Are Woodbridge Toilets Any Good

Are Woodbridge Toilets Any Good

An everyday necessity that has such importance in our lives without us even realizing it. A toilet is hardly ever thought of until it starts leaking or needs to be repaired, and then it becomes a monster to the people affected. The problem is that despite how much we dislike a toilet when it stops working, it has already done us the world of good, and so it deserves praise rather than malice.

There are times that you might have bought a toilet and ends up breaking or leaking after a few uses in which case yes the toilet is to blame, or maybe the plumber that installed it. Most toilets are made after having been through multiple tests and different procedures to ensure their functionality but even still, it is possible to have malfunctions once in a while. Toilets have a very simple design and it is quite hard to go wrong with them but it does happen. Especially with more modern toilets like the pressure-assist type. These versions are slightly more complex than the standard gravity-assisted type because they are pressurized and have more intricate parts inside the tank of the toilets.

We’ve researched a number of different types of toilets, and have gone through hundreds of Woodridge toilet reviews to discover what makes the best toilets. The points that we’ll mention are based on Woodbridge toilets, so what we will be asking is, “are Woodbridge toilets any good?”. Let’s have a look.

What Makes or Breaks a Toilet?

Firstly it is important to know the difference between the two types of toilets in the market. The first is the most common type and that is the gravity-assisted toilet. The second is the pressure-assisted toilet which is more of a recent invention and comes with a more modern pressure flushing system as opposed to a regular gravity flow flush. These two systems are both very effective in their own right and neither is necessarily better than the other apart from a few pros and cons that you might want to consider before choosing either option.

A gravity toilet, as their name suggests, works off gravity, or uses the force of gravity to flush the toilet. Water that is stored in the tank above the bowl is released through a valve that then falls into the bowl creating a siphoning effect that pulls the waste down and out of the toilet and into the sewerage system. This toilet generally has a good waste removal factor and performs well in the tests, but does suffer from clogging more easily.

A pressure-assist toilet uses gravity as well as the assistance of pressure. Inside the tank of the toilet is located a pressurized cavity often cylindrical or rectangular where the air is compressed by water creating a build-up of pressure that when flushed pushes the water out into the bowl with much more force than would normally be achieved by gravity assist toilet. The pressure that is created in the tank is enough to flush huge amounts of waste down the drain easily and will always be a more efficient way of flushing than its counterpart as well as being more effective at leaving no waste behind.

So these are the two types of toilets that are available from Woodbridge, and now we’ll look at whether they are worth the fuss or not really.

Floor Mounting

The most important external part of the manufacturing process is the design of the floor connection. This part of the toilet is the most likely part of the toilet that might leak, or give off odors; this is because there is a gap that is always left between the floor and the beginning of the toilet. The floor mounting needs to be strong and very firm otherwise many other factors come into play that won’t put a smile on your face.

Floor Mounting

Woodridge toilets usually have four mounting bolts that hold them to the ground, any less than this is just not sturdy enough to maintain the same position on t5he bathroom floor. So you might be asking what is important about the toilet staying so firmly attached to the floor? The answer lies underneath the toilet; multiple attachments need to be connected underneath the toilet to prevent it from leaking sewer gas or splashing out water all over the floor. These are wax rings and floor seals, and they have this role.

The wax rings and floor seals make up the distance between the concrete floor and the bottom section of the toilet, as well as the flanges that are used to tighten the bolts onto to secure the toilet in place. If these flanges are moved out of position or are not tightened tight enough then the toilet might start to move slightly which will push the wax rings and seals out of place and if the movement is big then it might even break the seal which will have you on your hands and knees mopping up all the dirty water that ends up on your bathroom floor.

The other important thing to consider with proper floor mounting is the tiles. Tiles are used to cover most bathroom floors these days and so with that comes an extra gap distance that needs to be made up under the toilet. So sometimes what plumbers or builders will do is that they will;l leave any empty space on the concrete floor without tiles, to install the toilet, which they then tidy up with smaller off-cuts of tiles afterward, but the problem that can end up happening is that the toilet starts to brush up against the tiles moving them out of place, and as we all know when one tile gets dislodged then eventually all the tiles will start to be affected. So it might be a good idea if possible to oversee the mounting of a toilet on the bathroom floor personally.

Flushing Mechanism

As previously discussed, there are two types of flushing mechanisms that Woodbridge does. The pressure assist and the gravity assist. They are both of good quality and are both very functional but in terms of the Woodbridge makes, there might be an advantage of the gravity-assisted versions.

The pressure-assisted toilets have a massive flushing ability and there aren’t any gravity-assisted designs that can match this, however, there are a few pros and cons to this toilet as expected. The flushing mechanism is a lot louder due to the compressed air inside the pressure cavity and when triggered in rushing through the system creating a loud whooshing sound. It doesn’t take long to get used to, but especially if you go to the bathroom in the early hours of the morning, someone will likely be woken up by the noise.

Flushing Mechanism

The pressure cavity is hugely effective for removing waste from the bowl in no time at all, and so it makes this type of toilet a great choice for big families or public restrooms that get used a lot. If you have kids that enjoy throwing stuff in the toilet then by all means this toilet will save your life. However, the cons come into play when the repairs and replacement parts are needed. Replacement parts are much harder to find, and because of the recent invention of this type of toilet, there are not many households that use them yet. So if you ever need replacement parts they will have to come from Woodbridge directly.

This is not a huge dilemma but it can be quite costly as opposed to gravity-assisted toilets that have parts on any corner of a town in any location in the world. Pressure-assisted toilets are much more intricate than gravity-assisted mechanisms because of the higher pressure required. The parts have to be a specific fit otherwise they won’t function properly.

Normally with a standard toilet, repairs can be carried out by anyone because the jobs are fairly simple and don’t take copious amounts of time to complete, but with these modern toilets, it will take a professional plumber to repair any damaged parts of the system. Any professional plumbers might insist on getting the parts themselves which can turn what would be a simple problem to fix on a standard toilet into a financial nightmare for fixing a pressure mechanism.

Toilet Seats and Aesthetics

Among the top brands of toilet and bathroom utility goods, Woodbridge has an excellent rating and is well ranked. Their attention to detail is uncanny and is buffered even more when it comes to their beautification work on bathrooms. The toilets that they create harmonize well into any modern bathroom, but stand out even more in a Woodbridge bathroom that is designed with each aspect of the bathroom in mind with elegance at the forefront.

You can get any type of toilet seat from Woodbridge that is of high quality. It might be uneventful to look for a cheap toilet in one of their stores online. No cheap plastic seats made with half an inch guard that seemingly begs to be broken. You can find wooden seats of luxurious design or synthetic seats made strong and sturdy for a long life span.

Luxury is not everything when it comes to toilets but a beautiful toilet does add a bit of flavor to the bathroom. If you’re on the prowl for something a little cheaper, then made Woodbridge is not the best idea but they do have reasonable prices considering the high-quality products that they produce.

Quality Testing

Each Woodbridge toilet is subjected to various tests to prove the high-grade quality that they say they maintain with each of their products. The toilet seats are loaded with large weights and more are added until the seat breaks or cracks when moved and rotated. These seats have a large capacity and it would be sufficient for any size of adult person.

Next, the flushing mechanisms are put to test with a range of different objects that are thrown into the bowl to be flushed. Plastic marbles, weighted fabric, or weighted bags are loaded into the fixture and flushed two times, with the first and second runs being recorded to note how much waste was left behind. A score is then generated from the results. They also undergo paint and pen tests which are performed by painting the walls of the bowl or ringing the toilet with a pen at the top end of the bowl to see how well the bowl is cleaned after two flushes and depending on the amount of leftover paint at the end of the two flushes, determines a score to be added to the first score and published as a consumer rating factor or report.

The two types of flushing mechanisms passed the test with all of Woodbridge toilets. The pressure-assisted system got the highest rankings and the gravity-assisted toilets gained very high ratings as well; with some of the top gravity toilets scoring higher than some of the pressure toilets. So maybe you don’t need a pressure toilet after all, but instead, just need a top-of-the-range gravity-fed system.

Other Features

There is a very important thing to consider as far as your water supply goes. Woodbridge can design a perfectly good pressure-assisted toilet but it still won’t have the chance to function properly if the water supply is not of the correct pressure. In order to operate a pressure toilet the cavity needs to be supplied with 25 pounds per square inch or more, anything less than this will cause fluctuations in the cavity and might cause damage to the system.

If you are unsure how to check the water pressure of your supply then contact a professional and he will do it for a small fee. If you wish to do it yourself then all that is need is a pressure gauge and an outdoor spigot. It will give you a pretty figure of the pressure that you have. If the pressure is not adequate then it might be a good idea to invest in a higher range Woodbridge gravity-assisted toilet. Gravity toilets normally work off 10 pounds per square inch of water supply pressure.


Final Words

The Woodbridge toilet reviews that we have researched, have shown us that their products are worth the price and that they will last for a long time if they are taken care of properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance especially in the case of a pressure toilet is a must, and it will pay off in the end when you don’t have to fight leaks.

Overall, they are very good toilets and the rest of their bathroom products are excellent, we will cover that in another article at another time, but to answer the question, “are Woodbridge toilets any good?”. From my side, it’s a great big yes, but the real answer is what you think. Each person has their own experience and maybe you won’t be so fond of this brand, but I’d say that it’s worth a try. If it doesn’t work out then let us know and we’ll build up a good base of reports for next time. Otherwise, Happy Toilet Hunting.

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