How Much Should You Check Your Home Security System?

Check Your Home Security System

If you want your home security to be top-notch, you can’t just expect it to work well without providing it with care and maintenance. Even if they are very reliable and long-lasting, not giving them the proper care can reduce their reliability sooner rather than later. But more than the reduction in reliability, inadequate maintenance can compromise your security.

Home Security System

If you don’t know how to maintain your security system, this article contains how often you should have your home security checked and the specific areas you need to take care of. And you can buy some of the best poe security cameras for your home security system.

Don’t skip on proper checking and maintenance of your home security system

Sure, installing a security system is a huge security boost that will make it tough for burglars to get into your house without any hurdles. In fact, a good security system might even make criminals think twice about doing anything on your property. That is, when the security system is brand new, or when it’s old but properly maintained.

Over time, when people already have the benefits of security systems, they often take it for granted and don’t check or maintain their security system at all, futilely thinking that it will protect them even without maintenance.

To make sure your security system will stand the test of time, you need to check and provide maintenance from the smallest to biggest parts of your security system. Whether it’s the wiring, cameras, smart locks, or any other part, you have to take care of it to keep your home security system reliable.

How Often Should You Check Your Security System?

When it comes to checking the security system, the main thing you need to be looking at is the system’s components that run on batteries, such as the fire alarm and your motion detectors. To make sure that you have the advantages that these components offer by making sure that the batteries powering them are still working.

For a specific timeline, you need to check the batteries at least once a month, as you want to avoid situations like a fire going off while you sleep and your fire alarm not working due to an empty battery.

When to Test Your Home Security System

Other than routine and scheduled checks. There are some situations that will prompt you to check and test your home security system. If you had work done on your home recently or you’re noticing weird things with the security system, you need to check it. Here are some situations where it will be best to test your security system:

  • After a service from your internet/phone service provider – If you had work done to you by your internet/phone provider recently and you have parts of your security system that run on the network, like smart locks, you need to test your security system immediately. It’s because the network changes may result in some problems causing your security system to fail.
  • Power outage – When you run out of electricity, your security system should still be working with the help of backup batteries, if they have ones. However, to ensure this, keep your backup batteries secure all the time. Furthermore, if the power outage lasts for a long amount of time, you may end up using all of the power saved up in the battery.
  • If you don’t have backup batteries or yours ran out, make sure to test the security system as soon as the power comes back to see if all the components are running the way they should be.
  • When your house is modified – When builders renovate your house, or you have any modifications done, there’s always the chance of things getting moved around, such as connections and CCTV camera locations being changed.
  • After a service – If a technician just left your home after service, you need to check if everything is working, as even the slightest mistake can cause security system errors.

Parts of The Security System You Need to Test

For you to have a reliable security system. You need to ensure that all of these components are in good condition and are doing the job you need them to do:

Sensors – Sensors are meant to determine if things are going awry, so they can set off alarms and notifications to let you know. It can be motion detectors, fire alarms, or any other sensor. For example, if you have a fire alarm, all you need to do is put it in test mode and get a cloud of smoke going to see if it works.

Video cameras – Always check if your video cameras are placed in the right spots and pointed in the right direction for the best view. Also, clean it regularly so you can get the clearest image possible.

Batteries – Some components of the security system run on batteries. It’s why you need to check them regularly, so they will keep running all the time.

Control panel – The security system’s control panel is your access to every component. It allows you to monitor everything and change the settings according to your preferences. It allows you to arm and disarm the system, as well as to use the emergency mode.

Reliable and Smart Home Security System

Regularly checking and maintaining your Smart Security system is the best and sensible thing to do if you want it to keep you safe and protected all the time. By regularly keeping it checked and maintained, you can rest assured that it can maintain your safety, as well.

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