoke, thanks to the air vents.

In fact, the vertical barrels make cooking a breeze by distributing heat evenly. You just need to light the charcoal and add some wood chunks. Two stainless steel racks let you place fresh foods evenly. You can even smoke a whole chicken at once.

Another big plus for this smoker is the vertical side door. It allows easy access to both water bowls and fuel.

Best of all, the lightweight design lets you carry it anywhere.

However, it would be great if the makers include a larger charcoal ring. Otherwise, adding fuel after every 4 to 5 hours seems annoying.

Things we like
  • Easy to set it up just within 15 minutes
  • Very affordable
  • Hassle-free maintenance and cleaning
  • Even heat distribution
  • Needs minimum adjustments in the air vents to control heat and smoke
Things we didn't like
  • Needs frequent refueling
  • The grates to break apart easily

9. Best Multifunctional- Z Grills Portable Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker for Beginners

On the ninth spot, let us introduce a wood pellet grill that can turn your smoking game on. Let’s discover what it has in store!


  • Engineered to last long with sturdy steel construction
  • Digital temperature control system to maintain consistency
  • 8-in-1 functionality to smoke, grill, roast, BBQ, and anything in between
  • 202 sq. inches huge cooking surface
  • Portable design makes it transport-friendly

Z Grills is a true giant in producing cooking and outdoor appliances. They prove it once again with this multipurpose wood pellet smoker.

To begin with the benefits, it comes with a rust-proof cover and racks to last longer than ever. You can smoke, grill, bake, roast, braise, sear, barbecue, and char-grill with an enchanting woody aroma that’s quite rare in a charcoal or gas grill.

Another noticeable feature is the digital temperature controller. Though the cooking surface is wide enough, you can maintain steady heat flow across it.

Therefore, you can cook anything to your heart’s content with the authentic hardwood flavor. Besides, the 180° to 375° temperature range is pretty good for a portable pellet grill like this.

Pretty similar to the Traeger Grills Ranger Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, it too has 8 pounds of pellet hopper capacity to smoke wide varieties of flavorful foods.

On the negative side, it’s a bit tricky to set it up. Other than that, the user experience is great!

Things we like
  • Precise temperature control
  • Huge cooking area
  • Portable architecture
  • All-natural hardwood flavor
  • Wide temperature range
Things we didn't like
  • Complicated assembly
  • It’s difficult to empty the hopper

10. Best All-Around- Masterbuilt 30″ Black Propane Smoker

Lastly, meet an exclusive propane smoker from Masterbuilt that exactly suits the beginners. Let’s check out what prime features it comes with.


  • Four smoking racks with chrome coating
  • Very easy to light the burner
  • Two doors for easy access inside
  • 30 inches propane smokers with stainless steel burner
  • A built-in temperature gauge for precise temperature control

If you want an elegant smoker with classic design, go with this black one from Masterbuilt.

Living up to the expectations, it is facilitated with four premium smoking racks coated with chrome. Therefore, they are rust-proof and long-lasting.

At the same time, they avail enough room for smoking varieties of foods altogether.

On the same note, we are really satisfied with the stainless steel burner with 15,400 BTU output. And thanks to the push-button ignition, the burner lights up effortlessly.

Talking about the cooking capacity, you can smoke up to eight chickens, two turkeys, four pork butts, and four racks of ribs at once.

Although it requires a little bit of assembly, it wouldn’t take more than half an hour. Moreover, it comes with detailed instructions on how to set it up.

To add more, you will love the chip tray which is large enough. All you need to do is to set the smoker at a high temperature to produce good smoke.

However, it’s hard to get the racks in and out. Apart from that, it makes a great purchase though!

Things we like
  • Wonderful temperature control
  • Heats up very fast
  • Produces a good amount of smoke
Things we didn't like
  • The racks are too snug
  • A bit oversized, therefore, hard to carry

What Are the Different Types of Smokers for Beginners?

Basically, there are five different types of smokers a beginner can check out. They are-

Charcoal Smoker

If you want to create the best smoke ring, check out a charcoal smoker. Especially if you are an outdoor person, charcoal smokers work great to help in beginner’s BBQ parties.

Pellet Smoker

With a pellet smoker, temperature control becomes a breeze as it has an auto temperature control system. You can literally set the fire and then directly dig in the meal once it’s prepared.

The only drawback is that they are more expensive compared to other types.

Gas/Propane Smoker

Compared to a charcoal one, a propane smoker is much easier to manage. Moreover, they are cost-effective as one propane tank lasts up to 15 hours.

Electric Smoker

If you prefer cooking for long hours with slow heat, electric smokers should be your first pick. As there’s no fire management, it’s more beginner-friendly than other smokers types.

Offset Smoker

Although people always look for the best beginner offset smoker when they think of barbecuing for the very first time, it’s not that beginner-friendly.

In fact, you’ll get frustrated after trying to do so many things traditionally. Be it wood or charcoal, we recommend avoiding reverse flow offset smokers for beginners.

Charcoal vs Wood Smoker

While comparing charcoal and wood smokers, we must say that both are incredible in their own way.

On one hand, the wood smoker is the most ancient type with a wide cooking space. Also, they are quite easy to clean and maintain.

On the other hand, charcoal smokers are messy. But they deliver the most distinct flavor when it comes to the final outcome.

In terms of wood smokers, you can add variation to the flavor by mixing different wood chips together. Aside from adding fuel once in a while, there’s no need to sit beside the smoker.

Besides, wood smokers produce little to no ash and grease which is a great convenience.

On the contrary, charcoal ones produce tons of ashes. So, it will give you a hard time while cleaning.

Therefore, if you prefer the ease of use and less clean-up, go for wood smokers. But if budget is an issue, charcoal ones save a lot as they are very affordable.

Tips for Your First Smoke

Before starting your first smoking, the following tips could save you from creating a mess-

  • Be prepared to wait as smoking or BBQing will take time.
  • If you are using wood pellets, go for oak, cherry, hickory, etc. Avoid using mesquite at the beginning.
  • Make it low and slow. Only then the meat will have the traditional texture of barbecue.
  • While cooking, don’t touch the meat at all. You don’t need to flip it.
  • Make sure to maintain temperature consistency.
  • The heat range should be somewhere between 200-250 degrees.
  • Marinate the meat before putting it on the smoker.

Frequently Asked Questions of 10 Best Smokers For Beginners

What Is the Easiest Thing to Smoke?
For beginners, it’s better to start smoking with fish filets, chicken, turkey, sausage, pork chops, etc.
What to Look for in a Beginner Smoker?
As smoking is all about low and slow cooking, you must look for a smoker with incredible heat retention capability. Besides, it’s better to go for portable smokers as you can take them outdoors.
What'S the Difference between Smoking and Grilling?
Well, the key difference between smoking and grilling is what you are cooking with. Grilling means cooking directly over the fire. But smoking means low and slow cooking with smoke, not directly with fire.
What Is the Best Smoker for Home Use?
Honestly, there are so many. But all things considered, the Cuisinart 16″ Charcoal Vertical Smoker is a decent one for home use.
What Is the Best Inexpensive Smoker?
Masterbuilt makes a wide range of smokers. Their 30 Inch Analog Electric Smoker is one of the best budget-friendly ones.

Final Words

On the final note, we would like to know whether you have overcome the fear of giving your very first smoker a try or not. Hope this guide helped you to decide on the best smoker for beginners.

So, why waste time. Go for the one that suits your needs and start experimenting right away!

For a budget-friendly pick, we highly recommend the Cuisinart 16″ Charcoal Vertical Smoker. If you are a travel buddy then go for the Traeger Grills Ranger Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker. And for all-around performance, Masterbuilt 30″ Black Propane Smoker is a great deal.

Happy smoking!

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