Are Deadbolts Lock Safe?- Let’s Know The Truth!


The Ways to Unlock a DeadboltMaking sure of having the most secure system will help you to sleep soundly by Deadbolts Lock. We know how it feels if a break-in or burglar case happens to your place.

Deadbolts are used for decades because of its security assurance, efficiency, and many more attractive features. There are several types of deadbolts in the market that are rich in a lot of advantages.

However, if you decide to use the highly secured deadbolts for your doors and are a bit confused about ‘are deadbolts safe?’ Do not worry anymore. Because in this article, we are going to explain all you need to do about this topic.

So, let’s get started. Shall we?

Which Features Make Your Lock Safe?

So, here is one question, which features will tell you that your lock is safe? Remember these keywords:

  • Protection from bump and pick
  • Key override
  • Strength of material

Before you choose a lock for the best protection of your place, make sure these three features are in the lock. These will let you sleep sound.

However, these all are presented in a deadbolt lock. This is why we can shout out that ‘deadbolts are safe!’.

What Makes A Deadbolt More Secure Than Others?

What Makes A Deadbolt More Secure Than OthersHow exceptionally a deadbolt works that we claim is safer than other locks? What makes deadbolts different? Well, the functions of a deadbolt and a regular lock are not the same.

Deadbolts Lock is specially designed to work as burglar-proof. The three main and exceptional parts of a deadbolts lock are:

  • The solid bolt that will slide in and out of your door jam
  • The key cylinder that is accessible from the outside
  • The thumb-turn that will allow control of that bolt from inside your home

This special make-up is only for deadbolts lock. Moreover, deadbolts are made of unbreakable, solid materials (e.g steel, brass, or bronze).

Deadbolts will ensure you a heightened security level because you cannot unlock a deadbolt without rotating the lock cylinder. The more common type of deadbolts use a spring for holding the bolt in place. It allows it to open by forcing into the bolt itself. These all made a deadbolt more resistant to any break-in.

Is There Any Proof that Deadbolt Is Safe?

Is There Any Proof that Deadbolt Is SafeThere are a huge number of homeowners who are satisfactorily using deadbolts for years. But if only words are not enough for you to believe then here you go with an example.

A reputed locksmith company of Colorado, named ‘Front Range Locksmith’ tested several deadbolts.

They went through these ways to test how safe deadbolts are. And, guess what? They got the proof! Experienced locksmiths like them couldn’t do these tasks within a tiny time duration.

So, it’s logical that as they couldn’t make these happen within a reasonable time, any average burglar can’t either. The tests they did are:

Picking a Deadbolt

Though picking is not the most common, it’s undoubtedly the most classic option of breaking in. Yes, it’s like a magical way to break-in even within a second. Two small tools are involved here- one is to apply the turning pressure on the cylinder, and another is to push every tumbler inside until your lock opens.

Raking a Deadbolt

This is similar to the picking process but rather than pushing individually each of the tumblers, there is a tool that has more than one tumbler at the same time. Naturally, it will make the process much faster and easier.

Bumping a Deadbolt

No doubt, lock bumping is the easiest way to COMPROMISE a lock. It doesn’t require any strong skill as you have the special kind of key- bump key! Fortunately, bump keys are hard to get a hold of, yet it’s not impossible. Someone can make these keys in minutes by altering a regular key.

They tested it on two different deadbolts- one for Schlage and one for Kwikset. The set of two bump keys could open around 90% of the locks in America. Yes, that’s scary.

Using a Pick Gun

This manual tool almost looks like a small gun that’s with a long tip. When you insert the tip of that gun into the lock’s cylinder and pull the trigger repeatedly, the lock will unlock.

Drilling a Deadbolt

Drilling a DeadboltThis way is used only when no other way is there for you to unlock a deadbolt. This doesn’t need to explain that this method is widely used by burglars. There are several ways to unlock a deadbolt with a drill machine.

However, there is a key difference between the rest of the methods and drilling a lock- drilling is a destructive way and it always leaves visible damages afterward. The rest of the methods are non-destructive and people can’t even know if someone breaks in.

So, they did these tests and saw that it requires some time that a burglar can be caught.

Worth-mentioning, in the first place, some features prevented them from happening in those five ways. Such as:

  • The security pins of Kwikset deadbolts
  • Drill resistant (the cylinder is harder to drill) of Kwikset SmartKey
  • Pick gun was unsuccessful for Schlage deadbolts
  • 3 security pins of Defiant deadbolts

Additional Security Tips

Here are some additional security tips for you:

  • Your exterior doors must have a deadbolt lock
  • In case you lose your keys, have the locks rekeyed
  • Use an alarm system to make your security system stronger
  • Always keep spare keys with you
  • Do not compromise with the quality of your lock

Which Type Is The Most Secure Deadbolt?

There are a lot of hassles being a homeowner, ensuring the buildings’ security is one of them. But this seems no longer a hassle if you know which lock will give you the strongest security assurance.

Deadbolt is now-a-days widely used because of its great features and unique advantages. Chances are you are looking for a deadbolt that will meet your demands and ensure security.

So, that being said, which type is the most secure deadbolt? Here you go with a series of deadbolts that contain many features. You can easily pick the most secure, and the best fit for you.

Let’s start!

What Features Are Must Be Presented in A Deadbolt?

So, when you can call a deadbolt the most secure? Some characteristics lie in the deadbolt that will ensure you the most security.

When it comes to the security level of your deadbolt lock, make sure that these features are in the lock. Because these are the basic but most important features a deadbolt should have.

Strong Material

It will not be worth the price if the material is not strong enough. Before you buy one, be sure about the components of the deadbolt ( e.g whether it’s made of plastic material or metals).

So, make sure that you are going to have the strongest lock that is made with the best material.

Pick and Bump Protection

You bought the most attractive deadbolt and some days later, a break-in or robbery happened to your place. Would you ever want it? Never! So, you will need something that can assure you of pick and bump protection so that any kind of breaking-in is impossible.

Key Override

Do not skip this feature if you are willing to buy any electronic deadbolt. This feature will offer you the opportunity to replace any keyed locks to keyless models over time and also, you don’t need to change their key systems

Which Deadbolt is The Most Secure for Your Door?

Each deadbolt requires individual qualifications that may match your demand or may not. So, here is a quick rundown of the most common types of deadbolt. See yourself which seems the best fit for your door.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Starting with the most common deadbolt type that has been widely used in residential places. Single-cylinder type is mostly used in main entrances. These deadbolts require a key for locking and unlocking from the outside. Thay feature a thumb-turn that will allow you to unlock and lock from the inside.

  • Time-saving
  • Affordable
  • Efficiency
  • Less security assurance
  • Requires longer time to use
  • Some states listed it as illegal

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

This is almost the same as the single-cylinder deadbolt, the exception is, it requires a key to lock/unlock on the inside. This type is widely used for houses where the entry doors are used to having glass panels.

For this, it will prevent the strangers or burglars from opening your door while they break through the glass.

  • Security assurance
  • Safety assurance
  • Intelligence assurance
  • Not suitable for any kind of door
  • Requires longer time to use
  • Some states listed it as illegal

Keyless DeadboltS Lock

This type of deadbolts will offer you reliability, security, and durability at the same level as the single and double cylinder deadbolts. Moreover, it offers an extra smart feature- a keypad or touchscreen.

You don’t need to handle or carry keys because you can enter using your secret code.

  • No hassle of keys
  • Zero lockout possibility
  • You can trace anyone’s entry
  • Hacking is possible
  • Owner may forget the password
  • Installation is costly

Smart Deadbolts

The latest features met with the smart deadbolts. These are similar to the keyless entry deadbolts but with an extra feature. The extra feature is, you can connect them to your smart home hub or simply to your smartphone to get easy access plus programming.

These deadbolts provide superior security as well as allow you to create a personalized access routine and schedule.

  • Accessibility to the lock remotely
  • No hassle with key
  • Strongest security assurance
  • Installation is costly
  • Power failure can happen
  • Less security assurance

Rim Deadbolts Lock

This one is not widely used but this is exclusively installed (on the inside of the door), rather than the exterior. This lock allows doors to automatically lock themselves once they are closed. But these deadbolts can’t ensure you to give the strongest security system.

  • Inexpensive to replace
  • Easy replacing opportunity
  • Lock automatic once door close
  • No strong security assurance
  • Power failure can happen
  • Difficult installation

Jimmy-Proof or Vertical Deadbolts

This type is great because of providing extra security to your main entrance doors. What extra security? Well, these locks are installed inside the doors (even at the top!) The positioning of this lock at the top of your door makes it unreachable for a stranger or burglar.

  • Extra security
  • Easy installation
  • Eyesore
  • Power failure can happen

Mortise Deadbolts Lock

These locks fit only into the inside of thick doors. To install this lock, your door’s least width needs to be 45 mm or 17 inches. When the door is unlocked, the handles or doorknobs turn to withdraw the latch.

There is a through-spindle (a long rod) that works to link the doorknobs to the body of the lock. Moreover, a threaded lock cylinder will let you unlock the door.

  • Strong security assurance
  • Beautiful to look at
  • Strong and reliable
  • Suitable for any kind of door
  • Expensive
  • Difficult installation
  • Weaken the doors’ structure (there’s a large hole in frame)
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We are at the end of our discussion. Hopefully, we could provide you the expected answer with a concise explanation. It’s very important to be sure about the security assurance of the locks you are going to use.

If you want to sleep in peace, the most important thing will be to secure your place. For this, choosing the right type of deadbolt is very important.

Because even for having a sound sleep, you need to know that there’s no chance of anything unwanted happening with your living place. However, if your question was ‘are deadbolts safe?’ you now know the answer to it.

We know and care about your concern and this is why we tried to sum up the concise information regarding deadbolts.

So, go for the new lock installation, good luck!

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