What Size Food Processor Do You Need?

A person who’s fascinated with cooking or wants to make his/her kitchen complete can’t ever skip having a food processor. From grinding to smashing, these kitchen accessories can make things go easier. While purchasing a new food processor, size becomes one of those core things to focus on. Almost all buying guides ask you to choose the right size of a food processor. Fortunately, the brands also don’t promise to launch various sizes with various features.

Here, the article will explain the varieties of size in food processors and what size food processor you need. Let’s get started without any delay.

Why Is Picking the Right Size of A Food Processor So Essential?

Size becomes the essential thing to focus on while purchasing a food processor. No matter which brand you’re choosing, make sure they have enough length to offer. The wrong size can make things full-of-hassle rather than bringing comfort while cooking.

Moreover, the enormous size might cost more than the smaller one. If you’re a single person at home or have a small family, a giant size might stand as a wastage for you. The bigger or double-size food processor can make hassle while cleaning/placing.

On the other hand, when you’re someone with a big family or want it for a restaurant, a giant size would be preferable. Else, things can get messier while cooking. Selecting the king-size food processor would help you to make the food quicker.

Considering all facts as well as the pros and cons, everyone should make a wise decision while choosing the right size of a food processor. Picking up the wrong size might be left as a waste in your kitchen. Nobody would want to spend so many bucks on a used wastage in the kitchen.

So, for comfort, time-saving, and use, you should obviously check on the size list.

Various Sizes of Food processors

Food processors need to have the perfect design, feature, and size to give you the ideal processing experience. Understanding the demand and need, brands have come up with all the possible measures for the customer’s benefit.

Well, the exact size would vary only depending on the brand you’re choosing. Aside from that, we’ve researched some common and demanding food processor sizes you’ll find in the market. The exemplary processor size only depends on your need.

For better understanding, let’s give a check on all sizes of food processors available in the market:

1. Small size

The food processor size really measures depending on the cup capacity. These small size processors can hold about 3-4 cups of ingredients. Here from smashing biscuits, chopping vegetables, or grinding condiments, everything gets so more accessible with a good quality food processor.

Small-sized ones are best for the people who generally cook for fewer people at home. Suppose your family is tiny and you need the processor for making and grinding common cooking ingredients. In that case, there is no need to waste buck on bigger size. You can rely on the mini/small-sized food processor.

But generally, the small-sized ones are good for grinding soft ingredients. If you want to process hard things as coconut shells, that might not serve the best. Rather than that, onions, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers can easily get chopped/ smashed by a small size food processor.

2. Medium Size

A medium-sized food processor seems to hold 7-10 cups of ingredients. It’s pretty good for a family/home of 3-4 persons. Cooks who love to experiment on various dishes can start with buying a medium-sized processor.

Brands recommend this size as the perfect one for home use. You can use medium-sized ones for meat grinding or chopping. These can smoothly and quickly chop thick ingredients in a few minutes. Besides, you can obviously use this size for regular cutting, chopping, or smashing. Cooking gets so much easier with a medium-sized food processor.

Especially when someone searches for the perfect size for family use, the medium size would be the most recommended one over everything.

3. Large size food processor

A large-sized food processor is definitely the perfect one for regular use, and It seems to hold about 12-14 cups of ingredients at once.

Large size food processor

A large size food processor is quite perfect for a mess/ hostel. Also, a joined family can use this size for their regular use in the kitchen. Some even prefer to get a large extent rather than the medium one being a small family for the guests.

The processing power is quite good in this size. Here you can grind, cut or smash the thicke’s things easily. So, for cooks who love to experiment and use various ingredients regularly on their food, this might be the perfect one for them. With a food processor of this size, cooking can be done easily and quickly.

4. Commercial Size

Commercial size means the most significant size available in the market. For the food processor, the commercial size will be referred to those searching for it to buy for their restaurants and hotels. This type of food processor can grind/smash/ chop more than 20 cups of materials at once.

Food trucks/ restaurants are more likely to use food processors of this size. You can also call it industrial size. You will get here the maximum power, space, and speed with a good quality commercial-sized food processor.

Cook can undoubtedly rely on this size for regular use. These are designed for continuous use without causing any hassle. Moreover, there you’ll find no issue with the ingredient thickness. Everything can be grinned, smashed, or chopped easily with a commercial size food processor.

These are the sizes available in the market when it comes to purchasing a good food processor. However, the size name and measurement might vary from brand to brand. But with the mentioned measurement of size, you can easily catch the right one for you. All you would need is to check on the need and size list of the brand you’ll purchase from. The cup measurement is almost a common thing that every brand shows.

So, always keep in mind which size would be perfect for your use while heading into the shop. To find out the best, don’t forget to give a good check here.

What Size of Food Processor Do You Need?

Well, you’ve already gotten the food processor list. You might find more varieties in size, but the core question arrives when you need to pick one. People always ask about the right size of the food processor. Honestly, this answer will vary depending on the customer’s need. This is the reason brands always make the best availability of all sizes.

What Size of Food Processor Do You Need?

It would be best if you focused on some indispensable facts while choosing the suitable sized food processor for you. Here are the factors that make a food processor the right one for you:

Check on Your Storage Needs

Well, storage would be the essential thing whole choosing the right size of the food processor. Here you need to check if the processor is capable enough to hold your regular used ingredients at once. If you need to process a small number of elements per day, then a tiny or mini food processor will be good.

But, being a family cook, you can’t really rely on the minuscule storage as you might need to use the processor with 7-10 cups of ingredients at once. Then choosing the mini size might stand a waste of time, bucks, and energy. So, check on your storage needs before purchasing the processor.

Various sized food processors serve multiple types of storage capacity. You can ask yourself about your need and choose the right one for better cooking.

Regular Use or Occasional

Regular use and occasional both hold enough difference when it comes to processing food. Not all sized food processors can serve good food regularly. Moreover, if someone needs to purchase one while the guest arrives at home, he/she should try the bigger one.

On the other hand, people who are more likely to use the food processor for themselves only can go with the mini size. Wasting money then on the bigger size will be a complete waste.

So, before heading towards the shop, make a choice if you want the processor for use on a common purpose or an occasion.

Check on The Power

Well, this might stand a little confusing for you. When we’re talking about the right size, then what’s the use of power?

If you have not experienced using various sizes of a food processor, this might be a genuine question to ask. Generally, the power capacity depends on the size of a food processor. The bigger the size is, the more powerfully the processor can run.

Well, that doesn’t mean that a mini-sized food processor can’t work well. It’s some boundaries. You depend on the limitation. So, power would be a big thing while choosing the right size of the food processor.

Professional or Homely

Well, this is another indispensable fact to focus on. The standard type of food processor holds the reason or time of use.

Professional use means the food processor that will be used in restaurants, food trucks, or on other significant occasions. In that case, the processor needs to be the largest in size. As these occasions or industrial use demand a considerable amount of food at a time, the most significant measure would be a wise choice. You can’t make food quickly and comfortably with a mini/medium-sized food processor at a restaurant.

On the other hand, homely cooking doesn’t really depend on the food processor’s largest size. Mini/ medium size can work really well in this case. So, while purchasing a perfect-sized food processor, make sure of the purpose of using it.

Frequently asked Questions

Is a 7 Cup Food Processor Big Enough?
7 cup food processor means a processor that can hold 7 cups of ingredients at once. Well, this 7 cup food processor is known as a medium-sized one. For feeding a family of ¾ persons, this size will be big enough. For regular family use, a 7 cup food processor is undoubtedly a big one.
Is It worth Getting a Food Processor?
After an exhausting day, cooking with so much hassle can make everything challenging for you. To save your time and energy, a food processor can be your savior here. From chopping, grinding, smashing, everything gets fun with the suitable food processor. So, undoubtedly it will be worthy of getting a good food processor for every kitchen.
What Is the Best Food Processor for Restaurant Use?
Well, if someone is thinking about getting a food processor for his/ her restaurant, it would be undoubtedly an appreciable idea. But when it comes to picking the size, one should always choose the most significant size available in the market for restaurant use. Generally, restaurants demand processing so many ingredients at once. So, make sure you’re finding the best and most extensive food processor for your kitchen.
Can You Put Ice in a Mini Food Processor?
Yes, you can definitely put ice on the mini food processor. But as the mini food processor is small in storage, make sure you’re not putting all cubes at once. Putting them in small amounts can give you the perfect crushed ice for your shake/ smoothie/ desert. Also, make sure you’re putting the ice that is small in cubes on a mini food processor.


Food processors are something that can make cooking fun as well as easy. However, choosing the right size of the processor has always been a matter of confusion. Here in this article, we’ve explained all the things you should know while choosing the right size of a food processor. Next time you plan to buy one good food processor, make sure you’ve gone through the checklist mentioned here.

Thanks for going through the entire writing. Hopefully, the resources were informative enough. Don’t forget to share with friends who’re asking for the answer of what size food processor you need.

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