Choosing The Perfect Pan Size

PanYou must be excited about buying new kitchen Perfect Pan Size appliances.

But things seem complicated when you get confused about Perfect Pan Size what to choose and how to make sure it’s right for you.

If you are also feeling like this, you are not alone. We have laid out some ideas about Perfect Pan Size right here that will help you in choosing the perfect pan size and other necessary factors.

So, feel free to wade through the whole article, you will surely get all of your answers at the end.

Basics of Different Type of Pans

Different Type of PansBefore you buy one, know what’s what. If you want to buy only one style of Perfect Pan Size, go for a frying pan/skillet. Skillets or frying pans have a sloped side and are used for searing, frying, and browning foods.

Another type is a saute pan that comes with a straight edge that looks like a shallow pot. A deep saute pan works great for braising foods.

About the materials-

  • Pick an aluminum cookware if you are interested in versatile pans
  • Go for stainless steel cookware if you need an inexpensive and long-lasting pan
  • Pick a copper pan to get a professional level of food preparation
  • Choose a cast-iron pan if you are going to cook your food evenly over high heat.


Different Sizes for Different Purposes

Here we have compiled the most common type and size of cooking pans, let’s check them out.

8-Inch Pans

Starting with the small-sized Perfect Pan Size. These work great when it comes to distributing heat. Yes, the smaller the pan is, the more even heat distribution occurs. Also, small pans reach a high temperature Perfect Pan Size is easily because of their sloping sides that expose collateral heat.

an 8-inch pan is commonly used for one person.

However, if you choose an 8-inch skillet, you can sear two regular-sized chicken thighs easily with an 8-inch pan. Also, frying 3 or 4 eggs at the same time or making ⅛ ounce steak is an easy job using only an 8-inch pan.

Despite being small-sized, you can still toss your food if needed. But be careful while doing it. Overall, it’s a great option to choose an 8-inch cooking pan if you are a bachelor.

10-Inch Pans

This is a middle-sized pan where you will find a middle ground that contains more food without overcrowding. And, the fact is, these pans sacrifice a bit of heat retention.

You can easily cook 2-3 big chicken breasts, several fillets, a couple of chicken thighs, or a large/extra-large ribeye with a 10-inch skillet. This size is perfect for cooking meals for 2 or more people.

Overall, a middle size pan will surely exceed your expectations.

12-Inch Pans

Here you go with a large pan where you can cook a large amount of food at a time- no overcrowding the pan. It also allows greater heat retention because it has more materials to hold the heat.

This size is enough or more for 2-4 people.

Cooking with a 12-inch skillet will allow you to sear two large steaks or a whole chicken. But the biggest drawback is the weight- this is so heavy that you will find it difficult to toss food in.


Things to Consider Before Choosing the Perfect Pan Size

Since you are going to invest in purchasing the perfect cookware for you, keep your eyes open and consider every tiny factor before picking one.

When it’s about choosing the perfect size of your pan, think about these points below.

What Do You Cook Most Often?

What Do You Cook Most OftenFirst of all, answer to this question- are you a veggie person, or do you make steak and eggs most of the time? If you are one who always rotates a few staple dishes, then choose a cooking pan that will fulfill your needs well.

Egg recipes require around 10-inch pans (medium size). You can easily fry 3 to 4 eggs or make an omelet. So, if you most often make egg recipes or cook 1 to 3 portions of meat, then 10-inch is an ideal size for your pan.

On the other hand, making pancakes is completely another story. You can make one single pancake at a time with a 10-inch pan. If you want more, go for a 12-inch skillet because it offers extra room where you can make 3 to 4 pancakes at a time.

If you don’t make paella every week, then I’ll say, you don’t need to purchase a larger pan. For making basic sauces, a 12-inch pan is enough space. Also, 1 to 2 portions of stir-fries will fit great in a 12-inch pan.

How Many People Do You Usually Cook For?

How Many People Do You Usually Cook ForTo pick the right-sized cooking pan, this is an important factor. Now, say, do you need to cook for a single person or a four-personed family every day?

If you cook for a single person or 1 to 2 portions of food, choosing a 10-inch skillet is just fine for you. Larger pans may burn egg dishes since they are spread so thin that are very large for a surface.

And, when it comes to making sauces, you shouldn’t fill the pan with sauces too high. Also, they require a smaller surface area for avoiding burning issues.

What about cooking 4 portions or more at a time? In this case, cooking with (13-13.5)” is a great idea. Cooking a lot of chicken breasts or making a large batch of stir-fries is not a big deal for this size of pans.

Your Budget Range

Pans in Your Budget RangeEvery factor is directly dependent on your budget. If you don’t need to think much of your budget and are ready to spend a fortune for having a full set of amazing pans all at once, that’s great!

Start with the small 6-inch pan for egg-related dishes, a 10-inch pan for fish fillet recipes, a 13-inch pan for frying large chicken pieces.

What if you want to purchase only one good pan? Well, go for either a 10-inch or a 12-inch pan according to the size of your household.

How Much Storage Space Do You Have?

Aren’t all the factors interconnected to each other? Yes, that’s how it works. If you are a single person living in a tiny apartment, you need the most versatile size of pan.

If you think you live in an apartment where you do have a little storage, go for a 10-inch pan for regular use and a 12-inch pan for occasional guests. In case, you have the space to pile your pans up, buy one pan of each size!

Moreover, if you have a huge space and if you are dedicated to spending a lot of time cooking complex dishes, go for 10” to 13” pans and you can cook anything you want.



So, this was all about choosing the perfect pan size. Selecting one of the several options is always a bit of a difficult task, especially if you are a novice.

However, you now know almost every little thing important to know before buying a cooking pan. Be careful about both the size and materials of your pan, then choose one wisely.

Once you buy one, make sure you use and maintain it properly. It will help your appliance last long.


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