How to Use a Blender

How to Use Blender?

How to use a blender correctly and keep the equipment in working condition for a long time? This question worries many housewives and hosts who plan to create delicious cooking masterpieces with the help of a blender. In this article, I will discuss how to assemble a blender and put it into operation. Additionally, this article includes the principle of operation, its device, and requirements for the care of this kitchen appliance.

Types of Blenders.

ice blender
ice blender

Before you know how to use a blender, you need to know the types of blenders. Different types of blenders have different use cases. Depending on the type of device, the blender can be submersible or stationary. Their principle of operation and capabilities are somewhat different.


In such blenders, usually, the engine sits on a covered stand. On the engine, you need to place the bowl which is mounted on top. They are used to make cocktails, smoothies, sauces, and mashed soups.
Depending on the manufacturer and additional options, you can choose expensive models. The key advantage of the stationary blender is its autonomy. You don’t need to hold it in your hand and control the movement of the blades. And a tightly closed lid will protect against splashing of the contents which often happens with submersible blenders.

A number of factors such as;
  • But it has several drawbacks:
  • Takes up more space in the kitchen, not so compact;
  • Virtually no additional features;
  • Only one standard bowl is used for mixing.


Submersible models are much more compact and functional. They can not only grind in mashed potatoes but also mix a batter with the whisk, whip cream, rub and shred. Among the advantages of manual submersible models:

Any dishes are suitable for work. Even puree soup is cooked right in the pan without extra effort. Models with a shredder function will help you quickly prepare a salad or chop vegetables for borsch. They are indispensable during the harvesting season.

Whisk easily and conveniently whips the mass for pancake dough, raise cream or egg desserts. Despite the variety of nozzles, they can be stored separately and in any convenient place. It will take up no more space than a pot or pan.

How to use a blender

The intended function of the blender does not allow you to use it for a long time. Due to continuous operation, it may overheat or break. In this step, I will explain how to use a blender properly and safely so that it can last long.

Step 1

Choose a surface that is dry and flat. On that surface put your blender.

Step 2

Now, place the pitcher on the blender motor. Carefully set the pitcher and screw it properly.

Step 3

Put the ingredients into the pitcher. Read the manual carefully before you put the ingredients. Some manufacturers have different instructions for certain ingredients.

Step 4

Use the chop or ice settings to prepare smoothies or milkshakes. If you are crushing ice then keep the ice at a normal temperature for 4-5 minutes to melt it slightly. Otherwise, too-hard ice cubes may break the plastic body of the container.

Step 5

When grating harder cheeses like Swiss or Cheddar cut them into little pieces and then push them through the feeder cap.

Step 6

If you are making hot liquid then keep the feeder cap open. It will allow the steam to release.

Step 7

Before turning on the blender, take the lid and place it firmly on top of the pitcher.

Step 8

Plug the blender in and start the power from the lowest and gradually increase the power.

Step 9

Never put the lid or the pitcher out before the blade becomes fully stopped.

Blender Care

Since a blender is an electric device, it is strictly forbidden to immerse its parts in water or wash in a dishwasher. This applies primarily to the motor unit, which is plugged into an outlet, a whisk nozzle adapter, and gearboxes. They can only be wiped with a damp sponge and dried with a towel.

It is better to wash the bowls, and removable knives, and whisk under warm running water using ordinary dishwashing detergents. You have to dry all the washed parts and install them in place to make it convenient to store the assembled blender, which is always at hand and ready to go.

Work Precautions

It is not enough to know how to use a blender but also you need to know some precautions. This will keep the equipment working for a long time:

Do not place hot foods inside the blender bowl. This can melt the plastic of the bowl and overload the motor. When chopping fruit, pay particular attention to the seeds. They can seriously damage the motor. Do not open the bowl while the machine is operating. Wait for the full stop and only then add the necessary ingredients.

If you want to grind too hard foods, such as roots then add some liquid to the bowl. You can use water or cream as the liquid. Crush ice and frozen foods with extreme care. And it is better not to load them in inexpensive and low-power models.

Do not overload the pitcher. Before putting ingredients into it, it is better to cut them into several parts. Not all blenders can handle too hard products, such as crushing ice. Before using them for such products, read the instructions.

Wash nozzles and a blender bowl immediately after you have finished cooking. Dried food leftovers can ruin the nozzles and blade. Do not wash other elements of the blender under the stream of water. If necessary, simply wipe them with a damp sponge.

Know More


Now you know how to use a blender correctly, what you need to follow to get the desired result and save the equipment from damage. Carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer then the kitchen assistant will serve you for many years.

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