What Kind of Coffee Grinder Is Best for Cold Brew?

We bet you are trying to make the perfect cold brew to enjoy at home. But it’s not easy to grind your coffee perfectly for your cup of joe and definitely not easy to find the perfect grinder. But we came with the solution you are looking for and more. So just stop stressing out about the coffee grinder.

So, the core question is, what kind of coffee grinder is best for cold brew? Burr grinders and blade grinders are very good options for your cold brew. But manual coffee grinders, electric coffee grinders, and blenders are good options too.

We have covered a lot more on cold brew, let’s jump into the article and get to learn about those right away.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

You may think cold brew coffee is some sort of cold or iced coffee, but it’s not. The name cold brew comes from the fact that the coffee is prepared with cold or room temperature water and steeping coffee in for 8 to 12 hours. This coffee has a bigger coffee to water ratio than the regular ones you usually drink. That’s why the coffee is more aromatic and it has a sweet taste.

Usually, regular drip coffee that you drink has a coffee to water ratio of 1:16. Whereas cold brew has a much higher coffee to water ratio of 1:8 or 1:9 and that is why the coffee is very strong. You can steep the coffee into the water from 8 to 12hrs depending on the taste you want to retrieve from the coffee.


Does Grinder Matter For Cold Brew?

Definitely, yes. You need coarsely ground coffee for making cold brew. Because the coarse coffee grounds enhance the taste of the cold brew. That’s why grinder matters while you make cold brew coffee for yourself.

If you have coffee grounds that are larger in size, it means they have come in contact with less friction and heat of the grinder which is very good. But finer grounds are more exposed to heat and friction which takes the essential oils out of the coffee.

These essential oils contain the taste of the coffee in a huge portion and even if you steep your cold brew for a longer time, you can not retrieve the taste you were looking for in your coffee.

So, for the best cold brew experience, a grinder does matter. Try to pick the best grinder for your cold brew coffee.


What Kind of Coffee Grinder Is Best for Cold Brew?

A good coffee grinder can bring a drastic change to your coffee drinking experience. Because the size of your coffee ground has a magical impact on the taste of your coffee.

But not all grinders are good for cold brew. Burr and blade coffee grinders are best for cold brew. Grinders with the extra coarse setting will be perfect for the best cold brew experience.

Let’s discuss below which coffee grinders are best for cold brew coffee.

Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual coffee grinders are widely used, affordable, and way more popular than electric grinders. But as it is manual, you will need to do the grinding with your hands.

And this process can be quite time-consuming as you will have to do the work by your hand. Also, you will need to figure out on your own how long do you need to grind the coffee to get your desired texture.

You can even use a rolling pin as your manual coffee grinder but it will take you a lot of time to learn how long you need to grind to get the perfect ground size for your cold brew.

Coffee Grinder

Electric Coffee Grinder

Electric grinders are very popular for grinding coffee because they come with various levels of coffee grinding settings. It is very easy to put your coffee ground into the grinder and just stand there till it’s done.

But it is very important to look out for the fact that you don’t over or under extract your coffee. Otherwise, your coffee might taste bitter or salty.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders are the easiest option out there to grind your coffee. Blade grinders are pretty user-friendly and they won’t put a hole in your pocket either.

You just need to stand there and push the button on the grinder and press stop once you are happy with the grind.

Blade grinders are low maintenance as well as pretty handy. So, you can move it around all the time.

Burr Grinders

Even though blade grinders are very easy and handy to use, burr grinders are always better than the blade ones because of their grinding ability. There are two different burrs in the grinder moving in the opposite direction and that is very helpful in grinding your coffee faster.

You can use it in any kind of coffee you want to make, so it is just as good for your cold brew coffee. But as the grinder comes with very capable burrs, this type of grinder is not cheap.

They can be pricey, but it will be worth it when you experience your cold brew after grinding your coffee in the burr grinders.

Blender Coffee Grinders

Blender types have bullets inside them that help grind your coffee faster. But you may grind it finer than you need so make sure you are not grinding your coffee for a long time.

The only issue with using the blender is you will need to clean it thoroughly every time you use it. Otherwise, it is a good option for your cold brew.

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What Number Do You Grind For Cold Brew Coffee?

We can say without any doubt that the size of the coffee ground determines the taste of the coffee. So, when you are grinding your coffee grounds, make sure you are keeping them to the right ground size. Cold-brew requires medium to coarse coffee grounds for the perfect taste and experience.

Normally, the grinding level of 9-10 out of 10 is recommended for your cold brew coffee. It is important to keep your ground size to this level otherwise your coffee might not taste good even though you are using the best coffee grinder out there. Do not try to over or under extract your coffee ground. It plays a very important role in retrieving the desired taste from your coffee.

If you over-extract your coffee, the grounds will be too fine and your coffee will taste bitter, hollow, and tasteless. On the other hand, if you under extract your coffee, your coffee grounds will be too coarse and your coffee will taste sour and salty and it will also make you bloated.

So, try to grind your coffee grounds to the perfect level. Otherwise, you will just start to hate coffee because you failed to make it in the right way.

Coffee Grinder

What Is The Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee?

Many people might think cold brew and iced coffee might be the same because it has “cold” in the name. But the idea is completely wrong. Let’s see the following chart to understand the differences between these two coffees.

Characteristics Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Preparation Prepared by soaking the coffee grounds in cold/ room temperature water for several hours. Made by cooling down regular coffee and adding ice after that.
Coffee to water ratio 1:8 1:16
Taste Strong and sweet Light and bitter
Acidity level Lower Higher
Serving Milk and sugar can be added if preferred. Ice is added after cooling down regular coffee.

The core difference between cold brew and iced coffee is made by hot brewed regular coffee. Whereas cold brew doesn’t require any heat during its preparations. And as a result of not using heat for cold Brew it comes out naturally sweet and of lower acidity and on the other hand, iced coffee has a higher level of acidity with a taste of bitterness.

The preparation is completely different between these two coffees. Cold brew is made with cold or room temperature water but ice is added later into regular hot coffee while making iced coffee. Cold brew is much stronger than iced coffee because of its higher coffee to water ratio than iced coffee.

You can add milk and sugar to your cold brew coffee if you don’t take your coffee black. But iced coffee doesn’t require any milk. Sugar can be added according to your preference and obviously, ice is added afterward.


Is Cold Brew Healthier Than Regular Coffee?

Yes, absolutely. This thought came to your mind because cold brew is made by steeping your water into water for a long time but it’s completely fine. Cold-brew is not exactly healthier than regular coffee, they have the same effect on your body.

But consuming too much coffee is obviously not good for health so keep that factor in mind while you are having coffee of any sort.


Can You Use Fine Grind For Cold Brew?

Yes, you can. But it will affect the taste of your cold brew coffee on a huge level. Using fine-grind coffee affects the filtration process of coffee making.

Because of the fine grind, the coffee grounds don’t let water pass through the filter and cause over-extraction. And we have already mentioned that over-extraction leads to the bitter taste of your coffee.

Another problem with using fine-grind coffee is, because of the finer grounds, sediments can pass through the filter with the coffee grounds and that can not be healthy for you.

So, try not to use fine-grind coffee for your cold brew. It won’t taste good and definitely not good for your health.



Hope you found out what kind of coffee grinder is best for your cold brew from our article. Now you can choose the perfect grinder for your cold brew and start making your cup of joe.

But keep in mind that consuming too much coffee isn’t a healthy practice for you. It even triggers migraines which can make you go crazy. So, always try to keep your coffee intake to the minimum level.

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