10 Best Small Gas Grills [Come And Find The Right One For You]

As we move towards urbanism, our living spaces are getting smaller by the day. Not everyone has the luxury to accommodate large grills in their small apartments. So, what’s the solution to this modern problem?

Obviously, the grills become smaller. Gas grills were already popular. Small gas grills add another convenience by saving space. Also, there’s a portability convenience with small grills. That is why our today’s article is about small gas grills.

With proper care and time, we’ve picked the best small gas grills, so you won’t have to look somewhere else. We’ll provide you with a detailed guideline about 10 different gas grills and let you decide which one you like most. If you feel lost among these options, you will find a section further in this article that explains what features you should consider while buying small gas grills.

10 Best Small Gas Grills

Once you go through these options, you’ll know that these are the best small gas grills reviews. Some of them are from very reputable brands, and some are underrated. To experience the very best, you’ll have to consider them all.

Image Name Features View
Cuisinart Portable Professional Gas Grill Cuisinart Portable Professional Gas Grill Brand Cuisinart
Material Stainless Steel
Color Professional Gas Grill, One-Burner, Stainless Steel
Weight 16.85 Pounds
Char-Broil Performance 2-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill Char-Broil Performance 2-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill Brand Char-Broil
Material Paint
Color Stainless Steel
Weight 82.5 Pounds
Char-Broil Standard Portable Gas Grill Char-Broil Standard Portable Gas Grill Brand Char-Broil
Material Steel
Color Black
Weight 10.2 Pounds
Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill with VersaStand Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill with VersaStand Brand Cuisinart
Material Steel
Color Petit Gourmet
Weight 1 Kilograms
Blackstone 2-burner Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Blackstone 2-burner Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Brand Blackstone
Material Stainless Steel
Color 28″ Grill
Weight 75 Pounds
MASTER COOK 3-Burner BBQ Gas Grill MASTER COOK 3-Burner BBQ Gas Grill Brand MASTER COOK
Material Stainless Steel
Color Black
Finish Type Painted
Char-Broil Classic 3-Burner Gas Grill Char-Broil Classic 3-Burner Gas Grill Brand AMERICAN GOURMET
Material Other Materials
Color Black
Weight 48.5 Pounds
Cuisinart All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill Cuisinart All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill Brand Cuisinart
Material Stainless Steel
Color Roll-Away Gas Grill, Stainless Steel
Weight 41 Pounds
Coleman RoadTrip Stand-Up Propane Grill Coleman RoadTrip Stand-Up Propane Grill Brand Coleman
Material Blend
Color Black
Weight 46.67 Pounds
Cuisinart Full-Size Four-Burner Gas Grill Cuisinart Full-Size Four-Burner Gas Grill Brand Cuisinart
Color Full-Size Four-Burner Gas Grill
Dimensions LxWxH 54 x 22.5 x 46.5 inches
Weight 72 Pounds

Best Small Gas Grills in Video Review

Best Small Gas Grills in Products Review

1. Cuisinart Portable Professional Gas Grill

  • Perfect for quick meals: No time for a large grill meal? This grill can help you prepare quick meals like vegetables, burgers, seafood, steaks, etc., in no time.
  • Easy to use: Easily set it up without any complicated steps. Lighting it is even easier. One twist and the grill is lit.
  • Lightweight and portable: Weighs only 16.85 Pounds and you can take it anywhere you want. There’s a carrying handle for your convenience.
  • Compact: The small size makes it perfect for small apartments, tailgating, camping, and outdoor grilling. You can cook any quick meals without blocking up too much space.

If we are talking about user-friendly designs, we are talking about Cuisinart. As you already know, Cuisinart is one of the best names in the cookware industry. So, when they offer small grills, they mean the best small portable propane grill ever.

Super easy to set it up; this grill only weighs 16.85 Pounds. You can effortlessly lift it up and relocate it for any occasion. Your tailgating and camping just got a whole lot exciting.

The folding legs provide a strong grip, and they’ll get folded when you need to store the grill. The ignition system is easy beyond imagination. Twist the lighting knob, and you’re good to go. And yes, the grates are dishwasher safe.

Things we like
  • Easy to use, dishwasher-safe grates, and compact size is designed keeping the user’s convenience in mind
  • Easy setup reduces any complications, and the grill’s legs fold up nice to become more compact
  • Perfect for any small gatherings, outdoor grilling, or tabletop grilling
Things we didn't like
  • The grill only has one burner

2. Char-Broil Performance 2-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill

  • Easy relocation: The grill comes with four wheels. Two of them are lockable for stability. You can relocate the grill without feeling its weight.
  • Large cooking surface: Cast iron grill grates can accommodate foods for small gatherings and features a 300 square inch cooking area.
  • Temperature gauge: The grill lid features a temperature gauge, so you won’t have to buy an external one, and you can control the heat better.
  • Swing-away racks: The side racks will fold away when not needed and can accommodate the necessary elements for grilling.

Char-Broil Cabinet Gas Grill is a combination of diverse features. It covers a vast array of advantages for a small gas grill. Even though it comes under small-sized grills, it can accommodate a decent amount of food for you, your friends, and your family.

The grates are made of cast iron and can hold up to 16 burgers. The swing-away racks are one of the highlights of this grill. You can keep them folded when not in use.

Another thing we must mention is the lid-mounted temperature gauge. You can control your food temperature better now without any external tools. The grill’s got it all.

Things we like
  • Large cooking area makes it perfect for family gatherings
  • The racks are practically functional and foldable when needed
  • The lid has an in-build temperature gauge for precise heat control
Things we didn't like
  • The grill requires assembly when delivered

3. Char-Broil Standard Portable Gas Grill

  • Highly Portable: Perfect for carrying anywhere, this grill is designed for ultimate portability. The legs lock the lid, it folds easily, and comes with handles.
  • Cool Handles: The handles don’t get hot when you are grilling. You can touch or move the grill without having to wait for it to cool down.
  • Robust Structure: High-quality steel makes sure of durability, and the temperature finish makes the grill rust-free.
  • Easy To Use: the grill will hold 8 hamburgers at once and is also dishwasher safe—no need to worry about tough cleaning.

Char-Broil Standard Gas Grill is best defined as one of the small tabletop gas grills. You can effortlessly carry it with you anywhere you want. It doesn’t weigh much either.

If you want an outdoor tabletop grill, this is the one to go for. You can fold the legs up to the top to secure the lid when moving. However, ease of portability doesn’t mess with the grill’s quality.

The construction is robust and will last many years. If you cook on low and indirect heat, this grill is one of the best ones. The manufacturer suggests you cook with a closed lid to get even heating and low flare-ups.

Things we like
  • Highly portable with convenient compact structure
  • Long-lasting structure made with quality steel to ensure durability
  • Convenient cleaning and comes with a dishwasher safe feature
Things we didn't like
  • Features only one burner

4. Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill with VersaStand

  • Even Cooking: Just like a full-sized grill, Cuisinart Petit Gourmet heats up nicely and evenly and removes any hotspots.
  • Compact: Perfect option for a small space. Just because you have a smaller place doesn’t mean you can’t own a grill.
  • Portable: You can take it anywhere you want. It’s the best small portable propane grill you can find in the market.
  • Foldable Stand: The grill comes with a stand for stability and ease of use. You can fold the legs when you don’t need them.

The Cuisinart Petit Gourmet is a small, compact, and sturdy grill that folds up like a suitcase. It features extendable legs that allow you to make it stand or fold it individually for easy mounting on a table or other surfaces.

The grill comes with a single burner that produces approximately 5,500 BTUs of heat in a 160-square-inch cook space. In simpler words, it’s enough to cook for 4 to 6 people at once.

The twist-start ignition system makes it really effortless for you to turn it on or off. It also comes with an in-built temperature indicator for easy control of cooking temperature.

Anyone who loves a picnic, tailgating, or camping will enjoy this 17 pounds grill because of its portable feature.

Things we like
  • Perfect for carrying it anywhere like to a picnic, camping, or tailgate event
  • Compact size is perfect for modern homes because it doesn’t take much space
  • Provides even heating and perfect grilling experience just like large grills
Things we didn't like
  • Features only one burner

5. Blackstone 2-burner Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill

  • Large Cooking Surface: Features 470 square inches of cooking surface that can accommodate foods for large gatherings even though the grill is compact.
  • Griddle: The griddle instead of grill grates prevent foods from falling into the fire and result in a cleaner cooking experience.
  • Transportation Wheels: There are two wheels beneath one side of the grill for easy mobility, and the other side doesn’t have any wheels for stability.
  • Built-in: The grill is made with a combination of stainless steel, powder-coated black steel, and cold-rolled steel for the highest durability.

Modern, sleek, and built for a long time, this 2-burner Blackstone grill is compact to fit on your deck or balcony. In fact, we consider this the best grill for an apartment balcony. The cooking surface features a griddle made with cold-rolled steel, making it cleaner and more convenient than a wire grill. At the very least, this will prevent pieces of meat, small vegetables, or fish pieces from falling on the charcoal.

You can also better control the heat from two independent burners. Just press the quick-start button, place the griddle on the fire and start grilling. It’s like a professional cooking experience at home.

It comes with two wheels so you can move it wherever you want, and excess fat drains onto the drip tray.

Things we like
  • Two different heat zones will allow you to control the temperature better
  • Features modern griddle design instead of traditional grilling grates
  • Durable and high-quality materials are for making this grill long-lasting than others
Things we didn't like
  • The grill could have been a bit taller

6. MASTER COOK 3-Burner BBQ Gas Grill

  • Large Cooking Surface: The grill comes with a porcelain-enameled cooking surface that’s large enough to hold foods for large gatherings.
  • Three Burners: Three separate burners will let you control the heat better and cook with precision.
  • Built-in Thermometer: The cover features a thermometer so you can monitor and control the heat according to the temperature.
  • Side Racks: Foldable side racks will hold food for everyone at once, and you can close them whenever you want.

A grill that comes with an aesthetic outlook and ensures the best performance is something that should make your bucket list. Master Cook gas grill made our list because it’s one of the best gas grills of all.

It features three burners which means you get to control your grilling with much better preciseness. The side racks make your cooking process a whole lot easier. You can fold them when you need the grill to be more compact.

And, of course, there are wheels for mobility. To keep track of temperature and control the heat better, there’s an in-built thermometer on the cover.

Things we like
  • Features a large cooking area to hold food for everyone in large gatherings
  • Foldable side racks hold food and close when a more compact size is needed
  • Two wheels make it easier to move the grill, and two legs without wheels provide stability to the grill
Things we didn't like
  • The grill requires assembly, but it’s pretty easy to assemble

7. Char-Broil Classic 3-Burner Gas Grill

  • Mobile with Ample Surface: Large cooking surface can hold up to 15 burgers at once. Use it without hesitation for any type of gathering. In-built metal wheels make it perfect for outdoor grilling.
  • Side Shelves: Metal side shelves make your grilling experience easier, more efficient, and less messy.
  • Robust Structure: The firebox and lid are made of porcelain-coated steel to withstand tough weather conditions—all the more reasons to use it for outdoor grilling.
  • Easy Ignition: Features a piezo ignition system. So it’s reliable and easy.

The first feature that’ll catch your eyes when evaluating the Char-Broil Classic 3-burner Gas Grill is its large cooking area. Unlike most other best gas grills under 200, this one comes with ample cooking space to accommodate food for all your friends and family.

The primary cooking surface is 360 square inches, and there is a swing-away side rack of 170 square inches. So, you’re getting a lot of space to cook and store your food simultaneously.

The structure’s quality is undebatable. It’s made to withstand tough weather, so you know it will last. There’s no doubt regarding durability.

Other than that, the grill also features mobility with wheels, a piezo ignition system, stainless steel burners, and metal side shelves.

Things we like
  • It comes with a strong and sturdy structure to accompany you through the years
  • The side shelves are for keeping your cooking elements organized and a mess-free cooking
  • Easy ignition system removes any complication and reduces your hassle
Things we didn't like
  • It doesn’t feature any thermometer to indicate the temperature

8. Cuisinart All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill

  • Side Shelves: Folding side shelves are for added convenience with your gas grill. You can keep your cooking elements and dishes organized properly, avoiding any unwanted mess.
  • Compact in Size: Even though the grill offers a generous surface, it’s compact in size to make it easily portable. Similarly, it’s easy to set up too.
  • Grill Grates: Porcelain-enameled cast iron grill grates are for easy cooking and even heating.
  • Drip Tray: There’s a convenient system of grease falling off the grill to a tray so that you can enjoy clean cooking without any mess.

Another fascinating grill from the renowned brand Cuisinart. If you want a large grill experience in a portable gas grill, this is the one you should select. Sure there are the best small charcoal grills at the market, but if you’re a gas grill person, Cuisinart is one of the smartest choices on this list.

All Food Roll-Away gas grill comes with a super portable feature and a large cooking area. It’s perfect for your apartment balcony, outdoor grilling, camping, tailgating, or picnic events.

The grill grates are cast iron, so they’ll get better with every use. Stainless steel burner ensures even heating, and the ignition system is super easy with a twist-start.

Things we like
  • Easily portable with two wheels beneath the stand
  • Perfect for camping, picnics, tailgating, and any outdoor grilling activity
  • Side shelves and grease tray ensures that you can have clean and mess-free cooking
Things we didn't like
  • The grill only has one burner

9. Coleman RoadTrip Stand-Up Propane Grill

  • Advanced Technology: The burners are made using advanced technology that will give 20% better control over the temperature.
  • Three Temperature Zone: With three burners, you get three different temperature zones. Talk about precision!
  • Easily Portable: Designed for ultimate portability, the legs fold easily, and the wheels let you drag the grill like a suitcase.
  • Interchangeable Surface: Unlike most grills, you can change the grill grates with a griddle. Cook diverse food using different surfaces.

Very few small grills feature three burners. 3 different burners mean that you can better control the heat and create different zones for different grilling types. You can create an indirect and low heat zone as well as a high-heat direct zone.

With a 285-square inch cooking surface, you can easily accommodate delicious grilled food for everyone in a gathering. The legs and wheels will set up super quickly so you can get to your cooking without wasting any time.

No match is needed. One push, and the grill is lit. An in-built thermometer just makes everything else better.

Things we like
  • The interchangeable surface will let you cook diverse grill dishes
  • Easily foldable legs and wheels provide a better portability
  • Three burners offer more precise temperature control
Things we didn't like
  • Carrying the grill up the stairs can be a bit difficult

10. Cuisinart Full-Size Four-Burner Gas Grill

  • Four Burners: Now, you can have more precise heat control over your food because this grill features four burners.
  • Side Tables: Make your grilling preparation easier with two side tables. Fold them away when not needed.
  • Ample Cooking Surface: Cook for everyone at once because this grill has a cooking surface of 443 square inches. And an additional 167 square inches warming rack.
  • Grease Tray: A drip to catch all your extra oil and make your cooking cleaner.

Four burners, with a large cooking area. This grill from Cuisinart is portable and large at the same time. If you’re thinking outdoor grilling, you’re thinking about this full-sized grill.

There are features like side trays, warming rack, large cooking area, and a grease tray to win your heart. All of them combine into a perfectly designed gas grill you can use to cook your heart’s content.

Four burners mean you get to control the heat better, and better heat control leads to a perfect dish. The cooking grates are made of heavy-duty cast iron, and the lid is stainless steel. Moreover, there’s a built-in thermometer for easy monitoring and controlling.

Things we like
  • Cast iron cooking grates will grant you a smooth cooking experience
  • A large cooking surface can cook for everyone on an occasion
  • Extra features like a warming rack, side tray, and drip tray make your cooking more convenient
Things we didn't like
  • It may not be suitable for a small patio or balcony


Advantages of A Small Gas Grill

The primary advantage of a small gas grill is quite obvious, its small size. They can be placed in a smaller, more enclosed space where a larger traditional gas grill would be too large.

Another advantage is its portability. Small gas grills are often small enough to be easily transported and can be taken on family outings such as camping, the park, or the beach.

The third advantage is its price. Expect to pay much less for a small gas grill compared to larger traditional counterparts. This makes them a good choice for students or those on a budget.

The ultimate advantage of small gas grills is that they use less fuel than traditional gas grills. Due to the smaller cooking surface, you can expect it to use much less gas for cooking than a large grill.


Gas Vs Electric Small Grill, Which is Better?

If you live in an apartment that doesn’t allow you to grill using direct flame, an electric grill is a great alternative. Electric grills use electricity to heat the elements that cook the meat. There’s no direct fire involved in this process. They can be used both outdoors and indoors. Sometimes they are small enough to fit on a kitchen countertop.

The main disadvantage of an electric grill is the difference in taste compared to a gas or charcoal grill. Since you don’t get the smoky flavor you would get from meat cooked over an open fire, you may notice a vast difference.

So, as long as you are using an open flame, a gas grill is undoubtedly better than an electric grill because you’ll get better flavors.


What Is The Best Way To Clean A Small Gas Grill?

If the cooking grates and the drip tray are dishwasher safe, you can simply use that to clean the grates. As for the outer part, wipe it with a wet cloth dipped in warm water.

If the grates aren’t dishwasher safe, wipe them with a wet cloth too. Or you can always check the instruction manual for the recommended washing procedure.

It’s always a good idea to check the manual because different gas grills come with different features. Some of them are dishwasher safe, and some of them require special hand washing techniques.

To sum up, the cleaning procedure depends on which gas grill you are using.


Things to Consider While Buying The Small Gas Grill

Small gas grills come in varieties of shapes, sizes, features. Which one is perfect for you? If you’re confused after going through the list, check the following things before coming to a decision.


All grills in this list are portable. But how portable do you want it to be? Do you need a small and light grill you can carry effortlessly? Or do you need a bigger one?

If you do outdoor grills very often with many people, you should consider a grill that’s large even though it’s a bit tough to carry. A smaller grill will be easier to carry but won’t hold much food.

Cooking Surface

Depending on your cooking frequency, see if you need a larger surface or a smaller one. If you often cook for large gatherings, go for a larger cooking area. If you cook for yourself or 2 to 4 people, a smaller grill will be a better choice for you.

Grill Size

You should determine the grill size depending on a few aspects. Your apartment size, of course, plays a role here. Even if you are buying the grill for outdoor activities, you’ll have to store it inside your home. Think this through before buying one.

Not all apartments have large patios, balconies, or garages to store a grill. So, make sure you measure how much space you have for your grill before you buy one.


Additional features like a warming rack, drip tray, side tables are nothing to ignore. Some users value them more than the core benefits. So, if you want them, your gas grill choice will vary depending on these features. Some of them come with these features, whereas others don’t.

Get your facts straight and decide which one you want to go for.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Type of Fuel Can You Use?
When cooking with a gas grill, you can either use a propane tank or the natural gas line to use as fuel. Other than gas grilling, charcoal, pellet, and electric grilling use coal, wood pellet, and electricity as fuels, respectively.
What Type of Gas Should I Use with a Gas Grill?
You should use propane with a gas grill. You can also use your natural gas line to run your gas grill. Both fuels are compatible with a gas grill.
Are Gas Grills Better than Charcoal Grills?
It depends on what basis you’re comparing these two. If we’re talking about strong flavors and high temperatures, charcoal beats gas. On the other hand, a gas grill is easier than charcoal to cook with, easy to control, and clean.
Can I Hook up Natural Gas to My Propane Grill?
If your grill is compatible with the dual-fuel method, you can hook up natural gas to your propane grill. Check your instruction manual for this information. You’ll need a conversion kit to use natural gas.
Are You Allowed to Grill where You Live?
Grilling rules vary from one place to another. Also, the type of grill you are using also determines whether you can use it inside the apartment or not. Some places allow you to use grills even with direct heat, and some may not even allow the electric ones. You should check with your owner or area rules to make sure you are allowed to grill where you live.
How Long Should a Gas Grill Last?
Depending on the size, structure, and price, a gas grill should last between 5 to 15 years. However, most people throw their grill out only after using them for 3 years on average.
Is a Gas Grill worth the Cost?
A gas grill will save you time, decrease your hassle and give you precise temperature control over your food. Also, they don’t cost much, so yes, gas grills are definitely worth the cost.


Final Words

We can tell you all about the best small gas grills. But in the end, it comes down to you which one you want. Grilling becomes a lot more fun when you have the right equipment. In this era where everyone is on the run, a portable grill becomes a must-have tool for our day-to-day life.

Instead of wasting your money on a grill due to lack of information, it’s time to do your research and make the right choice. We’ve tried our best to make your buying decision easier. The rest is up to you.

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