10 Best Kitchen Mats You Need [Not Just For Kitchens]

There can’t be a better way to upgrade your kitchen, both outlook, and comfort-wise, than adding a kitchen mat. With so many options and variations available for you to choose from, kitchen mats will really change your kitchen game.

The options you get when shopping for kitchen mats are numerous. They differ in size, shape, and features that allow you to pick one that suits your kitchen the most. But, how to pick the best kitchen mat for yourself?

To help you choose your mat, we’ve made a list. You don’t have to go through all the alternatives because we’ve picked 10 best ones here for you. Before any further ado, let’s get to our top picks.

10 Best Kitchen Mats

We’ve considered design, size, shape, safety, and ease of cleaning before we selected these mats for our list. Because your preference may vary depending on your necessity, we’ve tried to make this list suitable for everyone in general.

Image Name Features View
Pauwer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug 2-piece Set Pauwer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug 2-piece Set Dimensions: 17 inch x 47 inch + 17 inch x 28 inch
Material: PVC Foam
Thickness: 10 mm
Carvapet 2-piece Rug Set Carvapet 2-piece Rug Set Dimensions: 17 inch x 48 inch + 17 inch x 24 inch
Material: Microfiber
Delxo 2-piece Kitchen Rug Sets Delxo 2-piece Kitchen Rug Sets Dimensions: 17 inch x 48 inch + 17 inch x 24 inch
Material: Chenille
Thickness: 1 inch
Carvapet 2-piece Set Non-Slip Backing Mat for Kitchen Carvapet 2-piece Set Non-Slip Backing Mat for Kitchen Dimensions: 17 inch x 48 inch + 17 inch x 24 inch
Material: Imitation Linen Fabric
Thickness: Low Pile
SHACOS 2-piece Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Set SHACOS 2-piece Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Set Dimensions: 17 inch x 30 inch + 17 inch x 47 inch
Material: PVC
Thickness: 10 mm
Simple Being Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Simple Being Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Dimensions: 32 inch x 17.5 inch
Material: PVC
Thickness: 0.5 inch
Amcomfy Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Amcomfy Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Dimensions: 20 inch x 32 inch
Material: Non-toxic material
Thickness: ¾ inch
Elrene Home Fashions Anti Fatigue Comfort Cushioned Floor Mat Elrene Home Fashions Anti Fatigue Comfort Cushioned Floor Mat Dimensions: 18 inch x 30 inch
Material: PVC
Thickness: 0.5 inch
LEEVAN Kitchen Rug Set LEEVAN Kitchen Rug Set Dimensions: 18 inch x 31 inch + 18 inch x 63 inch
Material: Memory Foam
Thickness:15 mm
GelPro Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat GelPro Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat Dimensions: 20 inch x 32 inch
Material: Foam
Thickness: ¾ inch

Best Kitchen Mats in a Video Review

1. Pauwer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug 2-piece Set

  • Support and Softness: You can now cook standing without feeling fatigued because these anti-fatigue rugs will make you feel comfortable on your feet.
  • Easy Cleaning: Stain-resistant and waterproof surfaces make it easy for you to clean the mats. Easily cleanable using a vacuum cleaner.
  • High-Quality Materials: PVC foam with high density makes these mats anti-slip, safe, and prevents tripping. 10 mm thickness is for ultimate support and comfort against your feet.
  • Beautiful Design: The outlook is beautiful and doesn’t collect dirt to keep it clean. Suitable for any modern and contemporary home.

Pauwer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug is a 2-piece comfortable rug set to make your cooking experience better than ever. They’ll support you while you stand up in the kitchen with comfortable materials.

Without any doubt, Pauwer offers one of the best anti fatigue kitchen mats. You’re getting support and a soft surface at the same time with these rugs. The pattern is also something that should go to the pro list.

Let’s move forward to the ease of cleaning. The pc embossed edges make the mats waterproof and stain-resistant. You can effortlessly clean these rugs using your vacuum cleaner. If you need extensive cleaning, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface.

Things we like
  • Anti-skid mats offer a safer experience and prevent tripping
  • The surface doesn’t attract dust, and cleaning is super easy
  • High-quality materials provide you comfort, support, and softness all in one
Things we didn't like
  • The mats are a bit narrower for the kitchen

2. Carvapet 2-piece Rug Set

  • Highly Absorbent: Keep your home free from slippery water by adding a highly-absorbent rug. It’ll quickly absorb the water and make your home cleaner and safer.
  • Machine Washable: You can effortlessly wash these rugs using your washing machine. The manufacturer suggests that you do not dry clean it or use any abrasive cleaners.
  • Fashionable Outlook: The mat is modern-looking, suitable for any contemporary home setting.
  • Anti-Slip: There’s latex rubber used on this mat to prevent slipping. The safest way to keep your kitchen, bathroom, and any other room cleaner.

The Carvapet rug set is made of microfiber to encourage a cleaner kitchen environment, making it super water absorbent. For the same reason, the rugs are versatile when it comes to placement. You can place it anywhere in your home, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom.

The rugs won’t wear out and will provide strong support with anti-skid latex rubber. The visual representation of this set is beyond praises. You can add it anywhere to augment your home beauty and keep your home cleaner.

The rugs are machine washable, so there’s no need to waste your time washing them manually. The most attractive feature of this mat set has to be its instant water absorption ability. That makes it one of the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors.

Things we like
  • Perfect for your kitchen or bathroom to keep the place free from unwanted spilled water
  • Beautifully designed to make a strong visual appearance anywhere
  • Anti-skid latex rubber help you get the safest experience with these rugs
Things we didn't like
  • You can’t vacuum clean them

3. Delxo 2-piece Kitchen Rug Sets

  • Comfortable and Durable: High-quality materials make this rug comfortable for your feet and stay undamaged if you use them using proper instructions.
  • Super Absorbent: You can now forget about slipping on your spilled water because the mat is super absorbent and can absorb an impressive amount of water at once. Perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.
  • Machine Washable: You can wash the rugs in your machine, and they don’t require any manual care.
  • Versatile: Because the mats are beautiful looking and full of high-quality features, you can use them anywhere at your home.

Delxo rug will absorb all the water and oil you spill on your kitchen floor to keep the area clean and safe. With chenille microfiber as the base material, this rug set becomes the best waterproof mat for hardwood floors.

Other than its efficiency in absorbing water, it’s also comfortable to the touch. If we’re talking about durability, you won’t have to be worried about this one. It won’t deteriorate.

You can keep this mat clean using your washing machine- no need to wash it manually. The manufacturer insists that there shouldn’t be any water beneath the mat, or there’s a probability the mat will slip. To avoid any accident, keep the surface under the mat always dry.

Things we like
  • Comfortable to your feet and makes your home look beautiful
  • Highly absorbent, it can soak up a good amount of water at once and make your kitchen safer for you
  • You can wash the rug using your washing machine, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of hand washing it
Things we didn't like
  • The rug is not stain resistant

4. Carvapet 2-piece Set Non-Slip Backing Mat for Kitchen

  • Multi-purpose: Place this mat anywhere in your home to have a nice finishing touch to the décor. Laundry room, entry, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere.
  • Thin Size: The mats are designed with a low pile height that makes them perfect for entry doors because they can fit under the door. In fact, it’s one of the best entry mats for hardwood floors.
  • Easy to Clean: Use your washing machine and vacuum cleaner to clean the rugs easily. No more hand washing the mats.
  • High-quality materials: Imitation linen fabrics are used to make these rugs that make them highly absorbent.

With non-slip backing, you know you’ll be safe while using the Carvapet kitchen mat. The mat augments the outlook of the place where you put it and soaks any accidental water spilled on the floor.

Now you can give your kitchen an aesthetic outlook while protecting the kitchen floor from stains and moisture. The rugs are also wear-resistant and fade-resistant.

Another thing we must mention about these rugs is their thinness. You can even fit them under doors. Moreover, they’re vacuumable and machine washable, so there isn’t anything to worry about keeping them clean as well.

Things we like
  • One of the best rugs for soaking up your floor water and keeping your house cleaner
  • Suitable for any area of your home, including kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc.
  • Easy to maintain and clean, it comes with an anti-skid feature for safety
Things we didn't like
  • They don’t slip but can move and fold a bit from time to time

5. SHACOS 2-piece Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Set

  • Aesthetically Beautiful: There can’t be a better way to lift up your home’s decoration than getting a SHACOS rug set.
  • Comfortable Support: High-quality PVC foam will support your legs and feet when you stay standing for a long time.
  • Easy to Clean: Simply clean your rug using a damp cloth. Wipe it and restore it to its previous state in no time.
  • Stain-Resistant: The mat’s surface is waterproof, oilproof, and stain-resistant. You can use it without worrying for a long time.

Vibrant color and classic design come with a SHACOS rug set. Suitable for all modern kitchens, this kitchen mat set will keep you comfortable while you stand on it. The surface is oil and waterproof, as well as stain-resistant.

The PVC foam used for making this rug is 10 mm thick, making it more comfortable and supportive to your feet. You can improve your home decoration while keeping dampness out of the way when you place this mat set.

In addition, the mats are also easy to clean using a damp cloth. Only wiping with a damp cloth will make the rugs like before.

Things we like
  • Suitable for different places because its outlook goes with any interior
  • Easily cleanable using a damp cloth and offers a stain-resistant surface, so you don’t have to do a lot of work to keep it clean
  • Provides comfortable support for your feet when you stand on them so that you won’t feel fatigued
Things we didn't like
  • The rugs are not machine washable

6. Simple Being Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

  • Anti Fatigue: Gives you ample support to your feet, legs, and knees while you’re working in the kitchen.
  • Reversible: With beautiful designs on both sides, this mat can be used on both sides.
  • Comfortable and Durable: High-quality PVC foam grants you comfort and durability at the same time.
  • Easy Cleaning: The mat can tolerate all your spills and is easily washable using water.
  • Suitable for All Floors: Place this mat anywhere, regardless of what kind of floor your home has.

When you know you’re going to stay standing for a long time, you need an anti-fatigue rug to support you all the time. Simple Being introduces a kitchen floor mat suitable for all floor types, even tiles. In fact, it’s one of the best kitchen mats for tile floors.

High-density PVC foam offers you ample support and comfort no matter where you placed this mat. It’s easy to clean, is stain-resistant, and waterproof. Also, it has an anti-skid feature to provide the safest experience.

The most intriguing feature we found on this mat was that it’s reversible. You can use both sides. And the designs are just perfect for any modern home. Also, there are design variations for you to choose from.

Things we like
  • The mat is a combination of support and comfort to help you not feel fatigued even when you’ve been standing for a long time
  • Modern designs are available, and the mat is reversible, which means you can use both sides
  • You can easily clean the mat, and it can withstand any kitchen disaster. Moreover, it’s stain-resistant
Things we didn't like
  • The surface won’t soak moisture

 7. Amcomfy Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

  • Superior Comfort: The mat features a ¾ inch thick surface that helps you stand comfortably by reducing the pressure on your lower back, knees, and feet.
  • Anti Fatigue: this mat prevents fatigue when you’ve been standing for too long by distributing your body weight evenly.
  • Beautiful Outlook: Comes with several color variations, making it perfect for you to choose according to your home interior.
  • Stain-resistant: The mat resists stains to keep it like new even after a long usage period.

The Amcomfy kitchen mat has an anti-fatigue feature. The mat is made with such thickness and materials to effectively reduce the pressure on your ankles, feet, legs, knees, and lower back by distributing your body weight evenly.

The edges are non-curling slopes, and the mat has an anti-slip bottom to prevent slipping. You can clean the mat using a damp cloth.

Like kitchen floor mats ikea offers, this mat has an excellent outlook. You can use the mat as a decorative item for any of your rooms. Besides, if you want to present your beloved ones with something extraordinary, this mat is the one thing to go for.

Things we like
  • The mat is abrasion-resistant and stain-resistant, so you can easily clean it using a damp cloth
  • It comes with a beautiful design perfect for any home interior
  • Super comfy and anti-fatigue to help you stay active during your long hours of standing
Things we didn't like
  • You can’t vacuum clean your mat

8. Elrene Home Fashions Anti Fatigue Comfort Cushioned Floor Mat

  • Non-Slip: Non-skid backing makes sure you don’t slip while standing or walking on the mat.
  • Easy to Clean: Wiping with a damp cloth is enough for cleaning this mat and restoring it to its previous state.
  • Beautiful-Looking: Designed with a modern-looking appearance, making it perfect for any room.
  • Anti-Fatigue: Reduces the pressure on your feet and legs to make you feel relaxed while standing for a long time.

If you stay standing for a long time, you already know how exhausting it can be. All you need is an anti-fatigue mat from Elrene Home Fashions for making your work more energetic. Reduce the pressure on your feet by standing on a soft and comfortable mat while you work.

Made with 100% PVC, this mat is easy to use and easy to clean. All you’re required to do is wipe it with a damp cloth, and you’ve got yourself a clean floor mat.

Other than its basic features, the mat also comes with a non-slip feature for added safety. You can walk around your kitchen or any other room without worrying about slipping on the mat. Moreover, you can use it on any floor. We consider this the best anti fatigue mat for concrete floors.

Things we like
  • Soft, cushioned, and help you get a comfortable experience when you’re standing for a long time
  • Easy to clean, wiping with a damp cloth is enough
  • It comes with a beautiful appearance, goes with any interior, and blends in any room
Things we didn't like
  • Because they’re made of PVC, they won’t absorb moisture

9. LEEVAN Kitchen Rug Set

  • Soft Velvet Surface: The surface is different than usual designs to add a contemporary look to your home.
  • Super Absorbent: The rug not only absorbs any spills quickly but also dries fast. Now you can forget worrying about accidental spills and a messy area.
  • Aesthetic Appearance: This rug’s design bears a deep meaning and provides an eye-catching texture to your room.
  • Easy Care: Use your machine to wash this rug, no manual or extra care necessary. It’s advisable not to use chlorine-based detergent.

If you’re looking for kitchen runners for hardwood floors, the LEEVAN kitchen rug set is the right option to go for. It’s environmentally safe, comes with great looks, and is super comfortable. It absorbs any water spills and creates a safer environment for you.

The mat has a velvet surface to add a modern touch to any of your rooms. The eye-catching pattern is not something everyone will have in their homes.

For the same reason, the rug is versatile. Its usage is not limited to your kitchen area. You can place it anywhere you want to elevate the whole environment.

Things we like
  • The mat features a unique appearance to elevate your house interior
  • Versatile usage allows you to place the rug anywhere you want
  • Machine washable and does not waste your time by requiring any extra care
Things we didn't like
  • If you’re looking for an anti-fatigue mat, this is not the one for you

10. GelPro Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

  • Anti-Fatigue: Support yourself by standing on a mat that cares for your feet. This mat comes with a thick surface and provides supportive cushioning for your feet.
  • Beautiful-Looking: The mat has a striking look to impress your guests and keep you energized during long hours.
  • Easy Care: The surface is stain-resistant, so there go your worries about cleaning it.
  • Anti-Skid: An anti-skid bottom and beveled corners are your highest safety measures to prevent slipping and tripping.

This has to be one of the best anti fatigue mats for plantar fasciitis. GelPro anti-fatigue kitchen mat features an ergo-foam material with a ¾ inch thickness. That means you’re getting maximum support on your feet to prevent fatigue.

The mat features an anti-skid bottom. Offering you safety by preventing accidental slipping is one of the core intentions of this mat. Also, it has beveled corners. Which means no tripping either. So, safety-wise, the mat’s got you covered.

With a stain-resistant surface, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the mat either.

Things we like
  • One of the safest mats with an anti-skid bottom and beveled corners to prevent slipping and tripping
  • Easily cleanable, the surface doesn’t stain, so you can keep using it without damaging its outlook
  • The anti-fatigue feature supports your feet to make you feel more relaxed while you work
Things we didn't like
  • The surface is a bit plasticky-looking


Types of Kitchen Mats

Kitchen mats come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be categorized based on different features. If we’re comparing them based on materials, there’s nylon, polyester, polypropylene, foam, etc.

Depending on sizes and shapes, mats can be divided into two types, namely-

Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue floor mats are often made of foam or PVC that’s thick and comfortable enough to support your feet, knees, and legs. They’ll distribute your body weight evenly, so you don’t feel fatigued when you’re standing for a long period.

Anti-fatigue rugs are perfect for using in the kitchen or any other place where you have to stay standing for long.

Wet Floor Mats

Wet floor mats are often made from materials that can soak up water and other liquids. They prevent your floor from getting wet by absorbing any accidental water. Wet floor mats are soft to your feet and perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, where there’s a chance of spilling water on the floor.

What Are the Benefits of Using Kitchen Mats?

If we compare a room with kitchen mats and a room without kitchen mats, we’ll easily understand why using kitchen mats is essential. To put some more lights on this issue, we’ve highlighted a few benefits of using kitchen mats.

Cleaner Floor

We often use kitchen mats where there’s a chance of dirt and water falling on the floors. Mats prevent the area from getting dirty. Besides, mats are easier to clean than floors. So, it’s a win-win no matter where you’re using your mat.

Slip Prevention

Most mats come with an anti-skip feature that’ll prevent you from slipping. If you don’t use a mat, when you spill slippery liquids on the floor like oil or water, there is a chance of an accident.

Augments Beauty

Last but not least, kitchen mats increase your home’s beauty beyond expectations. They come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns to make your home feel like a better place.


Are Kitchen Mats Necessary?

Kitchen mats are crucial for both your health and safety. Standing for too long can cause pain in your body. Kitchen mats make your experience a little less painful with softness and support. Also, spilling liquids on the floor is one of the most common phenomena. Kitchen mats can help you prevent slipping.

In addition, you can keep your house a lot cleaner when using kitchen mats. Kitchen mats are not only for the kitchen. You can use them around your whole house to make your home look better and feel better. We believe that answers your question about whether kitchen mats are necessary or not.


What To Consider While Buying Kitchen Mats

After going through our list, if you’re unsure which mat will be the perfect one for you, we’ve included a few features to consider before making the purchase. Match these features with your preference and choose the one that suits the criteria list.

Size and Shape

As you already know, kitchen mats come in various sizes and shapes. The place where you’ll put your mat plays an important role here. If your kitchen is large, buying a small runner mat may not be a sensible choice.

Entry doormats, kitchen mats, and mats for other places will vary in size and shape. Decide where you want to put your mat, and then select the right shape and size.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, mats can be of two types: Anti-fatigue and wet floor mats. If you’re looking for a mat that’ll help you stay standing without pain and will support your feet, knees, and back, an anti-fatigue mat might be the right choice for you.

Note that most anti-fatigue mats can’t soak up water. So, if that’s the feature you’re searching for, a wet floor mat is more suitable for you.


Outlook is important. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise. Would you buy an ugly rug just so it can soak up your spilled water? You won’t. So, don’t be conservative to look for your preferred color, pattern, and design before purchasing. Not all mats will look beautiful on all floors.

Non-slip Feature

To avoid any unwanted accidents, make sure your mat comes with a non-slip feature. There are also mats that come with beveled corners to avoid tripping. Go for a mat that provides the highest safety features.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats in Other Places?
Yes, you can. You can use them anywhere you need to stand for too long. Anti-fatigue mats will support your feet and legs to prevent fatigue and stay more comfortable while working.
How Long Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Last?
Even though there isn’t any certain period of how long your anti-fatigue mat will last, you can range the time between 1 to 3 years. One standard anti-fatigue mat will last from 1 year up to 3 years.
What Type Of Rug Is Best For Kitchen And Hardwood Floors?
For kitchen and hardwood floors, the best type of rug has to be a wool rug. Also, materials with soft surfaces are a sensible choice too. They’ll protect your floor as well as keep your feet comfortable.
Do Rugs Ruin Hardwood Floors?
If you use the wrong material type, the rug can ruin your hardwood floor. Latex, for example, can release moisture and ruin the floor. Materials like wool do not ruin hardwood floors.
Do anti fatigue mats actually work?
Anti-fatigue mats encourage regular movement on your feet, increase blood circulation and thus prevent fatigue. With or without an anti-fatigue mat will show a significant difference when standing in the same place for a long time.


Bottom Line

That was everything you needed and wanted to know about the best kitchen mats. Remember that kitchen mats will not only make your user experience better but also help increase your home’s beauty.

A beautiful-looking kitchen mat will elevate and improve the whole environment. Besides, kitchen mats have versatile uses. You can place them anywhere you want. And the variations will let you choose the perfect mat that you think is solely made for you.

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