What Is The Best Iron to Use for Quilting?

Best Iron to Use for Quilting

Do you have to make quilts to meet your personal/ professional requirements? Then, you know the ways of quilting? Are you looking for the best iron to use for quilting? Whatever may be the reason for your quilting, you will be beneficial from our article. Get your solution from reading. What is the best iron to use for quilting? That will help you to achieve knowledge about what is quilting, ways to make quilts, etc. You will get an overall idea of different iron, best iron for sewers, mini iron, and so on.

Making a quilt is not an easy task. It is time-consuming but exciting too. You need the best iron to help you with your sewing quilt. Iron makes the fabric plainer to get a flat surface that ensures accuracy in quilting. Sewers often use iron before cutting a piece of fabric to make anything. Roll on the full content to know about the best iron for you. Things to know before getting your answer.

What is Quilting?

What is QuiltingQuilting is an art of sewing three fabrics together to give the desired shape. Quilting is one of the particular parts of sewing art. Three layers of cloth are sewing together to provide a form either by hand sewing or by machine. Sewing quilts by hand is the old way to make quilts where tools are used in modern-day.

Sewers with unique qualities can make quilts with their hearts. They give different shapes with different designs on their work. The hand sewing quilt is time-consuming, but the customers prefer hand sewing quilts to the machinery quilt. From the ancient time before the civil war to the present day, quilting has become a tradition for most civilizations.

Ways to Make a Quilt

If you want to make a quilt, then you can do that in two different ways. Firstly, you can make a quilt by the traditional hand-sewing process. On the other hand, you can use modern machines with modern technology for your quilting. Choose the preferred method that fits your schedule. Because quilting is time-consuming, and that’s why it is the best option to pass your leisure time.

The second way to make a quilt is the modern sewing machine that will help you to get your desired quilt with ease. Iron is an essential machine for today’s laundryman. Electric irons are the best option for that because of their modern features. Choose the iron according to your requirements and your budget so that you can get the flat surface required for your quilting task.

Types of Iron

Now come to the next point. You know the quilting and the ways of doing quilts. Now it is time to know about different types of iron that are available now. Because irons are essential and helpful for the perfect quilting. So, let’s find out the standards of the irons to ease your task. That will enable you to select the best clothing iron for you.


The clothing irons straighten the clothes after laundry and remove creases. There are several types of clothing irons available in the market. That comes with different features to adjust your requirements. They differ from each other because of their materials and their working performance. The main difference is the soleplate of the clothing irons that conducts heat on the fabric’s surfaces.

1. Ceramic Iron

The ceramic iron means the iron’s soleplate is of plastic or aluminum that comes with the ceramic coating. Ceramic comes from the fired clay that is hard and plain. The ceramic clothing iron provides the following services.

  • It comes with an excellent heat conducting ability.
  • You will get evenly distributed heat.
  • It prevents statics.
  • Your clothes will not stick on to the surface even at a higher temperature.
  • Its shiny surface is easy to maintain.
  • An even transfer of heat.
  • It comes with durability.

Ceramic Iron

2. Titanium Iron

The titanium soleplate is made from titanium that is an alloy of aluminum or iron. You will get the following services with this titanium soleplate.

  • It comes with a corrosion-resistant feature that ensures durability.
  • You will get the fastest transfer of heat.
  • Its shiny surface is easy to maintain.
  • An even transfer of heat
  • The titanium soleplate makes it durable and lightweight.
  • It prevents statics.
  • An even transfer of heat.
  • It comes with durability.

Titanium Iron

3. Stainless steel Iron

The stainless steel iron means it comes with a stainless steel soleplate. This steel alloy comes with a combination of 10.5% steel and chromium. With its inox steel materials, it offers the following services.

  • It comes with durability.
  • It conducts a high quality of heat.
  • You will get a cleaner surface, which is easy to maintain.
  • It offers an evenly distributed heat on the clothes’ surfaces.
  • The titanium soleplate makes it durable and lightweight.
  • It prevents statics.
  • An even transfer of heat.

Stainless steel Iron

4. Non-stick Iron

Non-stick iron comes with non-stick materials coated soleplate. That helps to reduce the sticking possibility of the cloth during the ironing action. That offers the below-mentioned services for its users.

  • You will get an evenly distributed heat all over the cloth’s surface.
  • It offers stain-free clothes after every iron.
  • You will experience a superior quality iron with durability.
  • The titanium soleplate makes it durable and lightweight.
  • It prevents statics.
  • An even transfer of heat.
  • It comes with durability.
  • You will get a cleaner surface, which is easy to maintain

Non Stick Iron

5. Cast Iron

The cast iron is the old generation of the iron that is not electric. It has several critical issues that make it outdated.

6. Steam Iron

The steam iron comes with a steam iron plate. You can find the metals mentioned above with a steam soleplate also. It spreads steam or water on the clothes during the ironing action. That helps to soften the fabrics to offer even smooth ironed clothes.

We discussed different iron types with their features to help you get the best one for your laundry or home.

Use of iron for quilting

Iron is an essential element for quilting. It will give you the best quality of your quilting. The clothing Irons makes your clothes fabrics softer to fold easily. With your hot iron, you can get the most beautiful quilting experience ever. You will get your quilting distortion-free. The clothing iron straightens the cloth’s surface that is beneficial for quilting.

Place the iron on the folded cloth to get a superior quality quilting. Make sure you don’t rotate the iron on the clothes; otherwise, it will spoil your quilting. You can make different shapes in your quilting by using a hot iron.

Benefits of using iron for quilting

The clothing iron has become a vital part of quilting. It offers you an even vertical quilting surface to get your desired designs. The professional sewers, quilters, and laundrymen prefer using iron for their works. That gives better quality for their tasks. Here are the following benefits that you can enjoy as a quilter.

  • It will straighten your fabric pieces to have a better quilt.
  • It will remove extra fabrics from the design.
  • You will get your quilting without any distortion in it.
  • It offers a smooth surface with great design.
  • Your clothes will be attached to its place correctly.
  • You will get a perfect plan for your quilt.

What is the Best Iron for Sewers?

Everyday use iron and sewing iron is not the same. You need even better quality sewing iron for your sewing task. Because pressing for sewing enables you to give your fabric structure as well as shape. The quality, as well as the features of the sewing irons, may vary from each other. You need to understand your iron’s specifications as well. Determine your iron’s accessibility to tape/ distill water.

In the case of the steam iron, determine the temperature and volume settings. From an overall review of sewing irons, we choose the Rowenta brand for your consideration. You can select your suitable iron from its different models. You will also need an adjustable swing chair.

Which is the Best Oliso Iron?

Oliso iron is a well-reputed iron brand name for the professional sewers, quilters, and laundryman. Oliso PRO TG 1600 is the best Oliso iron for gutters and quilters. With two different colors (pink/yellow), it permits you to choose from. With its 1800 watts power supply, it offers perfect shape and structure for quilting, sewing, and more tasks. Its auto shut-off feature ensures safe quilting and sewing, as well.

If you prefer to use an Oliso steam iron, then consider Oliso TG1100 for you. That comes with two different colors (gray/ orchid) to choose from. You will experience a continuous steam supply during the ironing task. It covers more areas for steaming in your clothes.

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How do you Iron Fabric for Quilting?

At first, you need to assemble your fabric pieces. Then place the seam and fold it according to your desired design. With a well-tempered iron on the clothes for a few seconds, you get your desired layout with ease. Don’t rotate your iron on the fabrics; otherwise, it will distort the cloth.

What is the Best Mini Iron?

You will find various mini iron available in the online/ offline market from different brands. They are unique according to their fulfillment of professional requirements. Choose the Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron for you that is the best one amongst them. It comes with a dual voltage system to meet your needs.


We hope you get the overall information about different electric irons that are suitable for various tasks. Surely, you get the answer for What Is The Best Iron to Use for Quilting? Different irons come with different features, but all are designed to provide straight, smooth design for the quilting. So choose your product by determining your purpose. That will help you to get a satisfying purchase.

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