How To Store Your Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives

When it comes to kitchen tools, kitchen knives are not only important but also dangerous tools. You need to make sure that you store the knives in a way as they’re out of reach of the pets and kits. So, you must know how to store your kitchen knives properly.

However, don’t worry if you don’t know much it, we are going to get your back. In this article, we will show you some effective ways to store your kitchen knives safely.

Without saying an extra word, let’s just jump in.

How to Store Your Kitchen Knives- 6 Best Ways

There are different ways you can follow to store your kitchen knives. Here, we are going to share the 6 most popular and effective ways. Let’s check them out!

1. Magnetic Knife Block

Magnetic Knife BlockA magnetic knife block can hold straight your knives vertically. What exactly happens here is, though the magnets work great to hold all the blades in place, they never come into with each other.

So, there will be no interference between the knives and magnets, also, it will look elegant. Saying fair and square, a magnetic knife block offers you to have a great way to access as well as display your kitchen knives.

And, if you emphasize getting quick access to your knives, going for a magnetic block is the wisest option.

Pros: You can store the knives in a totally moisture-free environment while there is great access to airflow as well. For this, cleaning and maintaining these blocks are pretty easy and straightforward.

Most importantly, if you own a small kitchen and worry about how stacking up knives will look like, a magnetic knife bar is a real help. In small kitchens that do not have huge counter space, you can simply install this block on the wall. You can install it somewhere that doesn’t get too much use.

Cons: Since the knives are easy to access and display, this is risky when it comes to pets or children. Also, a magnetic block requires some DIY stuff because you need to level and secure them on the wall properly.

If you can’t use and maintain the block properly, the blades can become dull over time. However, you’ll find most of the models user friendly.

2. Wooden Knife Block

Wooden Knife BlockHere’s another great way to keep your knives easily available and organized on your kitchen counter. Most home cooks love to store their knives in a wooden knife block because it’s pretty easy to organize them.

You should sanitize your knife blocks regularly. And, to sanitize a wooden knife block, first of all, you need to mix 1 gallon of lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of bleach. Then soak the knife block in it for 2 or more minutes. Then, place the knife on a dry, clean towel to dry the knife itself.

Pros: You can keep your whole set sharpening tools such as knives and shears. Also, you will find it pretty easy to organize the knives as well as you can grab your knives quickly. And, something I shouldn’t miss saying, wooden knife blocks will showcase your impressive collection and look amazing on the counter.

Cons: It’s pretty expensive depending on the number of slots and models of other storage options. If you purchase a high-quality version, the price range may be somewhere between $40-$80. And in case, you do not wash and dry the knives properly before you slide them back, your block can harbor bacteria.

3. Non-Slot Knife Block

Non-Slot Knife BlockSo, yes, there are some knife blocks out there that don’t come with slots. And, you know what? Non-slot knife blocks are even easier to keep clean and maintain. And, the fact is, you can place all the standard-sized knives in rubber rods or plastics pretty easily.

Pros: It’s easy to sanitize non-slot knife blocks because you can simply get rid of the whole plastic rod base or the rubber and then clean it with a dishwasher. You can access the knives easily and purchase most of the models at a reasonable price.

Cons: Sometimes, the rods are not that strong to hold out against super sharp knives. And, if you don’t put the knives in properly, the blocks may peel off easily.

4. Leather Knife Roll

Leather-Knife-RollThis is the best fit for the professional chefs and serious cooks out there. If you need to carry your knives for traveling, cooking for a friend, or something like that, you will love to use a leather knife roll to keep your knives with you.

Especially, luxury knife makers often ship the knives to their customers using these types of rolls because the roll is a safe and secure option to transport the knives. However, this option is becoming famous to use at home as well.

Knife rolls can hold a good number of knives as well as hold out against wear and tear that may show up with constant use. And, you’ll appreciate the designs of the rolls.

Pros: You can store your knives in a leather roll keeping them out of reach of pets and kids. There is an individual custom slot for each knife so that you can simply position your knives horizontally in order to protect the blades. Since the rolls are pretty portable, you can carry them with you for picnics.

Cons: Since leather roll requires a couple of more steps to access a single knife, it’s not traditional knife storage in the kitchen. Also, leather rolls don’t allow you to store a large number of knives that you may find a bit problematic.

5. Plastic Knife Edge-Guard

Plastic Knife Edge-GuardIn case, you are searching for something inexpensive where you can put your knives in the drawer, then picking a plastic knife edge-guard will be the best option. You will find various slide on-and-off guards in the market.

These guards protect your knives while transporting them and yes, they look good as well. Also, plastic knife guards prevent you from scratching or cutting yourself when you try to reach for your knife.

Pros: If you do not own a huge collection of knives, you should go for plastic knife edge-guards. They are inexpensive, you will need under $10 to buy them individually. However, they will protect your knives from everything, no matter if it’s a small knife or a large chef knife.

Cons: Since they are made of plastic instead of wood or metal, unfortunately, plastic knife edge-guards are not that environmentally-friendly choice.

6. In-Drawer Storage

Knife Drawer StorageHearing the for the first time, you may think that in-drawer storage means you are going to fit the knives into ‘drawer-type’ something or toss the knives with other kitchen utensils.

However, it’s nothing like that. This is a fantastic storage technique that only requires a drawer and a towel. You can use a knife roll while traveling for events, but when you’re at home, it’s a good idea to lay down your knives horizontally in drawers.

You can simply lay them down on a towel that will prevent each other from getting in touch. And, it will make sure that they don’t pull in and out of a conventional knife block and get dulled.

You can organize your knives well here, simply put your long knives perpendicularly and small knives horizontally.

Pros: It is easy to use and maintain because all you need to do is, wash the towel and put away the knives only when they are completely dry. Also, this option makes sure that the knives are out of reach of the pets and kids as it keeps the knives away from the counter.

The blades will not get in touch with, metal, or any other hard surfaces, meaning it’s the best option to protect your knives. And, each of the blades will get its individual room, so the blades will not face friction or jostling with any other utensil.

Cons: Some of the drawers may not be large enough that you can handle 15 or more knives, so you may face a lack of space and need to store some knives elsewhere.

Basic Know-How of Knife Care

It’s surely crucial to choose suitable knife storage for you, use and maintain it properly after purchasing are similarly important. You should never underrate the proper maintenance of your knives.

For example, you can sharpen your cutlery regularly to care for it. You can find this service at some of the grocery stores, you can check your local stores to know the details.

Another important thing you should remember that, try to avoid the dishwasher and clean your knives by hand. And, before you put them away, you must dry the knives completely, try not to leave them in your sink.

Regardless of which storage option you are going to use, make sure you store the knives correctly. It will improve their look, keep them sharp longer. Therefore, it will improve your kitchen’s overall functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions of How To Store Your Kitchen Knives

Is a Knife Magnet Bad for My Knife?
Well, it depends on the quality of your magnet strip, if it’s a high-quality strip, it will not fall or slip. But if your magnet strip is weak, there’s a chance of slipping or falling off the strip. Moreover, if the magnet is too strong, you’ll find it difficult to pull your knife out.
What’S the Major Problem of a Knife Block?
If you clean only your knives, not the knife blocks as well, dust and debris will accumulate in the blocks and make them full of germs. So, clean the blocks once a week so that you can keep them germ-free.


Storing the knives properly is the key to keep them sharp longer. If you know how to properly use and maintain your knives and the knife storage, you will happily pass your kitchen times.

But in the very first place, you must know how to store your kitchen knives as well. And, hopefully, at the end of the article, you now know how to do it.

So, pick one of the ways and store your kitchen knives in the right way.

Good luck!

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