Is Installing a UV Light Worthy Investment? – Benefits and Cost

UV Light Worthy Investment?

Still, have confusion about installing a UV light in HVAC?  In that case, this article will help to make the right decision also Is Installing a UV Light Worthy Investment? In the coronavirus pandemic, the whole world is waiting for the vaccine to rebound it. There is no specific vaccine for this virus. So many scientists claim that decade-old technology can reduce infections. That means the UVGI system is the most effective way to zap pathogens out of the air.

UV Light Works Well

UV Light Works WellUltraviolet (UV) lights are known as the destroyer of bacteria, viruses, and mold. It is clinically proven that the UV light works effectively. About more than 100 years ago, Niels Finsen used the UV rays as medicine for skin infections. For this reason, he also won the Nobel Prize in this category.

Moreover, the UV light’s power of killing pathogens also works in the air and water. These uses have been significantly running throughout the years. Many hospitals have been using UV lights for ages. In this procedure, they were able to reduce the growth of many diseases.

Along with this, UV lights have been used in food management and beauty salons. So it is clear that the UV light procedure 100% works in many fields. So obviously, it also works well in HVAC systems.

Benefits of Using a UV Light

There are many benefits to using UV light in the HVAC system. From all the above you will get a quality air. Along with this, you will have many other benefits such as:

Decrease Illnesses

As we know, many diseases and allergies spread from the HVAC system. Many microbes are lurking in the depths of HVAC’s coils and air ducts. But a suitable UV light purifies kills almost all microorganisms. So using this, you can get rid of these microbes. The UV light also reduces the risk of allergy infections.

Non-toxic Procedure

Many sanitizing products contain harsh chemicals and have disadvantages. The UV light disinfection is a non-toxic procedure, and it’s the biggest benefit. It is a physical process and eco friendly. This is the only way you can bring sunlight power indoors. So the UV light’s side effect is rear.

Get Better Airflow

The UV light reduces pollutants by removing the germs and makes the system clean. So the HVAC system works harder and improves airflow. When the UV light clean buildup system, your maintenance costs are also less than before.

Boost HVAC System’s Efficiency

For everyday usage, the HVAC system becomes blocked with pollutants. As a result, it increases the growth of microbes. So, the system’s ability to go down. As well as the functions don’t work effectively. So if you install the UV light, it cleans the system. It also reduces buildup ductwork in cooling pipes and coils. Thus, the system increases efficiency by up to 35 percent. You can also reduce energy costs using UV light.

Lock Odors

Typically the HVAC system can bring the odors from outside like tobacco, burn garbage, or paint. These odors contaminate the air of your home. These are also dangerous for health. The UVGI process can vanish volatile organic odors from the air and it helps to breathe easily.

Worthy Investment

Though many people claim that the UV light is a costly procedure. But in my opinion, it’s an affordable option for a sanitization method rather than chemicals. One time of installation can save your lots of money and time for a year or two. Even you don’t need to spend much money on HVAC’s maintenance. So the unit runs autonomously and also decreases labor costs over time.

Make Your Home Safe for Babies

Newborn babies need extra care and a healthy place. If the air is full of microbes, the baby may suffer from many diseases. The flu-type disease easily infects the baby. For sure, you will never want your little one to suffer from illness. So for this reason, the UV light makes sure a healthy place and clean breathing.

Pros of using a UV light in HVAC
  • The UV light kills 99% bacteria and mold from the air when it passes through the system.
  • It improves the quality of air in your home.
  • You will be protected from allergy and virus infections.
  • It will save your energy costs.
  • Keep the HVAC’s filter clean and produce fresh air.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a UV Light in HVAC

Installing an HVAC UV light is not a tough job to handle. It is a cost-effective way to improve the air quality of your home.

The first thing that rises in your mind while installing a UV light is your budget. You might be thinking, does it really worth the money? The cost pricing depends on some significant factors and varies around $100 to $700

Cost Factors

There are different factors to consider for considering the cost of a UV light. It depends on the types of UV light, features, and installation types. We are highlighting those cost factors step by step.

UV Light Wavelength

UV Light WavelengthA higher output of 253.7 wavelengths is emitted by the UV-C light, which is expensive. We are going to discuss it with a detailed explanation.

The wavelength of the UV light spectrum differentiates between 100-400 nanometers (nm). For the sterilization process, the required UV light spectrum is only 220-290 nm. This small portion of UV- light range is called “UV-C” or “germicidal” light.

UV-C is the most effective category which easily destroys the microbes. Different lengths of light waves in UV-C can penetrate the DNA/RNA of the microbes. It can sterilize the microbes with the highest wavelength of 253.7 nm.

Typical UV lights cannot produce full energy at 253.7 wavelengths. It should generate 80%-90% energy to produce light at the 253.7 wavelengths. This feature must be considered while buying a UV light.

Types of UV Light

There are two types of HVAC UV light, depending on their sterilizing process.

1. Air-Sterilizing Lights

Air Sterilizing LightsGenerally, these UV lights are installed in the duct work. It brings return air into the system and purifies them.

This type of UV light is expensive compared to coil sterilizing lights. Air sterilizers have more powerful bulb wattage. It produces more energy at the 253.7 wavelength, which is an important pricing factor.

Air sterilizers are expensive because the UV lights are more powerful. These UV lights are capable enough to sterilize microbes, which moves up to 1000 feet per minute. It has to be strong enough to sterilize the contaminated air within seconds.

These types of UV light will benefit someone with allergy or asthma symptoms. It can omit the mold spores, bad odors, and toxins on the HVAC system to purify the air.

2. Coil-Sterilizing Lights

Coil Sterilizing LightCoil-sterilizing UV lights purify the air in the central air conditioner or evaporator coil. These UV lights are less expensive compared to air sterilizing lights.

The coil condenses moisture from the air and works as a humidifier. The contaminants get stuck on its wet surface while the air passes over the coil.

This combination is perfect for growing and spreading mold and bacteria through air.

There are two models of coil sterilizing light: single-lamp and dual lamp. These lights are installed in a way to reflect on the surface of the coil.

Cost of UV Lights

The cost of UV lights is dependent on light types, installation process, and lamp types. We are presenting the price range of both the Air and Coil sterilizing lights.

The air sterilizing lights costs around $80-$400. The installation cost is a bit higher and varies around $150-$295. The lamp of the air sanitizer costs around $15-$125, which is a bit higher than the coil sanitizer. Energy consumption costs around $15-$30.

The coil sterilizing lights costs around $60-$285. It includes the installation cost, which is around $100-$225. The lamp of the coil sterilizer costs around $10-$60. The coil sterilizer lights cost the same as air sterilizer, which is around $15-$30.

The lights of each sterilizer cost the same, which is around $80-$125. The less priced sterilizer needs one lamp to operate. High priced sterilizers include two lamps, two UV lights, and an air filter to operate.

Installation UV Light in HVAC

The cost of installation rises around $100-$300 depending on the installation type. Professional installation will cost higher than the typical installation process.

HVAC systems require professional installation to operate without any issue. DIY installation should be avoided to keep the warranty intact.

Features of UV Light

Advanced UV lights have various features to consider the cost and outcome. Wireless LED display, Auto-sensing ballasts, sight glass are some advanced features. These features include a wide range of automation in the HVAC system with the increase of price tag.

Worth and Cost Analysis

An HVAC system with UV lights consumes less energy for air circulation. UV lights can sterilize bacteria, viruses, mold spores, etc.

The evaluation of the money on UV light depends on your health condition. UV light on the HVAC system is a proper investment for people with physical conditions. Spending money on UV lights is worth the money if you want a safe and breathable environment.

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If you install the UV light, then your health will give you all the answers. Breathing problem is a regular issue in most houses. UV light can be the best solution for this issue. Moreover, to stay safe and live a healthy life, you should install the UV light in HVAC.

Also, Getting a proper UV light for an HVAC system is an easy task. Simply look out for the features that best suit you. People having allergies and other conditions must use a UV light on the HVAC system.

Higher-priced UV lights will give you better features and more breathable air. The cost factors will vary depending on your requirements. You should carefully select the UV light, depending on those factors.

This article will help you to get the best UV light for HVAC within your budget.


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