10 Best Coffee Grinders for French Press (For Maximum Taste with Aroma!)

Who doesn’t like a healthy dose of pure french press knock-up in the morning straight out of bed? It recharges you up and sets the tone for an immensely productive day!

And to achieve that, every day, you’d have to find out the best coffee grinders for french press, which may not be the most straightforward task to be performed in these overly crowded markets, filled up with untested, substandard products. That’s why we have filtered through a list of quality coffee grinder that works best for your delicious french press in the morning.

Our Top Pick of Best Coffee Grinders

  1. Best Double Vacuum Coffee Press : Stanley French Press
    Designed with double vacuum insulation, this French Press not only allows you to make an amazing cup of Joe!
  2. Best Travel-Friendly Grinder: Triple Tree Manual Coffee Grinder
    Offering almost the same level of precision grinding without any power, this is the ultimate tour grinder you can get!
  3. Top Durable French Press: Bialetti 6860 Preziosa Stainless Steel 3-Cup French Press
    A premium French press built using a sophisticated 18/10 durable stainless steel for lasting use!
  4. Best Easily Operable: Bodum Bistro Grinder
    For those who lack technological understanding, this easy-to-use, user-friendly grinder should be the perfect match!
  5. Best Performance: Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
    Comes with the ultimate, unparalleled performance record that can outshine almost any grinder!
  6. Best Overall Blade Grinder: Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder
    Offers an unbelievably quieter operation experience, out of the world, stainless steel blade quality offers professional grinding performance, and all these come at a weight of 1.3 lbs only!
  7. Best Balanced French Press: Bodum Java French Press Coffee Maker
    Coming with a medium serving size and multi-layered filtration technology, this one is a more balanced pick for a french press.
  8. Best Lightweight Coffee Maker: Bodum COLUMBIA Coffee Maker
    Coming at only 0.6 kg, this is undoubtedly one of the best travel-friendly coffee-making devices you can get right now!
  9. Best Adjustability: KRUPS Precision Grinder
    Coming with an unbelievable 19 different grind settings, this one gives you a large array of different presets to experiment.
  10. Best Manual Grinder: JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder
    Comes with all the amenities of the electric grinder; it gives the best manual grinding performance that few can match!

Best Coffee Grinders in a Video Review

Best Coffee Grinders for French Press

Here in our intricately comprehensive guide, we’ll try to go through some of the best coffee grinders for espresso that you may want to have for a perfect sip of french press. Let’s find out!

1. Stanley French Press

  • Increased Capacity: Coming with two layers of naturally BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel walls to provide superior insulation The mesh plunger is strong enough to keep animals in their field but fine enough to keep grounds out of your cup.
  • Product Weight: At around 1.5 pounds, this device has a moderate weight.
  • Materials: The borosilicate glass construction is something that’d protect the device even while the coffee is being brewed at an extreme heat level. Plus, the premium stainless steel outer finish offers incredible looks and durability, and the entire item is dishwasher safe making it much more convenient in terms of cleaning.

We are starting with the Stanley French Press. If you’re looking for a standard french press experience, then this can be a good add-on.

Why? Well, the first reason is this sophisticated mechanism comes equipped with the dual-layer filtration technology involved. This multi-filtering process would strain the coffee to such an extent that you only get the purest coffee extraction. This results in a mouth-watering cup of coffee which recharges you instantly.

Plastic is the reason behind many life-threatening diseases, but this intricate device is entirely plastic-free in its construction, making food safe. Washing the filters can seem to be slightly painful because of the hardened steel used on them. But, overall, it’s a quality device you can go ahead with.

Things we like
  • Offers an intricate dual-layer extraction for an absolute refined taste
  • Plastic-free construction makes it safer for human consumption
  • Borosilicate glass lets you brew at extreme temperature without breaking
  • Stainless steel finish offers the durable shine you always wanted
Things we didn't like
  • The harsh steel filter can be painful to clean

2. Triple Tree – Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Lightweight: Coming at only 1.5 pounds, you should carry it wherever you desire without much struggle.
  • Grind Setting: You get both fine or coarse grinding adjustments in this device. As a result, you can brew all sorts of coffee, starting from Espresso to French Press and Pour Overs and other brew methods.
  • Capacity: Medium-sized 5.5 oz glasses can hold a considerable amount of ground beans which you can use while traveling and camping without an issue.

At the second spot, we have something different to talk about. This time it’s a hand coffee grinder! Let’s find out how this works.

One good thing about this coffee grinder is that you get to take it anywhere you want without the worry of being connected to a power source 24/7. It’s a manual grinder which you can operate with your hand, and no power is needed. As a result, it provides you self-sufficiency, especially in off-grid locations.

Furthermore, being a manual grinder, unlike the electric Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder, it features more refined and sophisticated grinding potentials. The conical burrs present in the device would maintain the even and uniform bean particles after grinding, which would result in a smooth, delicious cup of coffee.

This burr grinder generates a maintained heat during the process and helps preserve the core flavors of the coffee for a more authentic taste. Getting the coffee ground using your hand may seem tiring, and more brew time apart from that, it should do the job!

Things we like
  • Power-free operation lets you take it to camp and off-grid trips
  • Burr grinding retains the authentic flavor
  • Uniform, even grinding for a better taste
  • Different grind setting allows you different coffee from Espresso to Pour Overs
Things we didn't like
  • It May seem a bit tiring to do it manually

3. Bialetti 6860 Preziosa Stainless Steel 3-Cup French Press

  • Cup Size: Offers a medium serving with 3 cups of coffee
  • Lightweight: This French press is incredibly lightweight at only 0.8 pounds in weight, making it a compact item to carry wherever you want.
  • Color: It uses natural clear glass, which is supported by the silver-colored stainless steel base
  • Dishwasher Safe/Disassemble: The french press, unlike many kitchen items, is a safe dishwasher item. So, it reduces the chore of self-cleaning after each serving. The item can also be disassembled if you want an easy, thorough cleaning properly.

At the third spot, another quality French press by Bialetti. Time to unravel its secret! The first thing that we’d be talking about is the material that has been used. Made using a professional-grade 18/10 stainless steel compound, this french press is exceptionally durable and should offer a lasting service without a doubt!

Moreover, this one is equipped with an intricately manufactured exemplary mesh filtration mechanism. This sophisticated filter would offer you the refined taste of a French press without the grounds being present in the coffee. It’s also dishwasher safe, which makes it relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Finally, the item comes backed with an unbelievable two-year-long warranty scheme by Bialetti. The beaker may seem a bit fragile, which is why we’d suggest you be a bit careful with it. But all in all, this is the pure quality you can go ahead with any time.

Things we like
  • Superior grade filters offer the most refined French press taste
  • No ground particles present in the coffee for ultra smoothness
  • Highly durable 18/10 stainless steel base for added durability
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain
Things we didn't like
  • The beaker is a bit too fragile

4. Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder

  • Lightweight Compact Design: Despite being an electronic device, this grinder comes with a weight of only 1.66 lbs. With its compact design, you can travel with it.
  • Large Capacity: Although it’s small, the device would offer enough grinding with which you can prepare coffee for eight individuals.
  • Grinder Type: It’s a blade grinder that runs entirely on electricity and offers both fine and coarse ground.

Are you looking for a quality coffee grinding session? Well then, this Bodum electric grinder is something for you! For automatic and highly adjustable coarse and fine grinding, this is something you should go for.

Further, the blade grinder is backed up by the potent 150W motor, which would offer an effortless and efficient grinding without wasting much time. It’s not like the manual Triple Tree – Manual Coffee Grinder. That’s why easy operation using both pulse and continuous grinding mechanisms makes it simple and much less complicated for anyone to operate.

Designed small, compact with smart cord storage, this takes up a small space-saving room in the kitchen and is significantly travel-friendly as a result. It can be prone to quick wearing, so we’d ask you to use it lightly for extended use.

Apart from minor issues like that, if you’re looking for a quality coffee grinder for pour-over reviews, it should be a quality basic coffee grinder you can start with!

Things we like
  • A highly adjustable device offers both fine and coarse ground for your desired coffee variant
  • Powered by a robust 150W motor, this blade grinder offers you intricate coffee grounding at a quicker speed
  • Simple and easy operating techniques with pulse and continuous method
  • Compact and lightweight design saves space
Things we didn't like
  • Can be prone to wear due to heavy use

5. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

  • Capacity/Serving Size: If you need a grinder at home to serve large crowds, then this is the item you should go for. This large coffee grinder offers enough ground for an unbelievable 32 cups of the French press.
  • Heavy Item: At around 4.5 pounds, this is strictly made for indoor usage.
  • Timing: Automatic timer setting is also available in it with an electric timer which instantly shuts down itself when the operation is complete

Are you a serious coffee aficionado who likes to ground his own coffee for the purest French press? This unbelievably well-received Cuisunart’s Coffee Grinder is here to offer you just that!

The even and uniform bean particles would go for an intricate extraction process, resulting in a creamy, delicious, and rich french press taste, thanks to its highly effective conical burr grinding. This device features a highly individualized coffee grinding and user-preferred taste with an astounding 18 different settings from coarse to extra fine.

One thing you need to know before going ahead is its noise. It may seem a bit too loud during the operation, which is not an issue for the premium Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder. But, other than that, Cuisinart’s Burr Grinder is undoubtedly one of the best commercial coffee grinders you can get now!

Things we like
  • Comes with a sophisticated burr grinding technology that offers extraordinary service for a delicious French press
  • With 18 different settings, users can personally design how they want their French press to be
  • Can ground an ample supply at once for future use, saving time
  • Timer setting can automatically shut down the device when done for extra convenience
Things we didn't like
  • It can seem a bit too noisy during use

6. Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder

  • Moderate Capacity: it offers enough ground so you can prepare French press for 12 individuals. It should be okay for a medium gathering.
  • Weight: It’s incredibly light as an electric grinder at only 1.3 pounds.
  • Compact Design: Highly ergonomic compact design with cord storage; this is by far one of the smallest yet effective coffee grinders you can travel with.
  • Blade Material: Blade is made using superior-grade stainless steel. As a result, they’re less prone to rust and tear while offering a powerful performance, on the other hand.

Want the best coffee grinders for Pour Over or French press? Well, then you’re perhaps at the right place. The luxury manufacturer Hamilton Beach’s coffee grinder can offer precise coffee bean ground with its heavy-duty, superior grade stainless steel blades.

Despite its decisive and rapid action, the grinder is relatively quiet and features a sound grinding operation without noise. But it’s a blade grinder, unlike its burr grinding counterpart Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill.

Ergonomic design with cord storage is undoubtedly one of the most compact coffee grinders you can go ahead with! Furthermore, you can completely disassemble the grounding chamber from the device for better cleaning and pouring the beans properly.

If used as completely as an indoor grinder, this may seem slightly smaller with less capacity. But, on the whole, this intelligent device is undoubtedly one of the best coffee grinders for the french press you can find!

Things we like
  • Comes with one of the quietest operations for a trouble-free simple grinding
  • Sturdy, durable stainless steel blade offers precise and measured grinding
  • Ergonomic design with cord holder makes it highly compact, saving space
  • Light and compact, this device is highly traveling friendly
Things we didn't like
  • Capacity could be a bit larger

7. Bodum Java French Press Coffee Maker

  • Balanced Weight: Weighing around 2.1 pounds, this french press is more on the balanced side, not too heavy nor too light.
  • Medium Serving: Offering 32 oz of coffee capacity, this one can be a quality item for a moderate serving of 4-5 individuals.
  • Dishwasher Safe: The French press is designed to be dishwasher safe. So no need to worry about manually washing it every time you use it.

Got your ground coffee ready? Well, it’s time for some pure and refined French press deliciousness. Bodum’s Java press is something that can offer you this desired taste; let’s find out!

Why would you get the best French press with this device? Well, because this one has an incredibly sophisticated filtration system. Coming with a triple-layered stainless steel filter, this would only pump out the rich and pure extract of the coffee resulting in a creamy delight that you’d always expect from the ideal cup of the French press.

With this intelligent design, you won’t even need the paper filters either as a result, you’d have the natural aromatic flavors without the waste.

It also comes with a safety lid technology that has been patented and reduces spilling during the press. The plastic frame of the item may seem a bit off-putting to some. But on the whole, this is a stunning piece you can go for any time.

Things we like
  • Three-layered stainless steel filtration mechanism offers uniquely rich and creamy French press delight
  • Patented secure lid for a quick and spill-free press
  • No paper filters required resulting in authentic aromatic flavors
  • Being dishwasher safe, you won’t require much manual hassle
Things we didn't like
  • Plastic frames may not be liked by many users

8. Bodum COLUMBIA Coffee Maker

  • Small Serving Size: With 17oz of serving size, it would be enough for 4 cups of French for a little gathering.
  • Lightweight build: It’s almost unbelievable that this stainless steel coffee maker weighs only 0.6 kilograms
  • Material: Sturdy stainless steel finish gives it a stunning look as well as improves durability. But the press components have plastic elements to them.

Here is another premium class French press by the highly recognized Bodum! Let’s find out how it can deliver an authentic taste.

The main reason why you’d be desiring to get this beauty is because of intelligent outer design. The entire mechanism is covered using stainless steel, which keeps your French press warm for two long hours after brewing! So you can prepare the coffee when you get the call and serve right away when the friends arrive!

The mesh filtration offers a purified taste of the soft and subtle aromas and distinct flavors in each mug! Moreover, they’ve their previously mentioned patented safety lid design which would prevent any spilling after processing.

Plastic components in the press may raise the alarm for some. But, all in all, this is one of the best coffee grinders for the french press you can go for!

Things we like
  • Stunning stainless steel enclosed outer design keeps the coffee hot for long
  • Extended durability for long-term usage
  • Mesh filtration system persevere the intricate aromas and subtle flavors for a rich and creamy taste
  • Unique lid design prevents any spilling during the press
Things we didn't like
  • Plastic components in the press can be seen as unfavorable by many

9. KRUPS Precision Grinder

  • Large Capacity: 8 ounce whole coffee bean hopper and removable grounds container have the capacity to produce grinds for 30-32 cups of coffee
  • Adjustment Options: Offers an astonishing 12 grind setting for the absolutely stunning texture, rich and creamy aroma in French press.
  • Easy Maintenance: The burrs are removable, while the added brush can be utilized for easy cleaning purposes.
  • Premium Burr : Metallic flat burr coffee grinder provides full control over the grind size and uniform grinding for the full coffee flavor.

Here in the concluding parts of our long and detailed guide, we have here another tremendously well-accepted bean grinding equipment that you can rely upon.

First, Sally’s extremely precise infinity conical burr grinding technology would offer you a professional level smooth grinding experience for a richly flavored, aromatic French press, relatively similar to the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill.

This sturdy SS burr ensures that none of the essential oils are lost during the grinding process, and you get the utmost satisfaction you desire from the purest French press. This FDA, ETL endorsed premium grinder comes with a powerful motor and auto-completion-shutdown mechanism that makes it incredibly convenient!

The extreme noise level would be an irritation for many, but all in all, this the best coffee grinders for French press you can go ahead with.

Things we like
  • Sophisticated conical burr offers a precise grinding for authentic aromatic taste
  • Preserve the unique, essential oils and subtle flavors for the thick, buttery french press
  • Auto-shutdown feature reduces makes it super-convenient
  • Comes with surprising 19 different ground settings for a more individualized taste preference
Things we didn't like
  • Increased noise can be an issue

10. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Setting

  • Ultra Lightweight: Weighing only 9.4 ounces, this is by far the lightest grinder on the list and should undoubtedly be unbelievably traveling friendly
  • Variable Setting: It offers 18 different grinds presets for personalized taste
  • Material: This has a quality stainless steel outer finish as well as stainless steel blades inside. So you can rely upon the durability of this item as a whole!

Finally, we have the luxury JavaPresse manual coffee grinder to end our guide. This one is by far one of the best manual coffee grinder you can go for. Let’s find out why.

Despite being a manual grinder, this one has an astonishing 18 different coarseness settings, which would allow you to tune the ground beans to your desired particle size for a personalized taste.

As you grind using your own hand, it’s completely power-independent, so no more cords, nor do you need any batteries, and it is incredibly travel-friendly for long campings and off-grid trips. It uses a removable hand crank mechanism that eliminates the extreme noise caused by the regular electric grinders.

Finally, their self-patented ceramic burrs are incredibly durable, which features a lasting and secure usage! It will always pose some challenges with hand grinding, incredibly when you’re grounding for an extended period. But, all things considered, if you’re looking for the best coffee grinders for French press that works manually, then this one is surely worth a try!

Things we like
  • Not dependent on any power or batteries
  • Extremely lightweight and suited for travel purposes
  • A surprising number of grind presets for fine to coarse grinds
  • Noise-reduction technologies make it more fun to work with it
Things we didn't like
  • It can seem slightly tiring working on it


Types of Coffee Grinder

Throughout the entire guide, you have seen that we talked about different types of grinders, so you may be wondering what it’s all about? Well, here are the different types of grinders that are available right now!

1. Manual grinders

Manual grinders are the ones that are usually lightweight, small, compact, and most important, work manually. That means you can grind it with your hand.

The built-in mechanism and more extended handle make it easy to roll with your hand while the beans are grounded. In addition, it doesn’t require any battery or other power, so you can travel with it.

2. Electric grinders

Electric grinders are the typical grinders that you see in homes or restaurants. As the name suggests, they run on electric power and automatic. As a result, they grind better and effortlessly.

You can also grind quicker with professional-grade quality using electric grinders. But they may seem slightly louder than their manual counterparts. Moreover, they’re heavier and larger in dimensions which makes most of them completely immobile.

Yet, on the whole, they’re more efficient and better performers for indoor use.

3. Stainless Steel Grinders

This mainly refers to the inner blades. Those grinders which have a stainless steel blade are known as SS grinders.

They’re usually highly sharp and precise, especially in the beginning phase of their operations. But, after some time, they may slightly lose that sharpness and get a bit heated, which may reduce the flavor.

4. Ceramic Grinders

Much contrary to the stainless steel counterparts, the ceramic grinders will start off as not much sharp. But they will not lose their sharpness either. It also conducts a lot less heat than the stainless one, which will preserve the taste and the flavor better.

Furthermore, the compound ceramic doesn’t rust, making it incredibly durable and last for more prolonged usage.


What is the difference Between a Manual Grinder and an Electric Grinder

Manual and electric grinders may use similar working mechanisms, but they have more differences than meets the eye. Let’s look at some!

Travel Friendliness

Manual grinders are by far the most travel-friendly; they’re lightweight and run without power. But, at the same time, the Electric ones are totally power-dependent and weigh much more.


Manual grinders are also better in the case of affordability. They’re a lot less expensive than their electric counterparts. So, they’re the winner in this part as well.

Ease of Use

Well, Electric grinders, in this case, are far more accessible and comfortable to use than manual ones, which require some muscles to operate. And it can get tiring.

Quality of the Grind

Due to the consistency of electric power. Naturally, the electric grinders have the edge in terms of offering an even, uniform grind. At the same time, the manual ones may sometimes result in an inconsistent grind.


What is the difference between Blade and burr grinders

Here are some of the differences between blade and burr grinders:

The Way They Work

Just as the name suggests, the blade grinder is meant to cut or chop the beans into tiny minuscule pieces backed up by a potent motor.

What is a burr grinder then? Burr grinders come with two revolving burrs, and the coffee is crushed between them for uniform grinding.


This is the most critical factor that everyone looks at. Burr grinder, in most cases, offers a better, more consistent grind size, even bean particle. While the blade grinder can also feature similar results, but they may not be as precise as their burr counterparts.

Affordability and Convenience

Blade grinders are both more affordable and convenient than the two. Burr grinders, because of their positive reputation, get to be ahead in the market.


How to Grind Coffee Beans for French Press

Getting the right sort of coffee bean grinding can be a challenge, especially when you need a perfect cup of a French press. Let’s find out how you can do this.

What Sort of Grind?

It gets easier when you know what sort of grinding is required for the French press. For example, if you want quality French press coffee, you’d have to stick to a coarse grind. Because if you get finer grounds, the tiny bean particles would pass through the filtration mechanism and cause a build-up beneath the mug.

While the coarser ground would have larger particles that will get stuck on the filter and slowly drip the purer extract for the ideal French press coffee.

Use Your Adjustment Setting

Each grinder right now has an adjustment setting that lets you pick and choose the sort of bean particles you want to achieve through grinding. A lighter grind would provide coarser particles, while a heavy grinding session would result in finer, smaller bean particles. Select the coarse adjustment to grind.

There would be different levels inside the coarse adjustment as well. We’d suggest you experiment with 2-3 levels of coarse grinding to pick the one that tastes perfect and use that further on!

Cleaning And Maintenance

Maintenance of the grinder is another critical factor. Let’s look at some tips.


First, clean the handle and the hopper by rinsing. Most of the time, the ground catcher would harvest oils and similar slimy things. In that case, you can rinse it too.

In terms of burrs, we’d suggest you use a Q tip dipped in a soapy solution and slowly rub away the tiny particles on top of it.


Electric grinders, especially the motor and electrical parts, should be kept away from water. Instead, open up the removable parts like the holder and similar components and give them a good wash by hand using hot water.

Use a brush to take off the stuck bean particles slowly. Next, use a damp cloth to rub against the blades and the lid firmly. And finally, dry them using a clean cloth.


Buying Guide to Get the Best Coffee Grinders for French Press

Here, we’d like to provide you with some essential buying guide tips so you can own an ideal grinder for quality French press every day.

Large Adjustment Potential

You’d need quality adjustment options. Usually, the French press requires coarser bean particles. If you want the right sort of ground, you must have extended adjustment possibilities to do so.

Powerful Motor

This is another critical issue to check. For optimum grinding possibilities, you’d need a powerful gear reduction motor that functions quickly, fast, and with the utmost strength. So, make sure the device is powered using a robust motor.

Noiseless Operation

Another critical consideration is the noise. Heightened noise levels can irritate you and also others living with you. So, it’s better to go for one that offers operating techniques with the slightest noise.

Grinder Type

Blade grinders are convenient and affordable, while burrs are more effective performers. Further, the electric ones are heavy, immobile, but easy to use. While the manual ones are lightweight, travel friendly, yet slightly challenging for continuous use. So, pick and choose these categories based on your own preferences and demands.


Frequently Asked Questions of Best Coffee Grinders

What Makes the Perfect Grinder for French Press Coffee?
One that can get your quality coarse grinding with the least noise and faster pace is perhaps the best grinder for French press coffee.
Can I Grind Coffee Beans in My Blender or Food Processor?
Blender may not be the right option, but a food processor can undoubtedly be used for grinding coffee beans.
Are Ceramic Burrs Better than Steel?
Yes, they are more durable and tougher than steel ones.
What Is the Best Way to Make French Press Coffee less Bitter?
Using lightly roasted beans is the best way you can make the coffee less bitter.
What Is the Best Dark Roast Coffee for French Press?
You can go for the Fresh Roasted or any other quality organic dark roast coffee for a better-tasting French press.


To Sum Up of Best Coffee Grinders

Finally, we’re at the conclusive part of our journey. In this exclusively long guide, we talked about some of the best grinder for french press coffee geeks. On top of that, we also enumerated some French press devices that you can use for optimum taste!

Moreover, we answered vital questions and provided you with a practical guideline to get the best coffee grinders for french press. There are no alternatives to personal coffee grinding for a purer French press.

The design you grind with a touch of elegance and get the delicious flavors added with mind-blowing aromas with each sip. So what’s holding you back? Own the best coffee grinders for French press and brew outstanding cups every time!


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