Best Fireproof Document Bag for Outstanding Protection

Best Fireproof Document Bag

The best fireproof document bag can’t afford to compromise on the safety of your documents in any way. They need to tick all the right boxes while still being affordable and durable in the long term. I know firsthand how valuable these bags can be when you need them most – and how much you can regret not having one!

My family lost a house to an unfortunate electrical fire. We lost everything (other than a couple of kitchen items) and still had to face a massive uphill battle afterward. We lost super-important documents like passports, tax records, birth certificates and a bunch of irreplaceable photos.

This could have all been avoided if we had a fireproof document bag to keep it all safe. This is easy to say in hindsight, but at the time we had no idea about them. This guide and review will take you through a couple of the best options out there. I’ll put some excellent options before you. You’ll have a decent variety to choose from.

By the end of the guide, I want to get you ready to make a well-informed choice – and to avoid the same mistake that my family made.

Here’s a Comparison Table to Help You Out

Image Name Features View
SentrySafe 1170 Lockable Fireproof Box SentrySafe 1170 Lockable Fireproof Box Brand: SentrySafe
Color: Black
Size: 0.61 Cubic Feet
Material: Insulation Cloth
ROLOWAY Fireproof Document and Money Bags ROLOWAY Fireproof Document and Money Bags Brand: Roloway
Color: Silver
Size: Extra Large
Material: Dual-layer Cloth
Cascat Fireproof Briefcase and Security Bag Cascat Fireproof Briefcase and Security Bag Brand: Cascat
Color: Silver
Size: 16x12x0.79 inch
Material: Fiberglass Cloth
TBDLG Fireproof Document Bag TBDLG Fireproof Document Bag Brand: TBDLG
Color: Silver
Size: 41*31cm
Material: Fireproof Cloth
BLOKKD Fireproof Document Bag BLOKKD Fireproof Document Bag Brand: Blokkd
Color: Black
Size: 13 x 16 x 5 inches
Material: Non-Itchy
Honeywell One-Hour Fireproof Safe Box Honeywell One-Hour Fireproof Safe Box Brand: Honeywell
Color: Black
Size: 17.2x20x7.3
Material: ABS Plastic
ROLOWAY Large Fireproof Bag ROLOWAY Large Fireproof Bag Brand: Roloway
Color: Black
Size: 17 x 12 x 5.8 inches
Material: Dual-layer Cloth
SacredFire Fireproof Bag for Documents SacredFire Fireproof Bag for Documents (3-in-1) Brand: SacredFire
Color: Black
Size: X-large
Material: Firesafe Cloth
Jacksking Fireproof Document Bag Jacksking Fireproof Document Bag Brand: Jacksking
Color: Silver
Size: 40.5 x 30.5 x 2 cm
Material: Silicone Cloth
SecureMyLegacy Fireproof Documents Bag SecureMyLegacy Fireproof Documents Bag Brand: SecureMyLegacy
Color: Grey
Size: Variety 4 Pack
Material: Dual Cloth

The Top 10 Fireproof Document Bag Reviews

Here we’ll break down each of the top 10 best fireproof document bag options. You’ll learn about their key features and what’s unique to each model. I’ll also add a couple of thoughts.

We’ll finish up each product with a list of what I did and didn’t like about each of them.

1. SentrySafe 1170 Lockable Fireproof Box

  • Item Weight 29.9 Pounds
  • 0.61 Cubic Feet
  • Item Model Number: 1170
  • Key Lock 0.61 Cubic Feet
  • Ul Classified Fireproof Box
  • Captured Fire Insulation
  • A Flat Key Lock
  • Protect Your Critical Home and Business Documents

SentrySafe 1170 Lockable Fireproof Box

This is a top pick for the best fireproof document bag if you want a larger capacity with reliable protection. It has ETL certification meaning it’s very reliable and consistent. It also comes with a lock and key for added security. The lock is a flat key style lock, which means it won’t pop open during the fire.

You’ll be able to keep CDs, DVDs and USB drives in the box along with all your documents. The ETL certification means that they’ll be kept safe. With up to 30 minutes at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit, the internals will be well protected. This is more than the majority of house fires last for.

The firemen who come to the rescue might even be surprised by how resilient this box is. It’s the black box of home safety and will keep all your most important medical records and other valuables completely safe from damage.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for best fireproof document safe – and is even made better by its ETL rating and larger capacity.

What we liked
  • Higher internal capacity than most competitors
  • Excellent value for money
  • Flat key lock that won’t open during a fire
  • ETL safety certified
What we didn’t like
  • The flat key lock isn’t the most durable and regular use might cause quite a bit of wear and tear
  • External material cracks after being in a fire

2. ROLOWAY Fireproof Document and Money Bags

  • Item Weight 1.28 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 16 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Large Size
  • High Quality Fiberglass
  • Two Silicone Coated Layers
  • Handle & Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Easily Stand Temperatures as High as 2000°F
  • Bag for Cash, Valuables & Passport, with Silicone Coating

ROLOWAY Fireproof Document and Money Bags

With dual-layered fireproofing and water resistance, your documents will be very safe in here. It’ll survive up to 2000-degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand a powerful spray of a fireman’s hose. These cases are extra-large and can store almost double what similarly priced bags can hold. It’ll be able to take a full-size business laptop and a bunch of important documents and valuables at the same time.

It has a shoulder strap and an easy to hold handle. I found the shoulder strap to be a little uncomfortable and even painful when carrying for a long time. The handle is tough and shouldn’t have any issues in the long run. The whole bag can be folded and stored easily. I think it looks great with the light creamy color. I must admit that it gets dirty quickly and isn’t the easiest to keep clean.

All the seams are durable and reinforced. The bag will handle carrying heavy valuables inside without you needing to worry about it being damaged or compromised in any way. It’s one of my top choices for best fireproof waterproof document bag on the market at this price.

What we liked
  • Strong build with reinforced seams
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Beautiful color scheme and design
  • Larger capacity than most other bags at this price
What we didn’t like
  • It’s tough to keep clean and looking new
  • The shoulder strap is quite uncomfortable

3. Cascat Fireproof Briefcase and Security Bag

  • Item Weight 1.04 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions 15.9 X 12 X 0.8 Inches
  • Material Type Pearl Cotton
  • Large Size
  • Security Fireproof Laptop Bag
  • Silicone Fiberglass Cloth
  • High Temperature Resistance up to 1200°

Cascat Fireproof Briefcase and Security Bag

Here an interesting compact and lightweight fireproof briefcase that’s easy to hold and carry around. It’s one of my favorite choices for the best fireproof document bag as it can also carry my laptop with ease. I have a lot of important information on my laptop, and I worry about leaving it at work overnight.

This eases that worry, while also letting me protect other important documents and cash. The capacity is enough for most home office needs. The bag has a handy shoulder strap and an easy-to-hold handle for moving around.

It’s both fire and water retardant and will survive up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is enough for home use and will give you the protection you’ll need. In terms of versatility and mobility, it’s one of my top picks for the best fireproof bag.

You probably won’t be able to fit a large 17” laptop into the bag, so bear that in mind. I’m a fan of the 13” and 15” laptops, so this isn’t an issue for me. If you’ve ever wondered how hot home and office fires burn, here is an excellent read for you. How hot can fire get?

What we liked
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Very affordable
  • The zipper is fireproof and waterproof
  • Pearl cotton internal coating stops scratching and other non-fire related damage
What we didn’t like
  • Capacity is a little low for most business use
  • Doesn’t provide absolute protection from fire and water

4. TBDLG Fireproof Document Bag

  • Item weight: 0.5kg
  • 41*31cm Size
  • 1 Fireproof Package
  • Liquid Silicone Fiberglass Cloth
  • Bag for Passport, Money and Laptop
  • Made of High Quality Fireproof Cloth
  • It Has Double-Layer Fireproof
  • Inner Layer Is Made of Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth

TBDLG Fireproof Document Bag

Here’s another fantastic lightweight pick for the best fireproof document bag. It’s a little bigger than I expected and the internal materials are highly resistant. This not completely waterproof so don’t submerge it underwater completely.

It’s perfect for keeping important documents, money and some smaller jewelry. Although it isn’t suited to business use, you’ll still be able to get good value and use out of it at home.

The capacity is large enough to fit all of your important personal documents – and still have enough room for a couple of other items. It’s big enough to fit a laptop inside (not a 17” laptop). It’s not the best laptop carry bag, but it’ll do an awesome job of keeping it safe while you’re on a trip.

Customer support is excellent and easy to contact if you have any issues.

It’s an easy choice for the best fireproof bag if you want good value and ease-of-use. The zipper is pretty durable, but not the best I’ve used. I think the internal material (aluminum foil) won’t be too durable, especially if you’re keeping harder items like laptops and jewelry inside the bag.

Overall, this is one of the better value options from our fireproof bags reviews.

What we liked
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Durable shoulder strap and handle
  • Excellent fireproofing
  • High-quality zipper
What we didn’t like
  • Internal material isn’t too durable
  • Not completely waterproof and non-submersible

5. BLOKKD Fireproof Document Bag

  • Item Weight 2 Pounds
  • Package Dimensions 16.5 X 14 X 2.6 Inches
  • Silicone Coated Fiberglass Non-Itchy Material
  • With an Interior Storage Capacity
  • It Can Expand up to 7 Inches Wide.
  • Inspired by Military Archive Bags
  • Protect, Store & Secure Important Documents, Binders, Files, and Folders

BLOKKD Fireproof Document Bag

Here’s one of the best fireproof document bag choices with exquisite quality and robustness.

It can handle up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s some serious resistance) and features complete waterproofing. You won’t have to worry about your documents surviving a fire, only to be lost to water damage while being hosed down.

The internal space is plentiful and is even expandable from the native 5” up to 7” deep. This is more than enough space for personal documents and other valuables.

You’ll even have enough space to use it for a small business. You can get tons of documents and other valuable in there without much trouble.

The zippers are lockable and ultra-rugged. This is fantastic if you have curious kids that like to tear everything they come across into pieces – they won’t be getting into this case.

No poor-quality materials are used anywhere in this case. This means there are no weak points, and you’re getting complete protection against water and fire.

It’s been extensively tested in US labs and will perform consistently and reliably. It’s a little more expensive, but that’s the price you pay for this capacity and high-quality protection.

Despite the slightly higher price, you’re still getting epic value for money – and long life from this case!

Overall, it’s one of my top picks for the best fireproof waterproof document bag at this price.

What we liked
  • Excellent durability and material quality
  • Waterproofing that works
  • Lockable zippers are rugged and durable
  • Expandable internal capacity
What we didn’t like
  • It’s not easy or quick to lock and unlock the case
  • Build and design aren’t very sturdy – it’s quite soft and flexible

6. Honeywell One-Hour Fireproof Safe Box

  • Item Weight 54.3 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions 17.2 X 20 X 7.3 Inches
  • Size 17.2x20x7.3
  • Animal Style
  • Material ABS Plastic
  • Power Source Battery
  • Volume 11.12 Liters
  • Special Features is Waterproof
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty

Honeywell One-Hour Fireproof Safe Box

This is a heavy-duty and ultra-durable pick for the best fireproof document bag (though it’s technically a safe). You’ll get up to an hour of complete protection at temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only this, but it’ll also survive underwater for 100 hours at a depth of almost 40 inches.

This is some serious protection and there isn’t much that’s going to put your valuables at risk. It’s perfect for extensive business and legal use, with enough capacity to put tons of items inside. S0 It’s obviously more expensive and possibly out of the range if you’re just looking for basic home use.

It’s extremely reliable and consistent, which is why is recommend it for professional use. It’s not easy to carry around at all, weighing in at over 40lbs without any contents. This isn’t designed to be mobile and versatile. It’s a solid and nearly unbreakable case for your most important documents.

What we liked
  • High-grade robust protection
  • Extreme fire and water resistance
  • Very durable and will last you a long time
  • Huge internal capacity
What we didn’t like
  • It’s very heavy and hard to carry
  • It’s expensive and mainly aimed at business use

7. ROLOWAY Large Fireproof Bag

  • Item Weight 1.75 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions 17 x 5.8 x 12 inches
  • Jumbo Size
  • Non-Itchy Silicone Materials
  • Double Layered Fiberglass
  • Stand Temperatures as High as 2000°F
  • Combination Lock for Additional Safety
  • Bag for Money, Legal Documents, Files and Valuables

ROLOWAY Large Fireproof Bag

The double-layered fiberglass makes this bag even more resistant to fire damage and water penetration. You’ll be able to use it knowing full well that your documents and valuables will be safe.

It can handle up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit – which is more than enough protection for home and some business use.

The zippers feel very strong to the touch and are ultra-durable. They’re well designed and also allow you to lock the bag with a padlock.

You also get a smaller wallet-sized case for protecting other documents and cash while offering the versatility of a wallet. The silicone coating is non-itchy and feels premium; you won’t feel like you’re holding a cheap piece of plastic. Silicone cloth and coating are innovative and ultra-useful. You can read if you’re interested in growing your knowledge on this topic.

The customer service is excellent the refund policies are comprehensive and generous. All of this works well together to bring you one of the most reliable and portable fireproof cases at this price.

This is one of my personal favorites out of these fireproof bag reviews.

What we liked
  • Comes with a smaller wallet sized fireproof pouch
  • High-quality material build and zippers
  • Comes with two silica packs for added protection
  • Ergonomic and durable grip
What we didn’t like
  • Struggles to compete with many competitors that offer 3-in-1 deals at a similar price
  • Doesn’t specify how long it can last in a fire

8. SacredFire Fireproof Bag for Documents (3-in-1)

  • Item Weight 1.56 Pounds
  • Package Dimensions 17.4 X 13.2 X 2.7 Inches
  • X-Large Size
  • 3-Layer Protective Firesafe Material
  • Stand up against Heat up to 2000℉
  • Conveniently Accessible for You at Home or at the Office
  • Ideal for Traveling, Money, Passport Card, Important Documents, Jewelry

SacredFire Fireproof Bag for Documents

In terms of value for money, you’re looking at what’s probably the best fireproof document bag, in my opinion. It’s an epic 3-in-1 set that rivals even the best competitors on capacity and design.

It’s lightweight and compact, despite the 30% larger capacity. You get three different sized bags that offer you a robust and versatile set of options.

This set is perfect for a mix of personal and professional use. You have the ability and capacity to handle safely storing important business documents in the larger bags. You can then use the smaller ones for personal and home use.

The internal material offers an added layer of protection that most competing cases don’t. You can be rest assured knowing that what goes into the cases isn’t going to be touched by fire or water.

With protection for up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, this is one of the most resilient and robust fireproof cases on the market at this price.

They’re also foldable and easy to store. This makes them ideal for versatile and mobile use. You’ll be able to easily transport them between home and work.

They have a great blend of being practical and as safe as possible.

What we liked
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Completely waterproof and fireproof
  • Lightweight and versatile
What we didn’t like
  • Limited in terms of colors and designs
  • Not the easiest to hold and carry around

9. Jacksking Fireproof Document Bag

  • Item Weight 14.4 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions 0.4 X 0.4 X 0.4 Inches
  • Size 40.5 X 30.5 X 2 Cm
  • Outer Layer Silicone Cloth Materials
  • The Inner Layer Is Made with Layered
  • Very Convenient for Traveling Pouch
  • Bag for Documents, Files, Passbooks, Photos, Books, Batteries, Etc

Jacksking Fireproof Document Bag

Here’s an affordable option if you want the best fireproof document bag without hurting your wallet. It keeps the cost as low as possible without sacrificing safety.

It’s not quite as resilient as some of the other options in these fireproof bags reviews, but it ticks all the boxes.

It’s lighter than almost all of the other bags and cases on this list. This lends to it being one of the most versatile and easiest to carry around on the market at this price.

Thanks to the sturdy handle, it’s super-easy to carry around with you daily. It looks and feels professional and has a luxurious appearance.

The outer layer will likely lose a little of its color after being in a fire. It’s also not designed to survive a full-on fire but will do just fine in heats of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

There’s enough internal space to carry a 17” laptop and some other documents too. It’s not very thick, but it makes up for this with its width and height.

There are three layers for added protection – despite the lower max temperature threshold. This helps to prevent any water that gets into the outer layer from seeping deeper in and causing damage.

If you’re on a limited budget and want something that checks the right boxes, then this might be one of the best fireproof document bags for you!

What we liked
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • The handle and zippers are very resilient
  • Light on your wallet
  • Three layers for added protection
What we didn’t like
  • The threshold temperature is a little low
  • It’s not completely water-resistant

10. SecureMyLegacy Fireproof Documents Bag

  • Item Weight 6.1 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions 15 X 11 X 1 Inches
  • Variety 4 Pack
  • Water & Smoke Damage
  • Made of High Quality Fireproof Cloth
  • Silicone Coated Non-Itch Fiberglass and Aluminum Material
  • Bag for Business, Emergency, Legal Documents, Medical and Real Estate

SecureMyLegacy Fireproof Documents Bag

In terms of bang for your buck, this is probably the most valuable pick for the best fireproof document bag on the market. You have three choices available to you: the two-set; the four-set; and the five-set. This is the review of the four-set.

Each of the four bags has a convenient label written on the side for quicker access and smarter storage. There’s one for medical, legal, emergency, and business. This is pretty innovative and shows attention to detail that not common at this price point.

Each of the bags is worthy in their own right of the price charged for the set – which means you’re getting serious value for your money.

The material build and design in excellent. The waterproof zippers give these bags better waterproofing that most of the competitors can’t match.

You have a choice of what labels you want on the sides of each bag, and there are quite a few to choose from.

They also claim to be easier to recover and even reuse after surviving an emergency. This further adds to their reliability, value, and versatility.

In my opinion, this is likely the best waterproof fireproof document bag on the market that has this kind of value for money.

What we liked
  • Exquisite value for money
  • Versatile uses and labeling on the sides for easier organization
  • Excellent material quality, build, and design
  • Effective waterproofing without adding too much to the overall cost
What we didn’t like
  • Each bag doesn’t have too much internal capacity
  • Internal material could be softer and kinder to fragile documents and valuables

Best Fireproof Document Bag – Our Winners

Here’s who I think deserves the title for each of the following areas.

Best Deal – SecureMyLegacy Fireproof Documents Bag

The fact that you can get two, four or five bags in the deal is simply epic. You’ll struggle to find anything else on the market that offers you this level of value and versatility.

The price is very affordable and is perfect for you if you have diverse needs. You’ll be able to use these for both business and home use. You’re getting more than double the value than what competing similar models offer.

This case shone above the rest and came out as a top choice for the best fireproof document bag in terms of value for money.

It earns this title convincingly and you should give it some serious thought if you like what you see!

Best Protection – SentrySafe 1170 Lockable Fireproof Box

This case is a tank in terms of its ability to protect your valuables. It can handle more than just documents – it’ll take jewelry, books, phones, tablets, and laptops.

It’s almost unmatched at this price point in its material-build and design. Your documents will be extremely safe once they’re locked away inside this box.

Not only is it safe from fire and water, but you will keep it safe from people. The flatlock is high quality, hard to break and stops the box from popping open under intense heat.

With its solid waterproofing, this case is a top pick for best fireproof and waterproof safe. This, along with the enormous internal capacity makes it a very tempting choice for the best fireproof document bag – it is right at the top of my list.

Read Our Buying Guide

FAQ’s of Best Fireproof Document Bag

Can these fireproof cases be re-used after surviving a fire?
Answer: I’d take some time to do a full inspection of the case or bag in question. You need to be very careful to check for tiny little cracks anywhere on the surface of the bag or case. The heat can often cause these small cracks to form, which in turn can have a negative effect the next time it’s in a fire. If there are no small cracks anywhere, and no visible damage, then you can use it again. Make sure though, as it’s not worth risking it. Everything should look and work as it did before the fire.

How long can these fireproof bags and cases survive in a fire?
Answer: This depends on the bag or case that you have. If you have the best fireproof document bag, you can probably expect it to survive around 30 minutes near its max temperature threshold. This increases or decreases slightly depending on the material that’s used and the quality of the build. 30 minutes is enough for the case to survive most home fires – though it might be a different story for larger businesses and building fires.

What is the level of waterproofing of these fireproof bags and cases?
Answer: This also depends on the model you choose to get. Some have more robust waterproofing than others. None of them are designed to be submerged underwater for any length of time. They are designed to survive being hosed down at high pressures, or sprayed with fire retardant liquids. They’ll protect the internal content from being damaged by this – but not too much more than that.

Can I add waterproofing or a sealant to the cases and bags?
Answer: Yes you can. Some of these options come with gels that do just this. You can use whatever you want to, just make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the closing or sealing mechanism, or you’ll risk compromising the effectiveness of the entire case or bag. You might still have some issues with the zippers of some bags as they’re not entirely waterproof. Many people double up and put the fireproof bags inside a larger fireproof case or safe. This gives you added protection and resistance that you’d need.

Here’s Why You Should Buy One

The advantages should be pretty clear by now. If my family had known about these cases when we lost our house to an electrical fire – we would have been saved from an expensive and draining couple of months.

The bags and cases that I’ve reviewed here today don’t pose a serious financial investment. It’s a small amount when you consider what you’d save if there was a fire.

It’s also less stress on you, knowing that your most precious valuables are safe from harm.

You have the information you need to make a decision on which on these fireproof document bags is best for you.

All that’s left is for you to make the choice without getting too caught up on it.

If you’re running a business, then you should consider one of the higher capacity cases with higher temperature resistance.

If you just need something for home use, then most of the bags and smaller cases are perfect for you.

Just take the step, order the case or bag, and relax knowing that your valuables will be protected against these types of disasters.

Final Thoughts

You’re ready to make a well-informed buying decision. It’s all on you now.

I’ve given you everything you need to get the best value for money possible. You have 10 of the best options on the market to choose from.

They all offer something unique and can protect irreplaceable documents and other special items.

All it takes is one unfortunate fire to make you wish you had one of these bags or cases.

I, of course, hope that something like this never happens to you, but if it does – I want you to be prepared and protected.

Go ahead and get the best fireproof document bag for your needs and protect what can’t be replaced!


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