5 Best Electric Wok For Your Kitchen

So, you’ve tried a lot of cuisines, and now you want something new. But what? Asian cuisine is a delicious option to try. And you’re going to need a beautiful wok to try this one. A wok will add diversity to your kitchen and help you experience your food beyond any limits.

If you intend to buy only one wok, we’ll always recommend you to go for an electric one. Why so? We’ll explain in a bit.

First, let’s help you find the best electric wok available for you. It’s possible to get lost among so many advertisements. But we’ve created a shortlist for you. It’ll certainly narrow down your search and save you some extra time. Also, we will help you with a buying guide to make sure you don’t make the wrong choice.

5 Best Electric Wok For Your Kitchen

We’ve kept this list short. Here, you’ll find the top 5 best electric wok reviews to increase your cooking skill and take it to another level. We’ve evaluated these woks based on every essential feature. Let’s get to it.

Image Name Features View
5 Best Electric Wok For Your Kitchen Aroma Housewares Electric Wok Dimensions: 18.6 x 10.2 x 14.4 inch
Weight: 4.5 Pounds
Material:Cast Aluminum
Dishwasher Safe
5 Best Electric Wok For Your Kitchen Presto Stainless-Steel Electric Wok Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 10 inch
Weight: 5.25 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
5 Best Electric Wok For Your Kitchen Breville  Brushed Stainless Steel Hot Wok Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.3 x 6.6 inch
Weight: 12.54 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
5 Best Electric Wok For Your Kitchen Oster DiamondForce Electric Wok Dimensions: 15 x 14.88 x 6.73 inch
Weight: 7.33 Pounds
Not Dishwasher Safe
5 Best Electric Wok For Your Kitchen NUWAVE MOSAIC Induction Wok Dimensions: 10.25 x 22.5 x 16.25 inch
Weight: 16.8 Pounds
Material: Carbon Steel
Not Dishwasher Safe

Best Electric Wok in Video Review

Best Electric Wok in Products Review

1. Aroma Housewares Electric Wok

  • Durable: Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction makes this wok one of the most durable ones. You can now have a mess-free cooking experience because the non-stick surface will allow stick-free cooking.
  • Heat Retention: You’re getting a pot that’ll heat up pretty quickly and retain the heat. It also distributes the heat evenly through the bottom to allow you a perfectly cooked meal without any hot spots.
  • Easily Maneuverable: With ergonomic handles and structure, the wok is easy to maneuver. Also, the handles come with a cool-touch feature for added convenience.
  • Easy Cleaning: Because the wok is non-stick, it’s easy to clean. Also, it’s dishwasher safe.

Using cast aluminum, Aroma Housewares makes sure that the wok helps you get perfect heat distribution. That means you can perfectly sauté, simmer, or stir fry your food. The surface is, of course, has a non-stick coating that prevents foods from sticking. Besides, a non-stick surface means you can clean the wok without any effort. And while we’re on the subject of cleaning, it’s dishwasher safe.

This wok also comes with a large 7-quart capacity so you can cook your heart’s content. Features like quick heat up with perfect heat retention make this wok one of the best ones.

Things we like
  • The spacious capacity allows you to cook for everyone at once with perfection
  • Non-stick coating lets you cook using little oil that encourages a healthy diet
  • Comes with a full range of temperature control for preciseness
Things we didn't like
  • There isn’t any indicator to let you know when it has reached the desired temperature


2. Presto Stainless-Steel Electric Wok

  • Diverse: Whether you want to simmer, stir-fry, or sear, this wok from Presto will make sure you don’t face any difficulties while cooking.
  • Easy to Clean: Fully immersible cover and body are entirely dishwasher safe, so you can forget worrying about cleaning it.
  • Fast Heat: The wok uses 1500 wattage, which means you’ll achieve fast and high heat with this cookware. Lesser cooking time means preparing your meal quicker.
  • Glass Lid: Monitor your food’s progress with ease because the wok comes with a see-through tempered glass lid.

Presto offers you an electric wok that comes with a stainless steel body. It protects your food’s flavor, smell, and color while providing fast heating. Now you can get your cooking done in no time. The wok uses 1500-watt to heat so that you can reach a very high temperature with this wok.

The wok also features a tempered glass lid that comes with a stainless steel handle and rim. You can monitor your food while the aluminum-clad base takes care of fast and even heating.

Things we like
  • Fast and high heat will let you go wild with your cooking
  • The dishwasher safe feature saves you a lot of trouble while cleaning
  • The heat distributes evenly due to high-quality materials and helps you get a perfectly cooked meal
Things we didn't like
  • The whole body doesn’t get heated enough compared to the bottom


3. Breville  Brushed Stainless Steel Hot Wok

  • Large Capacity: The wok will cook food for your whole family at once with its large 6-quart capacity.
  • Non-stick: It comes with a high-quality quantum non-stick coating. You need very little oil to cook on this wok. That means, a healthy
  • Easy Cleaning: You only have to remove the temperature panel and put the wok into the dishwasher. No more manual washing.
  • Even Heating: The wok will heat up fast, distribute it evenly, and retain the heat for perfect cooking.

The first thing you’ll notice about Breville Hot Wok is that it comes with 15 precision heat settings. Using 1500 wattage, the wok can heat up to 425 degrees F, which is more than hot enough to cook a variety of dishes.

If you’re considering an electric wok, this is the best portable electric wok you can get yourself. Besides, it’s dishwasher safe. You can safely remove the temperature panel and use your dishwasher for both the body and the cover.  If we sum up all its features, it’s the best stainless steel electric wok on our list.

Things we like
  • The cover is see-through for easy monitoring while cooking
  • 15 precision heat settings allow you to cook diverse meals with all your heart
  • No worries about cleaning because the wok is dishwasher safe too
Things we didn't like
  • The wok is a bit heavy and tough to maneuver


4. Oster DiamondForce Electric Wok

  • High-quality Non-stick: Unlike other non-stick surfaces, this one comes with reinforced and infused diamond particles, making it sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Tempered Glass Lid: Easily monitor your food during cooking time through the glass lid. It secures tightly and locks the flavors and moisture inside. There’s also a vent to let the steam escape. The knob stays cool during cooking.
  • Handles: The handles are stylish-looking and will stay cool during cooking. You can maneuver the wok without any difficulties with these handles.
  • Easy to Clean: Due to its high-quality non-stick surface, food doesn’t stick, and it becomes effortless to clean the wok.

Reinforced and infused diamond particles are used in this wok’s base to create a superior quality non-stick surface. For the same reason, the wok becomes durable and long-lasting by creating a robust structure.

Oster electric wok upgrades your kitchen from traditional wok cooking with features like a tempered glass lid, cool-to-touch handles, a perfect temperature probe, and easy clean-up. So, to sum up, it’s the best affordable electric wok with decent features among competitors.

Things we like
  • The temperature probe is easily removable and allows you to monitor and adjust the actual temperature for precise cooking
  • It comes with a high-quality non-stick feature that makes the wok durable and offers easy cleaning
  • The handles stay cool during cooking, and the lid allows you to monitor the meal easily
Things we didn't like
  • Even though it’s easy to clean, you can’t use your dishwasher to wash this wok


5. NUWAVE MOSAIC Induction Wok

  • Induction Compatible: NuWave wok uses induction technology for faster, more energy-efficient, and safer cooking methods. Even heat distribution also comes with this technology.
  • Base Stays Cool: Your wok will reach up to 575 degrees F, while the base will stay cool to the touch for a safer cooking environment.
  • Precise Control: you can customize the temperature between 100 degrees F to 575 degrees F to allow you to be more precise with your dish.
  • Easy Cleaning: You can complete your entire dish using this one wok, which means fewer dishes for you to wash after eating. Wipe the wok using paper towels, and you’re done cleaning.

NuWave is our best non-stick induction wok. It’s made of carbon steel and can offer you precise temperature controls between 100 degrees F and 575 degrees F. Their motive is to combine the latest technology with traditional wok cooking to provide you with the best result.

It’s got a tempered glass lid, a stainless steel frying rack, a digital panel, and perfect heat distribution. The wok can help you execute perfect recipes of stir-fry, steam, soups, desserts, and more. You can use the wok on the induction cooktop, so that’s a plus point too. Overall, it combines all benefits in one wok to help you get the exact outcome you want while cooking.

Things we like
  • Induction compatibility allows you diversely use this wok for various meals
  • Carbon-steel wok with a stainless steel rack lets you call a variety of dishes on the same wok
  • Even heat distribution makes sure that you get your desired result while you cook your heart’s content
Things we didn't like
  • You’ll need to wait till a few uses before the wok gets perfectly seasoned


What Is A Modern Electric Wok?

A modern electric wok is what its name says it is. It’s similar to a traditional wok, particularly made for stir-frying, but rather than using a stovetop, it comes with an in-built heating system.

There are significant differences between a traditional wok and an electric wok, but urban people prefer an electric one. The reason behind their preference is because it’s portable, easily controllable, the temperature control is more precise, etc.

An electric wok usually comes with a base that draws power from electricity to heat up. The wok is placed directly over the heating element. There’s a dial to control the temperature between a given limit.

The advanced features increase as you go higher with your budget. The more pricey an electric wok is, the more features it comes with.


Electric Wok vs. Stove Top Wok

A stovetop wok is traditional Chinese cookware. It usually comes in a round shape with deep slopes. The traditional woks had wooden handles. Nowadays, woks have evolved in many ways depending on contemporary necessity.

An electric wok is almost similar to a stovetop wok except for the heating system. While traditional woks require a cooktop and fire to heat up, electric woks come with an in-built heating element. It draws power from electricity and heats up.

A stovetop wok can differ from an electric one in many ways. Shapes and sizes, for starters. Stove Top woks can come in larger sizes than electric ones. Electric woks have size limitations because the heating element can’t heat up the pan if it’s too big.

Traditional woks had round bottoms. Because a round shape is perfect for getting heated fast and evenly. Nowadays, both electric and stove top woks come in different shapes. Stovetop woks are now offered in a flat shape so that all types of stoves can hold them properly.

The next comparison is based on materials. Different materials are used for both electric and stove top woks. Carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., are few examples among them.

If we compare these woks on a pros and cons basis, there is no correct answer to which one is better. Many people prefer electric ones because they offer convenient portability. Also, they can easily monitor and control the temperature compared to stove top woks.

On the contrary, some people say that electric woks don’t season well enough to execute a perfect recipe. They don’t reach too high a temperature range either. So, they stick to the traditional stove top woks.


What Can You Cook in an Electric Wok?

Electric woks are a lot more diverse than most people think. It was intended for stir-frying foods, but its use is not limited to stir-frying anymore. You can cook different types of dishes using the same electric wok. Some of the popular cooking methods you can try are given below.

Roast: Woks are large enough to accommodate a whole chicken. So, roasting is a great option for cooking using your electric wok. You can also monitor and adjust the precise temperature according to your recipe whenever necessary.

Stea: You can also steam anything you want using your wok. However, you’ll need a basket for this method. Woks that come with a deep and round bottom can hold enough water to steam anything with perfection. Also, tempered glass lids are steam-friendly when using a wok.

Stir-Fr: Stir-frying is what woks are made for. Electric woks are perfect for stir-frying your vegetables. Throw your vegetables in your wok and stir till they become perfectly fried.

Others: You can also use your wok for deep frying if the slopes are deep enough. And if you own a flat wok, you can utilize it to make different breakfast items like toast, egg, bacon, etc.


What You Need to Know About Electric Woks

Make sure you know your facts about electric woks before trying them out. Different woks come with different features and functions but keep the following things in mind for all of them.

  • Read the instruction manual before using your electric wok.
  • Not all woks are dishwasher safe. This feature varies depending on the material. Before you clean your wok, check out if it is immersible.
  • Your electric wok doesn’t need a stovetop to cook your food. The heating element comes with it.
  • You can’t run your electric wok without electricity.
  • Be careful when using an electric wok because, unlike stovetop woks, electric ones heat very quickly.
  • Use bamboo or wooden cooking tools on your non-stick electric wok to protect the coating.


How to Use an Electric Wok?

Using an electric wok is really easy. All you will have to do is turn the wok on and set the heat to its highest level. Let the wok get hot. Use oil and then tilt the wok using gloves to let the oil get evenly distributed.

After a while, add the food you want to cook. The process, of course, will depend on your recipe. If you’re roasting a chicken, for example, keep the heat high until the chicken becomes golden brown.

The same process applies to stir-frying. Keep the vegetables on the wok and toss them using wooden utensils. Keep the heat high.

Once you’re done with your cooking, clean the wok as the manufacturer suggests. Store it in a dry place and if you are not using it regularly, keep it covered to protect it from dust.


Electric Wok Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning an electric wok is pretty easy, especially if it comes with a non-stick surface. Turn the wok off and unplug it from the power source. Do not touch the wok till it completely cools down. Electric woks tend to get very hot, and you can easily burn yourself with these.

Once your wok is cold, remove any visible food residing on the surface using a wooden spoon. Then, use paper towels or a clean rug to wipe the surface, and that should do it.

However, if your wok is dishwasher safe, detach the wok from the base and put the wok and lid into your dishwasher.

Dishwasher-safe woks will save you time. If you don’t want to go through a manual cleaning procedure, it’s better to consider this feature before buying your electric wok.


Buying Guide

What do you think you should consider before buying an electric wok? Different users value different features on cookware. Overall, the following features should cover everything while purchasing an electric wok.

Size: How many people are you cooking for? Answer this, and you’ve got yourself the size you need to get. The sizes vary widely among electric woks. Some are large and perfect for family meals, whereas some are small and portable. Consider which one you need.

Maximum Temperature: Most of the woks can’t reach a high enough temperature appropriate for diverse meals. So, check the maximum temperature of your wok and also the temperature adjusting system.

Material: The most popular materials for woks are carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Every material has its perks and flaws. Some, like aluminum, will allow you fast heating, whereas some, like stainless steel, come with a dishwasher-safe feature. It depends on you what feature you’re valuing most.

Try to avoid Teflon for non-stick coating as it can be dangerous for your health.

Lid and Handle: Glass lids are more convenient when cooking on a wok. You can keep monitoring your cooking progress with a glass lid. As for the handles, make sure they stay cool to the touch. The shape should also be ergonomic for easy maneuverability.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can you boil water in an electric wok?
You can use your electric wok not only for boiling water but also for steaming vegetables. However, you’ll need a for this method. As for boiling water, it becomes very fast and easy while using an electric wok.
What brand of wok is best?
The best brand of wok on our list is the Aroma Housewares. If you compare the woks offered by them with others, they’ll definitely come first. The features you get with this brand are much more lucrative than others.
What is the safest wok to use?
The safest wok to use is Presto electric wok. This one features stainless steel that’s non-reactive to food flavors and colors. You can rest assured that your food won’t contain any harmful chemicals when using this wok.
What can you cook in an electric wok?
You can prepare a variety of meals using your electric wok. You can make stews, soups, stir-fry your vegetables, cook a roast, steam your veggies and seafood, and deep fry your meat.
Can you fry chicken in an electric wok?
Electric woks are perfect for frying chicken because they come with a round bottom and deep slopes. Set the temperature to the highest and fry the chicken, keeping the heat constant.


Final Words

Going for an electric wok can be a wild decision to make. But, it’s a must-have if you want to expand your cooking skills and enrich your kitchen collections. You won’t need your stovetop to cook in an electric wok.

If your wok is convenient enough, you can carry it when traveling. Overall, electric woks are a really smart choice for urban lives. However, you should be cautious.

Take your time to evaluate your alternatives so that you can get the best electric wok for yourself.


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