Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Tiles Brand New

Keep Your Tiles Brand New

Tiles can be your best friend when you are decorating your home. It can effortlessly present your home with your cherished look effortlessly. Moreover, the functionality of tiles makes it utilizable almost anywhere in your home. From enhancing your outside patio to brighten up your kitchen, tiles can achieve pretty much anything. However, if not taken care of properly, tiles can lose their beauty over time. Staining, water damage, breaking up of tiles, damage in the grout are some of the common problems with tiles.

However, such conditions can easily be avoided if the tiles are properly taken care of. In the following article, we are going to include some tips that will help you keep your tiles brand new for as long as possible. When you apply the following methods, your tiles will prevail in their amazing look for years to come and reduce your hassle in the long run.

Wiping Down the Tiles After Water Contact

Most tiles have amazing resistance against water. Therefore, tiles are often used in places where the possibility of water damage is high, like washrooms, kitchens. However, water can severely damage the color of the tiles and stain them. Often, water can leave some residue on the tile surface that can be pretty harmful to the tile material. Therefore, fading and staining of tiles occur and hampers the beauty of your tiles.

To prevent staining and fading of tiles, cleaning and drying the tile surface immediately are highly recommended. Cotton towels or old t-shirts are the best material for this job. They can absorb the water effectively while not scratching the tiles. Keeping the tiles dry not only helps the tile from staining but also keeps molds and mildew away. This effectively allows the grout to sustain itself without getting damaged. Give extra efforts to drying up the places where water can get leaked or stay put.

Use Proper Cleaning Items

Some of you may lean towards using harsh chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting the tiles. While it may give the best benefit, for now, it can be harmful to your tiles in the long run. Harsh chemicals can react with the tiles and fade the colors. However, simple household items can effectively clean the tiles without the risk of fading.

Hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar can be pretty great options to remove stains from your tiles. Spray the area with staining thoroughly with the cleaning liquid, then let it rest for a few minutes. Then wipe it up with a clean, soft cloth. Harsh or abrasive cleaning agents can damage the tile surface significantly. Like a scrub brush can harm the finishing of the tiles and cause damage to the grout. So, using mild cleaning items is always recommended.

Immediate Removal of Stains

Tiles can be prone to staining from various household agents, such as toothpaste, colors, hair dye, etc. If the stains are not cleaned immediately, they get harder to remove within time. Tile materials like natural stones are very porous. Therefore, when you ignore the stain for a long time, the tile material absorbs the staining material within the tiles and highly hampers the beauty of the tile.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda combinations can do wonders for removing stains. This solution naturally creates bubbles due to chemical reactions. As a result, when applied to the stained surface, the staining materials can easily get lifted from the tile surface.

Consult Professional Cleaner for Help

When your floor is stained, your first instinct is to scrub the hell out of the surface. However, your tiles can get easily damaged due to this. So, rather than having a squeaky clean tile surface, you get a somewhat faded or scratched surface. However, this horrible scenario can easily be avoided. There are professionals who can clean those hard-set stains and mildew without harming the tiles.

These professionals use special cleaning materials that are designed precisely for removing stubborn stains. Moreover, you can ask a professional to install sealant on your tile. This will keep your tile preserve its color for a very long time.

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Tiles not only decorate your home but also uphold the identity of your choice and beauty. No one wants their home to look dull or tiles to look old. So, regularly cleaning the tiles can go a long way to keep your tiles shine like they were just installed yesterday. And with a professional cleaning now and then, your tiles can regain the extra shine it was missing previously.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that regular maintenance of the tiles is the only way to keep the shiniest look intact. A little care every day can save you a lot of money and hassle in the future. It will keep your tiles durable and exactly how you want them to be seen.

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